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Found 5 results

  1. acprc

    Project Zexel

    Most of the group here know that I am predominantly a nitro collector. My collection bounces around the 250-260 kits at any one time and I have a fairly high turnover of kits that come through my hands. I like to restore, build and sell on a lot of Tamiya nitro kits that are down on their luck. My nitro collection has around 34 1/8 Tamiya TGX in it. Having exhausted all the known Tamiya and aftermarket bodies I am always looking for other opportunities. I have the rare bodies from companies like ABC Hobby in my collection and I have aftermarket bodies from companies like L&L models that fit the TGX chassis. I also have had a go at taking a Tamiya body and replicating a different livery. In this case a Jagermeister 155 with a custom designed decal set and 3D printed wheels So, whats next? Looking through my spare TGX parts I happened upon a clear Skyline body and decided on Project Zexel. Its based on the 1997 Zexel Skyline that competed in the JGTC and this is the car I plan to replicate and document here. and for a slightly better idea of the livery a model one found on the internet Not a hugely complicated decal set to create but you dont see many white base colour Skylines in 1/8 TGX form. So my starting position is this: A used 1/8 TGX chassis from my chassis stock that needs a full restoration, a Calsonic Skyline body that's unpainted, a used wing from the Kure Nismo TGX kit and lastly a damaged Kure Nismo decal set that will provide a lot of the basic decals like window frames etc. Wish me luck and more to come soon. This one will be a keeper for the collection.
  2. Pretty much as it says really. I need a set (preferably two sets) of the Grey servo mounts for the 1/8 Tamiya TGX cars. new or used as long as they are in good condition. Based in the UK Thanks all
  3. So I have been collecting Tamiya for quite some time and predominantly Nitro. I moderate here and run 4 or 5 Facebook groups all linked to Tamiya Nitro. I like to think I help out where I can and get lots of questions and requests for help but this one is a first for me. A Facebook group member asked me If I would restore a car for them. As it was Nitro and a TGX I jumped at the chance and said yes. No discussions on what was involved, cost etc but today a parcel arrived. @MaheshIPatel01 it begins! Inside we basically have the car and lots of hop-ups that Mahesh has collected over about a year. Actually quite a costly parcel to replace with the parts he has amassed. The car is kit number 44019 the Subaru Impreza 99. Released originally on the 29/06/1999 its now coming up to being a little over 22 years old. Now Tamiya made three TGX kits that require building with the Rally chassis, this one, the Impreza 2001 and the Corolla WRC. Basically the same as the other TGX kits they have a sealed gearbox to avoid stones, a plastic underguard, silver chassis plates and a different enclosed air filter. This one came from Hamleys in the UK way back when and has been with the owner ever since. I can really relate to that. Extensively complete and it has been runnning Fitted with rear alloy uprights Front and rear stabilisers A nice TM-2 Exhaust and manifold. The parcel also includes some lovely hop-ups A new Carbon centre driveshaft A new TM-2 Manifold. I will try and rescue the old one first Upgraded brake disc and new 2 speed pinion. The car is already fitted with a 2 Speed and lightweight flywheel Front and rear alloy arms Hop-up universals Ball diff set A very lovely bearing set that will be hard to open! and a one way A used Carbon top deck Two pairs of dampers brand new New underguard and new aftermarket wheels and tyres. These will be painted with Subaru gold wheel paint a used FS-15LT engine with the optional heatsink head Lots to do, strip down is first to see whats damaged, broken, restorable etc. @jonboy1 we are looking to find someone who might be able to paint up the body?
  4. Nothing new here.. Tamiya is repacking the dead horse TG10 Mk2, yet again for 2020. I don’t dislike this kit, I used to own the TG10 Mk2 Pro and converted it to run the OS FS-26S-C V.2. I sold it and regret it every time I see a TG10. The OS 4 strokes are long gone now and fetching crazy $ I would buy one of these iterations if Tamiya would get serious about it’s price.. no one is going to pay $400 for a kit that has been around for decades, that didn’t sell. A few years ago they did release a version That had narrower arms so it could rub 190mm bodies.. one smart move by Tamiya on a chassis that doesn’t sell.. 😂
  5. Back Story I've always been impressed by Tamiya tractor trucks, but to be honest, I've never had much interest in them. The first one I saw in the flesh was a few years ago, when a mate's wife brought her custom-painted King Hauler along to a local bash and ran it around carefully on the tarmac. I didn't really see the point: it couldn't go fast, it was too delicate to do anything serious with, and it wasn't the same scale as the 1:10 cars we were running at the time, so it looked out of place and oddly small (despite being rather big, with its chromed tanker trailer following it along). Trucks have always been a niche interest in Tamiya's line-up so they don't really get seen much at all, but I had a proper intro to them when I went to a local model expo and saw the South West RC Truckers club with their fancy rigs and their portable layout and their 1:14 scale fuel station. Pretty neat, I thought, if a little geeky. But that was some time ago, and an RC truck was always somewhere between unattainable nirvana and pointless money pit. Until the end of last year, when I started to think about my collection and my future in RC, and what I'd really like to build before a family comes along and takes away all my spare time and cash. I figured I'd justify a big sum on something really special. I didn't want a tank, I considered a full-option F350 High Lift with the MFC-02, but then realised I already have too many scale crawler projects and the Tamiya won't crawl anything like as well as the SCX-10 that gets all the trail-bound runtime. I looked at a high-spec buggy (another pointless shelf queen, or wasted bashing around the local gravel patch), a high-spec touring chassis (which would be hidden under yet another Japanese body badly-painted in street colours), or even something wild and fun and indestructible from Traxxas - which would be like all my runners: fun once, then boring, until I can get myself to another bash a million miles from home just so I can play with other people. I had a look at what the local driving options were for a tractor truck, and noticed the South West RC Truckers club meets less than an hour's drive from my place, every month, almost without fail. They're a long-standing club with a solid member base and aren't about to disappear any time soon, unlike little casual groups that tend to come and go with the seasons, can't play in bad weather, and spend half the day looking for an empty car park to play in. So that settled it! I wasn't going to rush out and buy anything there and then, but I was going to keep my eye open for the right truck at the right price. If one came up, I'd jump on it. To be continued...
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