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Found 10 results

  1. What? Yes, that's correct. I used to buy and restore mostly old Tamiya and Kyosho, however after 2020 parts have really dried up here in the states, and shipping from overseas has become quite salty price-wise, so I've had to adapt. I used to have a T-maxx back in the '99 and it was my go-to nitro for years... I've probably put more miles on that one truck than all the others combined. I recently fired up one of my 2 remaining nitros and it really took me back - it's an entire segment of the hobby I haven't touched in over a decade... so while surfing along in that mindset, I picked up an original Pro .15 model and restored it back to new. In the process I also found that they are cheap and plentiful on Ebay. Of course, now I have 4, all bought for $100 or less. So anyway, I love the challenge of taking something that was designed for one thing and building it to do something else. I found the OG diff lockers for $12 each and that's all it took. I want to build a T-maxx for the woods. Of course, I'd be converting to electric....an Electric T-maxx, such a novel concept. I'll spare all the build since it's a non Tamiya and just post a few pics. As it arrived. Complete sans radio and utterly and completely filthy. "Nitro grime" is just nasty, this thing was caked so bad, it actually dyed the grey plastics shades of brown. I've never ever let my trucks get this nasty. My wife would never let me bring it into the house! All the parts were thoroughly cleaned and in great shape. I bent up a steel plate roughly into the same shape as the lower chassis supports. Steels slides well on rocks, and it was way easier to bend than aluminum. A $20 3 gear trans does the gear reduction and gets me in the crawler ballpark. Fabbed up a new upper chassis out of 2.5mm 6061 with some cutouts...the motor is as low as I can get it and still have the center chassis clearance. Bulkheads re-assembled and shocks installed. Some old #Racing CR01 shocks were perfect.
  2. Since there is a variety of members here from around the world, I'd like to know what you think about the "basher" scene thats big here in the States. Admittedly I wasn't aware of the term until earlier this year, after getting back into RCs from a long hiatus. Im still unclear if "bashing" means just playing with RCs or it implies crazy 20 foot jumps (then bad mouthing the manufacterer). I'm a bit mixed on the crazier stunt "bashing" though, yes RCs do break, and I do have two dedicated bashers (ECX Torment and a Slash), but it feels a bit predatory given the usual RTR demographic. I only jump mine over curbs into the grass, no ramps or skateparks. Coming from a background in auto repair I always find it funny when Im told "parts will break", imagine if car salesman were that blunt! But after seeing the stunts that some people try to pull off I can see why I hear that so often.
  3. A bit of a recap before I start the current project thread: This is one of my two Traxxas cars - an E-Maxx Brushless edition that I bought used from a friend a few years ago (the other car being an E-Revo 1/16 VXL that I bought new with some bonus money a long while back and hasn't been use in years since I no longer have any batteries that fit). It came to me as a runner, but with some splits in the tyres, a bent shock shaft and a very tatty original body. I threw the original away and fitted a Parma El Camino that I've had floating around for years. Here's a pic from end of summer 2018 (if memory serves it was a pretty chilly day), when it was still reasonably new to me and my daughter was only 18 months old (and was still happy to sit in the workshop while I was tinkering instead of insisting we go inside and watch 3 entire series of Bitz & Bob back-to-back) The first time I drove the big maxx would probably have been in the summer of 2018. I fitted two 2S LiPo square packs (now long since puffed and disposed of) but didn't have any Traxxas connectors, so I had the banana plug flylead-to-Deans adaptors, then Deans-to-Traxxas adapters to hook into the ESC. Nobody had ever pointed out that this wasn't a good idea... I ran it in some local fields for 15 minutes before it suddenly jerked to a halt and flipped upside down. Clouds of smoke billowed out from inside and I feared my ageing LiPos had gone nuclear, and rushed over to get them out before they took my chassis up with them. On closer inspection the smoke had come from the ESC - it had got hot enough to melt the solder on the battery positive lead. I thought maybe this was the extent of the damage, but when I got it home I found all the caps had blown and the heat had damaged the main board. Resoldering the battery lead didn't fix it. Which was a shame, as it was a 6S-ready Mamba Max ESC and very expensive to replace. In the end I went with a Hobbywing, which IIRC is 6S ready although I have no intention of going that fast. It was a lot cheaper and fitted neatly in the chassis. Since then it's had very little use. The odd run here or there. Many of my packs are coming to the end of their useful life now and it's hard to justify burning through a pair of charged packs at once when I could get more than twice the runtime with my 2S cars. Also I don't often go anywhere where the E-Maxx can be run - it's not permitted on most of the open bash days, I can't run it in the garden, and I can't run it in the fields if it's busy. But recently I did find some places where it would really come into its own, so I decided I'd pull it down off the wall and give it a bit of a refresh. So - here it was on Sunday when I grabbed it off the wall.
