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Found 24 results

  1. I got caught up in the recent TA03 fever on here! So while there's nothing ground breaking in this thread, there will hopefully be something different in my take on the chassis There will be two three at least five builds in this thread: A TA03-RS 911 GT1, in 1996 Le Mans livery and nicknamed 'Code Red' A TA03F-Pro David Jun restore and rebuild A TA03F-TRF project, built entirely from parts, most of which are blue, nicknamed 'Bluebird' A TA03F-Pro 'Drift' Chassis that will be built with a liberal spray of purple aluminium parts A TA03F Subaru Impreza that was bought from Japan as a built shelf-queen to participate in the Silver Can Budget Rally Build Off First, an introduction to the 911 GT1 build...
  2. I didn´t want this TA03. It came to me by.... fate ? It all started when a Tamiya 58278 appeared on ebay with numerous aluminium parts. All for 180.- buy now. The alu parts were "worth" that alone, so i bought. I exchanged those to plastic and sold the 58278 on on ebay kleinanzeigen, for a fair 110.-. The car had never appealed to me. I´m a kid of the late 80s and 90s, so I didn´t get the hype with the 83 car. Also the proportions, the hard body, a bit toyish impression, no performance and lightweight, etc...... nothing I ever considered. THEN the buyer of the car didn´t like it. He said it´s not alright, bla bla bla.. Friendly as I am, I just took it back, although I probably wasn´t obliged to do so at all. The buyer did have 1:1 Lancias but probably not my TA03 knowledge. MEANWHILE, I had done some research on the car (synonym for I went into the rabbithole)..... These were the links that especially impressed me. There are many more, but after watchin those, I was hooked. THAT sound of this car is so insane and special. The Giugaro styling which seems really functional and not at all finicky or artificial. It is like a F40 / Esprit for Rallying. Especially the look in that first link impressed me - A Modern restoration of a retro car, with some touches that make it nicer than back in the day - and not all the same martini (gorgeous, yes, but my eyes have become bored by it really much). So this was what I was going to do with it: A QUICK RESTO MOD. Haha. Lancia 037 VOLTA returns - Restoration by Andrea Chiavenuto Lancia - WINNING (by Centro Storico Fiat / Gianpaolo Tescari) 1983/84 Lancia 037 - Sounds Lancia 037 vs. Audi Quattro on Grand Tour - The last RWD to win the World Rally Title - Most titanic battle ever according to Clarkson
  3. Hello Gents. I'm in the process of getting back into RC after many years of being away. I have acquired a TA-03r as well as a TA-05 v1. I will be using these for casual club racing nothing utra competitive. My question is which one to rebuild and race? It would seem to me that the TA-05 would be the obvious choice however it appears that parts are much scarcer for this chassis (still haven't found belts) on the other hand there are more TA-03 parts out there on Ebay for example. They both appear to be for the most part stock and in good condition, nothing loose and they drive well. I'm just looking for some input from the experts. Thanks in advance.
  4. This is my short wheelbase XV-01 or what I call the XV-01S. This conversion shortens the standard 257mm wheelbase to 237mm wheelbase allowing you to use the original TA03fs bodies such as the Peugeot 206 and Corolla WRC, or any of the short TA03rs bodies as well. I always enjoyed playing with the TA03FS but as we know parts are not cheap and hard to come by, and are known to crack easily. I then bought the XV-01 Long Damper Spec and enjoyed the durability and performance compared to the TA-03fs. I wanted a strong platform in which I could use the old short bodies, so the XV-01 made the most sense as it is front engine 4wd. Thus the XV-01S was born. Parts List: Upgraded parts include: Ball diff for front and rear (TA06), metal 18t pulley front and rear. Running a tamiya 10.5t sensored motor with the TBLE-02s esc with the tamiya fan. Stock gearing on 2s. metal gear Spectrum servo with gyro. The pictures below show the XV01S next to the original TA03fs for comparison.
