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Found 4 results

  1. Other than the rumour of the Novafox being rere’d again in September, do we know what other releases Tamiya had scheduled or rumoured for 2020? I’m don’t know what restrictions were in place where Tamiya kits are manufactured, but it’s safe to assume production will have been halted for a good while With lockdown measures being ease in certain countries, I’m wondering if we'll start to see some more information coming through on rere kits?
  2. Since becoming serious (as much as a non-humorless person can be said to be) about collecting Tamiya, rediscovering it after the beginning of the re-release era, it turned out I wasted a lot of time, effort and resources on quite a few projects and purchases that I thought were vintage but weren't... or that were but I thought nothing of replacing parts with new re-issued parts thinking they were identical. Often the differences / tells were staring me right in the face but I didn't know what to look for. Even now, and even among experienced members and collectors I find there are pockets of knowledge many have on this subject with respect to a few models they've become sort of 'specialists' in, and simultaneously quite a bit of uncertainty or total unfamiliarity for others. Although there are some resources that do a great job of introducing and explaining the situation, such as this excellent post from the TCer @Hibernaculum on his own blog, there is no one place I could find that could be considered a good central reference for someone trying to find out how to tell if something is original / genuine / vintage or not. By no means do I know enough on my own to fill this need, so I invite you all who know anything from one little tip to an encyclopedic knowledge of every variant of a model Tamiya ever released. We may as well also include Kyosho, Associated, etc to the extent relevant. The format that I think would be easiest and most useful for expanding on the existing compiled notes on a given model is to keep each post related to one model per, then anyone who'd like to add details or make corrections just quote or copy/paste the full contents of the most recently updated information about that one model, add their piece or modify what was there if/as needed... and then do the same separately for any other model(s). I don't have time right this second to do a complete coverage of the Frog, which I'll start off with since it was a couple mislabeled-as-vintage Frog items that made me think we needed a place to store and reference information like this. I also think it's important that people know they can add just fragments of useful information and don't feel like they need to post perfectly-formed analyses covering everything about a model. It's fine to do that, but not necessary, and I think we'll amass more useful information by keeping the bar low. If you have $20 of info to contribute, great... but also great if you only have $0.20 to add right now. So, I will start us off with a few Frog things in the next post. ps - I want to point out that for the most part, parts or models that are described as vintage or original that aren't one or both usually aren't the result of intentional misinformation. It's probably just a lack of knowledge combined with an under-appreciation of the significance of the difference that results in the proliferation of these kinds of mistakes. But it certainly doesn't help people who do care but are still learning develop an accurate knowledge. Hopefully, this thread can help.
