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Found 13 results

  1. Hello all, welcome to my TRF garage. This currently consists of three TRF cars: TRF414M (see build log in the following) TRF417 V5 (>> start of build log <<) TRF201 (>> start of build log <<) In the first chapter want to share the restoration and build of one of latest Tamiya on-road car in my collection: The TRF414M (Source: www.tamiya.com) The TRF414M Kit was release in March 2001 under the kit number 49175. About its pedigree there is following written down from Tamiya: „After several months of experimentation on the TRF414 chassis kit and a considerable amount of race participation, the TRF designers are proud to bring out an improved version of the chassis, the TRF414M chassis kit. The improvements focused mainly on heightening the efficiency of the drive train and increasing the cornering speed. The TRF414M Chassis Kit is sure to give competitive RC racers just what they need to win on today's track.“ (Source: www.tamiya.com) I found also a summary here at TamiyaClub: TRF414M CHASSIS KIT (limited release) Normally I’m not so interested in TRF models, more in the TA family of the 90s. After a TA01, TA02 and TA03 are already in my collection, a TA04 would be the next one in the row. And the TRF414 as „predecessor“ of the TA04 would also be fine in the collection. The car was part of a hobby abandonment and was offered for 414€. But the price was more a joke from the seller and we agreed on a very good price. Maybe because I bought my Dyna Blaster one week before from the same seller The car arrived only with the manual (motor and servo are not worth mentioning). So first was to deassemble everything and check for demaged parts. The front suspension arm block of the front suspension was a little bit tricky due to the screw was worn out. But with the help of WD40 I could remove the screw without damaging the aluminum block. I was surprised how few plastic parts are used for this kit (ball connectors not showed). Fortunately all aluminum parts were in good condition and only the lower carbon deck was used (full of scratches). Unfortunately the rear ball diff (with metal diff joints) and the front one-way diff were replaced by the TA04 Lightweight Diff Joint Set (TA-53480). Due to I want to re-built the car as close as possible to the original, I have to replace/find the missing parts. Fortunately I found a shop in Belgium, which had a lot of the missing parts. Currently I‘m only still searching for the A parts tree (especially the front bumper stay A4). So let’s start with the build… Step 1 - Attaching lower deck parts Step 2 - Rear arms Step 3 - Attaching rear arms Step 4 - Front arms Step 5 - Attaching front arms Next step will be the differentials and the front and rear bulkhead assembly…
  2. Hello, as I did before for the transmission conversion for my King Cab/Hilux Monster Racer, I also want to separate build thread and transmission conversion of my Dyna Blaster. So the transmission section will not be mixed anymore with the restoration section. In this thread I can also offer a better and clear support for interested customers and can answer questions regarding the gearbox, parts list, manual or assembly. For pictures from the installed gearbox in a Dyna Blaster / Dyna Strom, please visit my build log/thread: Sgt.Speirs' Dyna Blaster Parts list for this modification: 1x 3D printed gearbox parts from Shapeways (latest rev. 1.0): >> Dyna Blaster TRF201x Gear Box & Rear Hubs v1.0 << / >> Dyna Blaster TRF201x Gear Box Only v1.0 << 1x 54471 TA06 Steel Gear Diff. Unit Rear 1x 22031 TD4/TD2 Slipper Clutch Set 1x 53587 Shim 5x0.2mm (1 needed) 1x 13454709 Idler Shaft (alternatively: 54344) 1x 72001* Idler Gear 31T (48DP) - Team Associated DR10M Metal Idler Gear, 31T 1x 19805957 Screw 3x10mm (or standard M3 countersunk screw) 1x 19805763 Screw 3x10mm (or standard M3 panhead screw) 1x 9805989 Screw 3x15mm (or standard M3 panhead screw) 1x 53577 Urethane bushing (red) 1x 53588 Ø10 mm Shim Set (optional parts for shimmimg the gear diff) 1x 42115 Ball bearings 1510 (2 needed) 2x 42113 Ball bearings 1050 (3 needed) 1x 42113 Ball bearings 840 (1 needed) *) Team Associated Spare Parts Number Optional parts: 1x 51314 Tamiya 48DP 91T Spur Gear (optional part for gear ration settings) 1x 51714 Tamiya 48DP 86T Spur Gear (optional part for gear ration settings) Manual for the assembly: Gearbox Assembly - Dyna201 Manual_v1.0.pdf
  3. This thread will document my TRF201XR new build. Other than in the US, the TRF201XR was never sold as a complete kit, but as a conversion for standard 201s and DN01s instead.TamiyaUSA did do their own bundle with a 201, the XR conversion kit, and a set of Big Bores in a single box though it was never an "Official" kit in the strictest sense. For those that don't know, the XR is a chassis conversion for a standard 201 that changes out the tub chassis for an aluminium plate, and increases the wheelbase of the car. It was designed to work with the follow-on XM conversion kit as well, but it's worth noting that the 201 converted to an XR and then an XM is quite a bit different to a TRF201XMW that was released a short time later. I don't have a donor 201 I'm willing to part with, so this build will be done entirely from NIP spares and hop-up parts + a new box XR conversion kit. This build will be raced and won't be spending its life on a shelf - well not until I run out of spares anyway! So we begin... Starting with an XR conversion kit in box, and a large box full of 201 parts: The conversion kit includes the chassis plate, side guards, and all the hardware to attach it to the front and rear of a 201. A body that will fit the XR, XM, XMW and the 211XM is also included. Other essentials for the build (or pretty much any build!): Instructions are pretty thin, and not quite up to the usual standard you'd expect from Tamiya - though as this is very racer orientated conversion I'm sure they're quite sufficient. The numbers on the steps correspond to the equivalent step from a standard 201 manual: Main chassis plate: Surprisingly the side pods/guards appear to be machined from what I assume is Delrin, they feel very strong and rigid: More to follow!