  5. I like to sell this tamiya TA03F FRP as a whole. But if that doesnt work, ill sell it in parts, wich is more work for me, Items has been used and has his cracks and wear I have pictures of seperate items on reguest if the lot sale doesnt happen, ill sell them seperate, Prizes in Euro`s open to offers shipping UK track and trace 16 -own risk 8 US track and trace 32- own risk 11 FR track and trace 15- own risk 7 Portugal track and trace 21-own risk 15 -53306 FRP chassis +black gearbox F/R battery holder arms, rear hubs, shock stay F/R (light crack) 80 -53310 universal shafts 30 -53316 alu hubs 40 -53325 steering knuckles 70 -Eagle racing lower arms 30 -53267 ball diff used 10 -53316 alu low friction dampers 50 -53275 alu heat sink (light damage) 35 -53291 alu pulleyset 2 pieces 40 -53326 alu steering set +53288 carbon steering plate 60 53288 alu rear hubs 50 53312 carbon stabi supports 20 - two yellow stabiset 2pieces 5 -50702 pulleyset new 15 -53304 Ta03R bumperset 15 -53332 wide axle set new 20 -53287 carbon center plate F 5 -Purple motorplate TRF-R-RS super rare 15 questions,offers .. please ask
  6. My local track has put down a small carpet drift track, and it seems to be gaining traction (heh!) among our club members. At the same time, I happened across a TA03F Pro David Jun for a decent-enough price. The car was a little rough, but it seemed to be all there. However, I didn't need another touring car, now did I? But a dedicated drift car would be nice! So a little money was exchanged, and a few days later this showed up at my doorstep: Like I said, it's a little rough. The previous owner has cut off the front bumper, for some reason, and did some smoothing on the front gearbox. One thing that the previous owner also did was to hollow out the unused rear gearbox section, probably for electronics. I actually don't mind that, as I was planning to do that anyway, and it's done quite neatly. I'm not sure if the neon-yellow stabilzer bars are stock, but I suppose I could always get other ones, or strip the coating off of them if they start annoying me. It has a front one-way, and a rear ball diff. Right, time to start digging in! First things first, removing the body posts. It came with a REALLY short set of front body posts, and a set of normal-length front body posts on the rear. This meant that in order to fit the Skyline body I have planned for it, I need different body posts. @Fuijo had a set of bent-backwards body posts left over from his TB01, and I wanted to see if they fit. Which they do, but they're on inside-out. The little square nub is supposed to slot into the rear shock tower. Which it doesn't, since it faces the other way. Fine with me, this also works, and with all the material hitting the plastic shock tower it seems snug enough. Time will tell, but I suppose this works for now. (Also note the purple hardware used to mount the shocks. Ugh!) Since I don't have the manual for the car (yet), I'm a little apprehensive about tearing the car apart. So I wanted to focus on placing the electronics first. Since it's a drift car on a small track, it won't need a lot of power. - Savöx servo (this type basically goes into every car I have) - Hobbywing QuicRun 1060WP ESC - OrangeRX GR300 receiver - Tamiya Torque Tuned motor (because I had one. I also have a Sport Tuned if the TT turns out to lack the power needed) - 4500 mAh shorty 2S lipo. Why a shorty? Well, I couldn't fit a square lipo pack in the stock battery 'box'. So I got creative: Yup, that fits between the servo and the rear bulkhead! (Note the spacers moving the servo forward). Now, how to strap the battery in.... I don't have the room to build a release mechanism, and tape is just not very elegant.. Velcro works, but since the chassis has all these cutouts you don't have a lot of surface area to stick velcro to. But what about a small styrene place, screwed in through the holes left by the original battery box? I bought some carbon-fiber wrap today. I figured this would look better than the stark white styrene on an otherwise black chassis. On this plate I then stuck some velcro tape, and the same along the bottom of the battery. Works really well, and fits neatly under the belt. Next time we'll focus on placing the ESC and receiver, and sorting out the mess of wiring. After that I'd like to peek inside the gearboxes. As far as I can tell you can take both ends of the car off without disturbing the two CF plates holding them together, and I'd like to see what shape everything is in.
