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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I am looking for an - ideally - Europe based 49400. Primarily looking for a built one shelfer in mint condition but an also willing to consider a NIB or a runner if the condition is great/good. My goal is to re-build/build the car as it’s such a stunning piece of RC art and I want to see it every day Thank you
  2. NOTE: Currently I'm replacing the hosting for the pictures. This means that I must replace all the pictures of the thread. I will need several time to do it so, when you will find a missing picture please be patien. Matter of time and I will replace it. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. Hi folks, today I decided to open the Boomerang gearboxes and make some refurbishment. Short description of the car: Vintage Boomerang Status: Runner Modifications: carbon fibre sway bar stays, carbon fibre rear dampers tower, carbon fibre front damper mounts, carbon fibre rear arms brace, alloy rear lower arms, locked battery door, battery quick release, full ball bearings, cnc machined ball beared steering bar, Hi-Torque BB steering servo, small bumper, front arm brace, hard propeller shaft, steel pinion gear, front and rear ball differentials, front and rear universal joints, alloy dampers with Titanium Nitride shafts, speed disk wheels, battered body. The general conditions of the car are bad because it had an hard life on the tracks. This Boomerang is equipped with a 12 turns brushed motor, the car is fast and it crashed many times. Many parts will be broken for sure and I'm a little bit scared from what I will find inside the gearboxes. I never made manteinance on this model because it's hard to disassemble due the ball differentials and the locked battery door. I decided to do this job because the rear ball differential doesn't turn smooth and I don't want to ruin it. The car was never cleaned inside nor outside. It's time to do it. Max
  3. Hey All! I am brand NEW the the club and to the hobby! I always wanted a hobby level RC car when I was growing up, but we never had the $$ to play. Now as an adult, the urge came back! So I began researching brands and styles, I feel in love with Tamiya and particularly the life like 4x4 Hiluxes... then I saw the price . So I decided to search locally on craigslist for a cheap car that I could completely disassemble and rebuild as a first project in the hobby. I found a great deal on an old beat up Blitzer Beetle, complete with remote, charger and two batteries; so here I am! I do not plan to shelf this once complete, rather run/race it! Thanks to everyone on this forum for the wealth of information already here! Here is a run down on the current condition and future plans for my NEW Blitzer! Condition I think this is an original, not the re release... any way I can find out? Does it matter? Broken nose piece, cracked body (nose piece mount/RF fender) NOISY gears Refuses to switch to reverse from forward sometimes when rolling (maybe this is normal?) Limp, sagging suspension, bottoms out in front Worn tires, overall well used (loved) bug Planned Upgrades Upgrade to GPM alloy DF-03 shock/spring dampers Upgrade turnbuckle suspension arm and tie rods all around with DT-02 kit Upgrade suspension arm shafts with TL-01 kit Upgrade to alloy front knuckle arms, flip to reduce bump-steer Stabilize f/r damper stays with steel rods Upgrade to ceramic bearings all around Replace all gears, add Cera-Grease Upgrade to DF-03 CVD drive shafts (Can I upgrade the rear knuckles to anything?) Upgrade to 2000-3000kv Brushless/ESC waterproof combo (any recommendations? cheap/quality/not overpowering) Replace tires with Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs Repair body Paint wheels/body (Pearl White/Flouro Yellow/Metalic Blue scheme) What am I missing? What have you all learned? I plan on updating this thread as I go, I'll post pictures and ask lots of questions... feel free to follow along! Thanks all!
