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Found 23 results

  1. Tamiya should really offer these as a stand alone purchase...they can work with so many kits! I had to buy a Monster Beetle TR to get a set. I'll eventually build that too just for fun, but what I really wanted was the portals. I was torn about what to put them on - I was originally thinking an MF01 Jimny - the portals would solve a lot of the ground clearance issues. Eventually I settled on my trusty TL01 platform as it's tough as nails, fits a lot of bodies, and I have a lot of parts stashed for it. First thing to do, other than open the kit and breathe in some of that new kit smell, was to build the portals.. I left the bushings in for now though I may invest in some bearings later (3x6, 16 needed) These are pretty stout little units - dual counter gears and a nice smooth rotation. My only wish is that they came with black ABS ilo the red. Test fitting on a spare TL01 chassis...(I've got a front camber link on the right - whoops!) - there's quite a bit of travel available before the dogbones begin to chatter. I have some shock towers to mess with as well, though depending on the body I may or may not use them. I didn't have a spare running chassis since I stole some bits for my MF01 Porsche, so I had to sacrifice my other one. This was my Supra long arm conversion... Great chassis, but sometimes sacrifices must be made. Removed the LA kit and bolted back on stock arms with the portals in all the right places. It's a perfect fit! I did use the upper adjustable camber links I had on the Supra and they worked out pretty good. The YR shocks seemed to give the best amount of travel out of all that I had, so they stayed on. I did add longer rod ends to give me some ride height. It works out perfect as the shock bottoms out just before the dogbones do. Longer end on the left. ....and both swapped. Should be plenty of height for offroad fun. And some mock up pics... A McAllister body fits right on, with plenty of clearance for larger tires. I mocked up some 1.9's for now, though wheels and tires are still very much TBD. Absolutely love this stance!! Decent amount of flex, should be able to tackle some trails with this setup no problem. There's more to be had I think, I need to look into some more shocks. Looks almost done, but there's a lot of work to do yet. I was just mucking around with parts until I figured out something I liked - and I like a lot!! More to come.
  2. Hi All, I have been trying for a while to add a brushless system to an old TL01 Chassis. I have an ARMA 3A/6A AR390069 ESC with a 3650-3100KV motor using 2S Lipo which in theory should be compatible but it runs brilliantly for 20 seconds then slows to a crawl until turned off and on. Is this a problem with the gearing causing the ESC to overheat? I Used a pinion which did work on a brushed motor. I read in other posts that I need a CNC Tamiya 0.6 Module Pinion and have ordered one but this looks identical to the one thats in. Am I attempting the impossible here? Thanks in Advance Jez
  3. Is there an easy fix or a replacement part for a broken front shock mount tower on a TL-01? Its broken where the top screw bolts through. Strangely this is part of the chassis ????? Any ideas welcome! Thanks in advance
  4. Could anyone recomend good oil filled shocks for my TL01 Touring car? I changed the springs on the originals but still not great... Thanks in advance...
