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Found 12 results

  1. Hi all, I'm looking for receiver (and ultimately transmitter) recommendations for my upcoming CC-01 build. Not looking to break the bank, but would like something that's waterproof (if that's a thing) since I plan to use this vehicle purely for recreational rock crawling and slow trail drives (no high-speed or competitive use). Not sure how many channels I'm going to need; I do plan to run lights and would like the ability to turn them on and off using the transmitter. I'd also like to run a winch at some point too, which I'd also like to actuate using the transmitter. Not sure this is important but I'm planning to run a brushed motor setup although I haven't decided if / when I'm going to swap the stock silver can for something like a 55T or 60T unit. I'll be looking to get a metal pinion gear to replace the stock plastic unit regardless. I should also mention I don't plan to swap out the stock Tamiya ESC that comes with the kit, unless someone can provide a compelling argument that it's worth the added expense to do so. Thanks very much in advance. Cheers!
  2. So I've been running my old Futaba 70mhz transmitter and receiver with a new Tble-02 ESC. I've been getting tons of interference with the transmitter and receiver so the car will speed off at times. Either there is inference between the ESC and transmitter or there is just too much noise out there in the neighborhood with all the other frequencies bouncing around out there Probably time to upgrade to. 2.4GhZ transmitter and receiver. So for my education would you all give some suggestions for a good set up for a new 2.4ghz radio? I'm sorta partial to Futaba but only because that's what I've always had. I'm open to new manufactures. I plan on build another Hornet and probably a Sand Scorcher or Super Champ so they will be getting new 2.4ghz radios for sure. So whatever suggestions you all have that would be helpful thanks! One other concern, I have several original Futaba servos that are in perfect working condition that I could reuse in my new builds. The issues however is that they are so old they have the original 3 pin male connector at the end. I see that all new receivers, ESCs, and servos now have the 3 pin connection reversed. The receiver is now the male and all that connect to it have the female end. Would someone suggest an adapter? Or just purchase new servos? I did find an adapter that allowed me to us the new Tble-02 ESC with the old Futaba receiver but I don't think that connector will fit into a new receiver? Or will it? Pictures attached.
  3. Hello! I am writing regarding receiver power capacitor, I did not have any problem with glitching I was just curious what is actually the difference with or without it. I have Futaba 3PV transmitter with 314SB receiver, so I have the telemetry information about voltage of the receiver on my transmitter. When I make fast steering moves with Savox servo motor I noticed that the voltage on receiver start droping from 6V to 4,8V in the worst case. So I decided to install the power capacitor on my receiver and I thought that with installation the voltage will be constant 6V, but there is actually no any difference? How is work power capacitor and it is OK that is power capacitor connected into S.BUS2 port on receiver? Maybe any ideas or thoughts about topic? See attached electrical scheme. Thank you.
  4. So, I had my Vintage 84 Hornet out for its first trial run today. So much fun! However, I came across a problem which I'm not sure where the issues originates. During the rebuild I replaced the original MSC with a new TBLE-02S ESC. I kept my original Futaba transmitter and receiver. They work at a frequency of 70 MHz. During the run the throttle would surge at times causing the car to run away. Never fun! This is why I got rid of the MSC. It always stuck with low batteries and would take off to its potential death. The ESC is for sure set up correctly with both forward and reverse limits. And the radio seems to be in good shape. Do you think the throttle stick is a malfunction of the ESC or is it because I'm using such an old transmitter and receiver running at such a low frequency and the new ESC demands a 2.4 ghz? any insight my fellow Tamiya enthusiast?
  5. Can someone tell me which receivers are compatible with the flysky units? with links or pics if possible. I won a receiver unexpectedly and want to know if it will work with the unit I have coming. I think it's the GT2?. (the orange and black one) Many thanks in advance.
  6. I picked up a very badly looked after hornet, Is it possible to run the original recover from the main battery rather than the separate battery pack?
  7. So I'm going to start building my Baja Champ slowly over the next few weeks. Not much time, but I haven't built anything for a few years and this kit seems like a nice start. I've been collecting some radios over the last couple of years to have period correct gear for my cars. But I don't have anything from the 1998+2-4 years period. I'd like to get something that would have been put in a Tamiya buggy in that time frame. I'm guessing perhaps a Futaba,, but it's very hard to find a timeline of Futaba sets. What are your top tips? Preferably something I can get NIB for a decent price ;-)
  8. Hi, I received a brand new Tamiya FineSpec FM trasmitter with TRU-05 receiver yesterday. This has been pulled from a TT-01 Type-E XB set. Transmitter and receiver look perfectly fine and new, with no marks. The tape was even still on the battery door of the transmitter. However, I cannot get these to work. I've hooked up the receiver with a battery pack with 4 fresh batteries and put 8 fresh batteries in the transmitter. I use Panasonic Eneloop rechargables, and have verified that they're all fully charged. They're brand new and I just charged them. They work perfectly fine in an AM set I also received yesterday. I've tried connecting one or two servos of various brands to the receiver. I know that everything is connected correctly, because I've used Futaba-type connectors with the little guide tabs still on them to verify orientation. The battery pack has the tab. When I turn the system on (transmitter first) I only get interference type twitching from the servos. I have no control at all when I use the transmitter. However, if I wave the transmitter a bit, I get more interference. Both transmitter and receiver use the red channel 2 (27.045 MHz) crystals that came with the set. I've tried reseating both to ensure a good connection and antennas are fully extended of course. I've never had a FM radio system before. I'm leaning towards calling this a dud and returning it to the seller, but before I do I'd like to know if there are some more things I should try with an FM system before giving up on it.
  9. Hi, I have several old FM and AM radios from various manufacturers. It can be a bit confusing to find the right combo of crystals for these. Does anybody know of a good source for buying several crystal sets at once cheaply? They need to be good quality and work across brands.
  10. I just got a Futaba 4YWD 2.4GHz FHSS transmitter that I'm planning to use for a couple of 3-speeds, a tractor trailer and a CC-01. I've been trying to find more receivers for this, both 2- and 4-channel ones. Does anybody know what receivers will work? Will it bind with more than one receiver? It has no model memory, but I'm hoping each receiver will just bind with the radio.
  11. Hi club members,I have just bought a non running QD Blackfoot which I've now got up and running (by changing the on/off switch.However the controls are reversed ie the throttle operates the steering and the steering works the forward and reverse.Any ideas why this could be?,are QD vehicles made any differently to the kits?I've tried a few controllers and different crystals.Any insight would be much appreciated.I bought this to introduce my young son to Tamiya until he's old enough for a self build.He could use it as is but I'd prefer it if I could get it going as per normal operation.Thanks in advance,gary
  12. I have for sale this Carson Reflex Wheel 2 Pro 3 channel Transmitter and 5 channel reciever. It has been used a couple of times and comes with the instruction manual and all original packaging - As new condition. £30 posted - UK only Paypal gift of buyer pays fees please SEE PHOTOS BELOW Specification Chrome wheel design and brake shoeLarge LCD display is illuminated in blue2.4 GHz FHSS system (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)Reverse for all channelsEPA (End Point Adjustment) for throttle and steeringABS functionEXPO function for throttle and steering (exponential)Dual Rate function for throttle and steeringTrimming for throttle and steeringBEC receiver with undervoltage protectionPower supply to the receiver via a drive battery with 4.8 - 7.2 VFailsafe for throttle servoCharge socket on the transmitterReceiver with undervoltage protectionTransmitter uses only 4 AA batteries - NOT INCLUDED
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