  4. Spotted this for sale last week and had the impulse to buy it Arrived today The plan for this is to make it 100% runner, when it is not running it will live in the garage so build is purely designed around reliability. I have given it a quick once over and made a list of bits that it needs, my idea is that this will be used over the winter when we have mud / rain etc where my quick Blitzer will be no good so I kind of want to try and stagger the build if possible but I really want to get it running ASAP Plans are as follows: Add missing bits Replace any broken bits and add new gears Uprate a couple of bits like the servo saver and gearbox support plates from the chap on here. It has an uprated 27T motor in it for now so no plans for drive train upgrades until I have used it, may well go for a mild brushless setup simply for the reliability. I was originally thinking about painting the body again but that is certainly on the back burner for now, I don't want it to end up like my other MB that I am scared to use If anyone has any MB / Blackfoot spares then please check the Trade section for my wanted add
  5. Hi All, I'm very excited to share my latest project Many of you will recognise this car, I won it on fleabay a couple of weeks back and after contacting the seller it turned out the seller was fellow member neverfollow. Link to his original thread http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/71961-astute-restoration-with-modifications/&page=1 I'll start with a brief run down of where it's at and where it's going. All cars start somewhere and this is how it was when neverfollow acquired it from japan Current parts: A&L lethal weapon trans (soooo much sexy ) Stadium Blitzer front + rear hubs F103 carbon reinforced front uprights Super Astute G4 support TA-04 Pro steering linkage TA-04 Pro aluminum servo mounts Super astute front + rear arms DF-03 CVD's Super Astute battery tray Avante upper links front and rear Front carbon fibre turnbuckle brace Alloy D1 suspension blocks Standard yellow kit shocks (neverfollow kept his Hi-caps for obvious reasons) Standard kit wheels Pictured is how neverfollow had it when completed his restoration Here is where it's at now: Other than removal of the shocks I haven't touched the frontend and the rear end has only been stripped and put back together whilst I contemplate upgrades. I will re strip the car and clean up everything once I'm happy with it and post more pics as I go. Test fit of battery and servo. As it is an Astute, holes will need to be drilled for the Super Astute battery tray. Bel (neverfollow) originally drilled holes for various mounting trials but they aren't suited to where I want them for my particular battery option. Planed upgrades are as follows: Modern turnbuckles Rear carbon turnbuckle support brace Modern wheels and tyres Lipo battery BZ superstock or similar motor (I have a few vintage motors I may throw in for fun depending on my mood) TBLE-02 ESC (have one leftover from my re-re monster beetle purchase) Shocks... This one is tough, I've always loved hi caps and am leaning towards them but as it's going to be a runner I feel the TRF aeration dampers could be a better option with a lot more tunability. I'm open to suggestions/opinions here Please feel free to add any other suggestions keeping in mind I'm after reliability first and foremost. I know the A&L can handle a lot more motor and I may increase motor options as I grow confident with the car. One thing I love about it is the ability to run any 48p spur and pinion combo so gearing options are endless. FYI internal gear ratio is 2.22, pretty close to most buggies 2.6 That's it for now, stay tuned for progress updates
  6. 2x DT03 Neo Fighters bundle £105 price inc. UK shipping Would split bundles for £55 each Neo 1 Metallic blue body fully ball raced Oil shocks Modelsport XT-12 brushed esc (for motors down to 12t) etronix pulse ex2 sport 2.4ghz radio system inc 8x AA batteries in superb working order HPI servo 12t abisma motor - partially used - tested ok Torque tuned motor installed Road Hawg rear street tyres (spot glued on) Fully working in used but good condition, just needs 7.2v battery to run inc. manual Neo 2 Original chassis broke after a crash so... Rear gearbox section, fully ball raced, but has a split so new gearbox A parts inc!!!!! Front section fully ball raced New Chassis tree servo mount piece gearbox cups and shafts missing so new N tree parts inc!!!!!!!! Oil shocks front bumper hopup alloy bumper hopup carbon front shock tower 2x rear wheels and tyres (worn) 4x front wheels with tyres (great condition) 2x front tyres worn New body shell and wing uncut New decals uncut Acoms as-17 servo Torque tuned motor - partially used NEW IN PACK - HPI firebolt 15T motor NEW 2000mah nimh battery FLYSKY FS-GT2 2.4ghz radio set inc. good 8x AA batteries just need to assemble and add an esc to run or keep as spares!!!! Pictures in my traderoom, if more pictures required, just email me
