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Found 27 results

  1. I have a fully stock Tamiya Rising fighter and the shocks provide no small bump sensitivity or support on big impacts/compression. What should I look for to upgrade the shocks without emptying the wallet?
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice. I would like to upgrade the shocks to oil filled cva's on my Rising Fighter from the stock ones. I'm looking at the Tamiya 50519 and 50520 and they seem really expensive (£45 for both without postage). I only paid £60 for the whole Rising Fighter! Does anyones know of a cheaper alternative? I was looking at the Tamiya DT-03 damper set here as it seems to contain all 4 shocks for half the price. Would they fit the Rising Fighter ok? https://www.modelsport.co.uk/product/tamiya-dt03-cva-damper-set-385509 Many thanks
  3. Hello everyone, I'm currently fixing up my midnight pumpkin. Could someone let me know where to get some tyres and oil filled shocks from also any extra parts I would need to attach them Many thanks wes
  4. Hey all, Thanks for letting me in. I have really enjoyed building up my MF-01x ford escort mk2. Wanting to tune it up a bit I looked into shocks and bought some Yeah Racing big bore 50mm dampers based on reading 50mm shocks are for the chassis. However on fitting I realise the stock friction dampers are 55mm and fitting these will drop a fair bit of ride height. Since om running it off road I need to keep clearance. Can I swap out the piston lengths for longer or do I need a full set of diffrent shocks. With the note that the rear right arm clashes with body can I fit 60mm shocks here and try to space if off the body? Also what oil should I be getting for them? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for damper suggestions for my DT-03 Racing Fighter build. The Racing Fighter kit I have came with the CVA dampers and I also have the Tamiya Spring Set Hop-Up option #53832. However, I'd like to upgrade the plastic CVAs with alloy dampers instead. I tend to prefer using genuine Tamiya hop-up options (or TRF if budget allows) however I haven't found any direct replacements for the CVAs that came with this kit. As such, I've been looking at either going with a set of GPM dampers or a set from Yeah Racing. But before I pull the trigger on either of those, I wanted to ask here if anyone here has any suggestions for dampers. Thanks in advance for any help. Cheers!
  6. For sale, 4 lightly used TLT-1 shock absorbers. These came off my Lunch Box 4x4x4 scratch build, so have spent most of their life on a shelf model. The springs were not fitted, I was using them only as dampers for leaf springs, so the springs are still fresh. The shocks are also I believe a Hop up for the Juggernaut / juggernaut 2 monster trucks shocks remainder of sprues with spring tensioners, etc sleeves for shock tops These are rare to find now, but they are also used. The are very light scratches in places on the dampers, but unless you are fussy about them being absolutely mint, they are in very good condition. UK buyers only please, PM me with what they are worth to you, if someone buys them, I will send them 2nd class signed for via royal mail.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm currently fixing up my midnight pumpkin. Could someone let me know where to get some tyres and oil filled shocks from also any extra parts I would need to attach them Many thanks wes
  8. I'm going to give my Hotshot the Super hotshot rear suspention and Boomerang front suspention, but I don't want to buy the Tamiya shocks because they don't have as much adjustability, they aren't the right color and I they might be more expensive then buying universal shocks. I need to know all that I need to know (dimensions, stroke, ect) to find some red shocks that will work good on the Hotshot I'm making. Providing links to specific products is good will me.
  9. Can anyone help me, I am after some long Hi-Cap dampers for a top force evo. Are there any?
  10. Hi folks, I'm trying to locate a decent set of shock/damper mounts/trees/stays and suitable 90-100mm shocks for the WT01 chassis in the UK. I've been searching around, but to be honest I really don't know what's going to fit properly. I've already made the mistake of ordering some shocks which are the default length, but the fittings are completely different, so they'll have to go in a drawer never to be seen again! I've read any mounts for the WR01 will fit, and after some more research it looks as if the WR01 chassis is virtually identical, but I could be looking at completely the wrong thing! If anyone knows where I can get the bits needed could you please pop a link in here? Many thanks.
  11. If you have a Kyosho Rocky and the original shocks, you already know how difficult they are to restore. One of the biggest reasons for this is because the shock shaft is an integral part of the piston design. The piston itself is unlike any other shock design by Kyosho: Unique shock shaft: Unique piston (notice that it is very thin and hollowed out with notches on either side): Tiny little spring to allow the piston to slide on the shaft to alter the shock vs rebound damping rate depending on impact force (non-adjustable unless you replaced the spring itself):
  12. I drilled the roll bar, 3D printed some spacers and mounted up some BoomRacing boomerang piggyback shocks (no springs, 25weight oil) works nicely!
