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Found 7 results

  1. Found a Thorp Ball diff for vintage SRB.I'm in the process of taking it apart for a rebuild but can't get the Pressure disc seperated from the LH half axle (see pictured instrutions) - They're basically cold-welded together. If anyone has any ideas to do this without damaging either piece, feel free to reach out.
  2. Hey there, during the Corona-Situation I cleaned up the attic…what I found was my old vintage Tamiya Falcon… It was like staring at a time machine… unfortunately a lot of parts are broken. Now I´m trying to fix the whole thing (just to get the feeling of a happy young boy…😉). It´s been so long...and a lot has change since then. I read about ESC and thought about changing the old speed controller to a Hobbywing Quicrun 1060. What do you guys think? Then I stumbled over Ampro and his engineered 3D improvement parts. That really made my day! Unfortunately one of the dog bones every now and then slips out of the cup. I read about the Thorp Dirt Burners and was on fire right away. Now I´m looking everywhere to get the whole set. I already had the possibility to get the dog bones and the cups, the axles are still missing. Does any of you guys know, where I could get them? I could trade the cups in as I have two sets of cups.... And does anybody know the market price for those (vintage) things? Is there any possibility to use any other axle from another car? Would really appreciate a suggestion... Body shell and decals are the next things on my list. I´m looking forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks in advance and stay safe!
  3. FS: Thorp Dirt Burners #4583 and #4584 - Fox Pressure Discs RH and LH. Vintage parts. New in package. Absolutely no rust. These are as clean as they get for being 30 years old... I got these as part of a larger collection of Thorp parts. I don't have a Fox, so I don't need them... $15 gets you both. Includes shipping in US. If you are overseas, we'll work out some arrangement for postage... http://jpegbay.com/gallery/005267690-.html#1 Terry
  4. ** UPDATE: I'VE DECIDED TO DROP THE PRICE TO $48 (FIXED) ** I had been holding onto this for my Astute project but I've decided I don't plan to run the Astute anyway so it isn't likely to break the plastic part, and doesn't do much for display either since this piece is inside the gearbox. So, have it up on ebay for $60 obo - but would accept $50 from a TCer, just let me know who you are. If you're paying international shipping I might accept less to offset your shipping. This is not an easy part to find and I'm probably selling it at a loss - don't remember what I paid for it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NIP-Thorpe-Dirt-Burners-Tamiya-Astute-King-Cab-Madcap-Center-Gear-Support-4946-/331707092119
  5. Yes people, I own the holy graal of the Astute serie but unfortunatelly I don't own the instruction sheet and one diff cup is missing. Can someone scans and posts the instruction and has someone this cup please? Many thanks. Max
  6. Alas, I was finally able to locate a copy of, if not a complete set of Thorp Dirt Burners documents / manuals / diagrams / parts lists, then a mostly complete set. I thought briefly whether there would be any good reason to not share it, but it struck me that if Thorp were producing Dirt Burners parts today they would almost certainly make their documentation freely available online for all to benefit from. So, that's what I'm doing here - and I see no reason why any of you shouldn't download the PDF and distribute it far and wide to anyone that might need it. http://sdrv.ms/1bqjIba ps- please let me know if the above link doesn't work correctly...
  7. hello cruel world. i was rebuilding the gearbox on my monster frog (aka kermit the hulk) and was putting in the monster beetle thorp ball diff i have. well i have no idea how it happened but i managed to lose a part. what's worse, i have no idea what the part is called to try to look for a replacement. the part in question - great! another piece just fell apart as i'm writing this - fits inside the longer half of the metal parts which reduce the diameter of the opening so as to fit the end of the drive cup (the one that connects to the half shaft/dogbone). the opening currently is hexagonal and it pretty perfectly fits around the outside of a wheel lock nut (7mm?). but the also hexagonal end of the cup is much smaller. the other part that fell apart seems to be a tiny bearing in the middle. a pic will make this easier to describe: click the pic to see a bigger pic. can anyone help??
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