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Found 16 results

  1. Another week, another questionable Nikko purchase. This one was a Nikko 18 wheeler that I picked up for £15. I thought at the very worst it'll make a push along toy for the toddler. A few rattling pieces inside, so knew it was going to be a resto mod with new parts. On the outside it looks great. Somewhat smaller than my road express but perhaps the same scale The inside was less pretty. Some damage and a very complex gearbox which used the same motor to power the 5th wheel and drive. Lots of tiny, noisy gears. I decided to remove all the old electronics and most of the gears. I am left with a diff stuck to the two axle halves. I can't remove the wheels without damaging something so it is all one thing. At the moment the axle can somewhat float around. My plan is to 3D print something to lock the axle in place and then print a motor mount that allows a pinion to engage directly with the diff as a spur gear. It's a 50T 0.6M gear, so an 8T pinion should give me a gear ratio of 6.25. Now this is pretty high but the wheels are small and I'll be running on the flat. I plan to use a brushless motor running 4.8 volts so I shouldn't melt anything. Any thoughts on this? I might be able to find a step gear if needed but I am just trying to keep it simple. For the front I can drop in a servo and steer it using the rack it's got already. 5th wheel will be another micro servo in the gearbox. Those two are easy but not sure about the drive gear.
  2. Hi Guys! My Mrs has bought me the bruiser and high lift for my Birthday. While I am currently waiting for the clock to tick and days to pass nearer to my birthday, I have made a list for both chassis for relevant upgrades. The only thing I am unsure about is selecting the right motor? I am trying to stick to Tamiya Motors (Brushed) but open for suggestions Which Tamiya motor would you guys suggest would give me adequate power and torque suitable for the chassis? I will be running 2S Lipos The plan for the Bruiser and High Lift is to turn them into "OK" trail trucks (I know they're aren't the best and that there are better trucks) Here are the motors I have in mind: Tamiya Torque Tuned 25T Motor: 54358 Tamiya TR Torque Tuned 33T Motor: 56526 Tamiya CR Tuned 35T Motor: 54114 Many Thanks! S
  3. How to fix my RC. all wheels are moving in the same direction? I just want the front wheels move not the rear wheels lol. Please help! https://youtu.be/jkUvREW-f2I
  4. *apologies to NJ’s second favourite son JBJ for the title* But man was I Livin’ on a Prayer hoping to find anything in stock in these difficult times, seems like any Tamiya kit is Wanted Dead or Alive. But when hope was lost I Kept the Faith and Fusion restarted their webshop coming though with the Aqroshot like a Blaze of Glory. Selling the Top Force was Bad Medicine but getting this basher is sweeter than a Bed Of Roses. I Regret Nothing.
  5. Hi, I'm new at the club. I bought about two year ago a Blitzer Stadium (a release maybe). Since then I have modified many things on it. Looking on Internet to find new thing to do on the truck. My fun is to find what is cool on recent RC cars and try to reproduce on mine. I have already: installed front and rear carbon fiber shock tower with homemade aluminium parts upgraded the shocks (aluminium) upgraded suspension arm shafts (basic) removed some plastic of the chassis. Lower now replaced most of the screws ... I have modified many parts. So if you are interested to know the parts that I used to upgrade the blitzer, fell free to comment. Hope you will enjoy my first pictures. I will list soon all the modifications on the truck. Glob356
  6. I’d hoped to start micro scale racing again, but the chain of lockdowns sucked the momentum out of the scene, both Nationally and locally. In fact for a large city Bristol has curiously been underserved with racing for as long as I can remember. I’ll be taking the Aqroshot to Swindon/Mendip and Tiverton over the summer but also wanted something to race indoors, hence a truck. These TT-01E trucks seem to be perfect for budget/clubman classes and that exactly what this will be. Rules are loosely based on the Tamiya Eurocup, only bearings and alloy drive shaft and cups allowed as a hop up, stock tyres only, 20t brushed limit (but torque tuned encouraged to level the playing field.) Still waiting on the prop shaft to arrive, so I got straight on with the body, which is nice as it appears that by picking the Buggyra Fat Fox, I’ve taken on a big task.
  7. Always nice when you buy a new kit and then a buddy sends you a link to video saying how “it’s the hardest RC body shell ever!” Sure there is some hyperbole there.......but there does seem to be an element of truth about it. Sigh, what have I got myself into?
