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Found 22 results

  1. This build thread will be dedicated to the early Tamiya Touring Cars which is one of my main Tamiya passions. I have built up an interesting collection of Kits, Parts and Hop Ups that will be built up and documented here. I’m going to do some side by side comparisons from the original parts to the Hop Up parts and showcase some rare and hard to find parts. It’s going to be an ongoing thread which I think is better than starting multiple threads for each chassis and I welcome anyone to join in.
  2. Hello, I'm new here and this is my first post! Back in the early 90's I managed to save up all my pocket money, birthday money, and christmas money to buy my first RC car. I was drawn to Tamiya models because of their realism, and the model I really wanted was the Escort Cosworth. At the time, the only model available was the tiger stripes model (from memory the pilot model came out the following year) but I still think it looks great. I have great memories of building the model, and I got help with the painting and decals. It got used on tarmac and ash pitches, and I loved playing with. I was largely stuck with one battery pack (a 1400mAh) and the trickle charger, which probably helped to reduce the wear and tear on the car. I always wanted to buy lots of upgrade parts, but I never really had the money and there wasn't any model shops near me to buy things. Over the years I managed to buy a full ballrace set, a second-hand Trinity Monster Horsepower motor, a MTroniks RT500V ESC, and a second-hand french quick charger. It went away into the loft in the late 90s when I had grown onto other things, but in 2005 I thought I would retrieve it and give it a quick refresh. I bought some new wheels with rally blocks (these need to be replaced with original wheels), and a new battery. Surprisingly, other than a quick re-grease it actually worked really well. I must've used it once and then put it back in it's box for the last 15 years over multiple house moves. I decided after seeing a thread on another forum about Tamiya cars that I should really retrieve it from the loft again and give it a proper rebuild to get it working again. Well, when I picked it out of the box I could've kicked myself from 2005 as I didn't bother to clean it before putting it away. However, the coating of oil and grease form first glance appears to have kept the worst of damage at bay. It has been well used and the layer of filth is how I left it (stupidly) in 1995: Classic retro stick controller still in box and seemingly working
  3. This topic is about the target to transform my Hummer as a Crawler. As I've said in my presentation, i've tried to make Crawler Session with my Stock KongHead, but with open diff, stock tires, torque tuned and Tble02s that not good enough. Take too much money to transform my Konghead into a Crawler, and i've just bought a Hummer without any destiny ( no project for him, just love this model i was young ) By now, I decided to restore and transform my Hummer. I've got some clue by other member to what i need to make.
  4. Hi guys, im after either a NIB or immaculate condition michelin pilot escort. Many thanks. 😀🙂👍
  5. Hello all, I double bought some unneeded items and am selling them at cheaper than ebay prices. TA Silver B parts $25 TA Blue Alloy Gear Cover by Yeah Racing $20 DB01 Blue Alloy Rear Knuckle Arms $5 Hotshot Front wheels $5 Shipping is $7 priority for the TA silver parts and $2 apiece for the others in US. Anyone international interested, pm me and I can get a shipping quote. I will sell the bundle for $40
  6. Hello. Okay as many of you are aware or have seen, i had my new in box celica 58096 for sale. I had been offered a nice amount of money for it, from a local guy, but i decided that money will not do much difference, and that the time i will spend to build and run this car and the fun will worth more to me. So after 20+ years, sitting on shelves, i decided to keep it and build it myself. Next upgrades, will be the original tamiya ceramic bearings, the dynatech O2H motor and the rally cockpit for the interior. The car will stay original so i will only use tamiya and other parts and hop ups that were officially released for this car at the time. So..to be continued..
