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Found 6 results

  1. So, I used to own a MKV GTI that I loved to death. It was the first car where I just enjoyed everything about it. I picked up this kit while I had the car, because I wanted to reproduce it as close as I possibly could, but I have since sold the car. Anyway, this car will sort of be a reminder of the good memories I had of the car. My old MKV GTI My TT-01E build progress Chassis as it sits right now. Hobbywing Justock XR10, Hobbywing Justock 17.5T, TT01 Aluminum drive shaft, Full ball bearings, Tamiya 28T pinion and 55T Spur, Savox 254MG Servo Suspension - upgraded shocks Painted the lightbucket of the headlights the way they're supposed to be like they are from factory. Painted the mirrors accordingly Progress on the body that will be attached with magnets. What's left? 1. Wheels, I bought some wheels that are as close to the stock 18" Hufeisen wheels as possible they're undergoing painting righ tnow. Ideally I'd like to have a replica of the 18" fifteen52 RML Snowflakes that you see in the picture of my old car, but someone would have to 3d print that for me. 2. See if I can possibly replicate the grille slats that I had on my car on the front. 3. Decals! Just the VW emblems and the windshield wipers.
  2. Hi everyone! After a bunch of searching on Google and this forum, I couldn't figure out what kind of pinion/spur should I order for my soon to be TA02? I'm looking for a 25T/66T combo for a high powered b/l motor. I know Robinson Racing makes every imaginable pinion in steel, which is what I need, but I'm not sure about the pitch/bore I need. Some places say the pinion has to be 0.4 metric, some say 48p, and others just state I need to match it to the spur. What is correct? Some introduction since this is my 1st post here: I've been into cars since I was born, and a couple of months before getting my license I worked at an amateur toy/hobby store. We had some interesting 1/10 RTR and kits that we almost never sold, and some beaten up dummy TT01 to exhibit. One day I decided to ask the owner to have myself a kit and he agreed to sell it to me at what it cost him. A few months later, I had 3 shells(LaFerrari, Z4M Racing, 997 GT3 Cup), a brushless 8.5T motor running on the lowest gearing possible on a TT-01, and lots of TT-01E and aftermarket alu hop ups too. And then I sold it. Now, a couple of years later, having my own car and missing the whole building/driving a 1/10th scale RC car, I started searching and figured the best choice for me would be the 993 GT2 "TA02SW" by Tamiya. Now after getting some parts, although not the kit itself, I wanted to figure out what spur/pinion ratio I'm going to run. My current goal is either 4.5T or 3.5T motor, with 25/66 gearing.
  3. Hello All in UK, Bruiser clear parts tree. NIP £10? Venom speed meter BNIP £12 posted ESC's: Tamiya TEU-104BK new £12 posted LRP IPC, NO LIMIT brushed racing ESC forward with brake, No reverse, diode included for motor brakes. BNIB £20 shipped Please PM me if your interested in anything. I can combine shipping. James.
  4. Hello, I'm working on a new project which is based on a Tamiya TT-01E. There are a few unusual upgrades so I thought it could be interesting to share it with you. Basically, I was driving my Madcap on asphalt and I was reaching for speed, but it was not really the good model so I get a few TT-01 models and started a new project. This TT-01E has some basical upgrades: -full ball bearings -3Racing shocks -Tamiya53336 reinforced rings -Tamiya53227 radial tires -long gearing with 55T spur -Trackstar 6.5T brushless motor -Tamiya TBLE-01 ESC -Peak Racing 3300 mAh 45C 2S Lipo -Futaba R2004GF Rx -Blue neons -little rally conversion (higher ground clearance) and also other upgrades much unusual: -HK ENos system: it's giving higher voltage for a few seconds when using channel 3 switch on the T3PL radio This was a nice setup, but since i don't have a speed gun and I'm also playing with FPV gliders, I thought it would be cool to put a FPV system on the RC car. Here is the FPV part: -Mobius cam -HK cheap OSD (this is same as G-OSD) -Fatshark 5.8 GHz video transmitter -Fatshark filtered power supply And on the video Rx side: -RC832 5.8 GHz video receiver -Mini DVR -1300 mAh 15C 2S Lipo So this setup is working fine, car is very powerful and it can reach high speed, but in fact I don't have enough space where I live to reach top speed, I need to find a better place where I can push it to the limit and use ENos system. I'm not satisfied with OSD which seems to give crappy speed datas, maybe it's because GPS system has interferences with 2.4 GHz radio system, 5.8 GHz video Tx and all electronics in the car. But system is nice, it can record video from inside the car in HD, and I can view FPV in real time while driving, with OSD vaues. I can also record OSD video with DVR, it's fun. Here is the TT-01E, with his Impreza WRX STi rally body: Without body: ENos system: Motor, ESC and Rx: Video transmitter: GPS antenna: OSD board is hidden here: All plugged in and ready: ...