  5. Hi, The servo on my TL-01 is moving but not enough to move the wheels to full lock. I have a full battery in the transmitter and the car. It does this when disconnected from the arms too. It seems to be set centrally on the cog. It was working fine yesterday. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance Jez
  6. Here's a build that's been hanging around for years and years, and not really changed much despite having loads of plans for it. Most of this was detailed in a showroom post back in 2014 but here's a recap before we get on to the latest updates: A HPI Graverobber body was bought and given a light dusting of silver metalflake and flourescent green, before having some teardrops and a skull motif masked off and painted all in black. The skull and teardrops were then finished off in silver and green. This is a photo from way back in 2012 when the body was first finished, before any decals went on, back in my old flat. It was put over a TL01 chassis wearing M04 rear arms, to narrow the rear track and tuck the wheels under the body. I made an interior from styrene sheet covered with cheap imitation velvet, and the ghoul figures are actually the skeletal remains of those clip-on koala toy things that people bring back from Australia, with their skin removed, and sprayed in white with a mere dusting of flourescent green. Ghoulish hair came from my wife's Supplies Of Random Stuff. Coffin made from plasticard - I used the hood scoop as a template for the dimensions, and a decal from the Graverobber decal sheet for the handles. Then I completely failed to take any photos of it whatsoever. In 2014, after moving house, the hearse got unboxed and cleaned up, and photographed. The triangle box you see up-front is my way of trying to hide the empty space at the back of the huge arches. The body just pushes over the interior, no need for body pins
  7. It came to my attention that a former roller skating rink in the area has abandoned skating and the owner is planning an RC megaplex... the inside of the rink will be a mudboss oval and they started doing drag racing on the weekends. Hmmm... interesting. Indoors, warm, 10 minutes away, and cheap no prep racing. And a nice concession stand with cheese fries. Not having a drag car (at the time, I've since bought one) and having since sold my Slash and all the parts I would have needed, I decided to build a touring car. My buddy runs a Traxxas 4Tec and it's pretty fast - maybe not as quick as the drag cars, but it's quick. I've got plenty of touring cars laying around, so I decide to convert one over on the cheap and give him a run for the money. I flailed around a but trying to decide what to run. At first, I thought a mini would be cool...tiny, big motor, and some larger 1.9 wheels...should haul the mail. So I dug out my MF01 bug and did some mods... But I thought a 4600kv motor would be a handful in such a tiny car, so I abandoned that one. Next was a TL01... I had some huge F1 slicks here, and again - AWD, lots of tire, and lots of power should be a winning ticket. I had to adapt an M05 suspension to the car to get the tires somewhat tucked... all was going well... Until I got to the front and the upper control arms would have to be so short, I couldn't squeeze anything on there. Plus, both cars were kind of iffy...they were never meant for tons of power and I had some serious concerns about the drivetrain holding up. Back to the drawing board. I had most of an old HPI Nitro3 laying around I bought years ago for SCX10 IFS conversion parts... after scrounging around, I managed to dig out most of the parts. Found an Associated buggy trans in my stash and did some mockup... this could work! Steel gears, all metal driveline... should handle the power much better than a 20 year old Tamiya. and heaven knows I've got a ton of spares and assorted HPI junk.... Smells like a plan! Found all kinds of stuff in my stash... HD outdrives, HD gears, and limited slip diffs... interesting. Plus I can always rob some stuff off my Super RS4's should I ever be so inclined.
  8. This project started as my wife and I cleaning the basement. I found my old TL-01 with whatever receiver, batteries, and spare parts I had laying around. I decided to post the car and all related components for sale on kijiji (see pics) for $50. Skipping some details, what happened next is I decided to keep the car and to restore it, and to get back into the hobby. The car has some hop up parts and some components (oil shocks, adjustable upper arms, bearings) I took from a TG10 chassis I once owned. There were a few missing parts (clips and a working ESC) and initially I was just going to buy enough parts to get the car running again... skipping some more details, I now have 3 orders of parts on their way from rcmart and have spent enough money on this restoration that I don't want to tell my wife the total sum! My plan is to go all out and build a super fast TL-01 for tarmac and to have oodles of fun doing it. This thread will be a step by step record of my "ultimate TL-01 rebuild".
