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Found 69 results

  1. The Brief When I needed a body shell and motor to go on my upcoming Type-SR build, man-maths sidled into my thought process and decided to buy a whole extra car. The logic (and I'm applying somewhat liberal use of that word here) being that I'll have a backup chassis if needed, I can use it in more restrictive classes that the SR may not qualify for and I can use it as a cheap car-park thrasher as the mood takes me. The truth is there isn't much logic at all and I just like building up kits. Pick your explanation and we'll move on... The aim of this build is to spend as little as possible on it, since there is no reason to cannibalise funds from my other car. So I'll be looking for free or very cheap ways to improve it. I'm going to aim to keep it mostly stock so it can show up and run in any TT02 class, it doesn't need to be competitive, it just needs to be durable enough to finish races. One base spec TT-02, £82 from TimeTunnelModels. I allowed the budget to extend to a set of bearings, so they were added on to the order for another £9.20. All shipped and delivered on the next working day so shout out to TTM for speedy service. The Build I'm not going to do a step by step build thread as I'm sure this car has been done to death by now, but I'll post some sporadic observations and notes as I go, to remind myself in future as much as for anyone else's benefit. To D15 or not to D15 So the first decision I made at the beginning was to delete part D15 from the build since it limits steering angle. However, after a bit of advice on another thread I decided that I should reinstall it since the risk of losing a dogbone wasn't worth the risk. Typically, in the intervening hours of making that choice, D15 had completely vanished (I suspect I know who the culprit is, the thread will reveal his identity in time). Luckily I had this left over from my son's TT-02 Type-S build: The Type-S deletes D15 by default, so the left over part makes its way into this build: Free caster I've seen a few mentions of reversing the upper arms to dial in around 10 degrees of caster. I've decided to give this a shot, my local track has a longish straight so the extra stability at speed will be useful. Easy enough to swap back if it induces too much camber. Eliminating slop Installing the front upper arms revealed the first bit of slop in the build. Initially I was stumped, since the left (in this image) arm was free of any play, yet the right had a good 1mm or more of play. I started looking in my spares box for a suitable shim (I have none as it turns out, I need something with 5mm ID to fit the pins on the plastic arms), but the imbalance between the two sides kept nagging at me. Finally I realised it could be down to tolerance in the screws clamping the shock tower and the rear brace. I slackened the screws off and squeezed both parts together as shown before nipping the screws back up: My hunch was right, after this adjustment each arm now has an equal amount of play. They are still going to need shimming, but both sides are now the same which puts some minor OCD to rest for me. Pack of 5mm ID shims ordered for £2.09 which I think fits with my low cost improvement criteria. The rear end went together without any issues, so nothing worth posting for that part of the build. Pit crew Remember that missing D15 part? I have a prime suspect: Not wanting to risk any further losses, I gave him a spare prop shaft to amuse himself with: Shocking Obviously this base kit comes with the standard friction shocks. I knew from the start these were not great, but actually holding them in your hands really reveals just how terrible they are. How Tamiya can bear the shame of including them in this day and age is beyond me. I know this is a beginner car, I know it's built to a price and I know that a lot of TT-02s just end up as shelf-queens anyway, but these are less than toy grade level parts. Even our crew chief is sceptical that these belong on the car: I had every intention of using them, however by luck I have an AliExpress order due in the next week. I pre-emptively added a set of very cheap (£4 IIRC) oil filled shocks to that order to go in my spares, so if they arrive in time they will go straight on instead of the friction parts. At this point the chassis build is paused whilst I wait on a few other cheap parts to arrive, but they should be here soon. Next post will detail the fun of prepping my first ever shell for painting.
  2. **Braking News — Tamiya presented new spare parts at the Nuremberg Toy Fair: All body posts are now available individually without having to buy the B-parts. Owners of TT02 variants will be particularly pleased because they no longer have to buy the extensive B-parts bag just to get 4 simple body posts. ** I wish this dream would come true one day. 🙂
  3. I thought I would share quickly my latest TT-02 iteration. The idea was to have a fully adjustable chassis that uses standard - rather than type S - TT-02 parts. Also I wanted to make sure the original parts would not require complex modifications and that the number of custom parts would be reduced to an absolute minimum. The result is also mechanically "clean" in that there is no unwanted change in caster as the suspension compress. The extra holes on the plate allow adjusting roll center when using type-S shock towers. So here it is! I am quite happy with how it turned out. I can now dial in camber, caster, bump steer and Ackerman.