  7. So, i am relisting my new in box vintage tamiya celica 58096 rc. its the first ta01 and its still new in the box after all these years. Everything is there and everything is untouched. Only downside is some wear on the box from the years and storage. Some tape will fix everything Attached are the photos. NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE PLEASE CLOSE THE POST. THANK YOU
  8. After spending a long time digging through threads, trying to find a comprehensive list of all the period Hop-Ups for the DF01/TA01 platform and its descendants, I realized there were none. So I decided to make my own. I used futureworks' list as a base and expanded it from there. It's still in progress, but its sorted by manufacturer, and I'm trying to get a link for an image of each hop up, preferably in original packaging for each item. I have used the exact terminology that Tamiya used for naming each Hop-Up. I hope this is helpful for people who want to make a "checklist" of sorts for their cars, or for others like me, who just wanted to see what was out there for this chassis. Please let me know if you have any additions or suggestions, or if you have any corrections. Period Correct TA01/TA02/Manta Ray/Dirt Thrasher/Blazing Star/Top-Force Hop Ups Limited Edition Anodized Aluminum 49068 Aluminum King Pins (Blue) (same as 53157) 49092 Aluminum Servo Stay (Blue) (same as 53308) 49096 Aluminum Servo Stay (Pink) (same as 53308) 49098 TA03 Universal Drive Shaft (1 Pair) (Pink) (same as 53310, but Pink Ltd. Ed.) 49099 TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (Silver & Blue) (same as 53280) 49100 TA03 Super Low Friction Damper Set (Silver & Pink) (same as 53280) 49101 Aluminum King Pins (Pink) (same as 53157) Limited Edition Plastics 49543 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Suspension Arms 49544 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Green Suspension Arms 49545 Fluorescent Green Adjuster Set 49546 Fluorescent Pink Adjuster Set 49547 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Gear Case Set (F & R) 49548 4WD Touring & Rally Car Fluorescent Green Gear Case Set (F & R) 49549 4WD Fluorescent Gear Case (Pink) 49550 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Yellow Chassis 49551 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Orange Chassis 49552 Manta Ray TA01 Fluorescent Green Chassis 49553 Fluorescent High Torque Servo Saver Set (Yellow) 49554 Fluorescent High Torque Servo Saver Set (Green) 49555 4WD FF Touring Car Fluorescent Orange Damper Spring 49556 4WD FF Touring Car Fluorescent Green Damper Spring 49557 4WD Rally Car Fluorescent Yellow Damper Spring 49558 4WD Rally Car Fluorescent Pink Damper Spring 49559 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Plated Mesh Wheels 49560 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Plated Spoke Wheels 49567 TRF Acto tuned motor 49572 TA01 Chassis White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49573 TA02 Chassis White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49574 FWD Touring Car White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49575 Manta Ray White Suspension Arms (F & R) 49576 Castrol Celica Chrome Plated Wheel 4pc 49577 CVA Mini Shock Unit Set II White 49578 4WD TA02 & FWD Car Super White Chassis 49579 4WD TA02 & FWD Car Fluorescent Orange Chassis 53024 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut 53029 1150 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (2 pcs.) 53030 850 Sealed Ball Bearing Set (4 pcs.) (for servo hinges on 53166) 53042 Ball Diff Grease 53056 Pin Type Wheel Adapter (aluminum wheel hexes) 53068 RS-540 Sport Tuned Motor 53070 Manta Ray Ball Diff Set 53071 Manta Ray Torque Splitter Set 53072 Manta Ray Differential Ball & Plate Set 53073 Manta Ray Ball Bearing Set 53079 Manta Ray Stainless Steel Propellor Shaft Set 53095 3x10mm Titanium Tapping Screw (10 pcs.) 53098 4WD Stainless Steel Suspension Shaft Set 53099 Manta Ray F.R.P. Double-Deck Chassis Set 53100 Top-Force Carbon