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Found 7 results

  1. Thought I would share one of my recent projects here since it's a bit of a Tamiya classic. A couple of months I decided I wanted to start collecting some more of the HKS liveried cars since I already had a few and I really like the colour scheme. The easiest one to get quickly was the re-release R32 Skyline, but it seems I was just a little bit too late to the party since it's sold out everywhere. I stumbled upon 1 still in stock at a local hobbyshop so I bought it. Most expensive TT01 I've every bought haha The plan for this car is to keep the chassis stock, but to make the body as realistic as possible. There is a LOT of reference material available for the Gr.A R32's and also specifically the HKS one. I'm trying to develop some 3D printed detail parts that I will make available for everyone to upgrade their own R32 too. So far that process is going well. Around christmas I decided to already build the chassis. I remember the TT01 as being a quick, simple but fun build and this one was the same. I swapped out all the screws for stainless M3 hardware. I build it using the stock plastic bushings but might replace them with bearings eventually. I added some aluminium hexes because I happened to have them laying nearby The standard wheels really do not cut it for realism. I have used Molotov chrome paint to paint the rims and the edge of the faces to mimic the real 3 piece look, and painted the centers white to avoid them yellowing over time. The center of the wheel behind the faces is painted in a flat black. Blue/red wheelnuts added too, but I found the real car uses a grey nut instead of blue so I might swap them later on.
  2. Hi all, As most of you know my collecting has mainly been Tamiya Nitro for some time. I have just picked up another car to restore and I thought it might be good to do a restoration thread. This will show how I select a car to restore, how I analyse what I need, restoration tips etc. So, I have just picked up this auction lot from Ebay UK. These are the auction pictures. I paid £42 for the car and £8 so £50 all in. Now that may seem a lot to some if you go by the pictures however I will explain why I think that's a fair price. On first glance the car appears to be whats left of 43512 the Ford Focus WRC XBG TGS kit. The body certainly would suggest that. It does however have a lot of ball bearings on show, that might suggest a TGS-R chassis as they were ballraced. So what else can we go by? The dampers are friction shocks so that would fit. The engine could either be an FS-12SS found in the TGS range or an FS-12SW found in the TGR-S range. The two engines are actually identical apart from the carb throttle linkage and idle screw. Lets have a look at that then. OK, so that is the early throttle arm and so its an FS-12SS engine and confirms the kit is probably 43512 and its been ballraced retrospectively. Obviously lots more could of been changed but for now i'm happy. So my thoughts on the pictures. The engine has its recoil starter and its not broken. These are now nearly £30 to buy if you can find one The fuel tank hasn't got its pump snapped or the fuel connection broken. Another £14 to replace All the Tamiya radio gear is still there.(untested but a fair cost for two servos and an RX). Body is scrap but it will be cut up for paint removal practice and the wing mirrors and rear spoiler removed, cleaned and stored. The rest of the car is pretty complete. Par for the course on TGS restorations is a centre tub replacement and the underguards. The rest I will attempt to restore. The only other issue with these is the shock mounts snap on the front and rear gearbox casing. No way to tell yet but I already have new ones. So there you are, the start of the project, more to come when I get the car but here are some more auction pictures.
  3. I finished my R33 GTR a few weeks ago and figured I'd post it here. I need to upgrade it that's for sure
  4. I recently purchased a Tamiya Tt-02 D, Drift spec R33 GTR. But I see builds out there with working headlights and taillights, some even have speakers with engine sounds and exhaust pipes that light up. This may be my first build but I want to do those sort of things with my car. I really do but don't know where to look to buy these things. I also don't know where to buy the paint I want to use on the body. I want it to look the Lightning Yellow 400R, though I don't know what kind of paint to use. Does anyone know any of the parts I should look into or what paint to buy so I don't mess it up and get a paint that wont work on the plastic?