  9. I have two mint condition unbuilt TL01 cars for sale. These have been kept in the box since purchase and have not been touched. I also have 1 fully built TL01 for sale. These were originally bought as a gift circa 2002, but only one was ever assembled The cars for sale are as follows: Porsche 911 GT3 CUP "VIP" - TAMIYA TL-01 - ITEM 58283 - *Condition* Mint Condition, unassembled in original packaging https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/58283 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-Tamiya-RC-TL-01-Porsche-911/254837379107?hash=item3b557dd023:g:nJAAAOSw30hgBJxS Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge - TAMIYA TL-01 - ITEM 58289 - *Condition* Mint Condition, unassembled in original packaging https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/58289 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Brand-New-Tamiya-RC-TL-01-Ferrari/254837382845?hash=item3b557ddebd:g:yp0AAOSwqPhgBJ14 Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 - TAMIYA TL-01 - ITEM 58273 - *Condition* Fully built with some slight wear and tear to spoiler. https://tamiyabase.com/tamiya-models/58273 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-RC-TL-01-Subaru-Impreza/254837392211?hash=item3b557e0353:g:BUcAAOSwq6dgBJ77 I think these are now discontinued and I am sure there is a collector out there which would get more enjoyment out of them than myself. If anyone knows of somebody who would be interested in these I would be grateful if they would share this link with them. If you have any questions I would be more than happy to try and answer. Thanks for reading my post.
  10. This is a project I've had in mind for a long time... Juls1 beat me to it - Great build! I agree 100%, I built my first MF as an offroad truck, but it was just too small. I ended up selling it, regretting it, and bought another to convert into a Porsche of some sort. To that end, I had bought an MF01 a while ago for this exact purpose, but quite honestly once I built it up stock-ish and took it for a test drive, I loved it.. So I used the parts I bought, picked up a few more and built up both a MF01 and TL01LA (of sorts) - they came out great! I didn't have the heart to tear them down, and this project has been in my head forever so I sold off an M06 I had and bought another MF01 kit. I picked up another Beetle Rally version and a few hop ups. I had the Porsche body laying around from my previous attempt. My shelf queen TL01LA was torn down to donate parts for this project. I'm not sure if all the suspension bits will work or not due to the quirks of the MF chassis, but we'll give it a go anyway. Plus a box of goodies from my previous MF project. Can never have enough parts when mixing and matching kits. Love it when the workbench is filled with parts trees, manuals, and tools. Going to be a good day!
  11. I have a strange fondness for the TL01 chassis. Not sure why, but I've owned a ton of them over the years both in buggy and touring variants. They make excellent rally cars since they are super durable, and with the LA kit they handle pretty good. I needed something different to wrench on having burned out on a few ongoing crawler builds, and I happened upon my TL01 Rock Buggy that was collecting dust. A cool little project, but I kinda lost interest in it along the way. In another corner was my Konghead with a way overkilled YR upgraded suspension bolted on. They share the same suspension mounts...hmmmm... So I tore down the Rock Buggy and started turning it back into a touring car. First thing is I had to pull the chassis apart and unlock the diffs. A ball diff was dropped in the rear and a gear diff filled with AW grease was installed up front. Everything's a bit messy here, but all the gears were scrubbed nice and clean before installation. I would have installed speed tuned gears, but I used my last sets in my M04RR and MF01X projects. Ebay to the rescue! Another 2 sets are on order... Chassis buttoned up and ready to go. I would love the carbon upper shaft, but they are almost unicorns anymore. My last one did not survive a brushless upgrade, so the stock steel shaft will have to do. Debating finding a way to turn it down somewhat to reduce some of that mass. The donor Konghead... I have other plans for it, and they don't involve the fancy suspension. Same suspension used on the beautiful FF build going on in this section as well (though I didn't have the heart to drill out swaybar mounts :)). Rear suspension swaps right over. This kit is similar in geometry to the LA kit, so it should handle well. (and look good doing it!) I did add a few shims here and there to take out the usual Tamiya suspension play. It's nice and tight now. Found a carbon gearbox brace in the parts bin, as well as some Tamiya blue 5mm balls to match. Front suspension swapped on nicely as well. Nice parts from Yeah Racing, the bearings on the kingpins alone are worth it. I chose to use the U shaped suspension mount as I fell it makes the front stronger overall. Royal pain getting shims in the lower arms though. I do need to dig around for some CVD's front and rear. I'm sure I have a set here somewhere that will work, but until I find them the dogbones will have to do. Some Tamiya Mini CVA's with internal limiters bring it down to touring height. The white springs look very TRF, though I'm sure they'll get swapped out during testing as they are a bit soft. Note the full option TL lurking in the background... jealous of the new suspension I reckon. Fitted with a "period correct" Orion 19t brushed for now. I will most likely swap over a BL system at some point. Did a little paint and decal work on the chassis to bring out some of the details. Very unique chassis for a touring car, may as well dress it up a bit. So now it is almost a rolling chassis - electronics sorted and installed, just waiting on wheels, tires and a body. Was a bit undecided on the body, but think I found a decent match. Just waiting on the post office at this point.