Graphite Chassis Set 53112 Top-Force Aluminum Pressure Plate Set 53115 Skyline GT-R Universal Shaft Set 53118 Skyline GT-R Hard Joint Cup Set 53124 3mm Tungsten-Carbide Diff Ball Set 53127 Skyline Speed Tuned Gear Set 53131 Skyline GT-R Aluminum Mesh Wheels 53140 Skyline GT-R Aluminum 6-Spoke Wheels 53141 4WD Touring & Rally Car Lightweight King Pins 53142 Touring & Rally Car Aluminum Motor Mount 53143 4WD Rally Car Skid Guard Set 53144 Touring & Rally Car Bushing & Ball Connector Set 53145 4WD Touring & Rally Car Urethane Bumper Set 53153 Acto-Power Touring Special Motor 53152 TA02 Short Type Hard Propeller Shaft 53155 Low Friction Aluminum Damper Set (Pink Std., Blue & Black Ltd. Ed.) 53156 4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car Hard Inner Sponge Set 53157 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis Aluminum King Pins 53161 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut (Gold) 53162 Aluminum Flange Lock Nut (Black) 53163 On-Road Tuned Spring Set (4WD/FWD Touring & Rally Car) 53164 Touring & Rally Car Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft Set 53166 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis F.R.P. Chassis Set 53167 4WD Touring & Rally Car Bearing Set (TA02 Chassis) 53172 4WD TA02/FWD Chassis Universal Shaft Set 53189 4WD Touring & Rally Car Rear Stabilizer Set 53191 4WD/FWD Front Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set 53192 Turnbuckle Upper Arm Set 53193 FRP Front Damper Stay 53194 FRP Rear Damper Stay 53195 4WD/FWD Carbon Chassis Plates 53200 4WD Front One-way Diff Unit 53209 1/10 Touring & Rally Car Shaped Tire Insert (1 Pair) 53216 1/10 Touring & Rally Car Shaped Tire Insert, Wide (1 Pair) 53217 Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (For Ball Diff) (replace 53267) 53218 Touring Car Hard Joint Cup Set (For Gear Diff) 53219 1/10 Touring Car Aluminum Pressure Plate Set 53226 1/10 Touring Car Aluminum Front Hub Carrier (1 Pair) 53227 1/10 4WD/FWD Touring Car M2 Radial Tires (1 Pair) 53280 TA03 Super Low Friction Aluminum Damper Set 53310 TA03 Universal Drive Shaft (1 Pair) (same as 53172, except w/ blue anodized collar) 53325 TA03 Aluminum Knuckle Arms 53642 5mm Ball connector Blue 53596 Aluminum Servo Stays (Short) 58157 TA02 Special Chassis --- Aftermarket AR Products TA-06L TA-10 TA-14 TA-20 Tamiya TA01 Top Force King Pin Cross TR-15FP Strong Front Lower Suspension Arms Upper Links TA01 TR32 Suspension Arm TR32UF Tamiya TA02 Front Universal Shaft For Cross TR32 Susp Arm HPI 6124 HPI Front One way for Tamiya TA01 TA02 6400 Rear Lowering set for Tamiya 4WD 6410 Front Lowering set for Tamiya 4WD 8011 Tamiya 4wd fiberglass chassis set HJ060 Tamiya TA02 Chassis (longitudinal battery) Kawada TU-07 Tamiya TA01 Tie Rod Set TU-10 Tamiya TA01 Aluminum Rear Sus Arm TU-11 Tamiya TA01 Adjustable Upper Arm TU-13 Tamiya TA01 Turnbuckle Tie Rod Set TU-?? Tamiya TA01 Aluminum Front Sus Arm Kose K-0810 Universal Shaft. Long Suspension Arm (Tamiya TA01, FF01) K-1104 One Way Joint Cup (Tamiya TA01 TA02 TA02W) K-1552 Titanium King Pin (Tamiya TA01 Series) K-1902 Front One-Way Unit (Tamiya TA01, TA02, TA02W) MRE TA02 Nitro Conversion P&C Racing TA2048 Tamiya TA02/FF Anodized Alloy Steering Assembly Rainbow Products TC-010 Alum Rear Upper Arm (Tamiya TA01) TC-012 Alloy Spindle (Tamiya TA01) TC-014 Alum Front Upper Arm (Tamiya TA01) TC-016 Body Lifter (Tamiya TA01) TC-032 Side Protector (Tamiya TA01) Tech Racing TFF-14 Tamiya FWD FF01 TA02 Complete Rear Upper Suspension Links TSC-2F Front Universal Shaft (Tamiya TA01) TSC-9W Super Tie Rod Set (Tamiya TA01) TSC-11 Tamiya TA02 TA01 4WD Prerunner Front Strut Bar Brace TSC-16 Adjustable Upper Link, Rear (Tamiya TA01) Thunder Tiger 6118-A TA02 Gas Conversion Kit Tobee Craft Screws Other Tamiya RC CARS Bible Catalog TA01 TA02 4WD Rally & FF FWD 1995 Volume-2
  9. New in box first ta01 58096 tamiya celica. Price 500 euro plus shipping worldwide. The item will be shipped from Cyprus (Europe), so no customs etc for buyers within EU.
