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Found 19 results

  1. Fun dreaming up what’s next on my desk for 2024. As piled on projects await parts or additonal computer time. The First project of 2024 begins! Project Details - MF-01X - 239mm GR YARIS Factory Rally Recce vehicle Rally Nippon Japan theme Single vehicle colour - White or Black Miscellaneous WRC / Factory prototype markings and decals Tom’s factory car? TRD? Mudflaps Interior Integrated into front bumper or auxiliary horizontal light bar Description - Usually single colour with a few markings / extra lamps recce car that blasts the rally stages to either take notes in days and weeks leading up to a rally event or day of before the first timed race car is launched from starting grid. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a dozen or two rally events over the years both wrc and professional / amateur national rallies and witnessed first hand. Usually it was 2-3 cars going through the full stage usually with a siren of some sort indicating the road is about to be a full fledged race track. Each car closer to the first car start was driving closer and closer to 10/10ths usually started out as passenger cars, transitioning to one with a cage, to one that was a liveryless full race car. Very exciting!! Hope everyone’s off to a great new year start! “Recce is short for reconnaissance. This activity is when the racers get to scout the roads before the event. In all cases, the roads are still open to the public and to two-way public traffic during recce, so this is not a "practice session" in any fashion.“
  2. RC has taken a pause for me since basically a year ago but I´m back with a new project to kick start the motivation again. Others are on hold once the inspiration returns. And a few dozen are being planned in the background. It´s my first 1:10 crawler build. I was inspired by the Motortrend "RAD4" project they did a while back where they cut up and made a beast out of a little 3door Rav4. I loved the look of it and wanted to do something along those lines, perhaps a bit more OCD and cleaner.. . I started off by pulling off anything unnecessary on the used roller chassis I secured and brushing most of the filth off. I did a preliminary body cut and worked on the stance a bit. I´ve since adjusted the body to sit lower. It sits very nicely on magnetic body posts by Absima which i used to mount on the stock trimmed Axial posts. They sit securly with simply a bodypin to the chassis. It isn´t 100% Tamiya per se, but the spirit and passion is always Tamiya for me anyway. Project Start: 2023/02 Axial SCX10.2 Used Roller - 313mm Wheelbase Kyosho Rav4 Bodyset ( feels like a 1/9th or 1/8th scale body. ) Electrics - Holmes Hobbies 1800kv Outrunner V3 / Sidewinder 3 Paint - PS17 Metallic Green / PS63 Bright Gunmetal / PS41 Bright Silver Ambitions - Simply a cool looking Crawler / Pre Runner inspired Rav4 Auxiliary front and rear lighting IG - @scale_technics https://www.instagram.com/scale_technics/
  3. So this was basically free with latest car lot I received and it was the worst of them. Both rear and right front axles are broken, missing gears and diff, stickers are peeling, tires have flat spots, missing front shocks,cracks, rusted, missing screws, bolts and more but I must say im excited to start working on it. I always wanted one of these as I am a Ivan Stewart fan but it wasn't top priority. My challenge to myself is to completely restore this one without buying anything for it just using everything I have in my inventory. I enjoy restoring builds that had been beaten up and forgotten. I appreciate it more when its finally done. Lets see how this turns out. 👍
  4. Hey guys I'm new to rc and let alone this server as well, I remembered seeing a youtube video on one of these trucks like 10 years ago and said what the badword and bought one on ebay, it was prebuilt but with no electronics, I had an rc shop install the servos and esc and now I have a running truck, I wanted to ask if there were any advice or things I needed to know. Is there any maintenance that needs to be done such as lubricating gears in transmission or axles? And how do you take the wheels off? I want to upgrade this truck by buying some bigger tires and rims much like a mountaineer or bruiser. I was also going to ask if installing lights is a hard thing to do for a novice. Where do most of you buy accessories for these truck? I know this is a lot to ask but I'm glad to be getting into the hobby. Thanks.
