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Found 35 results

  1. So I'm on my first-ever Tamiya RC build (Lunch Box), and I've done all my research about how to properly primer and paint using TS spray-can paints (washing and sanding first, heating up the can, etc), and then today I begin the primer process (Tamiya-brand white fine surface primer for plastic), starting with this kit's stock deep-dish wheels...but none of the spray goes beyond the outter-most lips of the rim! Being sure to keep about 8 inches distance, and using light dusting strokes, I tried all sorts of angles (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, top-down), and some of the spray does hit the insides of the wheels for about 1-2 centimeter down, but absolutely no primer is hitting the very backs of the wheels' interior (where the holes are). It seems that the only way I could possibly get spray primer/paint in that deep is to hold the can's nozzle directly inside the wheel and blast it - which of course would cause it to become very thick and muck up. I've read that dye is an option (but since these wheels come yellow, and I want to color them TS-22 light-green, it might not work well), or I guess I could paint by hand with a brush. But I'd really love to hear and learn from anyone who has successfully spray-painted (airbrush not an option) their Lunchy wheels (or Midnight Pumpkin, since they seem to be the exact same wheels). PHOTOS ATTACHED Thanks!!! (I'm new here, please be gentle ;)
  2. Hi, I am looking for replacement STREET tires for front and rear for Blitzer beetle. Tamiya has a single sized Street Rover tires, but is there anything else better as the front wheels are narrow and the rear wheels are wider. Suggestion can be aftermarket and does not need to be Tamiya brand. They can be street treads or mini pin tires. Thanks in advance
  3. Fastrax 2222 - black wing mirror set £6.50 2x 54809 - gf01 g601 gear set yellow £10@ 54808 - g6-01 idler gears £8 54991 cc-02 alloy dampers set £65 Including 54992 cc02 alloy damper spring set 2x Tamiya 51207 2wd off road front tyres 60/19 £10@ 53619 CVA oil shocks 4 no springs black £20 2x 53619 CVA black buggy front left over £12 (handy to add to g601 for 6 shocks) 54616 cc-01 plated A parts tree £20 54679 cc-01 plated C parts tree £20 G6-01 yellow d parts chassis from kit £20 54807 g6-01 d parts smoke clear chassis £20 53927 df03 spring set £15 49577 CVA mini shock set white £15@ 9400799 B parts bag £10 6x new gold df03 springs £6 Opened df03 spring set £6 New left over springs £5 Tamiya white CVA 2 white buggy shock set, Parts w,y,x and v £15 8 white cva 2 V parts , some parts missing £8 2 black CVA 2 V parts, some parts missing £2 53056 pin type hex alloy wheel adaptor £6 8x grey , 3x black X CVA 2 parts, some missing £8 6x black X CVA 2 parts, some missing £5 Tt-02? Centre prop shaft £1 4x black CVA 2 V parts, some missing £3 Cc01 CVA black shock set complete no oil, no screws, no connectors £10 Yellow f friction parts from dt02 super fighter G £5 Front arms and dyed gears from rising fighter kit £2 Spare cc-02 prop shaft parts £1 6x Black long CVA U type CVA shock cases only, assembled but not used £4 4 wheel steering parts bag from g6-01 £5 I'm willing to do deals on multiple purchases and listen to offers, prices should be cheaper than eBay at the time of posting. Paypal gift please Anything over £15 is free UK shipping
  4. Hi guys. I recently let my copy side loose n AliExpress and ended ordering one of those “carbon fibre” and alloy kits for not much money. Its quality is a reflection of how much I paid for it. EG: That’s not really carbon fibre. So, I decided for the winter season I’ll use it as a drift car, but for summer, it’s a RWD drag racing monster. What I’m wondering is what tires a) be effective in this role and b) look right and not demolish my already battered bank account. I was thinking the truck tires from the racing rig kits might be about the correct size. My body for this project is 200mm front and rear. Any thoughts? Better ideas? Please note, this is not a serious project. It more for keeping me amused while my Drag Slash charges. thank you for your valuable input. Jim