  10. As much as I enjoyed building my first carbon chassis, I've decided for the mucking about that I do I really don't need it. So, here is my Fibre-Lyte carbon chassis kit which I built into a DF01 Terra Conqueror this summer. It's the Fibre-Lyte CSC/Carbon6 material, mixture of carbon and glass which is tougher than both and lighter and stiffer than FRP still. Comes with full Top Force metal parts, and all appropriate fixings and J-Parts. Includes 850 bearing'd steering arms, and full carbon Fibre Lyte battery straps for a stick pack. The battery posts are still on the J sprue for if you want to run saddle packs, but you'd need new battery straps for that. I've purposefully left the shock towers out of this kit so someone with a TA01 could get this too without having random buggy bits. It's only been run once very briefly without an undercowl, then about 10 times with an undercowl fitted running on grass. There's a couple of marks on the underside, but mostly mint. There are some scuffs and marks on the aluminium uprights where I had to grip them with pliers to tighten them up, and there's some tape residue from my Rx. Not shelfer material then, but great for a vintage racer project or just to have some very nice bits on your Manta Ray/Blazing Star/Top Force/TA01. Whole lot new would cost around £95. Anyone going to give me £70 posted? Going to leave it on here for a couple of days, but if it's not gone I'll pop it on ebay. Cheers Cy
  11. So I was visiting the warehouse of a "local pickup only" auction site in my area, sort of a cross between eBay and CL, and I saw this on a shelf for the next week's auctions: The next week, I watched over that sucker like a hawk and I ended up paying a measly $22 for it. The box was in pretty clean condition and if I figured if the box was so nice, it couldn't be so bad, right? Being my first vintage Tamiya and all, I really appreciated all of the cutaway drawings on the box After staring at the box for awhile, it was time to open my "Ark". Initial reactions: Pretty dusty and dirty, but looks fairly complete. I was relieved the manual was included. However the original wing, side mirrors and interior set all nowhere to be seen. The original owner even left some of the original decals like the tire decals and a GENUINE Traxxas TQ AM Radio manual! What a snag!!! It also looked like some junk from the original servo saver was rolling in the bottom of the box. Once most of the junk was taken out of the box, I took a moment to take in all the detailing Tamiya put into these old boxes: Ok, enough staring at the darn box, let's get on to the car! The body had a few cracks, definitely not a shelf queen or worth trying to restore, but certainly acceptable quality for a runner, which is how I will use it. The original owner did a pretty decent job painting and decalling the body some 24 odd years ago, but some of the paint had flaked off, especially around the front. All the wheels decals were present and intact which was a plus. Now let's take a look at that chassis the body is sitting on. Nothing looked broken and it even came with a vintage Trinity Midnite motor! The rally block tires had been sitting nearly 20 years without foams, they had massive, nearly comical flat spots and were dry rotted beyond belief. They were absolute junk. Only two of the tires came off in one piece. I kept them as crappy souvenirs. Hiding behind those dirty wheels was a pleasant surprise, ball bearings! I started to tear down the chassis to see how it worked, and assess the condition of the mechanicals. The gears looked to be in pretty good shape. Whoever built the car was pretty liberal with their grease application. Unfortunately the ball bearings were limited to just the hubs. After I finished disassembling the front, I moved my way to the rear, putting plastic in the tray you see to the left to be washed. After I stripped the entire car down and removed everything, I sorted all of the hardware and metal components in another tray and soaked it with PB Blaster. I binned the motor, diffs and shocks. Reassembly and hopups will come in the next update. Total invested as of yet: $22
  12. Looking for some aluminium servo mounts for my DF01 project. My research only seems to turn up "short" mounts which I have read are too short. Got some part numbers for mounts that should work (49093) but these aren't available anywhere because they are an old part. GPM don't seem to have anything and all the old Top Force threads on here just say "aluminium servo mounts". Drawn a blank. Can anyone point me at aluminium servo mounts for a current buggy that will fit a Top Force/DF01? Cheers!
  13. So the TA01 I got looks like it's going TA02 spec at the front as I need wishbones. After some 42mm shafts which I could just keep the dog bones and buy some of those, but I have noticed when looking for 42mm universals (nothing doing) I have seen 42mm swing shafts on their own but I don't know what wheel axles to look for. Can anyone help with a part number? Using the TA02 blue uprights. Thanks!
  14. Picked up a cheap TA01 but the left steering knuckle has been replaced at some point with a blue one which isn't the correct shape. Steering is all over the show. Does anyone have a red TA01 upright spare I could buy? Thanks, Cy
  15. Some old 1/10 touring bodies on Ebay including my 360, http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/anchordriver/m.html?item=182564218416&hash=item2a81ace630%3Ag%3AgoIAAOSww9xZDzTR&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Please feel free to PM me any questions and thanks for looking. T.
  16. I try to race at one of the local clubs at least once a week, we don't have a club in the town where I live, but there are three or four within 30 miles radius. There's a bunch of four or five of us that usually descend on the chosen club of the evening, and we try not to cause too much trouble. However sometimes its just just much more fun to take something to race that's a little bit less serious than the latest 1/10 competition touring car, so we've started racing our older cars. It came about as we were reminiscing about the old cars that were still hanging around in the lofts and sheds. My first proper car was a TA01 tiger strip Escort Cosworth, and I still have it, sort of. It's a bit like triggers broom and only a handful of parts are original. It's still great fun to drive tho, and very forgiving. Thats mine on the left wearing the Cavalier body, and my mates TA02 wearing a Carson Astra body. They looks really good as they tussle, pitching violently into each corner. They are nowhere near as composed as a modern chassis, but much more forgiving. We are using old 27t stock motors as the track is quite small and has a ban on brushless to keep the speeds down. This isn't a bad thing per se, as it means the cars are having a relatively gentle time. More recently, I tried one of my FF01s there, it was great but the old plastic seems to be very brittle and I broke the front gearbox. It was good while I lasted tho. Ill get more pics when we try to take things less seriously. But we still end up having good racing.