  5. Short and simple: how can you tell which TT-01 version (D, E,...) you have? I got one as part of a purchase but i don't know anything about the TT-01 and wonder what to do with it.
  6. Hi all, I am new to the RC scene, in terms of wanting to build one from scratch... I bought a TA-05 car 2 years ago, someone had already built it as a shelf queen, looked like standard parts + Tamiya Sport Tuned Motor. From that, I didn't get chance to learn about the RC setup, just went straight in with razzing it in the street, which was great fun, and easy to drive.... Then I got introduced to an RC club, went along, and did the carpet racing indoors. For me, not having a clue, this is where it went wrong, tires didn't like carpet, everyone else was twice as fast, but more importantly, I was like Tom Cruise in 'Days of Thunder', ie: I hit everything!! After a few sessions, I got the hang of the track, but still kept on bashing into the walls, which eventually killed my car, the drive shaft/dogbone thingys wouldn't stay in, so wheels wouldn't spin, etc... Eventually sold as Spares and gave up the idea... However, am back on the case again, and want to build my own, and learn from the ground up, so would appreciate some help here please :) I set myself a budget of upto £300, to build a car which I will use outdoor (dry), and hopefully race indoors on carpet with other RC peeps (against other slow drivers!) I like the look of other cars I see which have the blue hop-up parts, that also makes me think the hop-up parts are a bit stronger, so in terms of novices like me, can take a bashing when on a track (well, a bit better than normal parts!)... So ideally, I was looking to buy a few hop-up parts which strengthen the wheel area for when hitting walls.... However, I wouldn't know where to start with which bag of bits to buy ? My shopping list currently: TT-01E - Nissan GTR Shell - comes with std Silver can and a TEU-104BK ESC = £126 Turnigy GTX3 2.4gz controller/Receiver = £40 (I assume it will work with any Tamiya ESC ??) or cheapo alternative is a 'FLY SKY FS-GT2' control/rece for £19 Ansmann Racing EX-High Speed Servo AR-700BB = £17.24 / or High Torque AR-710BB , same price.... wouldn't know which to choose... Charger I like the look of is a x2 battery charger - Fusion NX82 = £28 (and a few batteries which are 3000 or higher) That list is basic, but enough to get me started in building something that would run... Guess I would need Paint, Tamiya toolkit and possibly a cutter if shell not already cut? But............. These are the other things I looked at which I like.. TEU-105BK ESC = £23 Sport Tuned motor = £19 / Tamiya GT-Tuned motor = £25 / Tamiya SuperStock RZ motor = £36 And this: this is what I think would be a good idea............... Tamiya TT-01R KIT, comes with a Tamiya Lightly Tuned Motor (28T), motor alone is worth £26. Description for the TT01R says it comes with Hop-up parts already, but as a kit, will cost £125 + servo + TEU-105BK controller + 1/10 Shell + controller/recei.... Am I way out ? or on the right track, the TT01R makes me think its a fast car already and has super duper bits to it, but that could just be me reading it wrong? cheers guys...
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