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Found 2 results

  1. Threadit: This began as a TA04 build, which quickly became a TA04-SS kit rebuild followed by a TA04-TRF bits-a-build. Essentially building a super-hopped-up TA04 without a base kit, just all parts sourced from the web and spares. I then realised that this is a thing I do. Looking for parts for one build, getting over excited and buying so many hop ups and parts that the original kit has so many left overs, you can almost build a second car. With just a few more parts. I love the research, I love the list building, I love the quest to search these parts down. I love working out how it will all fit together. And I love building them. I realised that in various boxes around the place (primarily hidden in the loft ) I have nearly all parts needed to build: TA04-TRF (Mercedes AGM CLK-DTM Mercedes AMG-GT3 Audi V8 Touring) Build complete / body to finish TA04-R (Mercedes CLK GTR Original Teile Audi R8 LMS) Build complete / body to finish TA04-R/TRF (Ford Mondeo BTTC) TA02-SW (Porsche 911 GT2) Complete TA02-W (Nissan 300ZX IMSA) TB Evo III (Mercedes 190E Skyline GT-R R32) Build complete / body to finish FF03-RR (Peugeot 306 Maxi Alfa 155 V6TI) Build complete / body to finish TT02 Type S (Audi R8 Nissan R390 GT1) So rather than do a build thread for each, I thought I'd edit this thread (Threadit! Geddit?) and turn it into a bits-a-build project thread My name's Juhunio, and I'm a bits-a-build addict. So, back over to the original thread....the threadit kicks in on page 3 starting with a TA02-SW 911 GT2 Then continues here with the TA04-R ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This thread begins with a body shell. An AMG CLK-DTM 2002 shell, to be precise It's a beautiful thing, and I had planned to put it on an Evo3 build that's somewhere in the works. But it came pre-drilled with body post holes for posts mounted on the front damper mount, not the bumper So I needed another chassis for it. I already have a couple of TT02s, and really enjoyed the experience of building the more retro TB-02, so thought I would go back in time once again.... A bit of research showed that the TA-04 had body posts in the right place, and also had a bit of a quirk in the two-belt drive system. I've got a TA-05 and TA-07, so the TA-04 sounded like an interesting bet I found a built but mint condition TA-04SS Audi TT-R DTM, which came with an unpainted body shell and TRF dampers So I figured this would do the trick! Swap the rear arms to those from an S or R to achieve the 257mm wheelbase, and I would have an interesting build and a home for the AMG shell But then I started investigating TA-04 hop ups and, well.....
  2. It's been a long time since I've posted a build thread on any forum. I do love to document my builds though and I think this seems like a great one to pick that back up with. Before I explain the build, let me tell the story of how I ended up with these cars. The first one is a funny story. A few years ago I spotted someone selling a complete joblot of cars on a local auction website. It caught my eye because it included a bodyshell I build years ago when I first started RC drifting; a pearl orange Nissan R34 Z-tune body that I've since sold to a friend. Turns out that friend sold it on together with one of his Surikarns to a guy not really interested in RC's and it changed hands a couple times after. I got lucky because the guy I bought it from didn't really know what he had so I ended up with a bargain of a deal. Plus I got my old Nissan body back After inspecting the Surikarn chassis it turns out it wasn't 100% complete and also not in the best condition. One of the previous owners hacked up the upper and lower deck, probably to gain some extra flex. This sucks because the Surikarn originally actually came with a thicker chassis plate (3mm vs. 2.5mm) than the 'normal' TB evo 3 to stiffen it up; An upgrade now completely ruined. It sat on the shelf for a long time until late last year when I decided I finally wanted to tackle the restoration of the Surikarn and pulled it apart. I was looking at buying a bag of brand new aluminium parts for it, but the auction went crazy and ended up more expensive than a perfect condition complete car I saw in another auction that ended a couple of times without any bids whatsoever... So I just bought the other car! That's how I got the second one. I was still looking for a new bottom deck for the first car and bought a Square 3mm upgrade bottom deck. A day later I spotted an ever better upgrade, a complete K's Model Racing Factory carbon conversion for the TB Evo 3! So now I have two sets of upgraded carbon The plan is to use the best parts of both cars together with the K's conversion to build, in my opinion, the ultimate TB Evo 3 Since the second car came with TRF418 suspension, I'll swap over the suspension parts from the old car onto the new one and maybe use whatever's left to build myself a TB Evo 3 Surikarn runner. Or maybe the TRF418 suspension can go on one of my TRF414's and I can sell the second Surikarn. We'll see. Now for some more pretty pictures of the car and parts:
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