  12. A few bits and bobs for sale, TRF bundle, mostly TRF501 parts, chassis plate and damper mounts in excellent condition, lots of blue alloy parts too (rear uprights, steering bridge etc) and loads of white Tamiya tuning springs. Also a TRF 415 motor mount plate NIP and DB01 Rear uprights NIP. SOLD!!! Tamiya Reinforced Tires Type B2 24.6mm wide (medium narrow), come mounted to Team Losi white dish wheels and fitted with TA04 Pro Moulded Inserts. These are also neatly pre glued too. Used once, so like new. IIRC they cost £30 for the 4 tyres alone. Come in original boxes in great condition, box inserts and also wheel/tire labels. Bargain at £15 posted. Tamiya TL01 Stabilizer set. Brand new in packet (sun faded tag), bought for a project but decided I no longer need it. SOLD !!! And finally, a super rare Official Tamiya R/C Collection '99. Featuring 24 cars and hop up options plus the world cup race from 1998. £8 posted Any questions feel free to ask. Still have the wheels and tyres along with the R/C Collection Video CD for sale. James.
  13. Hi, I have a Tamiya Subaru Impreza No.58226 1/10 McRae 1998 Edition with TL-01 chassis up for sale on Ebay. The kit is unbuilt with all parts still in the original packaging. Just a bit of wear on the box from storage. Looking for it to go to a good home. See listing and pics for more details: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tamiya-Subaru-Impreza-No-58226-1-10-McRae-1998-Edition-New-NIB/222902278929?hash=item33e602db11:g:VKcAAOSwEHhau~gv
  14. So here's something different.... I think it's fun to take something, build it for a purpose it was never designed for, mod the heck out of it, and see how it does. I've wanted to build a Tamiya rock buggy for scale trail runs and crawl sessions for a while but never really found the right platform. Picked up a Hotshot a while ago to convert as I love the look, but the drivetrain seemed too fragile. TT02B was also about to get the nod, but liked building it up into a speed machine and decided to keep it. For whatever reason I was randomly thinking of a few mods to my TL01 drift car the other day and a light bulb went off. TL01? Multiple suspension setups? Narrow chassis? Lots of big, wide gears? Diffs that can easily be locked? Hmmm..... So went off and digging into my parts stash. Found a TL01 core chassis that's been here for years. This thing has to be nearly 20 years old. Dusty and neglected, it was time for a new life! Biggest headache for trail duty is the battery sit crossways in the chassis, which can catch on everything. But, I was thinking with a bit of dremel work, I could get the battery down in the chassis lengthwise and protect it from harm. This chassis works out great since the prop shaft is up high, leaving a huge open space underneath where all the heavy stuff can go... Hmmm.... An hour of semi-careful cutting later... Looks like a green light to me. So stripped and cleaned the chassis and gears. Amazing that after nearly 20 years, this thing was in mint condition. I remember running it hard as a rally car back in the day, but it's still solid, crack free, and the gears still look new. I locked the diffs front and rear, greased it up with some ceramic grease and bolted it back together. 65t motor is just for testing....after building or tearing down a car, I usually run it for a few minutes on 3v just to set the gears and spread the grease. Also to make sure everything spins free - rather find out on my workbench than have an old, long out of production gear get chewed up. Thankfully this one is still as smooth as the day I built it. Since it's a TL, I had the choice of wide or narrow suspension (options are good!) The narrow suspension was touring car width and looked a bit narrow to me. Went with a longer suspension which looks a bit wide to me...but can't argue with the increased suspension travel and ground clearance. Hex face to face is about 235mm so a bit wider than the usual scale truck. Not only did I manage to find all the leftover Wild Dagger suspension bits (a miracle) I also found some steel front CVD's that fit. WIN! Kept it all in the family with some XV01 CVA's for now. Need some tuning, but fit fine and the spring rates feel in the ballpark. Some Gmade wheels help narrow up the track width a bit, and found this old Baja King body. Looks the part to me and always loved this look! It's red, and for whatever reason the Rock Lobster song popped in my head. And of course, it's been in there the rest of the day....So the project gets a name. Lots to do yet, but it's coming together well. Plus lots more ideas bouncing around.... I'm definitely having fun with this one. Anyway, more to come...
