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Found 13 results

  1. My TTO2-B Based NEOSCORCHER has stripped all of the splnes from its steering servo Any suggestions why and how to prevent this from reoccuring ? The car has not been used yet - this happened during build/set up I have ordered a replacement servo
  2. Hello Tamiya Club! I'm in the process of building the re-released Holiday Buggy and have run into a problem with my servo being too tall! The instructions indicate the servo has an allowable height variance of 12mm-15mm. Unfortunately, the servo I bought is about 18mm in that dimension and so the turnbuckles interfere with the chassis. I tried flipping the ball heads around (pictured), but then the turnbuckle hits the body of the servo saver. Seems like the only solution is to replace the servo? Any servo suggestions? Turnbuckle in correct orientation Flipped Turnbuckle Instructions
  3. Hello guys Finally after I got my yeah racing steering upgrade for my tt02 , I bought a digital servo 25kg from Amazon and connected it with my tt02 , the problem I noticed is that the servo range is wider than the car steering limit , so when I try to steer right or left the car steering stop is reached but the servo is still not finished and have few more degrees to move right or left . Which will force the steering to move more than it limit and cause problems, My question is , is it possible to reduce the range of the servo? Or its better to try a new servo ? Thanks
  4. I'm just getting back in to the RC world as an adult. We just recently got two of the kids off-road trucks and after having to repair them a few times my tinkering fire was stoked. I have an extreme love for road racing in general, so decided I would get a little project for myself. I picked up a TT02R chassis kit and that is where I am at. I am literally starting from scratch with this. I've been reading/researching and getting great information, but the more I'm doing the farther down the rabbit hole I'm going and finding myself getting a bit more confused. I have a couple questions that I'm hoping can get answered here...or at least start me down the right path that I can follow up on. Motor? I'm pretty sure I want to go brushless, but not sure what size would be too much for this chassis. I would like it to be fast, but I also don't want to have to be constantly replacing parts because the motor is too much for the build. I had come across the Speed Passion Reventon R combo reviews a few places and it appears to be a good combo (based on user reviews). But very much open to recommendations at suggestions. Servo? I honestly haven't done much research on this component yet as I've been stuck on the motor/esc. Transmitter/Receiver? I haven't done much research in to this yet either. Although I keep seeing Futaba mentioned as being good???? Those are the main things that I am honestly stuck on and keep going in circles. Body, tires extras I can probably narrow down, although the choices seem to be very vast. I have a couple of tracks out here, so my main objective with this is to make it as fast as possible, without sacrificing the integrity of the chassis (too much), handle/corner well and enjoy myself while doing it. I'm not really interested in any serious racing, or clubs or anything at the moment. That could possibly be down the road, but right now I want to learn, research, tinker, upgrade, test and get accustomed to this style of RC'n. Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions or roasts because I'm a newbie with basic questions haha. Looking forward to this build and future Tamiya builds.
  5. Hi I've recently bought a NIB Egress 2013 and a NIB Dynatech 01R to give it that more period look, I'm just wondering what would be the right period Servo for this, ideally what was used in the catalogue image (would it be a Futaba). Any advice much appreciated.
  6. Hi all. I'm after a vintage Acoms IC AS-7 servo. Not that I'm fussy but it needs to be made in Hong Kong. Happy for it to be used, but needs to be in working order. Thanks in advance
  7. Returning after a long absence from RC I’ve just purchased an Avante 2011 and Egress 2013 from Tower Hobbies here in the US. As a kid these were the two kits I dreamed of owning as I turned the pages of the Tamiya catalog. At the time, my after school job only allowed me the cash to get a Hornet. So now I have these these two kits, found this site and wondered if I could get some advice on motors, ESCs and servos that would suit these two cars? I have been doing a fair bit of research online - but there is just so much to choose from. I was looking at going for a Spektrum servo and receiver with AVC, and going with an ESC+motor combo from Hobbywing. Understandably, I’m trying to mix some nostalgia with the up to date Lipo batteries, brushless motor and so on. The cars will end up as weekend drivers - some moderate bashing fun. Although I wouldn’t mind if I could give a couple of my buddies with brushless RTR buggies from Arrma a run for their money. Lastly, if I documented the build, would anyone be interested in seeing the progress and pics from these two cars? Thanks in advance for any guidance you might offer.
