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Found 14 results

  1. Back in 1987, I was in secondary school in Singapore. I manged to persuade my parents to get me a Hotshot the year before. I wanted something more race oriented even though I have never raced and will likely never see any track time. Well, I did see track time but that was nearly 20 years in the making. Anyway, I managed to pester my folks to purchase an Optima Mid which I still have until today. Shortly after that acquisition, I heard that the Mid had taken second place in the worlds. Very impressive. Who was the culprit that beat my beloved Mid ? Non other than this Schumacher Cat that I'd never even heard of. The car that beat my Mid. Much hate. If not for this car, the Mid would have world champion. Fast forward to 2017, the CAT XLS was re released. I purchased 1 kit on a whim, did not purchase any hop ups at all. Left it in the store for years until last month. Saw some Youtube videos of Masami driving a re re CAT XLS. Decided that it was finally time to make an attempt on the CAT XLS. Started with the body
  2. I've just finished assembling the Cougar Classic and I have a few questions. Please note that I am a complete Schumacher noob so I am not familiar with "Schumacher-ness". First, what's with the self-tapping screws into aluminum? Is there a screw kit with normal machine screws? I ran across some mentions about screw kits and now I understand why people ask. Second, I assembled the shocks per the instructions. They seem massively stiff. I think the pistons should have larger holes and/or the kit oil is too heavy. Are there upgraded pistons or should I just enlarge the notches currently there and maybe switch to a lighter oil? Third, I literally crushed the metal ball thingy trying to get it into the ball end for the front shock. There has to be a better option. Ideas? Lastly, does anyone have the ball bearing steering in stock?
  3. Had a Schumacher Bosscat since 1992. Its been sat in the garage for a number of years now but I decided it was time to get it working again. Thought it might be interesting to do a rebuild with a few modern upgrades. Only just started really but ill continue to add updates as the build progresses. Hoping to install some of the latest Cat XLS upgrades as well so if anyone has attempted this yet I would be grateful of any advice you might have. Especially the transmission and alloy upgrades. Also waiting on some custom painted body shells. Bosscat rebuild https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0yGgZLKuGMIMAz
  4. Like new, never worn XL bargain at less than half the price. £50 For pics see link to my Tamiyaclub showroom https://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades_model.asp?cid=122750&id=23103
  5. I’m a big fan of re-release kits, for me it’s being able to get kits I always wanted as a kid but couldn’t afford. Over the last few years Schumacher have entered the market with the Cat XLS & the Topcat. Anyone have an information on the next Schumacher Classic release? Personally i’d like to see the Storm truck, cougar 2, Bosscat or Cat 2000, but there’s a few other kits in the timeline if Schumacher is working in chronological order. Procat or Cougar could be next although to me they are quite similar to the 2 already released. The Shotgun might not be a bad option? I just hope Schumacher continue do the Re-release path so we can get to the kits I mentioned eventually.
  6. I’m spending a lazy Sunday afternoon building my Schumacher CAT XLS Masami and found a nice technique for Step 10 where the axle joints are put together. This step is notorious for being a pain but I’ve found a nice technique that makes light work of it and thought I’d share: https://twitter.com/m_lave/status/1267093600317378562?s=21 hopefully this is useful! Matt
  7. Hi just got a set of Schumacher Vee truck tyres so I rootled through my spare wheel and tyre stock and found a set of Blitzers rims. Perfect for what I want. I decided to smarten them up but when I got to the last one, one of the fronts I realised quite a bit of the rim is missing, so not really usable. As they won’t fit on my upcoming Dual Rider with 3 wheels😂 I need a replacement. Does anybody out there have a spare Blitzer/Agroshot front wheel. Don’t care what colour red, white, yellow or dyed/painted already?🤞🏻
  8. Hi there! Cleaning out garage and have this 98 collecting dust. Came across this site when I was searching for people who might be interested. It worked properly last time it was driven, about 10 years ago or so. Dont know if I dare to recharge it since the batterys might be outdated, what do you think? I have alot of spareparts. Eventually more than in the pic. Even have the original carton with manual! Some part have started to collect some rust, and is probably in need for some love. Feel free to ask me questions, I'll try to respond the best i can. I am located in sweden and posting would be possible. Far as price conserned, its kind of what is offered and would be worth of shippment since I dont have much clue about this stuff.
  9. This was a car that growing up I was never really bothered about but when news came it the re release I had to have this for my collection which includes vintage Egress, Avante 2001, Top Force Evo, Dynastorn, YZ10-94 and a MR4-BX Worlds. Being used to Tamiya level of quality I was somewhat disappointed with the finish of some parts, soldering of the roll bar, and how the steering is very stiff no smooth or ballraced. But understanding this is a 80s design.
  10. Hello everyone, I search a comparison about this two cars : Schum Cat XLS Masami vs Tam Egress. I search a vintage car to run on astrostuff and carpet. In the beginning I thunk the Egress is a good car not perfect like a Top Force but good enough for astro and carpet. It’s easy to find videos of an Egress built and videos of the Egress runs on-road or on a parking. But it’s difficult to find a video of a run of an Egress on real off-road track. It’s easier to find videos on real offroad track of a Cat XLS (especially with Masami) and in this videos the chassis seems so perfect. Can you give me your opinion about this 2 cars, please ? Thank you for your answer. I hope you understand me... my english it isn’t perfect, sorry
  11. Hi All, I have some tyres that I got as a job lot with my Thunder Dragon many many years ago. None of them are reallt suitable for my TD and rather than chucking them out, I am hoping they will be of use to you guys. All are used but good condition without splits. Make me an offer on any of them, so long as postage is covered to UK as a minimum and PayPal gift is sent I don't mind what they go for. Some I can see are Hot Laps and some others are Schumacher. Afraid I don't know what cars they are for. Please don't let them go to waste. I posted a thread last year about these tyres and there is some helpful info in there (among comments from me struggling to post images ) https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/82276-vintage-tyres-quiz/&tab=comments#comment-663640
  12. I got myself a Procat since I have always been curious about it. A friend of me used to race Schumacher cars back in the days, and I couldn't understand why he would do that instead of Tamiya :-) So ever since that time I have wanted one, and now I got one. I have decided that I will do a restore on this one and it will be a runner, that i could use in vintage races. Here is how the car looked like when i got it I haven't done much to the car yet, but i have dyed the wheels pink and have collected parts i need and other that i now know that i don't need. This is the state the car is in now, most of the parts have been disassembled I will be making some carbon fiber parts for it, to save the old parts until it goes to the shelf. The originals being 2mm, i will be using 3mm CF to make it a bit stronger I should mention that this will be a longterm project as i hardly find any time for RC these days.
  13. For Sale:- Schumacher height gauges they are practically new in there original case. £18 posted UK
  14. Hi, since I'm mostly into Tamiya it would be nice to open my mind a bit more and get to know what people consider the absolut must have vintage car from the different brands. To me it's as follows: Tamiya: Egress Kyosho: Javeline Marui: Ninja Graupner: Renault alpina Schumacher: pro cat I know there are several other brands, so feel free to enlight me :-)
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