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Found 6 results

  1. Just clearing and sorting the post-build spares and odds-and-ends from my DF03 build and found I still had part MD4, the Spur Gear Bushing In the kit manual, it goes in during step 6. But because I used a slipper clutch, I didn't use MD4 as it's not shown on the slipper instructions. Is that 100% right? Looking at it, it looks like MD4 sits inside the gearbox plate and helps the gear shaft 'sit' securely. And that it would still be needed with the slipper, because that gap in the gearbox plate is still there? Or does the tension of the slipper spring do the same job, removing the need for MD4? Would appreciate anyone who's previously completed the slipper option giving me a 'yay' or 'nay' on MD4! Cheers, Matt
  2. Having completed the DF03 build, I've got a few bits left from the spur gear bag. I know the 78T spur is for the DF03, it's only a spare because I used the slipper clutch and its 82T spur But what about the 85T and the smaller, pinion-shaped gear? They're marked as 'not used' in the manual, but does anything use them? Are they useful to anyone, or just for the bin? I also got a random gear bag in a spares job-lot eBay win from Japan. I'm pretty sure it contains: A) 3x 85T spur gear (from 51248, not used in DF03) B 3x smaller pinion shaped gear (from51248, not used in DF03) C) 3x 78T spur gear (from 51248, as used in DF03) There are also two black coloured parts, which I'm pretty sure are the same as (B) and (C) above, but in black. Does anyone know what they are, and if they are of any use? Cheers, Matt
  3. eBay item number: 132498703494 ebay number STEEL SPUR GEAR! This looks like the part a lot of people have been waiting for to enable reliable hi speed brushless setups!
  4. HI guys, I have recently bought a used TA05 Raybrig NSX and it came with a 18T pinion and the stock 70T Spur gear. I believe the 70T spur is Tamiya 0.6 Mod pitch? I ideally would like to change to 64DP or 48DP gears. I currently have the kit 70T 0.6 Mod spur with an included 18T pinion which I can only assume is a 0.6 Mod pinion as I had no stripped gears or horrible sounds last night. 70/18 = 3.88 x 2.25 = 8.75 FDR which was just a tiny bit slower than I wanted on our tight carpet track. I'm running the stock Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor. I am familiar with gearing to get speed/acceleration but need some help choosing a combination of spur and pinion to get the FDR of 8.5 and lower if needed. The reason I ask is because I tried my 48DP 69T Spur with a 19T pinion and I couldn't get them to mesh, I needed a bigger spur or pinion (Or both!) Could anyone point in me tried and tested gearing as far as it will mesh up OK? I have seen the 105T 64DP spur mention a lot, but would 27T through to 30T pinions mesh up OK? This would give me a FDR of 8.7 to 7.8.
  5. I recently picked up a TBLM-02S 10.5T brushless motor. I want to try putting it in my Buggy Champ but the instructions suggest a gear ratio of 9:1. Are there gears out there that give me this ratio and fit under the gear cover? If so, what's a good place to buy these type of gears? -- Jeff
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new around here I'll give a quick intro first and cut to the chase below. I got my DT from a garage sale, non running state. The remote was missing, no batteries, questionable electronics, but I decided to put effort in it to have it running again. I modified it to LiPO/brushless combo and not knowing what to expect really I took it to the street to have a test run. I pulled the trigger not expecting too much, but I was REALLY suprised with the result. That thing can really go! I had to reduce both throttle and acceleration to about a half in order to be manageable and not to destroy the tranny. So after a couple of broken front shock towers, and making a front wheel-covering fender for it, this happened: The Chase a stripped spur gear! Not a biggie, but I'd like to ask you fine gentleman where/what should i get? I think the current one is stock, pinion gear as well (18t i think). They lasted fine i guess, they were left as is when i rebuilt it, and they weren't in a new condition. I understand that DT shares transmission parts with TA01 chassis? I looked at some spur gears, but the pictures seem not the same as the one i have, so i'm unsure it would all fit. I think i also need a new pinion gear, the teeth on this one seem a little crooked. So, any pointers and help are wellcome im a noob with RC cars and it took me sweet time even to figure out what is what and whos who in Tamiya datasheets for discontinued/old models. Thanks in advance!
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