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Found 6 results

  1. Nothing new here.. Tamiya is repacking the dead horse TG10 Mk2, yet again for 2020. I don’t dislike this kit, I used to own the TG10 Mk2 Pro and converted it to run the OS FS-26S-C V.2. I sold it and regret it every time I see a TG10. The OS 4 strokes are long gone now and fetching crazy $ I would buy one of these iterations if Tamiya would get serious about it’s price.. no one is going to pay $400 for a kit that has been around for decades, that didn’t sell. A few years ago they did release a version That had narrower arms so it could rub 190mm bodies.. one smart move by Tamiya on a chassis that doesn’t sell.. 😂
  2. SOLD tg10 mk1 tamiya nsx raybrig nitro. comes with box and radio controller. it ran twice, and you can see the condition under the chassis. i will ship worldwide at buyers expense. i could trade with a vintage tamiya hornet (58045) but NIB, and i will throw the extra cash if someone has one and is interested 155 euro excluding shipping (from Cyprus - Europe)
  3. WTB TM-2 muffler. Hi all I am new here, not sure if this is how it works but here goes. I thought I would put it out there that I am looking for a new or used Tamiya 41022 TM2 muffler. Need to be able to ship to Australia. I am after this particular exhaust to complete restoration on an old TG10r. If I am unsuccesful in finding one, is anyone out there able to point me in the direction of a good alternative? Please let me know whats out there. Cheers.
  4. Some old 1/10 touring bodies on Ebay including my 360, http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/anchordriver/m.html?item=182564218416&hash=item2a81ace630%3Ag%3AgoIAAOSww9xZDzTR&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Please feel free to PM me any questions and thanks for looking. T.
  5. Hi Just a quick post am after two sets of TG10/TB01 bevel pinion & ring gear, part number is #50630 also see attached pic. If anybody has two sets nip I'd be happy to buy them, loose gears is fine too but they must be new & unused! Postage is to UK. Regards Hess
  6. Hi everyone! I'm very new to this site so just introducing myself really. I've always been a MASSIVE fan of Tamiya. I used to dream about getting one in the 80's but as we were poor as s**t, it only finally happened with a Monster beetle for xmas in '89. After that I got a Avante 2001, and a Manta Ray. Some years ago though my wife got me a mini cooper racing M03 chassis as my other love/obsession is classic mini's. With that in mind you can imagine my Homer type drool over the Mini Cooper Nitro Tg-10. Well I've wanted one for so many years now but the cost and availability is, well not fair! Now I was recently looking at one in Australia Ebay. It was brand new and never used with no box. New unpainted shell etc. Couldn't afford that. So ended up buying this!!! I paid £88 for it. It has a nosram .15 engine in that apparently hasn't been run in yet but I'm taking all that with a pinch of salt. Anyway, more pics: And my M03: So, I'm gonna start by getting the radio gear going. I've a Futaba Receiver (which is all it needs) so if thats a success then I'll try and get the engine going and work up from there. I suppose I would have loved the brand new cooper but I actually want to use it and that would have just ended up a shell queen me thinks. Maybe one day I'll hve both!!! Wish me luck! I'll be needing all your helps! Adam
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