  13. I'm looking for a set (4 shocks) of Tamiya 43007 yellow CVA shocks for the Tamiya Quick Drive QD 1/14 monster trucks like the Midnight Pumpkin, Monster Beetle, Blackfoot, and Clod Buster. I'm also looking for the Tamiya 43013 black can 280 motor for the Quick Drives. Must be willing to ship to Canada, please message me if you have some for sale. Thanks
  14. Good day lads. I have used DMC shock oil in my clear blue Tamiya plastic dampers, combined with TRF O-rings #42214 and TRF rods #53575, and Team Associated Green Slime, but the oil just keeps leaking out under compression. What could be the cause? The rods are the same size as the standart ones, the O-rings aren't tight around them, but the stock red ones require an awful lot of force to get any compression. Are the o-rings not fit for the oil? There are TRF rings made speficalyy for natural oils, I don't know whether this oil is natural or synthetic, though. Should I go for complete TRF dampers? Thanks for your help.
  15. 1) 1/10 alu oil shocks, 2) 1/16 alu oil shock, 3) tamiya 5193 racing adjustable oil shocks, 4) alloy rear shocks mounts 5) alloy chassis brace. 6)set of alloy wheel hubs, 7) set of alloy wheel adaptors 8) set of light pods. tamiya oil shocks, 1/10 and 1/16, alloy wheel adaptors and chassis brace were mounted, but i decided to keep it stock so they are basically new., thus they we are not going to come into their original packets, but all in one. Price is 75 euro plus shipping. Shipping is from Cyprus (Europe) reduced to 75 euro shipped to European union countries and uk
  16. Wanted: Aftermarket front oil shocks for the tamiya hornet to be installed in the same way like the stocks. Basically i need you-g, parma etc these kind of shocks. Used or new. Thanks
  17. Hi all, I have dusted down my 30 year old raider and it works! Or did! Bought new battery and it was running great. Turned off but didn't disconnect and somehow the old MSC got nudged on . when I smelt smoke it turned all off and recharged battery. It now works only on full speed, I guess I have blown the resistor. As I can't get a spare u was going to buy the 1060? ESC and use that. My question is this... Is it relatively easy to swap the old style MSC out and replace with a new one. Can anyone explain what I need to do please. I have a futaba attack r controller- do just swap the crystal over to the new ESC? Is there anything else I need to remove? Also I need new tyres for the rear wheels and new rear shocks ( the others have always sagged and it seems to run too low to the ground. They are 65mm so was thinking I could get some linger ones? Any advice on what size shocks and wheels I'd need would be appreciated along with where to source them (/I'm in the UK). My kids are you so want them to get used to the fun of rc cars before they migrate to more modern models! Many thanks for any advice. Oli
  18. I haven't tried yet, but was thinking of trying to paint all the yellow plastic pieces on a Boomerang or Falcon with paint. Anyone have any tips as to what kind of paint, preparations, and is it even worth the time to paint the shocks with the springs going over them? Would it be better just to replace them with allow? thanks for any advice or input
  19. New to the hobby, my first car was the DT-03. After messing about with it on the road I wanted to see how it would do on a forest path. Bad idea! It somehow broke the front left suspension. The small retainer part was lost, thankfully I found the spring. (Hop-up CVA Damper set - part V5 lost). I'm wondering what I should do, from my searches online, I could just buy a new complete CVA Damper set, but a friend suggested just get a new set of non-Tamiya shocks. I like the idea, but now I'm not sure what would fit? As im a newbie, I've no idea about how strong I need the shocks to be or how it affects speed. Looking for advice, also if I replace the shocks, I'm guessing it would be wise to replace all four. What do I want to do with it? Nothing serious, I was hoping it would take more of an off road track, but maybe I will stick to roads and the driveway! Not going to race it or anything, it's all stock parts right now. (Was packed with hop-ups mentioned). Attached a pic of the CVA Damper set. Part missing was the "PAC-MAN" looking part seen on the top row.