  4. I've got a TT-02 Type-SR currently held up in customs, which will be getting built up as my main car with a few other nice bits. However in the meantime I managed to pick up a cheap stock TT-02 kit that I wanted to run as a 'B-car' to serve as a backup for me and my son. I'm keen to spend as close to zero on it as possible, but still have it functional for racing. So far it's unbuilt (well, I've done the prop shaft and diffs this evening). Anyone got any no/low cost tweaks to make it race worthy? On my list so far: Bearings (this was an outlay I was willing to make) Steel pinion from the spares box AW grease on the friction shocks for some pseudo-damping 500k in the front diff Collection of shims to dial out some of the play Superglue the stock servo saver / direct mount the servo horn and delete the saver Some part worn Contact 30 tires Delete part D15 to increase steering angle I've heard mention of flipping the arms, but other than for adjusting wheelbase I'm not sure if there are any other benefits? Also seen some people using a secondary brace on the steering to reduce some of the slop which are about £5 on eBay. Any other build secrets that can improve it?
  5. I saw this TT-02 Belt Drive kit on AliEpress. It is inexpensive, interesting or as Spock would call it "fascinating"! Soooooo, i ordered one! I have built five tt-02 cars using tips I have found on this forum which from my first build made them all better than they would have been from just using the manual. I have come up with a few things myself which I would like to share when time allows (like the motor air scoop accepts a 30mm fan and does very well to cool your motor when a fan is used ! Why Tamiya doesn't mention this is beyond me) ...more to come; but back to this belt thangy! It looks to be of fairly good quality and since I am currently building a rally tt-02 and my first TT-02B i will try it in one or the other and report back.
  6. Hello all.I recently converted my tt02 to a rally car and it is super fun.But when i was getting ready to drive today,i notices that one side of my servo wasnt bolted in (but it was before).So i unscrewed my servo/mounts and noticed my screw was missing.I put the one screw i had remaining in both holes of the mounts.. And in one of them there were no threads at all!!! (I have noticed for some time that one side the screw just kept on gurning before but thought it was normal)Keep in mind these are the stock plastic mounts.I have a week go get it ready for some racing/bashing with friends.I can either try to make something myself,or order a tamiya mount.Im using a low profile savox servo.Which one is cheaper and would take less time? Also should the new mounts be aluminium?
  7. I can't assemble it because the spur gear is blocking the diff case from fitting in, it's like part C5 is too long. The pin is fully seated in the gear. I've examined it over and over and it looks 100% correct.
  8. Hello, just wondering...I sort of want to upgrade to a brushless system in my TT02, but its gonna be quite the wad of cash to do so. So instead of doing that, i was wondering what the easiest way to get the lowest FDR possible while being safe for the motor. I currently have a 22t 0.6mod pinion and the high speed gear set. Thanks in advance!
  9. Ok, so Im not sure if I did something wrong or not, but I just got the TT01 turnbuckle set for my TT02. I just took it out for its first run since installing it, and it doesnt quite handle like I want it to. So Im trying to adjust them and either the wrench it comes with is messed up somehow, or my turnbuckles are stripped at the nut. Its a brand new set and I dont know why the wrench wont hold onto the turnbuckle nuts. Any thoughts?
  10. Hello! Im new here to Tamiyaclub and tamiya RC. I just ordered my firct rc kit, a TT02 (A80 Racing Supra). I was just wondering, is there anything I should know and pay attention to when I start to build it? I think I remember seeing some Youtube videos where people used tackle boxes to sort out screws? (Are there really THAT many???) Maybe a dumb question, is it better for me to try to finish in a day or two, or should I spend my time building it? Even if it ends up taking a week or two? Are stock TT02 shocks really as bad as some say? A good set of shocks + oil might cost me around 30-40 dollars (US). Is it worth buying a set? Or is a cheap >$20 set ok too? And I have about 6 spare 2s LiPo batteries from a dud rc truck I got for about $100. Im hoping to be able to use those (I got a lvc too) Im just planning to drive around anywhere I can, really. Just want to make it as fun as possible while keeping it relatively cheap. Not looking to make a bunch of upgrades (though I did get bearings). Thanks in advance for all the answers! And if there is anything else I should know, please feel free to throw it out there!
  11. Has anyone heard of the TT02D Type-S??? I just saw Thercracer do a review of it. Does anyone own one? If so, what do you think of it? From a beginner drifting standpoint? Is it THAT much better than a (mostly) stock tt02 with drift tires? Also, where to find it for sale, in the US?
  12. I have noticed that the tt02 is a highly popular beginners car for lots of people (including myself a beginner) and that there are many questions and directions you can go with building your tt chassis and driving it.I have also noticed that there are threads for many other popular chassis like the m chassis and many buggies.So i thought why not create a thread for people who need help with there tt01 or tt02,or sharing info or just a simple discussion.Anything tt01 or tt02 related is allowed here!
