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Found 7 results

  1. UPDATE - link Simenwsays Shapeways designs I've finally had some time to work on some more parts for my favourite Tamiya, namely the Wild Willy. Actual pics will be updated soon! Bumper: Wheels: Jerry Can Insert: Hard Top: Arm Stays: Simensays on Shapeways
  2. Continued some work for a project I started on years ago, the Baja Surf Buggy. This is another of my favourite projects, which is based on an orginal Sand Scorcher (I have no re-re cars in my collection), but it was upgraded with lots of great custom parts made by various TC members. One detail that was fun to make, was the 1:10 Kelly Slater Channel Island/Al Merrick replica I scratch built. I'll update with current pics soon, as the board has some more missing decals, and the actual car has some RR wheels & alu rims. Next up will be paint and some more custom designed parts. There are others roof racks that looks sexier, but I wanted to make one that is widely used... The first preview of the project can be viewed http://www.tamiyaclub.com/showroom_model.asp?cid=76974&sid=610'>here. ​ The first custom part I've started designing, is a roof rack for the surfboards (I've already made a 3D printable version surfboard also). I based my design on a traditional VW bug rack - for you VW purist, please correct me, as the rack is probablt not made by VW? I plan to print the rack frame in metal, and screw in the wood with some tiny screws I ordered from eBay. Reference pic of the rack: Work in progress: ​ ​ I will update this project as it continues now...
  3. I've decided to rebuild one of the first cars I restored. I've come a long way since doing my initial Blazing Blazer resto about 12 years ago, and have been contemplating re-restoring the Box Art Blazer for a while. The reason is mainly that I have not been satisfied with the job I first did, especially the paint job. Although it wasn't all that bad, I've felt as it could be a lot better, and it has kinda bugged me, sitting there not being what it deserves to be. This is the result from the first resto job in 2003 I got hold of a semi built/NIB Blazer locally a few years back, but never had the heart to break open those NIP bags og goodies and complete the build, so I sold it. The BB was never one of my favourite cars, but it has def grown on my over the years. I've always loved the early Broncos though, and the look & feel of vintage off roaders and off road racing. The Big Oly Bronco has long time been one of my favourites. So, after many years of thinking about redoing the Blazing Blazer, I've made up my mind and started the work og turning my old Blazer into a Big Oly Blazing Bronco hybrid. Fellow TC member Badboy has already done a very nice version of the Big Oly on the Blazer platform, which can be seen here. There are some obvious differences between the Chevy based Blazing Blazer, and the Big Oly Ford Bronco, but both the bodies have been heavily modified for the legendary Mexican 1000 race, and do look a similar enough for this project. That goes for the main body part, but not the grill. So, I designed a new one, based on the one seen on the Big Oly truck, with the double head lights... I got the first version from Shapeways yesterday, but did some adjustments, so will have the finished part in about a week. The back of the grill will be filled with a black fine mesh, and iit is designed to fit head lights from the Hilux. I've already stripped the old body, sanded and smoothed the body, primed and painted & cleared. The next big hurdle is the decals. I am currently designing all the decals in Illustrator from scratch, as most of these vintage logos can't be found in vector format, or as high res images. This is a tedious job, and albeit I am a graphic designer, just the research recognising the old logos and then scratch making them, is a lot of work... The chassis only need minor work and partial assembly, and the main body is finished in the paint booth, so the actual completion of this build isn't that far off. I will send the decals for printing, and do the detailing and painting of the smaller accessories very soon. So stay tuned for some pictures and updates [/img]
  4. I'm about to decorate my new design studio with various items that have influenced me over the years. In addition to some of my Tamiyas, old skateboards and so on, I am looking for a couple of the old snowboards I use to ride back in the mid/late 90s. If you have one of these laying around, please get in touch! I am only looking for the boards pictured
  5. I'm looking for just one wheel half, the deep/outer one for a Blazing Blazer. I am making a spare wheel mount for my Big Oly project, and only need one this one piece. Paypal, or trades awaits! Thanks!
  6. Anybody on here know where I can get some custom designed decals printed? I really dont get why it is so incredible hard to find someone who can print WHITE on CLEAR vinyl in appropriate quality. I am graphic designer, I have direct contact with sevefral local print shops, but none of them can do white print on clear vinyl. I have contacted businesses in the UK, the US and Austrailia - whom claim they can do it, but are reluctant to ship to Norway. I have designed some custom decals for a variation of projects I'm working on, some vintage Tamiyas and some decals for my skydiving helmets etc. Does anybody on here know of a service that can do small volume digital print, with white on clear vinyl suitable for decals/stickers?
  7. I haven't posted in a long time, but seeing all these WW thread going on atm, it inspired me to make a project thread on some WW work I have been doing. After restoring and building several WW M38 over the last few years, one with a soft top - I have planned a hardtop one for a long time. Late last year I finally got around to actually designing one, based on some pics found on the net, and had it printed on Shapeways. I made it as 4 parts that screw together, with frames ready on the inside for fitting clear lexan for windows (not in the pics yet). I didn't want to have doors, as I want to see Willy himself, as he is such an important part of this model. The hardtop clips onto the rollbar (just flip the spot lights backwards) and fits both the WW1 and WW2 bodies. I've been busy with several multirotor projects over the last year, but dedicate some more time for the Tamiya collection again. I've orimed and painted the HT, installed windows and have planned on weathering the whole car now. Original hardtop CAD dumps Test fitting on a WW2 WW1 I will take more pics as the works continue in the upcoming days.
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