  7. linkedtamiya


    Great vintage collection, make offers
  8. Reluctantly I am putting up for sale my gorgeous Porsche 911 GT1, which has been hopped up beyond TRF spec with almost every single TA03 Hop Up imaginable including some nice rare official Tamiya hex head hardware too. It has never been ran in its current state with the only used parts being the Eurethane front bumper, some hop ups (that have been cleaned up) and some plastic parts. Most of the plastics are the rare black type with only a few small parts using the original grey ones. The body is new built and never ran, it was cut, painted and decalled by myself to a pretty good standard (as can be seen by the pictures). What you see is what you get and I will list below the extensive hop ups that have been used, some of which are ultra rare to find these days. So what you get ........ is a TA03R-S chassis that has had the following fitted, 53387 - TA03R-S FRP Chassis Conversion (part J5 has been replaced with some alloys spacers) 53386 - TA03R-S Carbon Chassis Plates. 53267 - TA03 Ball Diff (fitted to the rear) 53200 - 4WD Front One Way Diff (fitted to the front) 53326 - TA03 Alluminium Steering Set 53274 - TA03 Aluminium Counter Shaft 53200 - TA03 Universal Swing Shafts (Blue) 49091 - TA03 Lightweight Drive Shafts Purple (fitted to the rear) 53279 - TA03 Torque Splitter Unit 53261 - TA03F Pro Carbon Battery Plate Set 53276 - TA03 Fluorescent Colour Stabilizer Set 53163 - On Road Spring Set 53333 - Touring Car Tuned Spring Set (short type) 53337 - TA03 Reinforced Damper Stay (low mount type) x2 49093 - Aluminium Servo Stay (purple) 53275 - TA03 Aluminium Motor Heat Sink 53288 - TA03 Aluminium Rear Uprights 53316 - TA03 Aluminium Hub Carriers 53293 - Reinforced Slicks Type A x2 53571 - TRF Flourine Coated Dampers (1 has a slight mark on the top cap) 53291 - TA03 15T Aluminium Pulley x2 TA03 Pro 0.4 Module Gear set I have used alot of 3 Racing Purple Hardware on the build too. New built Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 bodyset, with wheels and inserts I am sure I have missed out a few items, also comes fitted with full bearings, Almost complete spare decal set for the 911 GT1, Full spare plastic parts for the 911 GT1, original kit box, scanned manual (sorry I don't have the original manual) and a few other spare parts that I have for the chassis. Also included are most of the Hop Up labels/packaging that I have kept over the years of collecting the parts to build this. Any questions at all, please feel free to ask. Also any other pictures wanted, again please ask. I would like to see it go to a good home and not someone who is going to sell it on preferably. UK buyer preferred, but may post overseas at cost (the box will be quite heavy) and double boxed packaging Looking for £160 (includes UK postage). Many thanks James
  9. I just wanted to share some photos from earlier this year. I think that some of the greatest Tamiya bodyshells won't ever see a re-release, which is a shame because they are simply a wear item if you run your car. I started with the CLK GTR TGX body (because it already has lots of body post holes and it's cut out, more challenging). It looks like a simple 3 part mold allows for undercuts and elaborate front and rear clips. I tried the same thing with the 911 GT1 a few years back, but tried to do it from a single mold, it didn't work. And FWIW, if you have an uncut CLK GTR body, I'd like one. Filling the wheel arches proves problematic. *note: i have no intention of making anything but a runner copy. Inserts to fill volume, make the mold not so wasteful. Also note the body shape tries to expand, another reason to seek out an uncut body.