  5. Re-release Tamyia Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 body set. This is pretty much all brand new. I have cut the excess plastic but it will need trimming properly. I have put body holes in it for a TT01 chassis. Its unpainted and still has the protective film on. Comes with all the stickers, masking set. All wing mirrors, light buckets are all on their sprues. Brand new TLU-01. Comes with x2 white 5mm LED's and x2 5mm red LED's, the battery power supply and the LED attachment clips and screws. £70 posted within the UK
  6. Having a wee clearout of some items I no longer use. Prices are set with UK postage included, worldwide postage at extra cost. First up is my Speed Passion Reventon R 5.5R Brushless system. I used this in my DB01R for racing (albeit without the motor) and it never once put a foot wrong. Comes with what you see plus the program box (not in the picture) which can adjust all kinds of different, punch, brake, lipo cutoff settings etc. Includes box and all manuals and setting sheet. Motor wires are unsoldered but can be soldered if needed. The motor outer case has 2 marks (see pics) from when it was lightly used in an open bottomed chassis, but these do not affect the performance at all. Overall its a great brushless system and very powerful with the motor rated at 7000KV. Bargain at £44 posted !!! ---------------------- Next up we have my race motor I used in my DB01R along with the Reventon R ESC. Its a Vampire Racing AB+ Motor 5.5T. Again a fantastic motor and very powerful with adjustable endbell timing. Motor is in great condition with only a few small marks on it from the usual use. Solder tabs are in perfect condition and ready to solder to your ESC. Another Bargain at £22 !!! -------------------- And lastly we have a Tamiya 1/10 Loctite Zexel GT-R R34 Bodyset. Its brand new painted (not by myself) and never ran. Decals are a decent quality but are showing the usual signs of lifting here and there. No splits, cracks or any exterior marks at all apart from the aged decals around the front half of the body. These are really hard to come by now. £23 posted !!!! Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks James
  7. Well its time to put a few items up for sale that I either no longer need or is looking for new homes. Prices include UK postage, overseas postage will be extra at cost. ....... Tamiya Astute Body, Wing and Undertray. Body is in good overall condition with only a few splits and holes for body mounts etc and with only a few decals missing. Wing is in good condition but does have 1 split and the undertray again is in good used condition (has some scuff marks). £15 Tamiya Astute E Parts New. Both bumpers have fell off the sprue, but are brand new unused. (not pictured) Provisionally SOLD !!!!!!! Tamiya Madcap Joblot of spares and tyres. £17 Tamiya TL01LA with Tamiya Xanavi Nismo GT-R R34 Body. The chassis is in good condition, but would benefit from a strip down and rebuild. Comes with optional black CVA Dampers installed. It is however missing the servo horn and servo saver. The Body is in good condition, a few decals lifting in places but only has 2 splits (around the side airdams). Comes with Black painted 6 spoke wheels and used slick tyres. SOLD !!!!!!!!! GPM Tamiya TA03 Universal Driveshafts in anodised light green, I have 4 of these, also fit the CC01 I believe and also a GPM Tamiya TA03 Aluminium Anodised Green Damper Stay. SOLD !!!!!!! Tamiya R/C Collection 99 on Video CD. Case etc are all mint with disc only having minor surface marks due to use. Works 100% fine and showcases alot of the kits from that year in short videos with them running on the Tamiya track. Also includes footage of the 1998 Tamiya cup races etc. £7.50 Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 Plastic Parts, Wing mirrors and rear wing. Brand new in packet. £10 Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 Bodyset (Used), windows are dark tinted (almost black) has also had some front end damage that has been repaired, but still looks fantastic and would a brilliant runner body. (I actually had it on display in my living room before finding a NIB one to paint etc) Comes with rear wing and unpainted mirrors and in original brown bodyset box (with a tear at the end which has been taped) Also includes a set of Porsche 911 GT1 wheels and a used set of tyres. £25 Tamiya DB01 Front One Way Diff with Pulley installed. £10 3Racing Silver Aluminium DB01 Front C Hubs. £5 Tamiya TL01 Friction Dampers with springs x4. (not pictured) £3 I will have more items for sale soon, motors, astute parts etc etc. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Paypal only please, and I am open to sensible offers and discount for purchasing more that 1 item. Many thanks James
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