  7. I hope to keep this updated with my findings of turning a run-down Madcap (Tamiya No# 58082) into a half decent runner. Hope to include as many part numbers, costs and suppliers in the posts for my own reference and for others interested. Note costs will be in various currencies and approximate only. I know for a fact the costs will also not be the cheapest, however, for me cost is not everything...service and convenience plays a big part too. As a lot of my research is done on TC I will try and reference members and posts where I gained info from so others can follow up. Will also be adding lots and lots of photos. (From Showroom) Dad bought me and my lil brother a second hand Madcap in approx 1999. At the time it was a basher for me (13yrs old) and my lil brother (9 yrs old). Once the novelty of the remote control car wore off it was placed in the shed. It briefly made a reappearance in approx 2004 to get a respray of the body and then placed back in the shed. In Jan 2014 (my age twenty eight) I was remotivated to take another look at it only to realise it was a Tamiya!! Its storage in a non weather proof shed has taken a toll and as I mentioned the body has been resprayed black (very roughly). It is/was always a great conversation piece between me, my brother and my dad and decided rather than to buy a brand new Tamiya model (very tempting) I will look at getting the Madcap up to a running state and then improve on it as much as I can. I started looking on the Bay for a body and any spare parts which could be a bonus. I found/bought a good condition Madcap (Tamiya No# 58082 from zulu_warrior1976 for approx AUS$160 delivered) with body (no servos or transmitter/receiver). Although it was a touch pricey it has a really nice body (which is exactly what I was after) and the rest of the parts were in a great condition. Since I was never involved in the original build I decided to strip both models down to nuts and bolts and select the best parts of each model and reassemble one Madcap. The rest of the parts were boxed and will be used as spares as it becomes necessary. The original Madcap had a Sanwa Dash Saber Transmitter but in the years I have lost the battery cover. In all my hunting the only way I could replace the back cover was to buy a new remote (Approx AUS$50 from various on-line vendors). This has not happened.. Top View (Original) Bottom View (Original) Top View (Added Model) Bottom View (Added Model) Body (Added Model) Only reason I really bought the Added Model Before I dismantled both models to nuts and bolts I took a few photos. The following are the original Madcap dad gave me and has been sitting in the shed for some time. Original NiMH batteries do not hold charge anymore, which shouldn't be a great surprise. We didnt have the patience back in the day to wait for a charge at 1C. Dad used to connect the battery to the car with a current limiting resistor and we could charge a battery in about the same time it took to run one flat... Good times.. Bought 5 new Powertech 7.2V 3.3A NiMH batteries (Jaycar Part No# SB2314, Cost AUS$50, down the road from me so extra cost doesnt bother me). Went with NiMH as the Madcap can house the battery in the chassis. Will look at Lipos at a later stage. Original Tyres (I think it is Tamiya No# 53040 Hybrid Wide on the back, GBP16.25 from Vintage_Tamiya and Tamiya No# 53039 Hybrid Narrow on the front, GBP 14.29 from Vintage_Tamiya). Original Wheels. Original Motor and Resistor, Has definitely seen better days. Original Friction Dampers.. Original Receiver and Steering Servo Some photos of the Added Model bought through the Bay... Added Model Motor, Resistor and Friction Dampers Added Model Friction Dampers Added Model Motor Controller and Rear Friction Dampers All parts were broken down to nuts and bolts and thrown in a Ultrasonic Bath with some detergent. I then picked the best parts and turned the two madcaps into a single stock madcap. So the current plan is (Will keep updating as I figure out what the plan is).. Reassemble all good parts between the two Madcaps to end up with one Madcap. This will be almost stock everything... Transmitter, receiver, servos, MSC, motor, gearbox, tyres, wheels etc.. Only part not original/stock will