  5. I have some complete unbuilt Tamiya 1/32 Mini kits # 1901, 1902 and 1903 but they are not boxed. The parts are in zip lock bags. There is the Ford Ranger 4X4 Pickup the Chevy Pickup 4X4 Stepside, and the Toyota 4X4 Pickup. Do you think there would be any interest in these? Again, they are complete but no boxes. Please see the picture below.
  6. My first attempt at the RM-01 and I'm calling it done for now. I just need to raise the shock mount up so I can fit my 7.2v batteries and then it will be all good for some fun. The body is not perfect but it's good for a first attempt and it's good enough for me. The small imperfections can't be seen when it's whizzing past anyway. I have another 84C body which will get the Wacoal livery and also an original 85C-L body with original Leyton House sticker set for this chassis as well as a set of white wheels. I will add the driver one day but only after I get a hold of the stickers for Satoru Nakajima's helmet. Now to build another one for all of my Porsche 956 bodies.
  7. Hello guys, to release me in this section I will introduce you to my mst cmx 1/10 and with the different bodies that I have short battle of tamiya. Mitsubishi Pajero: Can videos be placed in this section? I apologize for my ignorance but I do not want to disturb or that the moderators call my attention.
  8. Greets, I`m selling up due to retirement. i have some pretty rare parts ending soon,more to be listed over the next couple of months,please do bookmark me and keep looking. Very best of luck. and many thanks. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/anchordriver/m.html?item=182155358527&hash=item2a694e313f%3Ag%3AauQAAOSw3R1XTta5&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  9. Some old 1/10 touring bodies on Ebay including my 360, http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/anchordriver/m.html?item=182564218416&hash=item2a81ace630%3Ag%3AgoIAAOSww9xZDzTR&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Please feel free to PM me any questions and thanks for looking. T.
  10. Hey Guys, I'm looking for the Tamiya 58170 Castrol Toyota Toms Supra GT body / bodyshell for such a long time. I want to have thei sbody / bodyshell. Has someone of you the body / bodyshell for sale? Whatever painted and finished or unpainted. Also I'm interested in parts like the stickers or wing-set. Please do offer all. Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I'm just starting out with an RC rally car and really don't like the more modern stuff such as the Evo X or Impreza hatchback. If anyone has one of the following gathering dust with the original decal set applied then please shout. I don't mind a bit of restoration work if needed - but can't work miracles, however! Toyota Celica GT-Four 1990 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC / 93 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V / VI Subaru Impreza WRC 97 / 99 Subaru Impreza WRC 2001 Citroën Xsara WRC Many thanks for looking.
  12. Just found some new R parts - R1 & R2 only, 1 loose from tree. Drop me a PM with offer if interested.
  13. I have been building a Tamiya Bruiser Hilux over the last 6 months which I bought just before Xmas last year. I didn't start the build until after xmas during the holiday period and managed to complete the chassis for the most part in those couple of weeks. I have documented the build in depth as I went (for another forum) since I couldn't access this one at the time but it seems a shame not to mirror it on here where it will no doubt be appreciated more. It is not yet complete so I will post up the steps which take me to where I am now. It has been an awesome build and hopefully it'll give those considering one a taste of what it is like to build one. I sat on the fence for a long time with this because it is a substantial outlay but what an epic build and model it is. My apologies in advance since this was written at the time and so it might seem a little strange in the use of the past tense but I'm carrying much of the diary over as I wrote it then, to capture the spirit/mindset at the time of build. So here's where it started..... The box art; Box contents; Chassis and axles; all set out ready for start The kit comes with these tools; Parts bag A. Comes with threadlock paste and grease etc. Thankfully, unlike other Tamiya kits where you are constantly reaching for other part bags each containing the necesary parts for particular steps, it appears that the bruiser kit is in proper part bag steps, so steps 1-9 appear to pertain purely to parts bag A which should keep things somewhat tidier. more to follow...