  8. So I'm going to start building my Baja Champ slowly over the next few weeks. Not much time, but I haven't built anything for a few years and this kit seems like a nice start. I've been collecting some radios over the last couple of years to have period correct gear for my cars. But I don't have anything from the 1998+2-4 years period. I'd like to get something that would have been put in a Tamiya buggy in that time frame. I'm guessing perhaps a Futaba,, but it's very hard to find a timeline of Futaba sets. What are your top tips? Preferably something I can get NIB for a decent price ;-)
  9. Hello everybody, I am giving away an old acoms 2 channel FM pistol transmitter. It comes with a 27mhz crystal and a plastic geared servo. The Transmitter has throttle and steering trims, reverse switches, steering dual rate, uses 8 AA batteries and is missing the antenna. It still works fine. You can get a screw-on antenna for a few €. The controller comes with an acoms plastic gear servo. Unfortunately I do not have a receiver anymore. I am willing to give those away as long as the "buyer" takes care of the shipping costs which should be 5-7€ max.
  10. Had my CR-01 out the other day, I have added a second servo to make it 4 Wheel steer, connecter via a Y lead to the 1 channel. Was driving fine then got into a bit of crawling on some rocks and the car just stayed locked in a turning circle. The wheels would not come back to neutral position. Even turning the wheel on my controller would not bring them back, there was no response. Turned the car off and then back on they reset themselves and it was driving again fine after that. Any Ideas as to what may have caused the problem??
  11. I am selling most of my brushed motors as they just sit around doing nothing. I have two 19 turn spec motors (perfect for the DT02 mod class or DT03 class if you are planning on doing next years DT02 challenge) £5 each - SOLD Acoms AS17 and one Acoms AS16 servo's £4 each, <<< Only a couple left <<<< 320 amp esc £5 (good for a sport turned) - SOLD my last 2 DT02 chassis covers £6 each A 21 turn Havoc stock motor and a (17 turn modified motor - SOLD) £5 each 2 huntersystems 27 turn fan motors £4 each All packing is free, postage will be at cost (second class recorded)
  12. HI chaps (and ladies?) I have a few restoration projects on the go at the moment and have a few questions i would LOVE some answers too I am restoring an early 80's sand scorcher, a Wild Willy M38 and a bear hawk (basher). Now my question is about (he checks he is in the electronics forum!) Electronics..:HAHA! I have never bought a stand alone servo in my life (having only ever had two real RC cars before as a kid they came assembled by my dad and the electronics came in the Acoms box. I want a recommendation for a good reliable and cheap ESC. These are not going to be raced or run hard, More than likely shelf queens with the occasional run as i get more fun from the build (Odd aint I). and when i say cheap i mean circa €15-€20 would be nice. I also want a good reliable standard steering suitable servo, I have read LOADS of information and recommendations and they all scream for €50-€80 Savox, Spectrum or similar digital wizz bang servos suitable for 100kph racers. I want cheap reliable (branded) servos but i have no experience. I do know i would prefer metal geared IF possible. So recommend away please! Oh and i am in Germany so Available in Europe would be helpful.
  13. I just bought a micro servo for fun, maybe to turn a drivers head?, or to open the sunroof on the beetle, problem is that the maximum voltage the servo can take is 4.8volts, it got a bit hot after a couple of seconds plugged into the receiver when it must have been getting 6v, oops. The servo still works but I need a way to step down the voltage?, can I just use a couple of AA batteries?, and if so do I take the + and - wires to the batteries and leave the other wire in the receiver?, would this even work?.
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