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Found 6 results

  1. Having skulked around taking so much advice and so many tips from these forums, thought it was time to contribute! This will be my second ever Tamiya kit build. My first was a Bigwig re:re a couple of months ago, which was very much by the book. This, a Boomerang re:re, is going to go off piste a bit! Now I've bitten the bullet and put this out there, I'm really hoping I don't make a total hash of it!
  2. Hi All, I recently build a Subaru Brat with my 10 yr old sun. When I was young I had lots of Tamiya catalogs and really remember the brat from that time. I bought a used Monster Beetle back then when I was around 10 or so, and later bought a used Porsche 959. But being used that meant they were already assembled. I think I most have been 14 or 15 or so when I bought my first new tamiya. It was a Hotshot and remember the whole build as being awesome. I still have an old beat up Super Blackfoot from that era but that thing is really falling apart... So when I saw the rerelease Brat I ordered one to build with my son, but unfortunately he seems to like driving them a lot more then building them... I even tried to make it more interesting by having him pick the colors and throwing in a lot of lights. I didn't really make pictures during the build, and since it was finished it has been used quite a bit, but I end up cutting the lights out of the lexan body and the hard plastic body. After a lot of trimming I fixed them in place with a lot of "Shoegoo" glue. For the headlights I used some aftermarket Lights to glue behind the lexan. The Shoegoo is great as it stays flexibel and does not crack. These light kits are really funny whit brake lights and even working blinkers. We made a short movie with the brat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwpCc8l0KLU&t=55s Not perfect by any means, but wanted to share it anyway.
  3. I appreciate the title is very subjective, rewarding means different things to everyone. I thought I'd ask about peoples most interesting/rewarding re-re kits as I have just gone for a re-re as I always felt I wouldn't find them that rewarding. I have only ever been interested in restores, i've done about 12 so far. The obvious benefits are the ability to run lipo/brushless (new plastics/nylon or metal gears) and the convenience of having everything in the box to finish the job. However, for me the reward comes from the updates - such as the Avante Black Special with the race steering set and torque splitter. Are there any other Tamiya ReRe's that have been modernised? It's one reason I've been attracted to the Kyosho's, they update their kits throughout. Tamiya seem (happy to be corrected) to keep to the original spec as much as possible. What Tamiya ReRe kits are worth looking at for the updates/improvements on original?
  4. Stuck on two restores (as is the way) and so time to crack this one open. My first NIB build since 1987. It feels great knowing I won’t discover half way through that I’m missing a part. I didn’t realise though that the Ladder Chain (OT226) was NOT in the kit. I’ve seen kits online where the same sticker and blister space “Option Parts OT226” is there with a chain inside. Are there two versions of the kit? Not to worry, I’ll build belt drive.
  5. Hi all. I've been wanting a vintage buggy for the last year and a Frog was at the top of my list due to nostalgia. I was watching Frog prices through Christmas and they never went on sale. However, I saw amain had the RC10 worlds car on sale for $140. Which is actually cheaper than the Frog. This intrigued me because I remember seeing one of these running way back in the day and of course I thought it was amazing at the time. The RC10 would scratch my vintage itch, and I could actually take it to the track and it would perform pretty darn well. So, I'm killing two birds with one stone as I want to also run in the 1/10 buggy class at the track every so often. Its a lot of car for the money, so I pulled the trigger. The car went together well, early buyers had issues with the top shaft in gear box being machined wrong, but I had no problems. I think with my kit being one of the last before discontinuation, the bugs were worked out. I threw on a few upgrades while building: Full ball bearings in bell crank - people had problems with the stock bushings binding in the steering, bearings resolves this RC Carbon works front/rear shock towers - got to love bling bling, they compliment the carbon transmission brace Associated FT blue thumb screws for batter strap - much easier to use these than the stock pins that require flexing the battery box Jconcepts Goosebumps in rear, and Groovy's on Front - Should work OK on our tracks outdoor loamy dirty Trackstar 17.5T ESC/Motor Combo - Decent power, allows me to run stock class Tower Hobbies TS-140 High Speed 2 BB Metal Gear Servo - Strong, quick, and reasonably priced So far, driving it on the street, this car performs amazingly. Certainly blows away the Grasshopper I built my niece. Looking forward to getting it on the track.
  6. Finally found one thanks to OCD on here. Also, thanks to all who helped me and for the friendly replies!! This pic ain't the best but I finally, finally own one 😎
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