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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I would like to get a vintage F1, probably an F101. The goal would be to run it and use foam tires. I would also like the tires to be correct in terms of diameter and width i.e. F104 foam tires wouldn't do. My understanding is that the outside dimensions of tires are the same between an F101/2/3 although the rims and therefore the inside bore inside the tires at the front of the F101 are different. In other words, F103 wheels and tires when assembled together would fit the F101. Having asked the detailed questions above about such rare cars as these, I suppose I should have asked first: are there any members here who might still be running these beauties from the past? 😅 Is it realistic to plan on sourcing foam tires on a regular basis or are we limited to expensive NOS lucky finds? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm very new to Tamiya and RC cars in general, so am looking for any advice. I've recently built my very first RC tamiya car (Monster Beetle) and what a beast it is! I just love how it can go on all types of terrain, especially on grass, without a hitch. Overall very happy with it! My grandad recently got one after seeing mine and choose the Grasshooper, however both him and I are very new to the RC car scene and didn't realise how much it struggles with grass. As that is the primarily terrain he will be driving on, I was trying to find ways of helping his grasshopper out. All I could think is he needs bigger wheels in general, so attempted to put my monster beetle wheels on his... the rear wheels managed to get on ok, but the fronts kept on scraping the 'arm' (not sure if correct terminology) and wouldn't spin around at all. So I'm just asking if he would need bigger wheels, what size of wheels he would need and/or something else? Thank you!
  3. Have been searching for some alternative replacement tires for QD Buggies. Mini tires have the right ID but for the rear they are too narrow. After I got my SW01 lunchbox for which i purchased different tires i tested the included 51589 racing truck tires on a rear qd buggy rim, et voila perfekt fit. These front and rear combinations worked great on gravel and tarmac. And yes i allowed for some creative decaling
  4. Hi All, Was just wondering if anyone would know best tires setup for brushless WT01, as the original spike tires does not have any grip at all, the only best grip I can get out of this tires is on grass. Have anyone try the tires for HSP or redcat from ebay? are the any good? Thanks
  5. Hi guys. So I'll be getting the lunch box for christmas and I've decided to go about it in two ways. I'm going to have the shelf version which is going to be pure box art and stay on the shelf (unscratched) and I'm going to have another version which is going to have a runner body, different livery, different colour wheels (that I've got in my spares) and I was thinking of a different tyre. As anyone any good recommendations for an alternative tyre for the lunch box rims? Something a bit different than the usual lug pattern but which are suitable for most types of terrain. Feel free to post any pics or links.
  6. I've built a simple rear mount for a spare tire for my Pajero, but since Tamiya only supplies 4 wheels and tires with their kits (how dare they!) I am now one short. Does anyone here have a Pajero MTW tire + wheel left over from an upgrade or something, and is willing to share? Many thanks. (This is one of the front wheels posing for the shot. Note the gangsta-lean of the car.)
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