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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, I am very new to this Forum and this will be my very first post. I landed here discovering online by chance one of the most gorgeous Tamiya redesign ever, the Formula One Neo Scorcher by Alex Kyriak. I have been exchanging messages with Alex and I hope he won't mind that I praise his designs here. A little bit about myself. French, entrepreneur, 47, living in Lyon (France). Had a Grasshopper when I was 10. Stopped RC for 37 years and got a TT02B Plasma Edge II for my son when he got 10 and I got hooked by RC allover. Bought a Traxxas, bought a Team Corally Python 6S Monster (great car) and... sold them both because I just had so much more fun with my little Tamiya. Few months later and I already bought 3 TT02Bs, looking at going into a TT02 but right now, I am focused on building myself a KyriakMobile I want to thank Alex for allowing me to get my hands on his proprietary carbon schock mounts designs and for the inspiration (check our Alex's other designs, they are just gorgeous). So if anyone's interested, I will be posting my progress here, sharing my doubts and mistakes until I can share the complete car (if I ever stop enhancing it Here we go. First thing I wanted to do before each and every parts arrived was personalize the interior of the chassis. I had ideas from the get go to illuminate the interior of the body so one could see the "moving parts". This is what how far I've got up to today : I have painted the interior of the chassis in white PS-1 as a base and then applied 3 layers of TS-92 Metallic Orange. I then used the same technique on the receiver box masking a center line in PS-49 to mimic the anodized aluminium transmission and here is the result from up close. Paint job is not perfect. I'll get better with time Let me know what you think and all help is welcome.
  2. (Project Punisher Beetle Udate) Meet Frank, this is the driver and his dashboard. But what I am really proud of is the chasis work I did. If only you seen it before it was like the person who had it ran it thru a oil field thats why he sold it so cheap. The body was giving to me and said I know you will do something epic with it so I took that color splash stickers off and here we are. Im just waiting for Frank's steering wheel to come and its almost done. Thanks for whoever is following this build and have taken interest in it! 🩶🖤🩶🖤💀
  3. Just wanted to share my second tamiya beetle build. Seriously cought a bad case of the bug because I just love these cars and love turning them into street beelte buggies 🖤❤️🖤❤️
  4. I just love these beetle cars and love to turn them into street beetles. Here is the video if you are interested in it.
  5. I have reached a point where I’m not sure where to go in RC terms. I think I want a scorcher but I think I’d be better off fitting a scorcher body to an ORV chassis? Probably handle better than the original, a bit like the F150 I’ve just done along with the Brats. I fancy a CC02 but I’m not sure why. My CC01 does everything I want and if I get bored I have the Dynamog/Hippy bus. I love the M chassis cars but don’t really have anywhere good to run them. So where does that leave me? So for me at least I have to go off piste. So Avante or super Avante are the only 2 “buggies” I like. I do not race and am fairly gentle on transmissions. I can afford a stock Avante and for me I don’t think I would need any great hopups. The Super Avante is quite a bit cheaper and I have a 13.5t brushless motor sitting in a drawer waiting for a home. I like both bodies though I think Gunmetal would be my colour choice. ( metallic 🍊❤️) possibly. If I go for the Super I think I would add front and rear driveshafts and fit a dedicated lipo to save having to strip the steering. All in all it would probably cost the same to do either. Having said that the Super on Preorder from Fusion with 10% subscriber discount is very tempting!!! Fellow addicts I need help. I should say I love the building so a challenge would be good!! The Brat was a fun build but I need something a little more challenging 😥
  6. UK based £160 Inc UK shipping No ESC PayPal gift please On eBay as well
  7. Hi there, I decided to build a replica of my VW bus, a 1973 lifted type2 bay window (with a water cooled v6 engine ) into a RC model. I purchased a reedition 2010 Sand scorcher and started the build couple month ago, I thought it would be all about the details, trying to replicate all the work that went into my original bus into a 1/10 scale version, using a mix of old models parts, 3D printed parts and so on... This is where things started to be a little more tricky than I thought, the only body I could find online of a type 2 bus 1/10 (the one with the square front, not with the V front) is an ABS Body and a Lexan body found on eBay that are basically vacuum molded and lack a lot of details as a result . Second huge detail is the wheel spacing, the bus front to back wheel distance Of the bus body is a lot smaller than the sand scorcher wheel distance... this is when I decided to cut the bottom plate and reduce the overall size of my Sand scorcher body :/ In this thread i’ll Show you all the steps of my work in progress, this is far from being done but i’m Planning on posting regular updates of my built . Hopefully this will be a good one . Here are some pictures of my (real) Bus , you can find more here http://www.instagram.com/pacifist_northwest . Let’s see how close I can get wish me luck.
