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Found 8 results

  1. Tamiya ***ULTIMATE TRF TOOL BUNDLE*** All Included. All BRAND NEW & UNOPENED Also available - Tamiya TRF419XR - 42316 **ULTIMATE BUNDLE** See my other listings for this, plus a load of brand new, unused and very high end equipment up for sale. Why I’m selling: Returning to a 90 hour a week job has left me with no time, so I’m selling an extensive and, in some cases, extremely rare, collection of tools that took a year to source. Some had to be shipped to other countries prior to the UK to enable purchase. As such, what you see took hours of obsessive work to collect. Although anyone can buy and use, the collection is primarily for a Tamiya collector or someone looking for a complete collection. Knowing how hard it was to gather this collection reassures me that any value lies in keeping it complete. As such, to split the bundle will damage it’s value, for me and anyone buying it, so I’m sorry to say, I will not be willing to do so. Anyway, here’s what’s included: Tamiya: 42149 - 7mm Box Wrench 42148 - 5.5mm Box Wrench 42147 - 2.5mm Hex Wrench Screwdriver 42146 - 2mm Hex Wrench Screwdriver 42145 - 1.5mm Hex Wrench Screwdriver 42150 - Ballpoint Hex Wrench Screwdriver 42161 - (-) M Screwdriver 53649 - (+) L Screwdriver 53648 - (+) M screwdriver 42186 - Wrench for 5mm Reinforced Adjusters 42260 - Body Reamer 42276 - Damper Pliers 42122 - Wrench for Blue Titanium Turnbuckle Shaft 42236 - Wrench for Aluminium Turnbuckles 54635 - Aluminium Canberra Gauge Post 42255 - Droop Gauge 42256 - Droop Gauge Block 42199 - Ground Clearance Gauge 53862 - Touring Car Height & Droop Gauge 53861 - Camber Gauge 42241 - Pinion Gear Holder (12) 42371 - R/C car Maintenance Stand (Tamiya Blue) 42335 - Aluminium TRF Tool Stand (got to have somewhere to put this lot) 42292 - Aluminium Parts Tray 42302 - TRF parts Storage Box x3 (8 compartments per case)
  2. Hi, to complete my collection I'm looking for the TRF 42150 Ballpoint Hex Wrench Screwdriver (2,5mm), new or used. Please contact me if you have one for sale. I pay a fair price. Greetings from Germany,
  3. Hi all, I’m trying to source some TRF tools, preferably new in boxes, but will look at used if in near perfect condition. The part codes are: 42145 - Hex Wrench 1.5mm 42146 - Hex Wrench 2.0mm 42149 - Hex Wrench 7.0mm 42150 - Ballpoint Hex Wrench 2.5mm 42159 - Screwdriver M 42160 - Screwdriver L 42161 - Screwdriver M Also, 89971 - Modellers Knife (Blue) Thank you
  4. Hi, I have a few Tamiya, TRF tools and parts for sale: 1x Tamiya - 45057 TBLE-O2S Brushless ESC - £22.00 1x Tamiya TRF - 42147 Hex Wrench 2.5mm - £28.00 1x Tamiya TRF - 42161 Screwdriver M - £28.00 4x Tamiya TRF - 42351 Centre Pully - £22.00 each All plus postage. Feel free to respond here or email me directly: helenstott17@yahoo.co.uk
  5. So... What's in your tool box? I'm sure we all have different equipment and tools. What's your couldn't live without? What's on your wish list? I have simple Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, along with the tamiya tool and Allen keys.... But I'm planning on getting some jis screwdrivers and hex drivers... And suggestions? I also have needle nose pliers, a hammer, bradle, drywall tape, silicone glue, scissors, hobby knife, masking tape, toothbrushes, paintbrush, sharpie. Interested to hear what you have.
  6. Hi All, I purchased a set of Tamiya screwdrivers (74023) about 12 months. I have to say I have been pleased with them and it's very convenient having the sizes I need all I one place. I have however noticed that the No1 size is starting to look a bit chewed up at the tip. Have any of you guys found this? I have probably used it about two dozen times. Can anyone recommend a harder replacement that will have the same JIS tip as the Tamiya ones? Any info/Recommendations will be greatly received.
  7. Was looking at Third Hands the other day and they were either cheapo ones like I already binned several times before or £30 jobs made of coolant hose, but with the same duff croc-clips on the end. So, took a punt on a mini vice - they seem to be marketed at Walnut Carvers, but work well for fiddly electronics too https://www.amazon.co.uk/Yakamoz-Universal-Jewelry-Repairing-Sculpture/dp/B075F5NC4B/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1519339395&sr=8-3&keywords=walnut+vice&dpID=417NpVmYYuL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch Being made of cast alu it's heavy enough that it doesn't need fixing to a bench for light work, and won't melt! The jaws aren't forced to run parallel like an engineers vice, which presents an issue holding smaller parts at one end But putting a similar small part at the other end works well... ...and forces the jaws parallel, ensuring the part isn't squeezed out I soldered more than 100 of these leads over a couple of nights, and never lost my temper once The walnut clamps are also handy for wrapping solder round for a bit of tinning
  8. Hi there - so my no-name rotary tool has just died after ~10 years of good service and I need to replace it. Even though I've had good fortune, as have many others, with the off brands I've decided on an actual Dremel this time around. There are some good specials here at the moment and the kits are within my budget. I've been going back and forward on the cord though and thought I'd reach out for some independent insight. Essentially I'll be using it for hobby and home handyman tasks, nothing as big as a 1:1 car though for example. Having said this I'd prefer to have more power than I need than to be borderline. I don't need to be particularly mobile with it as a whole but do need something that's easy to move accurately in a small space, the cord worries me a little there but I do have ample access to power outlets. I'd have to invest in a second lithium battery if I went cordless as I can't stand a flat battery and this actually makes the price similar for me to a corded version. What are the modern batteries like in terms of run time, stability and consistency? Are there any other specific pros or cons you guys think are worth me considering? I'm leaning toward the corded version (tonight anyway) and models I'm looking at are 8200 and 4000.
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