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Found 6 results

  1. All new, all inc. free UK shipping, if you want recorded delivery please ask for quote. Pics are available if required, please pm me Will consider discounts for larger orders/bundles 1x set of two grey wheels NIP from stadium raider, hex.mount cc01 sized £8 Set of unused off road tracks and left overs from tt02 track build £7 3x hobbying hk 15138 25t spline (futaba 3003 copies) @£4 2x hobbywing hk 15269 25t spline servo (futaba 3003 copies) @£4 2x steel RW racing 17t 32dp pinion (0.8mm equiv) 1x steel RW racing 18t 32dp pinion (0.8mm equiv) 2x steel RW racing 16t 0.6mm pinion 1x steel RW racing 18t 0.6mm pinion All pinions @£4 1x 53968 5x5mm hard hex head ball connectors (5 per pack) £8 3x 53969 5x8mm hard hex head ball connectors (5 per pack) @£8 54208 3x 5x8mm hex head ball connector flourine coated £3.50 53969 6x 5x8mm hex hard head ball connectors £8 White gf-01/gf-01/wr-02 large bumper £2 1x 53913 alloy wheel adaptor £9 2x thundershot 2005 rere motor mounts @£4 5x 54395 3x22mm shaft sets, use for dt-02 or thundershot chassis upper arms @£7 1x alloy A5 part for thundershot chassis £20 6x steel A5 protector braces @£7.50
  2. Hi everyone, for those who followed the last month Tom´s thread about the Super / Mid Dyna Storm in his thread "just another Dyna" https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/93616-mid-storm-just-another-dyna/, I will show here to my pleasure and Tom´s beg to share my experiences with his parts the build of my Super Dyna! As some of you read, Tom is already completing his chassis, and this week he sent me the last parts for the conversion set! Although time for the hobby is very rare at the moment due to private reasons (my little daughter is just 12 weeks old), I´ll try to do regular updates and photos here until completion. But It will be probably more "2 month than 2 weeks".. Anyway, lets start this story: I´m a Dyna Storm owner since the beginning and still have mine in a good condition. It has a very special meaning to me, as it was the car I used for my first "official" race in 1993. Everything before was just organizing little races with my friends were we competed against each other on self prepared tracks everywhere around our homes. 1993 I was the first time on a real track, just 18, borrowing grandfathers car and drive 60km with 2 friends to our first race in Bamberg, Bavaria. To make it short: The my Dyna didn´t let me down! There where some guys with hotter motors, but they couldn´t bring the power done. I had a 13x2 wind brushed motor which wasn´t too slow either, and with the very good driveability I won the 2WD class on this weekend. I was as proud as I could be, only damage was a torn shock bladder, which I repaired with superglue after one heat. The shock was leaking all over in the rear. So far the history. I kept my Dyna, with closure of the Offroadtracks mid of the 90´s my Dyna sat in the shelf for most of the time, only running on special days, but no real races anymore. from there I was more an onroadguy, running races from 1997 until today in our local area. But Christmas 2013 I was running finding presents in the town. I came near our local Hobbyshop, when I thought "just take a look". So I went down and looked at the new kits, when I noticed a kit almost hidden in the shelf. A Dyna Storm! Of course, it was one of the rereleases, but being 2013 it was quite a find! But no price tag! So I thought, well will be 300€ and more for sure, and I didn´t really need another kit. Just from curiosity, I asked the employee about the price. He said o.k., this is a special case: Kit was already opened, and parts taken out as spares from time to time. But recently he added all missing parts again and checked the manual everything should be there again! Then he said: 99€! I swallowed, tried not to smile from ear to ear and 5 minutes later I had a kit, which I didn´t really needed. But I knew, it would be a good investment for the future!
  3. Buggy has been sold
  4. I have had this motor for a looooong time. I used to race in a super stock class back in early 2000 and this motor along with the type R where the spec motors. I have raced in this class around ten times. I took a break from the hobby and eventually replaced the power system in my car with a brushless system. I used this motor in my XV-01 pro but I feel it is too nice to have on an offroad car. The motor is in ok condition, it is still working and I have actually carried out a maintenance last year, where I thoroughly cleaned it, oil the comm bushings and polished the comm. I think it would benefit a lot from a new set of brushes, but those are very cheap. I feel too bad using this and since it also has some sentimental value, being the motor that gave me my first podium win, I have decided to sell it to anyone who is interested in having it in a shelf queen, maybe a TL-01, TA-03 or TA-04, TB-01, TB-Evo, FF02 or an F1 since it was recommended for those models. I also still have the original box and I will pack it with this one since I think the box art looks really cool and it can have some collectible value. I do not see these around that often so I am not sure if they are that collectible but I think 30€ plus shipping would be a reasonable price but, I am open to offers.
  5. For Sale Mint in box Tamiya Super Dragon Bodyset (inc. decals, body, driver and instructions £125 inc. UK delivery Proline Pro2 Short course buggy kit £200 (RRP £266, I will inc. my receipt showing this) Pics in my showroom
  6. To fund new projects..... Prices are for paypal gift and inc. UK shipping (overseas shipping, please contact me) To be sent on or near to the 14th July (they are all in storage and obtaining shipping boxes could take a while) See showroom for pics! 1x NIB Rising Fighter (no esc) £55 1x NIB Fast Attack Vehicle (no esc) £105 1x NIB Super Hotshot (no esc) £215 1x New Built Fast Attack Vehicle £140 (£100 without esc and rx) c/w etronix probe 12t esc with traxxas connector and spektrum receiver, built with ball bearings, sport tuned motor and steel pinion 1x New built Rising Fighter £50 comes with tamiya esc (i think) with traxxas connector, built with ball bearings and steel pinion 1x New built Super Hotshot £180 without esc and rx £150 Built with ball bearings and crp front stabilizer and steel pinion with etronix probe escape with traxxas connector and spektrum receiver Used gold wheels and new oval block tyres fitted, kit gold wheels and spike tyres included (unused)
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