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Found 9 results

  1. @Jason1145 @Fuijo @svenb @GooneyBird Renamed and repurpursed this thread to cover all variations of the TB Chassis. TB01-05. And all the Evolutions. Tagged you 4 as I know you all have a soft spot for the TB01. The TB01 is the electric version of the TG10 Nitro car. The TB01 was released as a Rally Chassis and Touring Car Chassis and many years later the main chassis was released as a RTR truggy. I have a massive soft spot for the TB01. I'm currently building the Ultimate TB01 Touring car chassis if you haven't seen it, it is in the build section. The TB01 is made of the ultra rare tamiya plastic reinforced with steel 😂🤣. For those who have dealt with the TB01 know what I'm talking about.... For those who don't... The TB01 is a rather tough chassis. Like bomb proof tough. It can take one heck of a battering which IMO makes it a perfect rally chassis.... The down side is. Its heavy and doesn't make the best touring car chassis.. Well maybe for pushing other cars off the track. Lol. The rally car I've had since 2001. The Levant since December 2017. Both the Ferrari's are new to my house after working out a deal with Fuijo to help me build my Ultimate TB01. I didn't think it possible but I made the Enzo look even cooler IMO. Hop Up Wing 53470 as recommended in the manual. Leaving left out the TB01 rally car needed to sneak in. And then the Levant (TB01 based with Tamiya parts to make up the suspension) decided to get in on the action.
  2. Well I did not think Id be back in the builds section for a very long time, but here we are. Earlier this year, or maybe last year, I tried to make my TB01 into a buggy by using TL01B suspension parts and a few other bits and pieces, only to find out Tamiya made 2 truggy style vehicles based on the TB01 chassis, the Levant and Super Levant. BUT both are XB Builds and do not come in kit form. Anywhere. There are differences between the Super and normal, mainly the Super has a longer wheelbase, and a 8t motor, where as the Levant has a 16t motor. Both are fully brushless out of the box, which is unusual for Tamiya. Fast forward to December 27th 2017. Tamico i find out are having a sale. And in this sale, they have a few Levant Chassis, but only the chassis already built for a silly cheap price. No wheels, no electronics, no tyres, no body Just chassis. So ive bought one, it arrived today, already built, my plan is to... strip it to see what its running, bearing wise, and then fit my own brushless system, amd other the next couple of months source a body, stickers and wheel and tyre set. Ill do a full strip down and rebuild with pics.
  3. The original car / model stop being the original? Ive owned my Tamiya TB01 since 2001. But replaced the main chassis (twice), wheels, hexes, dog bones, suspension mounts, shocks, shock towers, differentials, motors, prop shafts, upper decks, steering linkages, servos and Rx. The only thing that has never been changed are the front and rear diff casings. But when asked... ive owned my TB01 since 2001 despite it being rebuilt several times. I still say its my original one. So when does it stop being the original one ? And is anyone else in the same boat?
  4. Hi Just a quick post am after two sets of TG10/TB01 bevel pinion & ring gear, part number is #50630 also see attached pic. If anybody has two sets nip I'd be happy to buy them, loose gears is fine too but they must be new & unused! Postage is to UK. Regards Hess
  5. Hey all. This is a really simple one. TB01 rally car, currently running a sports tuned motor with GPM alloy motor mount, prop shaft and steel gears. Looking for a new motor, NOT going brushless, so looking for a reccomendation for a brushed motor. ESC is a hobbywing 1060. im thinking either the HPI firebolt 15t or a Tamiya motor of some description, it used to run an 11x2 Team Orion motor, but it died a while ago. Any suggestions?
  6. Here for sale is my TB-01 chassis in execellent condition with a Tamiya QD 2007 Impreza body in excellent condition also with full tamiya light units and control unit. TB-01 chassis - new build. Alturn USA 775 Servo - New TBLE02 ESC - New Torque Tuned Motor - New Real alloy wheels - New Rally block tyes - new Flysky Rx - used but new condition. Couple of minor marks on the bottom of the chassis but nothing serious. Diffs and drive train are smooth. Its spent its life on the shelf. Comes with spare Gold Tamiya Wheels. BNIP tamiya impreza decals. £110 posted to your door. Will ship international for extra cost. lots more pics on request. 07543967949 if any questions.
  7. Urgent request for anyone who might have a pair of universal shafts to fit a TB Evolution chassis. I've finally figured out why my TB01 Rally keeps spitting dogbones - it's got Evolution arms, which are obviously different dimensions. If anyone can help me out with a set of these I'd be grateful, I've got a big event in just over a fortnight and I don't have an eligible car until I get this one running. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help
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