  17. I have a TA01 with an FRP chassis which I have previously used from drifting. Among a collection also including a TA02 and TA03F with much the same purpose and spec. The TA01 is the least relevant to me, and poorest performing of the 3 (although they do all have their unique traits which are fun). So what to do with it? Well the title makes that obvious, but I'd like to think there are a few people here who'd have the same idea. Built originally from a Cayenne kit, so has the "correct" black gearboxes. The FRP chassis is assembled from broken down Top Force Re-Re parts from Ebay. So I do have the rest of the essential J parts and mount bag parts. I haven't decided quite yet to what extent I'll compromise on using kit correct parts, but it will be a runner, so no real point being super picky. At first it will be Black Star dish rear wheels front and rear, and OP84 Square Spike tyres. For damper's i'm considering TGM02 Aluminum damper set 53545. These are a little more period looking, much cheaper than Hicaps, but a tiny bit too long at 100mm. They look like Gold 53280 Super Low Friction Dampers to me, just longer, so I think they would work well, but not sure if i shorten them with spacers if they'll have enough travel left. Other than that the new aeration buggy dampers that come in pairs and I've found similarly priced, I'm sure these are awesome but i'd prefer something without a threaded body.. I could also settle for something cheaper. Body is probably the part i'm least sure about. I'll probably end up with 2. A box art Top Force and custom Gravel Hound or Sand Viper runner body. Here's how it looks now.
  18. As title. I am aware of the Fibre-Lyte parts, thought I'd try my luck here first. The Press Parts Bag would be the ultimate, as I do need the wing stay and battery plates too (kinda). I'm after a fair few other DF01 parts too, converting a TA01 with FRP chassis to DF01. Cheers.
  19. Want TA01 chassis, complete chassis that is. Dont need wheels,electrics or body just the chassis. Prefer a tidy one with no cracks in the upper shock mounts. I have a brand new in box Tamiya Super Modified 11t motor and a vintage complete original Tamiya Grasshopper, could use either to part ex if possible.Cheers
  20. It was a long time since I decided that I wanted to build a Hummer. I had more or less clear that I would like to enjoy with the challenge of building the project with parts from here and there and not from a NIB. After weeks of waiting the opportunity I found a TA01 bargain, alltough that choice gave me some problems that you will see later on. Here the TA01 roller as I got it The roller was complete, extremely dirty but complete, so I could reuse many things and "enjoy" cleaning. Dissasembly started Damage evaluation: ​Front a rear differentials are in good status All plastic parts, including Shock towers, are in good status, allthough dirty Some bearings need to be replaced some screws and washers are rusty and need to be replaced Servo works fine Motor is useless Motor holder is broken . Assesment Bearings: I have in stock so I will replace all damaged bearings and plastic bushings with new sealed bearings. Needed to buy:1 Motor Parts B tree (includes Motor Holder and full gear box covers) Body and body accessories Parts D tree (basically for the mirrors and body holders). Normally it should require 2 sets, but I will get 1 and see if I can find other solution. Next chapter, cleaning
  21. I got a very nice already build M1025 Hummer, like brand new shinny look. All boxes, manuel not yellowish. Even got a small cute brown Tamiya Humvee box that Go with it! Pair of spair mirror, many diff gear, an mechanic esc still sealed. Brand new Futaba servo and Mabuchi motor. Couple of decal are still on decal sheet. ABS body have been paint, only 2 thin coat on it, Body never receive putty or filer, have been built and run 5min on asphalt, no dirt, water only little tire wearing. No sing of glue or old electronic tape. Open to trade and offer Truck is located in Montreal, and canadian $ is low! Thanks everybody
  22. Is there a master list of aftermarket hop-ups for ta01,ta02, ta02T? I have f-150 SCT 58161, but finding parts is hard. I just managed to get some Alum Rear Upper Arms to fix the rear end http://www.ebay.com/itm/171137117390?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649, but now I broke an upright. Thanks
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