  5. Is there a Tamiya Tyre Size Dimensions List? Specially listing the model with, Inner diameter Overall width, height Thanks
  6. Hi Tamiya Club ! I'm lost and I can't get my tt02 to run on carpet at my local championship. It skids from behind all the time. I think to give up tt02 because it's not funny for me :( Which are the best carpet tires from the following list? 50454 – Tamiya Racing Slick Tire (26mm) 50419 – Tamiya Racing Radial Tire (26mm) 50810 – Tamiya Racing Semi-Slick Tires (26mm) 51023 – Tamiya racing radial tire (24mm) 51049 - Tamiya racing slick tire (24mm) Tires are required. Actual setup : spool front, 3K rear, shocks 500 front and rear
  7. I am looking for recommendations on tires for my DT-03. I use it in a park, sand is quite soft, dusty and slippery and the square spike tires provided with the kit are totally useless, it's like driving on ice. I've been recommended to use Schumacher's Block tires both front and rear , which are 2" but will fit the 2.2"ish star rims provided with the kit. These tires look great, old style, and I'm pretty sure the recommendation is good, but these are a bit hard to find in my country and I am not whiling to pay high shipping costs.. Any other recommendations for this kind of terrain and 2WD? I am super confused, there are so many kinds of patterns and spikes.. Thanks!
  8. Need tires to Honda NSX 1/12. Please advice if you have originals or substitute or where to find them Goran
  9. Good mornin' i am not new to RC but last time i build something was in 2007 or 2008. So here's my problem and i need your help: A few days ago my tamiya neo scorcher arrived and i reached step 32. Do you guys recommend soaking the tires in warm water and dish soap to make them soft and fit easier on the rims ? The way its shown in the manual i will never fit them, they are insanly strong and tight. greetings
  10. After retrieving a Clodbuster from the loft I have noticed that two of the four tires have perished sidewalls, is there any way to save the tires or do I just chuck them and move on? If I’m chucking them has anyone got a link for reasonably priced tires and foam inserts? Thanks, Ax
  11. Hope you are all having a good day- question about what wheels/rim combos work as replacements for Tamiya buggies, like the Sand Viper , Dark Impact and Novafox. Possibly a Hot-Shot or Boomerang. I got some Carson wheels about 4 years ago, but I cant remember where or the specifics - living in the USA right now, having a hard time finding Carson All Terrain sets. I have 1 set unopened, but want to do a 4 wheel replacement on the Dark Impact and have a few sets for future builds. Any links / article / videos or info is greatly appreciated Keep on drivin!
  12. looking for a set of astute front tires 53048, does any one have some nip ones. thanks
  13. Eeeeore

    Vintage Kyosho

    Hi there,New to this world. My brother in law passed away and he collected all things vintage in this hobby area. We have several body/decal kits, some of little value, but I ran across three shells I believe might be of value to some of the folks on this forum. A Nostalgic Series Porsche 906 Carrera 6, and 2 Touring Series or PureTen? body/decal sets, the BP Oil Porsche Turbo and the BMW 320i, all still in their boxes. Please forgive my ignorance in this area, but we are trying to be sure all the items in this collection go to true vintage collectors and not someone simply trying to get a deal. I had one guy offer $10 each for the shells/decals, but there is no way I am doing that. Can anyone help with true value of these shells? He had over 150 1:8, 1:10 shells by the way, so we are just getting started. He had sets upon sets of tires, wheels, engines, gears, and right down to screw sets for these cars. We are overwhelmed. Also, please forgive me if I am not doing this incorrectly, this is my first post so feel free to correct me.
  14. As per the title, I am after a set of 4 Tamiya 26mm Slick Tires. New or used, as long as they are decent condition as it's for a display model. Thanks, James.
  15. Hi all. I'm after a pair of new or hardly used front proline dirt hawg 2.2 tyres. Please let me know if you can help.
