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Found 11 results

  1. bjorklo

    TT-02B MS WEE

    Ok, so why did I get this car, here’s the thing. I recently bought a used DF-03 MS and the car just fell apart due to bad plastic. I was trying to get a new one, but I couldn’t find one to an reasonable price, but I did find the TT-02B MS and thought It would be a good replacement. I have chosen to call this project “White Edge Edition” since I’m going to use the white TT-02 chassis instead, where it’s possible. Here is the extra hop-up parts I’m going to use: Tamiya OP-1875 (54875) TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit X 2 Tamiya OP-1477 (54477) Gearbox Joint for Universal Shaft (TT-02) X 2 Tamiya OP-1558 (54558) TT-02 Aluminum Motor Mount Tamiya OP-1820 (54820) TT-02B Stainless Steel Shaft & Support Bridge Tamiya OP-1752 (54752) TT02 Steering Upgrade Parts Tamiya OP-1754 (54754) TT-02B Carbon Damper Stays (Front & Rear) Tamiya OP-1500 (54500) TT-02 High Speed Gear Set (68T) Tamiya OP-791 (53791) DF-02 Assembly Universal Shaft X 2 Tamiya OP-926 (53926) DF-03 Aluminum Damper Set Tamiya 54186 4WD Buggy Dual Block Tires K (62/35,Rear) Tamiya 54185 Dual Block Tires K (Front 62/25) Tamiya 47336 White TT-02 D Parts (Motor Mount) Tamiya 47338 White TT-02B B Parts (Upright) Tamiya TT-02 White 51527 A-Pieces Steering Knuckle Wheel Hubs Tamiya TT-02 White 51530 D-parts Battery Holder Square STD-252 Titanium Screws for TT-02 Eagle Racing Alu Servo Mount for Tamiya TT02 As always I think this will be a long term project, so not sure when I get to start on it or when it will be done. I also have a special twist on this build, but I will save it to the car is ready to be revealed, so stay tuned.
  2. Hello! I'm trying to put together a Plasma Edge II and have not been able to find the A Parts, Body, or Stickers for it. Any help would be awesome if you have any for sale.
  3. Hi, I started in the 80's with a Hornet, bought 15 years ago a TLT-1 RockBuster (that I still have) and my son (11) recently got a Neo Fighter. The Rockbuster is still fine, but a little bit too special to bash around, so I bought a TT-02B Plasma Edge II. I have the ballbearings ordered and a brushless combo from Hobbywing (3300 kv) available. I'm still looking for some decent street tires/wheels and found the Louise E-ROCKET. They look nice and they have an outside diameter of 85 mm. The OEM-tires are without the spikes about 78 mm. That would mean that I have a little bit more ground clearance. But what is a good pinion? I have a 20T available, but I think that would be a little bit too fast. And are there other things I should look for when choosing a pinion? Like alu of metal and size of the teeth? Any advice about other upgrades? Thanks for the replies!
  4. This is for all things TT-02B chassis or Neo Scorcher. After a couple of years absence from RC cars, I just build the Neo Scorcher and started looking for tips in here. I only found scattered posts on specific topics, so I decided to try out a general thread for the TT-02B chassis. http://youtu.be/gHC0XOIHw-I Having sold the majority of my Tamiyas, I only have few shelf queens left, which will not go racing, but the Neo Scorcher may just hit a small track this summer, so I'm looking for simple upgrade suggestions (I want to keep it simple, cheap and fun) I have already fitted ball bearings, but I haven't decided a motor yet. The kit includes a 380-type motor mount, and I consider getting a 28mm inrunner to keep weight down. Any suggestions on KV for this? (14T -16T pinions will fit the mount resulting in 11.38:1 - 13:1 overall gear ratios)