  15. I have for sale inc. shipping in the UK, paypal gift please 1x NIB Kumamon WR-02G wheelie tractor £105 1x NIB Stadium Raider TL-01 truck SOLD 2x sealed in pack TBLE-02s brushed and/or brushless speed controls pulled from kits each £12 the kits with pics are advertised in my showroom and are on ebay (but more expensive due to fees)
  16. Some time ago I bought a parts lot on an eBay auction for some very specific parts. The rest is currently available for sale. I open to negotiations on the prices. Shipping will be free within Europe and UK. Here we go: Tamiya TA04 4mm Clamp Type Alum Wheel Hub (53570) - 10€ Buggy bumper (58107) and misc DT-01 parts - 3€ Screws(84175) - 2€ Hobbyking Tamiya male to XT-60 female adapter -1€ TA04 stabilizers (a set of yellow - soft ones and a single rear blue - hard, 53441, 53442) -5€ 3,5cm Outdrives and 4,5cm dogbones x2 (I think those are from TL01) - 2€ Plastic big body dampers (I think they are either Kyosho or Carson) - 5€ Aluminum TC dampers (I think they are from carson) - 5€ Two of them have longer ends attached. Front uprights (I think those are carson for TL01 or DF-03) - 10€ DT-01 steering arm and DT-02 upright and misc screws - 2€ Modelcraft aluminum servo horn (3cm) - 2€ Tamiya Led stopper/holder - 2€ Tamiya female plugs 1€
  17. Hello Tamiya fans! I am upgrading my tamiya TL01 chassis and I have some questions...I want to replace old brushed silver can 540 motor and mechanical speed controller with combo motor...so I chose to replace the brushed motor with this one https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbyking-x-car-brushless-power-system-4000kv-60a.html ...but there is a problem in specification I cant find the dimensions of the position of threaded holes on brushless motor (see picture below)...I also contact the hobbyking store and they are not sure if this motor will proper fits into the mounting holes on chassis...maybe has anyone some experience with installing this motor? I am also woundering about ESC "Running mode"...in specification is written "Forward only or forward with reverse (user programmable mode)" in case of setting "Forward only" what is the purpose of the button reverse on transmitter? ...is use only for dynamic brake? ...is this setting useful for prevent the pinion gears damage? ...I also need some advice about the proper 2S lipo charger...which is enough "smart" to stop charging when the battery is full? ...thanks.