  8. Over a year ago I decided to start a Street Scorcher project after finishing a Sand Scorcher build. One night I popped two Street Rover rear wheels under a Sand Scorcher body and really liked the look. I posted in the What Have You Done Today forum a little, but never started a build thread. So, here I am doing just that. I settled on the M03 chassis for the build. I've done a bit over the last year - created a custom mid section for the M03 to stretch it to a 250mm wheelbase designed a mag-mounting system for the body designed custom front wheels and rear hub caps worked on a roof scoop modified my own Shapeways-printed Sand Scorcher engine for the M03 chassis. I'll go through the build step-by-step properly, but for today this was the look that got me motivated to start this build: S2
  9. I've got a few new old stock brass 20t original pinions for SRB's Champ etc £7 each inc P+P in UK PP gift
  10. I've started work on an M03-based Sand Scorcher street-rod. I designed a simple M03 extension to get the wheelbase up to 248mm for my project. (Yes - I know the Scorcher is 250mm, but this is what I needed for the body to fit right) I'm gonna link below to an Instagram post where I created a short video of the new extension vs. the stock one and how it fits. Part is in my Shapeways shop... https://www.shapeways.com/product/FNJSEXCHZ/tamiya-m03-extension-for-the-sand-scorcher-body?optionId=61674003
  11. Been working on some mods for my Sand Scorcher build. Designs are FreeCAD. Prints are Shapeways. I wanted to take a try at my own flat four engine. Though it isn't a 100% accurate real-world model - I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm also not too fond of the stock side-view mirrors, so I made a new set... Both designs are up in my Shapeways shop for those that have asked. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hello TC'ers, See my traderoom for vintage tamiya stuff I'm clearing out. Most is mint or NIP I have more parts to photo and list. Sand Rover Monster Beetle Toyota Hilux - SOLD CRP parts RC Lohas parts - SOLD +more http://www.tamiyaclub.com/trades.asp?id=13490
  13. SOLD Had this for years now and have never done it any good, so it's time I pass it on to someone that may do it some good rather than it hiding and gathering dust. I don't have great pictures at the moment but I'll get some at the weekend if anyone wants. It's in parts at the moment. Here are a few pictures to give a general idea of condition. Have a look in the photobucket album for more pictures, note though that the pictures of it as together are older pictures, but nothing has changed since other than it being taken apart! - The wheels and tyres on the scorcher are vintage items new from box (I bought these years before re-re's began.) - No Electronics are included - Any SRB spares I have will be included SOLD Matt Photobucket Folder http://s14.photobucket.com/user/Madmat4x4/library/Sand%20Scorcher
  14. Hi All, I'm after a Sand Scorcher to use as a an occasional runner, I don't need any electrics, but would consider them if at the right price, also not too worried about originality, but it must look like a Scorcher I'm in the UK, let me know what you've got. Andy Found one
  15. Hello I keep on upgrading my sand scorcher, you can see here (there are so many news than I can't post because I'm living out of home for some months but in two weeks I'll be back) Now I'm thinking about get some custom alloy rims, I dont know if I'll get the whole rim or only the cover (I think that probably only cover because it will be cheaper and easier) and I want to ask if somebody has planes or 3D models or something so I can take it to the place I'm going to book them. Thanks in advance
  16. Hello I keep on upgrading my sand scorcher, you can see here (there are so many news than I can't post because I'm living out of home for some months but in two weeks I'll be back) Now I'm thinking about get some custom alloy rims, I dont know if I'll get the whole rim or only the cover (I think that probably only cover because it will be cheaper and easier) and I want to ask if somebody has planes or 3D models or something so I can take it to the place I'm going to book them. Thanks in advance
  17. Hello! I'm new in this forum, I just have written to ask something about a new motor for my vintage Sand Scorcher, but I think now it's time to show you the restoration work in the Scorcher. Now the work is "finished" (it's never finished because I allways want to get new things and spare parts) so I will post here the complete work. Hope you like it! And sorry if there are some mistakes in my English because I'm Spanish and it isn't my mother language. First of all, a little of history: my father bought this car app. 30 years ago, when he was more or less the same age as me right now (20). He used the SS a lot it that time, and then he lend it to my uncle and he used even more. After some years, since I was a child, I've always seen it in a closet and I remember that we ran it two or three times in 10 years, maybe the last one 7 years ago. I've allways been interested in cars, and I collect 1:18 model cars and wanted to buy a new RC car but then I thought "why not try to fix the old one?" I didn't know the real name of the model... I started investigating and asking in another forum, contact with a guy in my city and started with it... I wanted to make it able to play and I have installed some more modern parts. So it's all, now I leave you with all the photos. This was the initial state of the SS (there was a dust layer but I cleaned it before taking photos) After that, I started dissasembling and cleaning some parts Here you can see the amount of dirt there was -------------------------------------------------------------- Dissasembling half of the back axle, some pictures to compare before/after Before: After:
  18. I'm looking for these parts in used condition: - Ranger front body post - rear cage - antenna + pin - lower arm left - upright left - 2 front springs (for the front suspension) - 2 cam locks - transparent motor + gear cover (A-Parts) Please send a PM if you can help. Many thanks in advance!
  19. Does anyone on TC still sell these? Found this on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-Sand-Scorcher-Buggy-Champ-Natural-Anodised-Chassis-SRB-/321018056916?pt=UK_ToysGames_RadioControlled_JN&hash=item4abe2ad0d4 Seems like a decent bargain, but would like to patronize a TC member if possible -Steve
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