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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, Would you know how much my Wild Commando might be worth? I bought it in 2003 and used it 3 times or so. I have no idea if it works, though I have all the parts, instructions and controllers etc it came with. I have it on e-Bay right now and within an hour of posting it for sale I was offered £100. No idea if this is a steal for the buyer or if I should hold out. Any advise would be appreciated. Images below. Cheers Kooks
  2. Hey! So this is my 3rd Tamiya to get back into good condition. This is already in much better condition than the Wild Dagger and Grasshopper in the other threads. I paid around £500 for this and was 1 of 5 of the first in the country apparently to my local model shop (doesn't exist anymore). It was the last one and was in the window, I was 13/14 at the time I think, I got my first saturday boy job and was working for the full 6 weeks holiday, I went into the hobby shop and my friend had bought a T-Maxx a few months previous and I decided I wanted this beast, with its bigger size, automatic forward and reverse. I put a deposit on it and I went back in every saturday afternoon to pay more off until a few weeks had past and it was finally mine to take home All that time it had a big sold star on it in the hobbyshop window, proper boyhood dream at the time, walking past and seeing my tuck in prize place in the window Certainly a fond memory. Unfortunately these didn't have the best reputation in the world, lots of people couldn't set up the linkages correctly to get the gearbox working right, the slipper clutch would cause problems (I never had any of these issues) but the biggest bug bear of them all is the Engine, this still has the FS-18 in it from new. Out of the 5 that bought these from that shop, they called us all in together to offer us replacements or money back as the other customers were complaining so much to them and just before that happened somehow my engine stopped with a big clunk and wouldn't work. 4 of them took partial refunds and got Zircon Monster Trucks, I think 1 had them pre-order the not yet released first HPI savage and I said no, I wanted my truck back. My original truck got sent back to Tamiya, different engine put in (still the FS-18) all gone over and I got it back. It was used for that summer like nobodies business (only on tarmac) but after not very long engine issues began, not holding a tune, hard to start, constant cutting out. I got sick of it being a younger and there it's been pretty much ever since, tried it a couple of years ago and it frustrated me again, so I went and bought a HPI Baja 5b SS Kit and have to say I am enjoying the reliability of Petrol motors! I didn't realise until researching this beauty that the cylinder had a soft nickel coating right? So piston and sleeves needed to be replaced regularly. Dilemma further down the page. Sorry for waffling... looks like it's had minimal use with the tyres and plastics... The bodyshell has taken a little bit of a beating, is quite a heavy monster coming down on that fragile back bed. The engine is currently not bolted to the chassis but I do have the exhaust and all bits to fix it down. As you can see, apart from dust and the chrome coming off the wheels because of the nitro fuel and fumes..it could be nearly new. This is where the brace should fit across that holds the port/connection where you plug in the battery pack for the electric start. I have the electrical wiring and the top brace/mount but the plastic square/block that the terminal fits in aged and got brittle so I don't have it, so at the moment would just have a loose electrical connection. and a picture of that awesome front linkage and gearbox So far, I have ordered a new genuine replacement clear body for it from Greece (only one I could find anywhere on-line) and the decal sheet for it from ebay, again the only one I could find. Very happy I managed to nab those. Bit pricey though. I will use the new shell as a shelf shell really, not sure whether to paint it the stock blue colour, or go for something different? The engine...A piston and liner that I can find is going to cost quite a bit of money. The engine in this is in my opinion and many others is pants, with the liner issue and only 1 tuning needle etc and including the fact it squirts oil etc out the back of it rendering the electric start useless (I drilled a hole in the top and bottom of the started gearbox and when it played up I squirted tons of nitro cleaner down there just to get it started). I had bought a new backplate and done a bearing conversion like others had done but it didn't work out well for me I think I want to be able to use this as and when I feel like, what engine can I buy today that will drop in? I'm guessing there isn't any I could buy that would be compatible with the electric start? Also something more powerful than the stock one, I think people have used over .21 without problems with the gearbox? Cheers Jamie
  3. I want to have a clear out of these 1:8 scale nitro powered rigs. I've gone all electric and as awesome as these are, it wouldn't be fair to run these with the kids and their 1:10 scale rigs... Full list of what I have below; Terra Crusher Red Body... Terra Crusher, Blue anodised chassis and engine top...(note dampers will be removed) Complete set shells off... Complete set (note radio not for sale) Damage to red shell 3 Terra Crusher shells in total - Red, Gold and the pink one Wild commando complete except dampers (still to be removed) and radio gear (receiver/servos) Wild Commando has black chassis, uncoloured engine top and ribbed electronics case. Wild commando rolling chassis (complete except damers, radio gear/servos, motor, fuel tank, gearbox All spares Terra Crusher Manuals Wild Commando booklets x 2Nr Spare Body Mounts Spare clutch and other parts x 3Nr sets Spare driveshafts etc x 3 bags like one below Spare gears x 3nr bags 1Nr air filter...aftermarket it looks like; I'd like £350 for the lot plus postage. Everything in the pictures is for sale except dampers and radio gear/servos. Only one truck still has the servo/radio gear on it but I will be removing this and the dampers I will be using on my Bullhead and other models. If anyone would like to discuss individual lots or shopping lists please pm to discuss. Cheers Nito
  4. Hi All, I'm restoring a few of my Vintage Tamiya Collection and I am in need of a few bits I need the Shell for the Terra Crusher. If you have clear or the RTR Blue Painted with Decals or without, I'm interested in anything! Let me know. Kindest Regards Jamie
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