  18. Well its time to put a few items up for sale that I either no longer need or is looking for new homes. Prices include UK postage, overseas postage will be extra at cost. ....... Tamiya Astute Body, Wing and Undertray. Body is in good overall condition with only a few splits and holes for body mounts etc and with only a few decals missing. Wing is in good condition but does have 1 split and the undertray again is in good used condition (has some scuff marks). £15 Tamiya Astute E Parts New. Both bumpers have fell off the sprue, but are brand new unused. (not pictured) Provisionally SOLD !!!!!!! Tamiya Madcap Joblot of spares and tyres. £17 Tamiya TL01LA with Tamiya Xanavi Nismo GT-R R34 Body. The chassis is in good condition, but would benefit from a strip down and rebuild. Comes with optional black CVA Dampers installed. It is however missing the servo horn and servo saver. The Body is in good condition, a few decals lifting in places but only has 2 splits (around the side airdams). Comes with Black painted 6 spoke wheels and used slick tyres. SOLD !!!!!!!!! GPM Tamiya TA03 Universal Driveshafts in anodised light green, I have 4 of these, also fit the CC01 I believe and also a GPM Tamiya TA03 Aluminium Anodised Green Damper Stay. SOLD !!!!!!! Tamiya R/C Collection 99 on Video CD. Case etc are all mint with disc only having minor surface marks due to use. Works 100% fine and showcases alot of the kits from that year in short videos with them running on the Tamiya track. Also includes footage of the 1998 Tamiya cup races etc. £7.50 Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 Plastic Parts, Wing mirrors and rear wing. Brand new in packet. £10 Tamiya Porsche 911 GT1 Bodyset (Used), windows are dark tinted (almost black) has also had some front end damage that has been repaired, but still looks fantastic and would a brilliant runner body. (I actually had it on display in my living room before finding a NIB one to paint etc) Comes with rear wing and unpainted mirrors and in original brown bodyset box (with a tear at the end which has been taped) Also includes a set of Porsche 911 GT1 wheels and a used set of tyres. £25 Tamiya DB01 Front One Way Diff with Pulley installed. £10 3Racing Silver Aluminium DB01 Front C Hubs. £5 Tamiya TL01 Friction Dampers with springs x4. (not pictured) £3 I will have more items for sale soon, motors, astute parts etc etc. Any questions, please feel free to ask. Paypal only please, and I am open to sensible offers and discount for purchasing more that 1 item. Many thanks James
  19. Wanted, the servo horn for the TL01. I don't want to buy a whole parts sprue if I can help it. Would also accept the servo horn and servo aver if its all together. Many thanks James
  20. Hi, I'm after a Tamiya 306 Maxi FF02 Kit (NIB) or a someone's shelf queen. Equally, I will be open to body sheets and cars in reasonable condition. I'm also looking for a NIB Xsara and Focus WRC kit but am still open to good condition built cars and body sets. Thanks for reading, Sam
  21. Hello from Italy, I am a Tamiya lover since... last year. This is my third Tamiya kit, a quite rare kit, I bought it some time ago but I decided to sell it, because I prefer an off road kit. http://www.ebay.it/itm/331116323048?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Here some pictures: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-cXvFYLXRIEI/UuYhLM0RMsI/AAAAAAAABak/1zbYuV7VIuU/s512/25012014357.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-MZqxMbaDss0/UuYhLN4xlBI/AAAAAAAABas/wGi7JE8XMCo/s640/25012014358.jpg https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-3CK5bjBzdlU/UuYhLocokSI/AAAAAAAABa0/ih0EViLpavc/s640/25012014360.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-louTSIKUIxY/UuYhL3feJqI/AAAAAAAABbE/Qyd0qTo51TI/s512/25012014361.jpg https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-I0PW2x8vBr8/UuYhMJuR-BI/AAAAAAAABbA/TmuBS16NTWI/s512/25012014362.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-7Aa4iByjEvc/UuYhMyuZHOI/AAAAAAAABbU/NQHG_El40x4/s640/25012014363.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ExztsBsN5_Y/UuYhNm62LmI/AAAAAAAABbg/9v8dA-PoWQQ/s640/25012014366.jpg The kit is quite perfect, it must be complete but I can't 100% guarantee it. Please feel free to make any question or ask for further high-res pictures. Best regards, Stefano
  22. ]Hi, i haven't been on this site for a while, but as I have a new project it seemed like a good time. Just got an older CLK-DTM 2002 AMG-Mercedes kit from my brother. I have primarily off road trucks, scalers and crawlers the car should be a nice change. I have ordered a set of bearings for it as well as a stabilizer kit. Ordered some cheap alum. shocks that may fit or I'll swap out the ones on my Pajero cc01.
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