  4. Anyone have Front arms for a TRF201 or DN-01? I'm looking for just regular ones. Awesome if someone has multiple sets
  5. Second prototype of my TA06 gear diff transmission case the rear motor TRF201X and DN01. It uses all the kit parts but replaces the ball diff with the TA06 gear diff. I got some spacings wrong on the left hand case due to using the wrong reference plane, but i have another version coming from Shapeways which will hopefully sort it. Even now it is tight, but fits with no modifications which is what i hoped. I'll put it on my CTE RC Shapeways store once i have completely sorted it. No more melty ball diffs!
  6. Does anybody by any chance have Tamiya 42258 for sale? Many thanks, Justin
  7. Hi, I’m wondering if someone can explain what are the main differences between the TRF201XM and TRF211XM please. I know the TRF201XM has the aluminium chassis while the TRF211XM has the FRP chassis. Am I also right in assuming that the aluminium racing steering set 42258, the aluminium rear uprights (54245 and 54246) and various other hop ups for TRF201 can also be used on the 211XM? Many thanks Justin
  8. Hi, I’m wondering if someone can explain what are the main differences between the TRF201XM and TRF211XM please. I know the TRF201XM has the aluminium chassis while the TRF211XM has the FRP chassis. Am I also right in assuming that the aluminium racing steering set 42258, the aluminium rear uprights (54245 and 54246) and various other hop ups for TRF201 can also be used on the 211XM? Many thanks Justin
  9. Hi Everyone, I know it is a bit of a long shot but has anyone got an Exotek 1245 kit they want to sell (new or used). I contacted Exotek but they said their stock is sold off and the part is discontinued. It comprised of a few parts that bolted to the end of the tub and made the car 8mm longer. Please give me a shout if you or someone you may know has one to sell. Best, Josh
  10. Just won this on auction for $375 total including shipping. Claims it was run one time. It’s trf201 42203 version and comes with some extras like gens ace Lipo, esc, motor, servo, etc... What you guys think ?
  11. Looking for the XR chassis upgrade for a TRF201. I bought an XM conversion kit for my 201 but didnt realise you needed the XR chassis AS WELL as the XM conversion :(. Anyone got one? Ideally new but would consider good condition used.
  12. In another in my occasional but continuing series of Buggies That Would Look Awesome With A Grasshopper2 Shell, I give you the TRF Grasshopper2(01)! I had one of those "I wonder" moments this morning and dropped the trimmed down spare Mad Bull shell I had made up as a Grasshopper2 to fit my DT03 onto my DN01 chassis. As it's a spare, a little more trimming later and it's sitting quite nicely! It even picks up the original Mad Bull front mount on the DN01/TRF201 front spigot! It's not currently attached at the rear, but some Velcro on the shock tower would probably do it. It's very gappy so I think a black painted Desert Gator shell underneath as a chassis cover would sort it. The aerial even fit through the DT03 body post hole I drilled!
  13. As posted on tamiyablog.com: http://tamiyablog.com/2012/07/jilles-groskamp-trf417x-make-tamiya-win-third-ifmar-istc-110-electric-touring-car-world-championships-in-a-row-and-five-in-total/ http://tamiyablog.com/2012/07/tamiya-racing-factory-trf-driver-lee-martin-and-his-trf201-win-third-consecutive-efra-2wd-championship-title/ So that's the third consecutive IFMAR ISTC 1/10 touring car win for Tamiya, and fifth win overall. Plus, three consecutive EFRA 2WD buggy championship titles as well! It's nice to see the TRF team drivers and Tamiya doing so well in these high-visibility events. -Paul
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