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Found 15 results

  1. Threadit: This began as a TA04 build, which quickly became a TA04-SS kit rebuild followed by a TA04-TRF bits-a-build. Essentially building a super-hopped-up TA04 without a base kit, just all parts sourced from the web and spares. I then realised that this is a thing I do. Looking for parts for one build, getting over excited and buying so many hop ups and parts that the original kit has so many left overs, you can almost build a second car. With just a few more parts. I love the research, I love the list building, I love the quest to search these parts down. I love working out how it will all fit together. And I love building them. I realised that in various boxes around the place (primarily hidden in the loft ) I have nearly all parts needed to build: TA04-TRF (Mercedes AGM CLK-DTM Mercedes AMG-GT3 Audi V8 Touring) Build complete / body to finish TA04-R (Mercedes CLK GTR Original Teile Audi R8 LMS) Build complete / body to finish TA04-R/TRF (Ford Mondeo BTTC) TA02-SW (Porsche 911 GT2) Complete TA02-W (Nissan 300ZX IMSA) TB Evo III (Mercedes 190E Skyline GT-R R32) Build complete / body to finish FF03-RR (Peugeot 306 Maxi Alfa 155 V6TI) Build complete / body to finish TT02 Type S (Audi R8 Nissan R390 GT1) So rather than do a build thread for each, I thought I'd edit this thread (Threadit! Geddit?) and turn it into a bits-a-build project thread My name's Juhunio, and I'm a bits-a-build addict. So, back over to the original thread....the threadit kicks in on page 3 starting with a TA02-SW 911 GT2 Then continues here with the TA04-R ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This thread begins with a body shell. An AMG CLK-DTM 2002 shell, to be precise It's a beautiful thing, and I had planned to put it on an Evo3 build that's somewhere in the works. But it came pre-drilled with body post holes for posts mounted on the front damper mount, not the bumper So I needed another chassis for it. I already have a couple of TT02s, and really enjoyed the experience of building the more retro TB-02, so thought I would go back in time once again.... A bit of research showed that the TA-04 had body posts in the right place, and also had a bit of a quirk in the two-belt drive system. I've got a TA-05 and TA-07, so the TA-04 sounded like an interesting bet I found a built but mint condition TA-04SS Audi TT-R DTM, which came with an unpainted body shell and TRF dampers So I figured this would do the trick! Swap the rear arms to those from an S or R to achieve the 257mm wheelbase, and I would have an interesting build and a home for the AMG shell But then I started investigating TA-04 hop ups and, well.....
  2. I just pulled my old TA04 PRO out of mothballs during COVID. My son and I are having a blast with it, but we crashed into a wall at our local track and broke both of the stock steering arms. Does anyone have the the Tamiya OP-478 (53478)? Right now I have superglue and zipties holding it together, but it really is not a good solution. I will even buy your plastic stock set of steering arms if you have them. Let me know. I will pay via PayPal and for shipping, even if it is overseas. I am in California (USA) Thanks everyone! Cy
  3. looking for parts for a TA04 pro F parts - 4155 (must be pro, with the extra linkage mount) I also could use said linkages, although I am sure I can make some :-) MC10 and MA25 part K2 belt tensioner for the PRO top deck Thanks
  4. Recently I aquired not one but 3 TA04's almost at the same time. 2 weeks ago I also got in a set of TA04-SS Toyota MR-S bodies. With this whole lot my goal is to build 2 nice TA04's out of the parts I have now, and build up the third with whatever I have left if possible. Ofcourse I was missing a couple bits here and there, so with me being at Shapeways everyday I decided to print the parts I needed. First parts to be finished are the battery holders for the TA04 plastic tub chassis. One of my cars was missing them, and they were easy to make so I drew up a set and they fit great on the first try. In case you want to buy one, they are now available on my Shapeways shop: https://www.shapeways.com/product/C4TDGN5JP/tamiya-ta04-battery-holder?optionId=64338862 Next up is the little bushing/spacers that sit on top of the steering arms when a carbon fibre upperdeck is used. I found a SSG carbon upperdeck for sale at this years IconicRC Revival and bought it, only to find out I needed the spacers. My latest TA04 had the full carbon fibre chassis on it, so it was easy to copy the geometry... But printing them to be the exact right size seems to be very difficult. The third version is in the printer now and hopefully it will fit snug this time
  5. For sale: as my dad's bought the wrong body shell for his car. This is a lightweight version of the Audi TT-R ABT, complete with all decals to turn it into the Red Bull Audi TT. I'm not sure on how rare it is, but I can't find the lightweight version anywhere! As I don't have a car (nor does my dad) with 247mm as a wheelbase it's now for sale. The manual is for both the Halleröder and the Red Bull version. This, obviously, will build up into the blue Red Bull car. I can't find any other examples for sale, so it's difficult to put a price on it, but let's start the bidding at €30 + shipping.