  13. Hello.I have just finished building my tt02 after it just sitting in the garage for 3 years and i have been greeted with a very dissapointing problem.My servo saver is breaking apart after like 1 minute and my car cant drive straight.Any idea why? i put a screw that fit well into it but its still doing this.
  14. I have a tt02 with a superstock rz motor on 2s and running stock wheels.When i drove it for the first time i was impressed.But i took off the wheels and i was greeted with uh.... yeah as you can see below thats possible.So should i use plastic or aluminium hexes?
  15. Just thought I'd share how I've upgraded my TT02 after saying I want to keep it as close to stock as possible 😅 Ok, so in order, this is what ive put on it... 1. Bearings 2. Hobbypark Aluminum heatsink 3. YR Aluminum shocks - Awesome set of shocks, so many ways to customize how you want them to run - 4. Robinson racing 22t steel pinion gear 5. Tamiya high speed gear set 6. Kimbrough medium servo saver So in the end, did I spend more money than I had initially wanted? Yes. Was it fun putting all the new parts on and seeing how the car improved? Yes. Overall, was it worth buying upgrades? Yes. Does that mean I am not going to buy any more upgrades as long as nothing breaks? Well...maybe, maybe not. Is my wallet happy? No, but I am 😂 Im surprised how much all the upgrades Ive made improve every aspect of the car, the way it handles, steers, and frankly, the way it looks too. Ive spent a little over $300 (US) on this and I love the car. Sort of wanting to look into a steering bridge too lol What have you spent on your TT02? Are you happy with the upgrades? And what do you think are really great upgrades that probably arent necessary (maybe what you might consider a stage 2 car instead of a stage 1 TT02 with just bearings.) Note: I just ran this on some dusty street, so its not as clean as it was yesterday.
  16. im looking for a servo for my tt02 that will last me a long time and also be good at racing that isnt expensive.I was looking at the jx servo CLS6322HV its 21kg.Ive had my tt02 for 3 years now but i havent gotten to finishing it until now Lol.This is my first post so if im doing anything wrong you can tell me
  17. So number one, this is the servo I have in my TT02... SunFounder 20KG Servo Motor Waterproof High Torque Servo, SF3218MG Metal Gear Digital Servo, Aluminium Case, Control Angle 270° for RC Robot Cars https://a.co/d/578xEeD I didnt use the screw or the servo horn that came with the servo, only what came in the tamiya kit. I just bought a kimbrough servo, and as I was installing it, I noticed im missing my servo screw. So now I cant install any servo horn at all. Has anyone else experienced their servo screws backing out/going missing? And also what kinds of screws are they? How long are the TT02 screws usually? Bummed out my car is out of commission for the moment.... Any help is greatly appreciated
  18. Being the loving, wonderful, supportive women she is my wife wanted to buy me a RC related gift for Christmas. She knows next to nothing about RC, but, as an intelligent academic and Cambridge educated qualitative researcher she used all her knowledge, training and skills, put in the hard hours internet searching, phoned numerous model shops and… brought me two cars on exactly the same TT02 chassis. Mrs Nick realised this on Christmas Eve but wrapped them anyway safe in the knowledge that Wonderland had said she could return one in January if it wasn’t what I had wanted. I would guess they were surprised someone was ordering the same chassis twice and upon her recounting the ordering conversation to me it sounds like they were delicately trying to suggest she may be making a mistake. Anyhoo, on Christmas morning I unwrapped two new cars. A Porsche 911 RSR, on the TT02 touring chassis, and a Ford GT mk11, on the TT02 touring chassis. Both very cool looking bodies, Mrs Nick always chooses well in the aesthetics department… just look at me… but both exactly the same. So then what to do? Initial thoughts were to return one for something else but that didn’t seem quite right. Mrs Nick really liked the look of both cars and it seemed ungrateful. I considered keeping one chassis and selling one using the spare body on an upcoming touring project I had planned (TA08 or TC01 wasn’t sure then, I’m still not). Or maybe something else… Everyone agrees that the TT02 is a good value, fun capable little chassis but needs a few modifications to unlock the true potential. As Tamiya’s most successful and numerous car there are lots and lots of Hop Ups available from numerous manufacturers, at numerous price points. I was going to modify both cars to different standards and see which one was best. Like all the best ideas this one has been ripped off wholesale from excitable American car Youtubers Doughnut Media. Their Hi-Lo series (which is pretty good fun) will form the basis for this build. So on to the rules: Each car will be built stock and run in to start with. One car, the Porsche, will receive genuine Tamiya Hop-Ups the other, the Ford, will receive cheaper equivalent aftermarket options. Each Hop-Up will be intended to solve a recognised problem with the TT02 Each Hop Up will be introduced separately. Price and manufacturer noted and installed exactly to the instructions provided. Each Hop Up will be judged by the wholly scientific standard of me deciding which is best after giving them a bit of a run around a carpark. At the end of the process, I’m thinking four or five modifications, there will be a bit of a carpark time trial and a winner crowned. The victorious car will secure its place in the Nick-W fleet and will have bestowed upon it a lovely new motor and high-speed gear set. The losing car will be cast upon the tender mercies of Ebay. If you’ve managed to get this far welcome to my first build thread and my first attempt at using image hosting (edit: or not). I think this one is going to be a bit of a long ride as I get around to installing new bit and pieces every couple of weeks or so. So please join me for a thread of poor decisions, poor grammar, poor spelling and poor driving as we try to answer the perennial RC question: Are Tamiya Hop-Ups worth the cost?
