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Found 5 results

  1. One thing I simply can't do when browsing Ebay is overlook Tamiya Nitro that is down on its luck! Over the Christmas period I had been reviewing Ebay more than once a day as I know that loft and attic finds appear at this time of year. Up popped this TR-15t on Ebay and it instantly went on the watch list. Roll on to the last few seconds of the auction and it was mine for £132. Three days later it was delivered to my house. Now the TR-15t was first released in 1993 making this one nearly 29 years old. Kit number 44001 was Tamiya's first nitro, first nitro engine (FS-15) and a foray into something other than electric power. Nowadays a real collectors piece and good ones change hands for around £450. So what did £132 buy me? Today I inspected the car and it;s probably 99% complete. The only things missing from the kit are the servo mounts and when fitted the servos. Thats a really good starting point. The body has held up well and apart from a good clean, another clean and then another clean coupled with some new decals it should scrub up well. The chassis is a little dirty! The tyres are all perished Underside isnt too bad The FS-15 engine is seized. No surprise looking at it but in my experience its unlikely it is locked due to damage. it will be old fuel. The plan will be to strip, clean and rebuild the old girl and assess compression etc. The recoil starter will be rebuilt and I already produce and sell new labels for these. Overall a dirty but dooable (is that a word) project So the plan is simple. Get her stripped down into metal and plastic. Get everything through the ultrasonic and then start assessing each part for the bin, restoration or replacement. The chassis plate will be replaced for a new red (pink) original hop up set. Everything else we shall see as we go!! Wish me luck
  2. So instead of continuing to hijack KonteMax's build thread, I thought I'd post my own :). Background: I love the Astute family of cars. I own a restored Astute, Super Astute, Dynastorm and a Hilux Monster Racer (fitted with a Dynastorm transmission) already. I love the technical evolution across the series with each model solving specific problems that the predecessor had (reaching a culmination in the Dynastorm imo). There is however one outlier in the series - the TR-15T. Coming last of all in the series and being Tamiya's 1st ever Nitro car it falls in spirit somewhere between the Dynablaster and the KingCab. A Nitro powered, mid engined, low slung tarmac racer it's always struck me as something of a strange beast but with some really interesting properties: Fibre Reinforced parts (many physically identically to the DS but much stronger material) Mid Engined - The gearbox is reversed compared to the Dynastorm/blaster giving it a mid engine and also a totally different "Motor plate" with mounts on the opposite side. Nitro Engined - A 1st for Tamiya, it has a Nitro engine (which I despise! - far too noisy and messy for my tastes) Low slung - It's a stadium racer but with buggy sized tyres and clearance?!?! Why? It's even lower than the dynablaster! When an opportunity came to get one NIB for a reasonable price, I couldn't resist but to satisfy me properly it would definitely need converting. The Goal: "Sympathetically" (ie using as many original Tamiya parts as viable and in a way that Tamiya themselves might have done it) convert the new TR-15T to electric whilst remixing it to be more like a "proper" monster racer (eg HMR, KC). I'd like to end up with something that looks and handles like a KC/HMR (or better given the mid-motor) but still has the TR-15T's general theme. The Plan: In order to achieve this goal a fair few parts would need creating or modifying: Dynastorm Battery Tray I feel that this is a part that Tamiya might have used if they had produced an electric TR-15T Takes "traditional" stick packs (shorty packs just feel too "new" too be right here) Chassis needs to be re-drilling to fit the battery tray The height of the DS battery tray is 25mm but the TR-15T support posts are 27mm Custom Motor Plate A DS plate wont work due to the "mirror image" issue of the reversed transmission (mount holes are on wrong side, offsets are reversed). Max explains this well in his thread so I won't reiterate. Needs a Spur cover solution - As a nitro car the spur is exposed. I could either leave it exposed (bad imo) or use a DS motor cover (further complicating the hole pattern of the motor plate) Custom Top Plate The TR-15T top plate is wholly unnecessary on an electric (big cutouts for engine, tank and servos), it's way bigger than needed and is a 2 part piece but it does have a quite distinctive shape that I'd like to retain. Also to take a traditional stick battery pack WITH the mid motor, longitudinal space on the chassis is limited, the original steering servo location won't work, I'll need a new approach using a top plate mount. Custom Body The TR-15T body has pre-made cutouts for the nitro engine which are redundant for electric and will result in a weakened body and lots of dirt ingress. After a fair bit of research, I *believe* that the body is based from the Stadium Blitzer mould with some modifications (lengthened wheelbase, hood vents and external rollbar), with some styrene work it should be possible to replicate the TR-15T and still avoid the "nitro gap". Needs some more thinking here. Conversion to "Monster Racer" shape. Wheels are fine as is (standard size 2.2 same as Dynblaster) but Tyres are far too low profile to be a real monster racer Shocks are too short for "true" Monster Racer suspension travel Some geometry might need adjusting (eg anti-roll bars) 1st stage is to mock up what I want to do with some easy to handle materials to check for anything majorly flawed in my plan.
  3. Hi mates, I need these parts for my TR-15T project: From Adjuster Bag - Front Stabilizer bar BF7 (common wiyh Dyna Blaster) - Rear Stabilizer bar BF6 - Gray 6mm Adjuster BF1 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Storm) Found From Press Part Bag - Front Reinforcing Plate BP3 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Blaster) Found - Gearbox Sub Plate BP4 - 1 piece No more needed From screw bag B - 3x44 mm, gearbox long screw BB4 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Blaster and Dyna Storm) Found - 3x21 mm, Tapping screws BB6 - 2 pieces (common wiyh Dyna Blaster and Dyna Storm) Found From Screw Bag E - 2x20 mm, Cap Screw BE1 - 1 piece (common wiyh Dyna Blaster and Dyna Storm) Found From ball connector bag - Damper mount BJ4 - 2 pieces Found From Avante/Egress Avante/Egress 25 mm chassis columns - 4 pieces (common with Astute) Found The parts can be used but the important thing is that they will be not too much ruined. Thanks Max
  4. Hi there, so far I found all important parts to make my model fit again. Now I do search for some spares to have it, just for the case... Universal Shaft: 4135041 Gearbox Bag: 9404089 Pilot Shaft: 3554006 Adjuster Bag: 9404091 Thanks for looking in your treasur chests. C
  5. I was looking for upgrade parts for the Dyna Storm and the various 'TR-15T' reinforced parts are an obvious place to start. I picked up a set of A parts, supposedly from a TR-15T however the sprue is marked "RCC Dyna Storm". It does look different from standard ABS plastic but it's not the light(ish) grey I expected. Can anybody provide any insight? Perhaps somebody with a TR-15T still has the sprue and can check?
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