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Found 7 results

  1. Before @netsmithUK starts coding and modifying tamiyaclub for this, it would be great to guage if there is any enthusiasm for the idea. The premise would be that custom 3d printed designs from members could be held by tamiyaclub, uploaded like movies, adverts etc. So free stuff that you may have uploaded to thingiverse, you could also upload to tamiyaclub, shapeway items that are not free, hopefully you would be able to link to the item or your shop. If you have a demonstration video on YT, the link could be on here as well!? It's just another way of trying to keep everything together in one place for easier access. There are so many items on other sites it can take quite some time to track down parts and ideas! Maybe for free designs there could eventually be a donate button to your PayPal or a charity as a way for us to say thank you for your generosity. Maybe this could lead to more commissioning of parts and mods as the section expands. I would personally like a tag system which if the part was for a hornet then when you went to the hornet's main page the mods would show up there..... There are probably many more ways and ideas to implement this but I thought "we have movies, why not 3D parts!?" If this is something of interest please leave a comment below for netsmith to monitor the responses, it might become a reality! @Pintopower @miniguy77@Hobgoblin@Toykid
  2. Between 1977 & 83 those of us of a certain age were glued to the tv on a Satuday evening watching Baker and Poncherello tracking down the baddies and doing good deeds, whilst speeding around on Kawasaki 900/1000 bikes (Changed from 900 to 1000 for season 3 onwards) Sgt. Joseph Getraer their boss sometimes rode a bike but often used some other form of "black & white". Im not sure if he ever drove a Jeep but if he did it would been a CJ rather than a YJ and would have looked a bit like this My Plan is to alter a wrangler shell using shapeways parts to produce my own version. The colourway will be slightly different from this. Mine is going to be all black with white doors and non bling wheels!!! It will be driven by a laid back Sgt in a cowboy hat. I have ordered some flashing lights from China which are on their way. Not sure if they are right so may have to search further. Any way I have the major components so I can start: Rather than use the Tamiya glass which I beleive is tinted I'm using Loops glazing set along with their dash and wipers. First thing is to cut up a brand new Wrangler body to replace the bonnet and the grill Watch this space!!!!
  3. @netsmithUK I was just thinking it would be nice if sometime in the future on the model description page there was a new tab where people could upload designs for 3d printed hopup parts? Obviously it would be nice to see some free sharing for people to print themselves but understandably even a link to the part in someone's shapeways shop would be helpful, shapeways is ok but it would be more convenient here located next to the model
  4. To finish my Sonic Fighter project I need the following parts (used condition is fine) Part B1 in good condition im based in the UK Updated 17/06/19
  5. The awesome new Tamiya M-07 Concept car has one flaw. There is a hole on the bottom of the chassis, said to allow access to the pinion screw, that has the potential to allow dirt and pebbles into the transmission. This would wreak havoc on the gears. Tamiya provides aluminum glass tape to cover the hole. Unfortunately, the tape peels off after the first run or two as the chassis bottoms out on the ground. I created this plug to close the hole and keep debris out of the transmission. Unlike the tape, this plug is reusable. I suggest you purchase at least two plugs so that you have at least one spare in the event that it gets lost or misplaced. You can even share with your friends that run the M-07. https://www.shapeways.com/product/SEVSZVNE6/tamiya-m-07-concept-chassis-plug?optionId=63334527