  14. In a departure from all recent Mad Ax build threads, and in the words of Blue Peter, here's one I made earlier. All my other projects got put on hold recently when the local club announced a drift night. Usually I just grab a battered old shell for drifting, but this time I thought I'd go all-out - especially as the club also does a friendly "best drift shell" competition, and I always see it as my personal mission to take the challenge to one of my good race buddies, who has a collection of impressive drift shells that he's painted himself or bought in from others. So the project began with a TT02D Skyline that I bought at last year's Iconic Revival. I built it almost as soon as I got home so I could run it at the August Bank Holiday Iconic meet at WLRC. It poured with rain, but I was foolish and ran the car anyway. This might explain why the brushless ESC stopped working: Anyway, since then it's sat on the shelf, various attempts at repairing the ESC failed, so - apart from finishing the boxart silver Skyline shell and putting it up on the shelf to look nice - I had pretty much forgotten it existed until the club's Call To Action came along. The first thing I figured I needed was a 200mm shell. I was going to post a thread about this a few weeks ago, but basically, I'm bored of 190mm touring cars. Tamiya's super-scale looks are great for a factory-stock replica, but add a set of deep dish wheels and suddenly they look stupid. I wanted a proper wide stance on this drift car, so there was no alternative - I had to have a 200mm shell. A visit to Hobbybase in Westbury produced a HPI Weld JZX100 shell. It came with full light buckets, a hefty decal set and an enormous spoiler. Perhaps not the best-looking drifter ever made, or the most scale-realistic shell from HPI, but it would serve my purposes. Besides, large flat surfaces are ideal for a custom decal job. It took me a long time to settle on a colour scheme, but eventually I realised I was already a third of the way to a very impressive put table if I matched the car to an existing support / team vehicle. So, silver and blue is my official new team colours for 2016. And as Easter Friday approached, the weather improved enough to get some solid time in the paint booth that my lovely wife made for me: A couple of hours later and I had a fully-painted shell, and some light buckets, all shiny and chrome. I refrained from spraying chrome paint over my teeth and laughing maniacally. But only just. And so the project was well on the way to knocking my pit-buddy off the top spot of the "best shell" rostrum. to be continued...
  15. Just found these old NZ ads for Toyota Hilux 4X4, thought you guys might get a kick out of them:
  16. I'm after a Tamiya Toyota Corolla WRC new kit or shelf queen condition car on the TA03F-S chassis. Also, I'm after a mint condition Tamiya 306 Maxi box! Thanks, Sam
  17. Hello, I'm new here although I registered back in 2004 I haven't been playing or posting since then. I have a 1987 Tamiya Toyota Celica (58064) that I was given in bits not working back in about 2000 by a work mate who I 'played' with during lunchtimes mucking about with RC's. He gave up on it and eventually made up a Tamiya RC Mini so the 2 of us would have lunchtime 'play' sessions racing our cars around the bandstand in the local park. It was fun. I'm guessing due to its age the Toyota's plastic chassis was a bit brittle and coupled with my inexperience at navigating it succesfully resulted in it one day clipping the corner of a wall which caused it to roll IIRC and did some damage to the rear suspension. Back then I spent a while trying to bond it all back together using the Greek Goddess of Epoxy Resin's.... "Araldite"! It worked for a while but later other bits started letting go so it eventually got put in a box and has lived under the stairs for the last 11+ years unused. Sound familliar?! I had to clear out the cupboard last weekend and re-aquainted myself with it. Dispointingly it hasn't mended itself on its own! I've looked around for parts for it on the Web but it seems they're scarce so I'm a-pondering what to do. The Technigold Motor + Ascom TX + RX + Servo's all work fine although the 7.2V battery has been lost at some point so being an electronics Tech by trade I've been testing it on a DC Bench Power Supply to prove it all still works OK. It does. So, one train of thought is to transfer the electrics to a new car (which would be the 1st I've ever built/bought from scratch). Any recommendations for a 50 year old beginner?! I've got a few pics of it if anyone wants to see it, OK to post pics here? Ta, Dave.
  18. In my never-ending quest for hen's teeth, I was wondering if anyone had some of these.
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