  16. Now sold, thanks. James. After picking up a super cheap TA05 V2 today I decided it was time to sell my FF03. It comes with a few hop ups including tuned springs and anti roll bars ( also includes the spare bars ) , Alloy motor mount plate, Alloy spur gear holder, official Tamiya hex screws almost throughout (with a few exceptions) and also fitted with Tamiya Reinforced Slicks Type B2, with TA04 Pro inner shaped foam inserts and Team Losi White Dish Wheels. Also includes the original motor mount and a spare set of wheel hexes. I decided to leave in the LRP Quantum ESC, Reedy KR 12x2 Motor and a steering servo. It is good condition, the base of the chassis is a bit scuffed up, but would make a great runner/club racer car. Selling cheap on here before it goes on ebay. £75 posted within the UK. If needed I can swap the wheels and tyres for kit standard Tamiya 6 spoke gunmetal wheels and tyres from the Raybrig HSV 010 kit for £70 posted. Open to offers / possible swaps. Any questions, feel free to ask. James.
  17. A few bits and bobs for sale, TRF bundle, mostly TRF501 parts, chassis plate and damper mounts in excellent condition, lots of blue alloy parts too (rear uprights, steering bridge etc) and loads of white Tamiya tuning springs. Also a TRF 415 motor mount plate NIP and DB01 Rear uprights NIP. SOLD!!! Tamiya Reinforced Tires Type B2 24.6mm wide (medium narrow), come mounted to Team Losi white dish wheels and fitted with TA04 Pro Moulded Inserts. These are also neatly pre glued too. Used once, so like new. IIRC they cost £30 for the 4 tyres alone. Come in original boxes in great condition, box inserts and also wheel/tire labels. Bargain at £15 posted. Tamiya TL01 Stabilizer set. Brand new in packet (sun faded tag), bought for a project but decided I no longer need it. SOLD !!! And finally, a super rare Official Tamiya R/C Collection '99. Featuring 24 cars and hop up options plus the world cup race from 1998. £8 posted Any questions feel free to ask. Still have the wheels and tyres along with the R/C Collection Video CD for sale. James.
  18. I sell 1 pair of original Tamiya Tires -Item-No. 53048 (OP-48, OP48) 1 pair of Front Tiress for the Tamiya Madcap, Bear Hawk.... NIB, New and not used. Brand New. Please see at my trades
  19. Hi All, Was just wondering if anyone would know best tires setup for brushless WT01, as the original spike tires does not have any grip at all, the only best grip I can get out of this tires is on grass. Have anyone try the tires for HSP or redcat from ebay? are the any good? Thanks
  20. Selling: Four New tires for GB-01 Tamtech Gear Tamiya (for 1/16 buggies). They are new, unused. Two Rear spiked tires, Ref.: 40112 (SG-12). Two Front groover tires, Ref: 40111 (SG-11). Auction: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182776604235?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  21. Hello! I am searching the right tyres for my Tamiya TA07 pro chassis. The recommendation in instructions is tamiya item 53434 or 53435 (24mm c compound). So what do you recommend, remember I want some quality rubber tyres with low wear for good price which include also foam inserts. The chassis will be used on tarmac surface. Thanks.
  22. I am selling two sets of Tamiya rally block tires along with a set of generic 26mm wheels and shaped inserts. The tires came from a XV-01 kit and were never used. I have no clue what brand the wheels and inserts are since the came as part of a package deal, but they were also never used. I am asking for 20€ for all items. It is also possible to buy single items. The prices are as following: 1 pair of tires = 8€ 1 pair of wheels = 4€ 1 pair of inserts = free with the purchase of any other item Shipping is free within EU.
  23. Does any know if it is possible to fit 26mm tyres on to 24mm wheel rims? Many thanks in advance
  24. I'd love some recommendations for set of street tires that will fit the vintage Hornet/grasshopper/etc. I've heard the Brat tires could work but the wheels don't look like they will fit the axles. I bought a set of 1.6 slicks but they inside diameter is too big and do not grip the wheel at all. Suggestions?
  25. Hello...I have a TL01 chassis and I need some advice about the rubber tyres for outside tarmac surface...as you probably know the wear is huge...do you have some experience which tyres should I use? ...what about the foam inside the tyre do you recomend it? ...I also see a lots of movies on internet how to make a rubber tyres at home...is anyone done this...maybe some advice? ...thanks.
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