  19. So I made another thread and I didnt realize I couldnt attach as many pics as I wanted to. So new thread 😅 I recently bought a TT02 kit, the A80 Racing Supra. And this is how it turned out! Ill probably cut the body posts soon, once I figure out the ideal height. Do you guys think its worth not cutting the body posts? Its in "rally mode" right now so if I were to change it back to regular ride height, I wouldnt have enough post to set the body at the right height.
  20. Hello everyone! Had some questions...about the high speed gear set. First of all, just some info on me and my first TT02. Im not planning to do any sort of racing (but if I find one close to me, hey! Why not give it a shot for fun?) And im also trying to keep it as budget as possible. So far, everything is stock except for bearings. The stock TT02 is the fastest rc car Ive had (running on 2s). But I guess I feel like the motor just wants to give more speed. Now, to the questions about the high speed gear set. Is it worth buying a set? (I know its only like $10 (US) Do I need (ABSOLUTELY NEED) any other upgrades with a high speed gear set? Or can the stock TT02 handle the extra speed? And Im not doing any sort of speed runs, and I dont have any sort of speed gps, but is it visually and noticably faster than stock? If it gives maybe an extra 2-3mph then maybe I wont find it worth buying. But maybe 5 or more I might consider it 🤷🏻‍♂️ (again no way to measure the speed anyways) Last question, is there any other cheap upgrades/mods to just make it more fun to drive? Also! I heard you can trim the steering limiters and get some more steering angle? Thanks in advance!
  21. So I just got a new pinion gear set 4pcs 48P Pinion Gear 3.175mm Set Hardened 20T 21T 22T 23T 48DP Pitch Gears RC Upgrade Part with Screwdriver https://a.co/d/evuzxrG And I installed the 23t one. I put it in and realized the teeth were a bit shorter than the stock aluminum one? So I tried the 22t position on the motor mount. It fit but was slipping a bit when there was some weight on the wheels. So then I put it to the 21t one and it fit great. BUT....when I started running it a bit, it sounded kinda weird. Maybe like it was meshing TOO tight with the spur gear? Maybe im just freaking out, and Im not used to a steel pinion? Im not really sure and dont really want to have to buy another pinion to replace the stock one (already starting to wear out a little). And thoughts and insight are much appreciated
  22. Finally finished my first TT02 build! I picked up the A80 Racing Supra and this is how it went!
  23. Hello! Im new to the RC hobby, and especially to building/owning a TT02 kit. Long story short, I had an rc truck (low-end, hobby grade) and it turned out to be trash. But it did have a braking feature! So I was wondering how braking works and whether or not the Tamiya TT02 has that feature as well. Because I imagine even going 20-30mph in a parking lot and then a 1:1 car comes around really quick, braking/stopping would be important. Any answers and insight is appreciated (Tried looking it up with the search feature and either I dont know what the heck Im doing, or it hasnt been mentioned before at all. Only the wheel hub stuff comes up)
  24. Hello! So Ive been told the pinion gear on tamiya kits are made of soft aluminum. My TT02 kit has yet to arrive. I was starting to look into buying another pinion and then came across an older thread...someone said this.... "The TT-02 comes with a sturdy steel pinion right from the start, unlike other Tamiya kits where an aluminum pinion is supplies." Is this true for TT02s? Im trying to build my TT02 (my first rc kit, ever) on a budget and dont want to spend too much on upgrades, repairs, etc. Any insight is much appreciated!
  25. Help! Im building my first tt02, and just fit all the electronics in. Everything is wired up, and as Im testing to make sure everything works...my motor isnt responding to the transmitter/radio. Servo is working perfectly 🤌 Ive tried disconnecting and reconnecting motor wires, then thought maybe I put the wrong color wires together? Tried basically everything I can think of. PLEASE HELP!
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