  20. Sold pending payment For sale. Front and rear big bore aeration buggy shocks made by Tamiya. Full alloy bodies with alloy caps. Tamiya Part Number 54504 and 54505 with 54506 and 54508 (i think for the 54508) Comes with the extra sets of front and rear springs for these shocks. And all mounting hardware. Ive had them fitted to my TT02B but ive never ran them. There is a slight mark ontop of one of the caps. Selling them as im not going to fully use them as Tamiya intended. £75 inc postage and fees. Royal Mail 1st class signed. Pics on request as i cant get them uploaded it on here. Whatsapp - 07543967949 https://www.dropbox.com/s/pwpknyylghdhgdu/FB_IMG_1490372212930.jpg?dl=0
  21. All prices inc. UK shipping, no prob to combine postage or all the lot for £30 4x new 50520 soft springs £2.50 sent in envelope 4x new rear black friction shock plastic parts (from dt-02 and dt-03) £2.50 sent in envelope 10x new tamiya kit grease £5 sent in jiffy bag set of 4 used terra scorcher upper arms £2.50 set in envelope Assorted used and ok condition thundershot parts £5 sent in jiffy bag Pinto / Panda spares not used from project inc MSC and 2x german language manuals £5 sent in jiffy bag 2x used 540 motors taken from my dual hunter project, tamiya 18t pinions look good still and motors work ok £5 sent in jiffy bag Absolutely tatty and desperate Thundershot body and cover - useful if you have nothing else or for a runner £8 sent in box Used slightly scratched Dual Hunter body, rear mount holes damaged but still mounts fine, no wing £12 sent in a box New tamiya pinions, 1x0.8mm 15t, 1x 16t 0.6mm, 2x17t 0.8mm, 2x16t 0.6mm from tt-02b so seems steel? and 1x21t 0.6mm £7 sent in jiffy bag 1x used acoms as-11 servo, works ok £4 sent in jiffy bag 4x used friction shocks taken from my dual hunter project £3 sent in envelope CC-01 lowering kit parts minus wheels,tyres and foams £4 sent in envelope
  22. RNSpeed

    My Kyosho cars

    Hello, first of all since this will be my first post I'll like to start saying what a great forum this is. I started in RC back in the 80’s with a Kyosho Icarus which I had lots of fun running it. Here are my cars; My Ultimas The first one is complete factory spec. The other Ultima (Runner) which I had modified with; UM-27 Special Chassis UM-28 Rear Motor Guard W-5061 Universal Swing Shaft OT 76 Hard Final Pinion W-5032 Tires Gold Shocks A&L Ball Bearing Steering Kit upgrade Bearings Epic 1 Designs Chassis Armor (to protect it against scratches) Castle Creations Sidewinder 3, Airtronics RX-371 waterproof receiver, Kyosho G20 brushed motor, Onyx 7.2V 5000Mah NiMh y and a Hitec HS-5625MG and my shelf queen the Turbo Scorpion.
  23. A bunch of people have recently been desperately trying to locate NOS Yellow Mini CVA's and finding slim pickings and when a packaged set occasionally turns up the price is punitive. I've managed to help a few people score used ones or piece together new ones from parts bags. BUT... The other day I decided to finally build the CVA's for my QD Monster Beetle which already has gold wheels and pin-spike tires, in order to complete the 1:10 Monster Beetle look. After building them I couldn't help but notice the similarity with the Mini CVA's, and was reminded of a previous discussion about red "Hornet II" Mini CVA's which touched on the QD ones and what the similarities are to 1:10 scale CVA's. Well, it turns out they are exactly the same. The QD Monster CVA set is identical in all respects (except, maybe, oil viscosity) to the vintage Yellow Mini CVA set. With one notable exception - as of writing this there are 3 NIP sets currently available on ebay for ~$20 apiece (there were 5 when I first discovered this) ... look for Tamiya part number 43007. What's more, the set also includes 2 of those brass spacers that matman was looking for (I believe they are the same ones at least). See pics below. The dirty shock is a Mini CVA and the new one is from the QD Monster CVA kit.
  24. I'm sure some of you smart people know the answers off the top of your heads so let me throw out a few questions I want to verify and let the knowledge pour forth! 1) Super Hornet: - Are the front shocks Mini CVA Shocks (in black)? Mini as opposed to Short... - Are the rear shocks Long CVA Shocks (in black)? Or are they Short? 2) General Q: - Are the shafts for Mini, Short and Long CVAs always the same, respectively? - In other words, can I pull a Short CVA unit off of a Monster Beetle and bolt it directly onto the front of a Boomerang? 3) Sonic Fighter: - The front shocks are Mini CVAs in yellow, right? THAT'S ALL FOR NOW -- THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  25. Hi TC, Looking for some advice on a independent front shock set up on the Nova I'm building. Its getting modded more each day, Hot trick arms, steering linkage, custom machined alloys and now I'd like to address another weakness. Any ideas T guru's?
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