  4. For sale are parts I had in a box that I dont need anymore, nothing special really but could be of use maybe to somebody. for some parts I cant really identify them I know only from who they are made but not the model of car. Thank you for looking. 1. Tamiya DT01 stock kit dampers 90s - 9€ 2. Tamiya Lunchbox stock kit dampers - 8€ 3. Tamiya Lunchbox stock kit dampers unbuild - sold 4. Tamiya Lunchbox stock kit wheelie bar, little use - 5€ 5. Aluminium Chrome oil Dampers 2x 90mm - 14€ 6. Plastic oil dampers 2x 85mm - 10€ 7. Plastic damper 1x 90mm - 3€ 8. Carson Touring dampers 2x 62mm with original Carson springs - 12€ 9. Tamiya DT02 parts tree (bodymounts etc) - 4€ 10. HPI touring car dampers for parts repair - 5€ 11. Tamiya DF02 servo holder reciever tray and upper arms steering link - 3€ 12. Front bumper mounts Tamiya / Carson 2€ each 13. Drive shafts 61mm 4x good 2x bent - 6€ 14. drive shafts 58mm 2x - 4€ 15. Tamiya TT01 spur 61T 2x - 3€ 16. 72T spur 32P - 3€ thats it for now, will update once I find more. ask for shipping.
  5. It's just that it's a matter of life follows art, but I'd say that the X-maxx is a fairly accurate representation of...well...the other X-maxx in this video.
  6. I scanned a couple prehistoric pictures of my race trucks from many years ago. They are Traxxas Blue Eagles (which I still have) and a Traxxas Hawk (long gone). I also still have a Traxxas Sledgehammer, and a Traxxas TRX-1 buggy. How about you guys, do you have any old RC pictures to share? (that don't fit into the above forum topics)
  7. 1987 was a landmark year for Cats. While Schumacher's Cat XLS was winning the IFMAR 4WD OR title, Traxxas was launching the first hobby grade RTR in the form of the Tom Cat, or just simply the Cat. It is a car heavily influenced by Tamiya - a Grasshopper style chassis & trailing transmission, a body shell reminiscent of the Fox and Yellow CVA style dampers, albeit with a unique way of adjusting spring rates. Inspired by an article on URC, I plan to restore and gently modify this car to race at next years Iconic Revival - 30 years after the Cat was released. This is what I purchased on eBay recently vs. what I would like to create...
  8. So, the 6s compatible Castle Creations Mamba Monster ESC in my newly-acquired, used E-maxx Brushless fried itself on its first outing. I'm thinking possibly a ripple current caused by using a pair of 2s 4200mAh LiPos that couldn't handle the current draw has caused the capacitors to fail. I must admit I didn't realise this was a possibility until after I'd blown the speedo and searched online for a possible cause. So, I now need to replace the speedo and get hold of some better batteries before I end up with yet another useless RC truck I've found a used example of the same speedo for £90. I was quite happy with the performance of the Mamba Monster on 4s but that seems like a lot of wedge for a used speedo, especially as it'll have no warranty if I fry it again. (It looks like some Mamba Monster speedos had a habit of frying themselves and were replaced under warranty). The current model (Mamba Monster Max) retails for £175. That's a lot of cash for someone who isn't supposed to be spending money on toys. I've got a baby due in just over a month! It's especially a lot of cash if I also need to fund two new 2s packs. HobbyKing list a Turnigy 1:8 ESC: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-160a-1-8th-scale-sensorless-esc-w-fan.html It'll only go to 4s, but then I was unlikely to run the Maxx on 6s anyway as I don't have any 3s packs. I already have a Turnigy programming box for my 1:10 TrackStar Turbo ESCs but I don't know if it will work on the 1:8 ESC. At less than £50, it seems like a bargain. I love the TrackStar series and use them in my HotShot and my CS drift car. HobbyKing also list their own 1:8 ESC: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbykingr-tm-x-car-beast-series-esc-1-8-scale-150a.html £60 and it'll run up to 6s. I'm not sure if either of these will give the same performance as the Mamba Monster; part of me is reluctant to spend any money if I'm going to end up with a less good truck. And so onto batteries - I'll want hardcase LiPos of at least 5000mAh with at least 30C rating. I've used Turnigy NanoTech batteries for a while without any issues but it was a pair of 4200mAh NanoTech stick packs that were in the truck when the speedo smoked itself. I guess it's worth spending on good quality packs if it'll protect my investment in a good quality speedo. Any advice gratefully received
  9. Hey guys - I have a bunch of projects on the verge of completion and not enough spots on my shelfer / runner shelves to fit them so I've listed a bunch currently on the bay. The Varicom Panda is a fun runner but I have more runners than places for them. The re-re Hornet and Grasshopper are theoretically runners, but the GH has only been run a few times and the Hornet has never been run at all! The Traxxas Cat is the last of my early Traxxas buggies. I like them and have enjoyed owning the little pieces of history that they are, but have had to whittle down my fleet to just Tamiya, Kyosho and one RC10. I just don't have excess room and there are Tamiyas and Kyoshos that are must-haves for me still finding their way to my shelves. The Clod body actually came off of a Clod I got in a trade from TCer @markbt73 but I want it box art red and couldn't bring myself to ruin the nice vintage decals just to change the color. As for the Bandido and Pegasus stuff these are project cars I picked up for restorations that ended up being excess to my needs (new Bandido, Pegasus, etc showroom entries forthcoming sometime soon-ish). All the auctions are no reserve - if I wasn't the one selling them to make space, I'd be bidding on them for sure: http://www.ebay.com/sch/waynethebrain/m.html
  10. Hey guys - if anyone reading this is working on or needs/wants a bunch of good NOS Traxxas Cat / Tomcat parts I've got an auction going for some, including a manual, decals, tires, gearbox, and a bunch of other stuff. Looks like it may sell for cheap too... which is fine by me. I just need to get it out of my house! My Cat is already fully restored... http://www.ebay.com/itm/331774572417
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