  3. Just spent a little time scanning in my available recent off road and re-re Tamiya reviews. Been trying to search if anyone has done a definitive database or list so I could refer to so I could buy the back issue if I desired Can anyone help update this list? Specifically off road re-re's, I'm unaware at this time if any of the following were reviewed and in what magazine, month and issue no. Still looking for Subaru Brat, Super Fighter GR, Desert Gator, Sand Viper, Hornet, Lunchbox, Thunder shot, Top Force, Manta Ray, Rising Fighter etc etc Below is what I own so far ANY MARKED WITH ** ARE ONES POSTED IN THIS THREAD WHICH I HAVEN'T GOT BUT WOULD LIKE! Off road and Re-re reviews Feb 1997 - M-02L Volkswagen Beetle [ in RC Car Action] Nov 1997 - TA03RS Porsche 911 GT1 [ in RC Car Action] Sep 2004 - TRF415 [ in RC Car Action] **Sep 2004 - Super Clod Buster [ in RC Car Action] **Nov 2004 - DF-02 Gravel Hound [ in RC Car Action] Feb 2005 - TG10 Mk. 2 and Tamtech F1 [ in RC Car Action] Mar 2005 - NDF-01 Nitro Thunder [ in RC Car Action] Apr 2005 - CC-01 Volkswagen Touareg [ in RC Car Action] Jan 2005 - TNX [ in RC Driver] Mar 2005 - TT-01 Calsonic Impul Z [ in RC Driver] Oct 2006 - Dark Impact [ in RC Racer] Nov 2006 - Dark Impact [in RRCi ] - incomplete, only first 3 pages Sep 2007 - Nitrage 5.2 [ in RC Car Action] Nov 2007 - TNX 5.2 (long-term review), TA05 IFS Ebbro 350R [ in RC Driver] Jan 2008 - Hotshot 2007 [ in RC Driver] Feb 2008 - Tamtech Buggy Champ [ in RC Driver] Mar 2008 - Hilux Hi-lift [ in RC Driver] Apr 2008 - DB-01 Durga [ in RC Driver] Jun 2008 - Tamtech Hotshot [ in RC Driver] Jul 2008 - CR-01 Land Cruiser 40 [ in RC Driver] Aug 2008 - 501X Worlds Edition, Tamtech Hotshot (Chapter 2) [ in RC Driver] Aug 2008 - CR-01 Land Cruiser 40 [ in RC Car Action] Mar 2008 - Hotshot [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Sep 2008 - Plasma Edge DF02 [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Nov 2008 - Fire Dragon [in Radio Race Car] Oct 2009 - Buggy Champ [in Radio Control Car Racer] Nov 2009 - Buggy Champ [in Radio Race Car] Jul 2010 - Sand Scorcher [in Radio Race Car] Sep 2010 - Unimog CC-01 [ in Radio Control Car Racer] **Oct 2012 - DB-02 Leonis [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Dec 2010 - Holiday Buggy 2010 [ in Radio Control Car Racer] May 2011 - Avante [ in RC Car Action] Jun 2012 - VW Type 2 Bus [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Jun 2012 - FAX XB version [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Jul 2012 - Bruiser [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Aug 2012 - Jeep Wrangler CC01 [ in Radio Race Car] **Aug 2012 - Super Clod Buster [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Sep 2012 - Street Rover [ in Radio Race Car] Oct 2012 - DB-02 Leonis [ in Radio Control Car Racer] **Jan 2013 - Wild One [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Mar 2013 - Mud Blaster 2 [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Apr 2013 - TA-02T Desert Fielder [ in Radio Control Car Racer] May 2013 - XV-01 Rally [ in RC Car Action] **May 2013 - DF-02 Aero Avante [ in Radio Control Car Racer] **May 2013 - Asterion XV-01T [ in RC Driver] Jun 2013 - Fighter Buggy SV2 [ in RRCi ] Jul 2013 - Farm King [ in Radio Control Car Racer] **Oct 2013 - TXT-2 Agrios [ in RC Car Action] Nov 2013 - NovaFox [ in Radio Control Car Racer] **Nov 2013 - NovaFox [ in RC Driver] Feb 2014 - Egress [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Jul 2014 - DT-03 Neo Fighter Buggy [ in Radio Control Car Racer] **Sept 2014 - Rock Socker [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Oct 2014 - Lowrider Pumpkin [ in RRCi ] **Sep 2015 - Aqroshot DT-03T and Unimog 425 CC-01 [ in RRCi] **Sep 2015 - Honda City Turbo [ in Radio Control Car Racer] **Nov 2015 - Jimny MF-01X [ in Radio Control Car Racer] **Jan 2016 - Monster Beetle [ in Radio Control Car Racer] Mar 2016 - Toy FJ Cruiser Black ed. CC-01 [ in RC Driver]
  4. Was fortunate enough to get the "ok" to pick up a Mountain Rider for my birthday. In an attempt to minimize costs (and keep the peace on the homefront), I'd like to use one of the Tamiya ESCs I have laying around, rather than pick up a new unit. I have a TEU-104BK, which the manual specifically states cannot be used. Can someone help explain why this won't work? I also have a TLBE-02S -- any chance this will work? The truck will be a light runner, so springing for a Tekin FXR (seems to be a popular recommendation) is likely overkill. I'm a bit new to this ESC business, as I hopped from MSCs to Nitro, and then dropped out of the hobby for a bit. Thanks!
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