  6. Some time ago I bought a parts lot on an eBay auction for some very specific parts. The rest is currently available for sale. I open to negotiations on the prices. Shipping will be free within Europe and UK. Here we go: Tamiya TA04 4mm Clamp Type Alum Wheel Hub (53570) - 10€ Buggy bumper (58107) and misc DT-01 parts - 3€ Screws(84175) - 2€ Hobbyking Tamiya male to XT-60 female adapter -1€ TA04 stabilizers (a set of yellow - soft ones and a single rear blue - hard, 53441, 53442) -5€ 3,5cm Outdrives and 4,5cm dogbones x2 (I think those are from TL01) - 2€ Plastic big body dampers (I think they are either Kyosho or Carson) - 5€ Aluminum TC dampers (I think they are from carson) - 5€ Two of them have longer ends attached. Front uprights (I think those are carson for TL01 or DF-03) - 10€ DT-01 steering arm and DT-02 upright and misc screws - 2€ Modelcraft aluminum servo horn (3cm) - 2€ Tamiya Led stopper/holder - 2€ Tamiya female plugs 1€
  7. Looking a set of TA04 body posts. For the front, the ones that attach to the damper stays. Will take 2 sets if available. Thanks, Dominique
  8. My shorty lipo conversion found me 2 seconds per lap! But I'm still 2 seconds off the pace. And I drove my thumbs off yesterday. I'm car 5, Craig Macdonald. I'm considering my next step... as it stands, the chassis is 100g overweight and I'm having trouble with the gearing - I've spent a small fortune on spurs and pinions over the last few weeks chasing the right gear ratio. I finished the day on 83 / 43 (48dp) which worked out at 4.12. The motor felt like it could take more and wasn't too hot to touch by the end of a 5 minute run. Do I stick with it and try shedding some weight (could cost lots more!) or do I just bite the bullet and buy a modern machine? I almost cried when that full carbon TA04 on ebay sold for 36 quid. I missed out on it by a matter of minutes.
  9. This box of goodies is a very meaningful upgrade for your vintage tourer. Also comes with universal driveshafts! I gained over a second a lap after fitting the same kit to my TA04. 50 quid posted (some ebay sellers are asking for 117!!!)
  10. Hi, second post My name is Craig and I've been a tamiya nut since getting my first proper RC car aged 12 (a midnight pumpkin). I'm now 38, and with the disposable income I could only dream about as a kid, I'm reclaiming old racing memories I decided I fancied getting another TA04 & put a wanted ad up on Oople a few months back. A friendly ex eurocup racer got in touch to tell me about the Iconic Cup - a two round summer championship for eurocup refugees. So I went and bought two TA04 chassis - one for stock, and the other for full-blown 13.5 blinky. I then went on to spend an absolute fortune on hop-ups! One of the major problems with these older chassis is that they were designed for 7.2v 6-cell Nimh packs. None of my top spec lipo sticks would fit, so I went and bought a couple of the core rc lipo stick packs, which fit perfectly. But I also wanted to race in 17.5 blinky at the cotswolds club, and the C rating on the core lipos didn't give the neccesary top end. I have 4 turnigy 90c shorty packs that physically fitted into the battery slot (I'm running the carbon re-enforced tub) but I had no way of keeping it from moving about. So I decided I'd download and install google sketchup, take a few measurements of the pack & slot size, and have a go at designing something to keep the pack secure in the chassis. It went rather well at the first attempt! Very satisfying! I'm planning on seeing if I can get a 16 year old car to compete with the modern machinery I'm also planning on restoring my super astute shortly.
  11. I am unsure i ever posted pics of this 1 on TC. I bought a TA04-S for a few bucks some years ago. It was the Calsonic Skyline GT-R version. I wanted to restore it to its original glory but got a little carried away and installed all possible hopups i could get my hands on. The only one i am missing is the front universal shafts which are currently in the mail on their way to me. It has a 9.5T Graupner brushless motor with a Turnigy 60A ESC which makes it almost fly low and is packed with a Savox SC1257TG. All in all, it drives great. In the end, i didn't find the original body so i decided to give it a more modern look. Here the pictures: The Body took me almost a month to complete. 2 tone spraying and more decals than any other body i had ever done but very happy with the result. Afterwards built in a led-kit to make it complete.
  12. If anybody has one or 2 of those in his spares stash, let me know. Preferably includes the 10 plastic diff. ball liners as i haven't found a location where i can buy those separately. They are a few of the missing upgrades on my TA04 TRF.
  13. Cleaning out my spareparts to fund new projects. Prices are excluding shipping costs. #53794 - Reversible Lightweight Suspension Set (front knuckles not on picture but included) 20 Euro #53411 - Front one-way unit (assembled but never used!) - SOLD
  14. I am looking for the TA04 universal shaft assembly (2x). Can be used but need to be in good shape. I can trade for other TA04 parts such as: TA04/TRF414 Front one-way Diff. BRANDNEW (53411) TA04 ALU Hub set for spur gear USED(53452) TA04 Reversible lightweight suspension set USED(53794) - not complete but all important parts incl. - swingshafts (4x) - front/rear knuckles with shafts - lower arms (4x) TA04 Carbon upper USED (53465) Let me know and we will find a deal.
  15. I have taken my TA04 out for a spin yesterday for the first time in quite a while. Since last time, i changed a serious amount of things: rear diff changed to ball diff, front diff changed to one-way, Savox servo instead of the Futaba and some other small stuff. Now i seem to suffer from some odd behaviour for which i am counting on your expert experience. Here the problems i observed: 1. If i brake, the car makes an uncontrolled spin 2. My left turns are much sharper than my right turns 3. It seems extremely hard to get the car to run straight. It does at low speeds but randomly may pull to the left or the right when i accelerate. I have checked all the regular things like turnbuckle lengths and i cannot detect any abnormalities there so i am clueless why it behaves like that now. Some specs. I run a graupner 9.5T on a Turnigy 60A with 2S Lipo. Steering servo Savox = SC1257TG. Here some pics of the car:
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