be the batteries. See how it all goes with stick transmitter and original tyres. Swap out tyres, still stock but in newer condition. This was from the Added Model I bought through the Bay. Swap out MSC for ESC. This will be a Tekin RS Gen2 Brushless Sensored/Sensorless D2 ESC 8.5T (Tower Hobbies Part No# LXDHNS, Cost: US$175). The ESC allows me to test my Brushed setup for initial stock reference and then change over to brushless without too much effort. Completed Will buy ESC in combo with Tekin Redline 17.5T Motor (Tower Hobbies Part No# LXCVMC, Cost US$100). Combo for ESC and 17.5T motor (Tower Part No# LXDHNY, Cost US$250, I wanted quick delivery so approx US$300 to Perth, Australia in 4 working days!!). Will not install motor till after first reference run with brushed motor. Completed Swap out Transmitter and Receiver. From various discussions at my local club it seems everyone loves Spektrum DX of some sort. Will go for latest version Spektrum DX4R Pro, comes with receiver SPM4100 and SR410. Bought through stealth351 on the Bay for AUS$440 delivered. Touch pricey but he is an Australian supplier and would like to support him as much as I can. Do a practise run at my local to establish base time. Completed, 62secs where most cars on the night did 35 to 40secs Swap out brushed motor for Brushless motor. Completed Do a practise run at my local to establish base time. Start modifications Buy Hi Cap Dampers Rear (Tamiya Part No# 53037 Cost GBP 65, Supplier Vintage Tamiyaparts), I have put this on the back burner due to cost.. bought Yeah Racing (#DP-1004Tl) 70mm Damper Set from RCMart (AUD$14.63). Completed Buy Hi Cap Dampers Front (Tamiya Part No# 53036 Cost US$73, Supplier Vintage CTY300 Ebay), I have put this on the back burner due to cost.. bought Yeah Racing (#DP-1006Tl) 90mm Damper Set from RCMart (AUD$14.63). Completed Buy Al Gearbox Plate (Tamiya Part No# 53060 Unsure, will check Ebay) Buy Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 8*2.5*5. (RS Part No# 138641 Cost AUS$8.77 for 2, Supplier RS Eec, NMB Brand) Buy Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 11*5*5. I think this should be a 4mm wide bearing but while I am going to RS I will try this one. (RS Part No# 747765 Cost AUS$9.40 for 2, Supplier RS Eec, NMB Brand) Buy Stainless Steel Ball Bearings 16*8*5. (RS Part No# 747765 Cost AUS$9.40 for 2, Supplier RS Eec, NMB Brand) Bought Tamiya (#51206) Astral Rear Wheels 60/29 (35mm) (AUD$5.31 RCMart). Completed Bought Tamiya (#51205) 2WD Astral Front Wheels (60/19) (24 mm) (AUD$5.31 RCMart) Completed Bought a few sets of tyres, mainly just to try them out.All Initial Tyres Completed Tamiya (#54284) Off Road Wide Grooved Soft Tires (2WD/Front,60/19) (AUD$6.39 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3004-02) Groovy Tire Super Soft (Green Comp) For 1:10 2WD Front Buggy (AUD$10.83RCMart) Jconcepts (#3017-01) Bar Codes Tire Soft (Blue Compound) For 1/10 buggy (F) (AUD$11.81 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3005-02) Rounder Tire Super Soft (Green Comp) For 1/10 Buggy (AUD$8.78 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3006-02) Double Dee\'s Rear Tire Super Soft (Green Comp) For 2.2 (AUD$10.73 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3016-01) Bar Codes Tire Soft (Blue Compound) For 1/10 Buggy ® (AUD$10.78 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3016-03) Bar Codes Tire Medium (White Compound) For 1:10 Buggy ® (AUD$13.87 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3016-04) Bar Codes Tire Soft (Orange Compound) For 1/10 Buggy ® (AUD$9.64 RCMart) Jconcepts (#3016-05) Bar Codes Tire Soft (Gold Compound) For 1/10 Buggy ® (AUD$14.30 RCMart) Cont...
  8. Ok TC, I finally have my first 4wd tamiya buggy on the way, a Boomerang. Thanks Dave959!! Very excited, as the 4wd buggies (hotshot, supershot, and boomerang) I wanted as a kid, but never had one. So, with my tendency towards heavy throttle, hard use and breakage, I would like some advise from those who've had experience with these cars. So, what are the weak points, what will I break, what upgrades have you guys found are the best? How are your runner's suspensions set up? Yes I do want to know everything. Shock oil weight, piston selection, springs, preload. Wheel/Tire choices and favorites. And lastly, for the boomerang, which high wear and hop up parts are interchangeable between different cars? You know I don't go easy with my cars, and shelf queens are just part bins. So this bad boy is gonna get run. Thanks for all the help and info guys. Cheers, Burleson
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