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Found 4 results

  1. Found this recently. Taiyo Edge Freestyle BMX. Thought it would be nice to have something a bit different. It's in great condition and a runner, or cycler ha ha. I was surprised how big it was when it arrived. The figure is 12 inches tall, the BMX is 12 inches long and the wheel diameter is 4 inches. Bit too big to put on the back of my F350 then ! :))
  2. Greetings, Please check out my items for sale area, and be sure to revisit each week, as I often list new things when I have the time... https://rctoymemories.com/items-for-sale/ You can also buy from me on eBay if you wish. But everything is cheaper if you get in touch via my website, and simply use Paypal or Direct Deposit (what I save in eBay fees, you save). Pretty much everything I sell is vintage. Currently stuff for sale includes........... .............And lots more. Thanks for looking. H.
  3. We all know that certain vintage Tamiya models were so popular that they inspired clones. And virtually all of those clones were made outside Japan (in places like Taiwan, Korea and China). Some were whole R/C kits with blister packs and everything (albeit made from lower quality plastics and lacking any fancy bits, especially in the motor area). Others were cheap toys controlled by wired remotes, or even "bump-n-go" models. There's one however, that was a high quality RTR item and was made in Japan. It's inspiration was the Wild Willy. It was manufactured by Taiyo of Japan, while being primary-marketed by Tomy. It was the Tomy/Taiyo 4WD Army Commander. It's release year was almost certainly 1983 or 1984. After many years of searching, I just acquired a mint/boxed example, so I thought you guys might find this interesting. Especially since this car is so rare that I've come across 2 in a decade. (I actually wonder if it was killed-off early in production due to legal reasons, and this might explain it's extreme scarcity). Who knows, perhaps this is the last brand new example left. The 4WD Army Commander is about 1/16 scale. It can of course do wheelies, but has full differentials at front and rear since it is also 4WD (unlike the 2WD Wild Willy). It also comes with a metal bull bar you can fit at the front, in order to prevent it from popping wheelies.The driver is styled and painted just like "Wild Willy", with facial features, and arms positioned - one holding the steering wheel, the other holding the gearstick. As always with Taiyo, the whole thing is made from excellent molds and materials. I'll leave it there, just thought Willy fans might like this If you are interested to see more, I will be blogging about it eventually. H.
  4. With the Australian dollar in decline these days, overseas buyers may find some good value here. My full list and photos - http://rctoymemories.com/items-for-sale/ All items are 100% vintage and original, as I have zero reissue items. A few examples... Vintage Original NIB Cox/Kyosho Tomahawk... Tamiya Hotshot trump cards. Rare 1980s promo item. Update: I have 2 left (1 sold) Vintage Original 1982 1/10 Nikko HiLux 4WD (Mk2) with remote gearshift and remote headlights. Near mint. Update: This item is sold. Vintage Original 1987 Taiyo Jet Fighter. Near new. Update: This item is sold. Vintage Original NIB Tamiya Wild One... Vintage Original 1982 1/10 Nikko HiLux 4WD (Mk1) with remote gearshift and remote headlights. Boxed with all inserts and paperwork. 99% New in box (zero wear, a couple of tiny marks).Update: This item is sold. Vintage Original NIB Tamiya Hornet... Vintage Original Nikko Alaska Polar Expedition Mercedes Unimog (clean/restored)... And lots more (and more to come). Thanks for looking.
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