  10. Totally forgot I even had this, but going through some R/C stuff etc and found it. As can be seen its a used set of FRP chassis plates for the shorter TA03F/S,R/S chassis cars, along with almost everything for the conversion. I will also include the plastic parts that the steering arms attach to (it is currently on a shelf queen) and also the lower gearbox plate for the R/S chassis (not pictured as its currently being cleaned and degreased) . Also included is a Tamiya aluminium 15T pulley for the TA03 and some sort of after market green alloy damper stay. The battery holder parts are slightly damaged, one of the posts had snapped and has been glued and the battery end plate has also been cut slightly. The chassis plates are showing signs of use as it was used on a runner so they are scraped and scuffed. Also not pictured but I will include as much of the counter sunk and normal screws as I can. Ideal for someone looking to convert a runner into the FRP chassis. No idea whats its worth so say, £35 posted? James
  11. I've recently acquired a TA03R-S in an auction, but really just wanted the body shell. Now you can have the rest. The tires are shot from sitting (splits). Price is negotiable, but please no less than $50USD. Here's a pic: and the bottom:
  12. I have a complete TA03R-S and body, but no box. I'd really like one if you have a spare or just don't want it.
  13. I'm after a Tamiya Toyota Corolla WRC new kit or shelf queen condition car on the TA03F-S chassis. Also, I'm after a mint condition Tamiya 306 Maxi box! Thanks, Sam
  14. This is a first, because I seldom come across an item that is unobtanium. I have 2 of these NIP and thought I would share with others in need. I have seen them fetch crazy prices on eBay and I am not looking to put anyone out. So how does $25 shipped in Continental US sound. If you are abroad, well I will need to add for shipping.
  15. These are from a display model and have only been built, so are pretty much still brand new unmarked. Comes with original blister packaging with instructions on the rear and a set of 12 damper pistons 4x1 hole, 4x2 hole and 4x3 hole. £30 posted to UK buyers, international postage at cost. I also have quite alot of other TA03 hop ups for sale too if interested before I list them all up. Thanks James
  16. Having a clear out of a few items I will more than likely never use again. So all in order, A well used Porsche 911 GT1 Body. Some yellowing and lifting of decals and a few bad front end splits that have been temp repaired. Ideal as a runner body. Secondly, is a used Technigold motor in original box. No insert etc, just the motor and box. Motor runs fine as I have tested it in my Madcap, a genuine increase in speed over the stock 540. Next is a set of 4 Porsche 911 GT1 Wheels fitted with inserts and Tamiya semi slick racing tyres. Wheels have been kerbed at the edges as you would say but have had their lip painted Tamiya Chrome Silver as per the box art. And lastly is a TA03R-S/F-S chassis tub along with low mount type front damper stay and short drive belt (not pictured) Ideal to convert a stock TA03R or F into the short wheelbase version, suited to the Porsche 911 GT1 and GT2 bodies. Prices are at the top of each picture and include uk postage. Overseas postage available on request and at cost. ALL SOLD !!!! James
  17. Clearing out some of my unused items and came across this small lot. As you can be see from the picture, a TA03 short chassis tub(good condition with only minor marks underneath, is dusty so would need a clean). TA03-S SHORT reinforced Drive Belt (brand new in packet). TA03 Aluminium 16T pulleys (used but in very good clean undamaged condition, quite a rare upgrade these days). FRP reinforcing plate for use with the short chassis tub (used but in very good clean condition). TA03R front gearbox housing(used but in good condition, could do with a clean though).2 x TA03 PRO medium stabilizers ( these are the plain silver ones that i painted yellow and red for use on a project, used with paint chipped. These would require a repaint/paint stripped off). Selling as a whole lot. Bargain at £32 including uk postage. Feel free to ask any questions. May possibly post within Europe, but the extra postage cost would be added to the total. Will have more items appearing soon Many thanks James
