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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I’m wondering if someone can explain what are the main differences between the TRF201XM and TRF211XM please. I know the TRF201XM has the aluminium chassis while the TRF211XM has the FRP chassis. Am I also right in assuming that the aluminium racing steering set 42258, the aluminium rear uprights (54245 and 54246) and various other hop ups for TRF201 can also be used on the 211XM? Many thanks Justin
  2. Time to get my second build thread started, this time I will do Tamiyas prototype from 1992 which later was put into production as the Dyna Storm. Even though the box says my car has serial number #24 it's not really true. The majority of it will come from parts I've collected. It won't be 100% accurate since some stuff is missing, but I still feel it's now close enough to get going. I'll start uploading some pictures tomorrow!
  3. Edit: Might have managed to track down some of the missing parts, won't sell. Thanks for the interest
  4. To make a long story short, I have roughly half a TRF211X in very nice condition. I would very much like to complete it but the exclusive parts for this car are extremely hard to find, and it's a bit pointless to replace them with Dyna Storm items. If all else fails I will consider selling it, but I'll give it a try.. Anybody having any of these parts and thinking about selling, please PM or answer in the topic. Looking for, and willing to pay something like (everything is negotiable): 'Shiny' prototype shocks (body + caps). Offer 300 euros Any of the coloured springs (yellow, orange, blue). Offer 100 euros Plastic spur gear holder / centre section for the slipper. Offer 150 euros Body shell. Beat up shell - 150. New - 300 euros. Rear damper mount. Offer 50 euros. Rear suspension mounts (x2 pairs) for both toe-in degree settings. Offer 100 euros /P Oh, forgot to add: Any other exclusive 211X parts (i.e non-dyna storm parts) not listed are also of interest if they are in good condition.
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