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Found 3 results

  1. OK, this has been a bit of a labour of love for a few weeks now. Still in the prototype stage as I type, but I have a spare evening so I figure it's time for some admin and an update on progress. So, wossis then? Well, it's a winch mount / tough bumper for the Axial SCX10 G6 Rubicon that has been my go-to rig for trail duties for a few years now. For why? Various reasons. 1) The stock bumper isn't perfectly flat, so it's not easy to mount the winch on it. The 3-Racing winch has a big metal base plate with built-in fairlead, and it doesn't sit right on the G6 bumper. 2) The stock bumper (and mount) are flexible ABS. Good for avoiding breakages on the trails, bad for winch duties. In fact with the ground anchor hooked over the roll cage for stowage, the entire bumper twists and looks ugly. 3) I have Proline Flat Iron XL tyres with a huge 120mm diameter, which catches on the corners of the stock bumper. So, to begin with, I found this thing: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3489699 To start with, I printed it out in grey resin and offered it up. It looks cool enough but a) the mounting posts were too close together as printed and 2) the bumper sits a little too low for my lifted body. I figured the whole thing would look better if I lifted and deepened it, as well as adding a direct-to-chassis mount in place of the post-style mounting to reduce flex during winching and stowage.
  2. This is the second CR I've picked up over the years and probably has the most mileage of all my rigs. As opposed to my Crawler Bug, this one is more of a scale rig. Well, as scale as a CR01 can be. It's been on many runs, from flat trails, to rocky ravines. Usually goes camping with me as well. A Proline body with a few scale goodies sits up top. This body is a perfect fit the the CR01's wheelbase and wheel/tire size imo. Do plan on an interior of some kind eventually. Rolls on Proline beadlocks and a set of shaved and siped Flat Irons. Out of the box the tires left me a bit wanting but with a bit of work and some break in they grab fantastic. Stock axles pretty much with a few upgrades here and there. KM knuckles and C's modified with bearings for very smooth steering. Tamiya lockers and HD parts are in the axle. Highly recommended, there's very little slop with everything installed. Chassis is another custom cut 6061 creation. The trans mount is moved up 20mm and the rear of the chassis is extended to match the PL body. The SCX10 trans swap worked so well in the crawler bug I did it here as well. Freed up lots of room so I can lower the battery tray to keep that all important COG as low as possible. Also opened up quite a few other options...I've run a 2-speed as well as a 2/4WD setup in the past, though now it sports a standard transmission with a 17.5 brushless system geared way down. My favorite feature on this truck is the suspension. Definetly sets it apart from the other trail trucks in my stable. I kept the springs though replaced the cantivelvers with a more traditional stand up shock for dampening. I replaced the stock springs with the short barrel springs and the stance came out just right. There's also a few shiny bits here and there for no other reason than I like shiny stuff! This truck has seen many miles and has been trouble free the entire way. At some point I should probably open the axles and check the gears, but it takes so long to get in there, I'll just run them until they crumble.
  3. $425 Shipped within the CONUS I originally built this truck last fall. I sold it in September and then re-purchased it last month. I'd been itching to get it buttoned up. Truck has under 2 hours on it. Truck is RTR. Axial 2.4ghz radio setup SCX10 Kit HHBRXL Waterproof With TEKIN HD motor Savox 1259 Titanium gear servo Custom front bumper with brushbar and brush wires Kamtec ABS Land Rover Body painted correct Camel Trophty Sandglow yellow NOT TAMIYA CAMEL YELLOW Proline roof rack Proline light bar GMADE Beadlock wheels with RC4wd Trail Buster Tires (copy of Simex Jungle Trekkers) Speedwiegland Oil pan Also have a rear spare carrier to fit the body with a steelie and tire. Interior is a Dingo interior panel. Zillions of custom decals I made up (all on oracal Vinyl on pro equipment) The passenger side rain gutter WILL BE reattached Out of every build I have done, this body, by far, has the most time into it. Every window had to be cut as well as the grille and lights. The Headlights alone were a project LOL It looks like the truck will also be featured in one of the upcoming issues of Rovers Magazine from Rovers North. Link to build thread... http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/1-9-scale-rigs/399032-land-rover-discovery-i.html
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