  8. Hi am selling my Tamiya TNX 5.2r On eBay if someone would like to join for a biding I’m going to leave a link if someone is interested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/383553557818
  9. It's been a while since I built a Tamiya "fun" kit. Good thing I just won a NIB Desert Fielder TA02T on eBay. This will be my very first TA build. I'm looking forward to it. I have a few questions: What is the body that comes on this truck? Is it the S-10? Is it the Ford F-150? Or is it something else? I can't tell for certain from the photos. I ordered ball bearings right away. Are there any other upgrades I should start with? I'm going to use this as an on-road truck with maybe some light off-road, rally running. Thank you.
  10. I have a new in pack TM1 exhaust muffler for the Tamiya TR15T nitro truck 44001 £12 posted with in the UK PP gift cheers
  11. I've ordered this battery (http://www.ebay.com/itm/272350378004) for my new Tundra. Is it any good? (did not want LiPo since I'm a beginner). Thinking I might have to buy another battery soon cause I understand you shouldn't run Ni-Mh more than once or twice a day. What charger would you recommend? I was looking at Traxxas EZ-Peak Plus or Dual..
  12. Hey Guys! one of my friends made me a quick vid on the Juggernaut, let me know what you think! for my blogs on my builds follow me on Instagram @RCBah Thanks For Looking!
  13. Tamiya big wheeled truck event at Kidderminster 3rd July 2016 Kidderminster is hosting the first Tamiya big wheeled truck event. See facebook link for full details..... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1042784125780236/ booking is open and via email - pay on the day. Tamiyatruckfest@gmail.com A minimum of 5 entries will be needed to run any class. Camping is available on Saturday the 2nd of July at a small cost of £2 each tent/caravan. Entry into 1 class will cost £5 and every other class will at £4. You can run as many classes as you wish. Please contact (Malcolm McDougall) at Tamiyatruckfest@gmail.com with any questions.
  14. Just want some input and people experiences with various off road cars. I love my tt-02 type-s at the track, but where I live we have a fair bit of rain, and I`m not far from the largest sand dune in Japan. Tottori sand dune. i`m minutes away, and at the end near me there is a large flat sandy area with a few small hills here and there. And this part is mostly hard surfaced, with sandy patches. There are also, some nice walking trails. hard, dirt gravel etc. I want to get out more with a car and have some good old fun. There are too many choices.......... tt-02t tt-02b (ms) DT-02 03 db-01 etc etc........... My needs 1) 4WD reasons, not sure. but my thinking is better control and speed. but am open to 2WD if it has benefits. 2) Be a tank, I read somewhere that racing orientated buggies tend to be more fragile? is this true. 3) Japanese brand, Tamiya, kyosho, yokomo. As I live in japan, price and availability of parts. I`m more partial to Tamiya, Never had anything else, and dont know much else about the other brands. BUt I do like the look of some kyosho cars. 4) waterproof (wetweather proof) it wont be swimming. 5) Maybe comes with good parts. I got the tt-02 ts and have already spent a s#$t load on extras should have just got a TB-04. 6) be able to handle a fast brushless system. eventually I want it scream across the terain. I like the look of some of the traxxas truggies and prefer the look of the truck type bodies more than the buggies. But the outright fun of it will outweigh any body considerations so buggies are still in. I want to put a fast brushless system in but dont know which models are suited, dont want to strip the diffs too often. All the different off road chassis (tamiya) I`m not entirely sure where they sit in the hierarchy of things. if someone could take the time and explain a few of them that would be great. In a nut shell, I`m not asking for a best off-road car to suit me, but rather your opinions, experiences, which have good reputations/ bad reps. Cars prone to break or break down as opposed to never breakdown. Price is fairly open, once I get the ok from my other half she is never gonna know how much goes into. I`ll use your info like a guide to my purchase. cheers.
  15. Hello. I have a monster beetle in great condition w/ upgrades. It has a rear suspension stabilizer on the gear box, the cool technigold motor, and an aluminum brace that i designed and programmed a cnc machine to mill. It has full ball bearings. I also have the futaba radio, 6 NiCd batteries, and 2 chargers. Included are boxes and manuals for the monster beetle and radio. I have attached some pics. I live in Austin, Texas...Looking for $375 dollars, we split shipping. Thanks for looking! Best to contact me at chris_fabATyahoo.com
  16. I'm going to be starting up my Scania R470 build. I've collected all the pieces I need and will start the build this week. Who knows how it will end up? Should be another fun build, that's for sure...Will be built with a 60T motor, MFU (for ease of install), and some awesome RC4WD Budd wheels! Ready to go!
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