  5. Just thought I'd show off my newly built Neo Scorcher. Bought from eBay, in Metallic Pink. It's got several hop ups and several more on the way. It's mainly for bashing, but the wife has ok'd it for shelf use. So the body, wheels and shocks will be coming off to stay looking pretty. The electrics are stating fairly standard, might swap out to a brushless motor, but I'll be keeping with NiHM batteries or possibly some LiFe ones. Hop ups are:- Jazrider - Alloy steering, alloy prop, alloy prop cups and bearing set. Tamiya - Alloy motor mount (to be fitted), FRP rear shock tower, FRP front tower (on order) heat sink (also on order) Runner body will be another Neo Scorcher, with FTX wheels.
  6. After taking the car to the track this weekend, one of the piston rods bent probably from a bad landing. I can only find replacement CVA Mini shock piston rods but this one looks longer. It is from the rear shocks of the TT-02B. Thanks.
  7. I was planning to run a Super Stock BZ in a TT-02B with a Tamiya 54571 heat sink. It appears the heat sink is only compatible with the 540 Sports and Torque Tuned motors. Apparently possible short circuit if used with other types of motors. So my questions are: Are there any overheating issues with running aa Super Stock BZ using the standard D7 and D8 parts? The manual does recommend running a Torque Tuned or Super Stock BZ, then later it recommends the heat sink 54571. I guess they must have only been referring to Torque Tuned plus heat sink?
  8. After finishing my DT-03 Bug-Truck, which is basically a DT-03T with a beetle shell and offroad tires, and after taking this picture with the Racing Fighter and the Neo Scorcher, I thought about giving the Bug a 4WD brother.
  9. I am putting together a Neo Scorcher TT-02B and I know there are several threads dedicated to the build so I hope its not bad form to create another. If this needs to be merged to another just let me know. It just seems like a lot of people are inquiring about buggys and the TT02B is always recommended. I am putting one together with as many Tamiya hop-ups as possible. There are a couple of non-Tamiya parts as the previous threads have pointed out some flaws in the usually remarkable Tamiya Parts. I opted for the Eagle Racing Universal shafts and a YR Motor mount that has not arrived yet. The Eagle uni's are known to stay together better when the buggy is overpowered and the YR Motor mount allows for some ridiculous gear combos, of course, coupled with the TT02 high speed spur gear bushing. It's looking like it going to be a fun build. I ordered a full set of DF-02 differential gears and housings so those were assembled first. Filing down the 2 bevel gears that go on the propeller shaft was a pain. I did not have access to a electric grinder so a flat hand file was used. The metal gears have a collar that is 1mm too thick. Every other gear was a drop in fit out of the package. The front was packed with 500,000 wt differential oil and the rear is going be ran dry with the exception of a light coat of the included Tamiya grease. The aluminum propeller shaft arrived today so the build has started. The plastic propeller is shown for comparison. A monster is being born!
  10. In the pipeline from Tamiya: 47329 Heavy Dump Truck Metallic Special (GF-01) and a few parts for the CC-01, GF-01, TT-02 and TT-02B too: 42308 TRF Silicone Oil Bottle Bag 47333 TT-02 A-Parts (Upright), Blue 47334 TT-02 A-Parts (Upright), White 47335 TT-02 D-Parts (Motor Mount), Blue 47336 TT-02 D-Parts (Motor Mount), White 47337 TT-02B B-Parts (Upright), Blue 47338 TT-02B B-Parts (Upright), White 47339 TT-02 Hard Lower Deck, Blue 47340 TT-02 Hard Lower Deck, White 54733 TT-02 Aluminum Rear Uprights (3.0 deg) 54734 GF-01 FRP Battery Plate 54735 CC-01 Mud Block Tires (2 Pcs.) 54736 Gold Plated Mesh Wheels (+2mm) (4 Pcs.)
  11. I'm looking for a new/unused Neo Scorcher body, preferably the metallic pink special but the standard would work. I would also consider just a rear wing as the one we currently have took a beating when a well meaning kid tried to marshal my daughter back into action by lifting up her buggy via only the wing and then flinging it back onto the track. :/ Please PM me if you have one for sale or trade.
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