  18. Tamiya kit # 58218 Toyota Corolla WRC TA03F-S. This is a used kit with box but no manual. The box is a bit tatty, with a few signs of brown parcel tape being used in places but is still complete and not falling apart, the chassis is in good but used condition (but not trashed, just the usual bottom scuffs on the chassis), the body is in great condition with only 1 small split (as pictured). Includes the TA03F front upgrade bumper and a set of medium TRF springs for the dampers. The wheels included are non kit standard wheels, but they are the Focus WRC style wheels and suit the Corolla just as well. The TA03R front gear box in the pictures is not included (listed in a different sale) Feel free to ask any questions. Ideally looking to post within the UK, but may post overseas at cost. £75 posted (uk) overseas cost due to postage will be higher. Many thanks James
  19. Its that time of year where I have went through my R/C stuff and have the following for sale just to clear some items out and make more space. ok, so first up is a used in box Technigold RX-540VZ motor, I have run this in my vintage Madcap twice and it runs fine and still has plenty of power. £30 A used but in generally good condition RS-540 SD Blue Endurance motor with box and insert. £15 A set of TRF 501X front springs, also fits the DB01 series of cars. £5 A used set of DB01 wheels, have been sprayed in Tamiya Smoke colour, but the scratches are still visable. £5 A set of DF03-MS Hard Type Turnbuckles, these also fit the DB01 and many other Tamiya buggies. Also comes with a set of used adjusters. £10 A Tamiya DB01 front one-way unit with a brand new pulley installed. £10 Tamiya kit # 58218 Toyota Corolla WRC TA03F-S. This is a used kit, but in fantastic condition, the body is in great condition with only 1 small split (as pictured). Includes the TA03F front upgrade bumper and a set of medium TRF springs for the dampers. The wheels included are non kit standard wheels, but they are the Focus WRC style wheels and suit the Corolla just as well.. Also comes with the TA03 parts pictured and the ultra rare TA03R front gearbox and bumper for use on a Lancia 037 project if needed. £90 A selection of tyres, front left to right = DT02 front tyres, brand new never used, Dynastorm rebranded "hobbyworld" tyres brand new and a set of Proline Madcap/Astute front tyres. (must be sold together due to postage costs) £20 Madcap front damper mount and rear damper mount, brand new never used. £10 TA03R-S/F-S short drive belt. £18 These need to go ASAP, so grab a bargain. Postage discount for multiple buys. UK buyers only and paypal for payment please. James
  20. I am after a new, but preferably used front ta03r gearbox housing and front bumper. Paypal money waiting. Let me know what you have. James
  21. As above, after a NIB body set or a very good condition used example Porsche 911 GT1 (TA03RS based) Body. Paypal money waiting. Thanks James
  22. Basically as per the title. Looking for any TA03 hop up parts, preferably used/unpackaged as they are going to go into a runner anyway. Ideal parts are, Aluminium Motor Heatsink, Lightweight Purple Driveshafts, Alloy Purple Servo Mounts, TA03F-S FRP Chassis set and Alloy Front C Hubs. Also interested in any other TA03 hop ups that I never listed also. Let me know what you have. Paypal ££ waiting. James
  23. For sale is 1 CLK-GTR body, painted. The body appears to have never been used. Paint job is decent, some of the decals corners have raised and dust has settled underneath. Front Mercedes badge is missing / broken. Asking for $40 shipped within continental US. Shipments outside, depends on your locations. SOLD
  24. Hi all, Next in my sellout is this TA03R-S TRF (58243) chassis kit. The chassis came with 28 option parts out-of-the-box - not counting the extra Hop-Up's I have added myself! I have fittet the kit with a PIAA, Porsche 911 GT2 body, a Dyna Run Super Touring motor and a CPR. P-160F unit. The kit comes fully ready to run - but without battery or remote control! There are a few scratches on the body and on the underside from the one time I have raced the car (See pictures). Some of the extra option parts I have added includes: Dyna Run Super Touring motor CPR P-160F TA03R Torque Control Unit TA03F Pro Carbon Battery Plate Set TA03 Hollow Carbon Gear Shaft TA04 Titanium Suspension Shaft Set ...and others - see pictures for details Shipping inside the EC will be 30£ Shipping to the US will be 82USD Standard or 63USD Economy Offers welcomed! Hi-res pictures available here: http://sdrv.ms/Pu7F3v And – of course mail me with any questions! Cheers Martin martinjordt@hotmail.com
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