  6. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! It's the run up to the festive season so I've reduced some prices across my Shapeways store from now until January 1st 2018: CW01 (Lunchbox, Midnight Pumpkin, Montero Wheelie, etc) chassis braces (Model shown for illustration purposes only. Model not included.) Front Brace Rear Brace Both Braces Strong & Flexible Polished Front: Was $10.99 – Now $9.99 Rear: Was $10.99 – Now $9.99 Set of Front & Rear: Was $19.99 – Now $17.99 Metallic Plastic Front: $14.99 - $12.99 Front Polished: $14.99 - $13.49 Rear: $14.99 - $13.99 Rear Polished: $14.99 - $14.49 Set of Front & Rear: Was $28.99 – Now $25.99 Set of Front & Rear Polished: Was $28.99 – Now $26.99 Polished version not available until further notice. NEW! Premium Strong & Flexible Front: (Introductory Price) $17.99 Rear: (Introductory Price) $18.99 Set of Front & Rear: (Introductory Price) $34.99 Stainless Steel Front: Was $79.99 – Now $59.99 Rear: Was $69.99 – Now $62.99 Set of Front & Rear: Was $134.99 – Now $109.99 Raw Aluminium Front: Was $129.99 – Now $109.99 Rear: Was $129.99 – Now $119.99 Set of Front & Rear: $235.99 – Now $219.99 CW01/Grasshopper/Hornet Diff Lock (Shown assembled for illustration purposes only. Gear & shafts not included.) Special Price! (White Strong & Flexible Only) $14.99 M04S Centre Chassis Section for 210mm Wheelbase (Model shown for illustration purposes only. Model not included.) Left Side Right Side Underside to show modified servo access clearance. [Left side only] Strong & Flexible Polished: Was $34.99 – Now $29.99 New! Premium Strong & Flexible: (Introductory Price) $59.99 Metallic Plastic: Was $54.99 – Now $49.99 Stainless Steel: (Introductory Price) $129.99 Raw Aluminium: Was $359.99 – Now $329.99 Black Hi-Def Acrylate: Was $89.99 – Now $81.99 [Right side only] Strong & Flexible Polished: Was $34.99 – Now $29.99 New! Premium Strong & Flexible: (Introductory Price) $59.99 Metallic Plastic: Was $54.99 – Now $49.99 Stainless Steel: (Introductory Price) $129.99 Raw Aluminium: Was $359.99 – Now $329.99 Black Hi-Def Acrylate: Was $89.99 – Now $81.99 [Set of Left & Right sides] (Parts are connected by two sprues that'll need to be trimmed away) Strong & Flexible Polished: Was $64.99 – Now $57.99 New! Premium Strong & Flexible: (Introductory Price) $104.99 Metallic Plastic: Was $99.99 – Now $89.99 Black Hi-Def Acrylate: Was $169.99 – Now $154.99 (Stainless Steel and Raw Aluminium are not available in this format. Sorry) Link: The VagabondStar Project - Shapeways Shop Happy Shopping! For those who don't know... How does ordering from Shapeways work? Basically, when you want to buy an item via Shapeways you select your colour and material options (if those options are available) and add the item to your cart. You select your shipping method based on how fast you want your order then, once you've made your payment, Shapeways adds your order to the print queue. Once printed, the item will be sent to finishing where plastics will be dyed, metals will be polished, etc., then your items will be packaged carefully along with bubble packing then shipped via UPS to you. Shapeways has based in the Netherlands and in the USA so shipping to either Europe or US shouldn't be an issue. Shipping cost seems to be a flat rate so you can add as much to your order as you like without worrying about weight restrictions. Forgotten to buy something but you've paid already? No problem! As your order will take time to print off you can add more items to it without paying for extra shipping. Just make sure you tick the right box under their shipping options to ship with your previous order before that order is completed & sent to packing.
  7. I've finally setup a shop and added a couple of my custom Wild Willy M38 Hop-ups to Shapeways for anyone interested. I received several inquiries to make them available after my Resto-mod build, so here they are. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/s2g2 I have several more hop-up parts I am refining, but for the first batch, here are the 2-piece 1.9" wheels I designed, and a custom (grilled) front end to replace the stock unit on the M38. The cons: The wheels are pricey for a whole set. The pros: Once you have a set, you have multiple options for modern 1.9" rubber on your M38. You can even run stock M38 sand paddles on them. I've tested them extensively for GMade MT1902 tires. I also have some beefed-up suspension parts I am testing now too, so look for more in the future. Anyway, I hope these parts give people some options for tires, and help keep more classic Wild Willy M38s in use! New front-end with a new look for the M38. I completely destroyed an old brittle stock unit, and this one has been holding up nicely on my runner ever since. Front and Rear Willy M38 wheels designed for 1.9" rubber. Wheels are two-part - each with a front and rear face. The front traps the bearing inside the wheel just like the original unit. For more details on the wheels, please see my build thread here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=77335
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