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Found 40 results

  1. I loved the retro Porsche 911 Safari cars and when the TT-02 RSR was released it clicked! Here is a simple TT-02 build. Car has been completed prior to the write up but I will try to map out the steps I took should you want to try something similar. Many thanks to a few people in the “what did I do today” group for help This build is low budget with no major hop-ups. Items include: TT-02 car kit bearings Sand Blaster tires 2 pairs of CVA dampers 18 pinion gear 35T Yeah Racing crawler motor Yeah Racing roof rack with LED 934 Porsche light bucket kit and LED kit Paint Hobbywing ESC Waterproof servo
  2. I know this has been beaten to death, but wanted to start a build thread for a Datsun 240z rally build on a TT02 chassis. I would have rather just bought a DF03ra chassis with the Datsun body when they were available a few months ago, but I took too long to pull the trigger. I enjoy building my cars as scale as possible, and have learned a lot from scouring threads on this great forum. Here are two threads I will be using as a reference, many thanks to the authors. To start with I purchased this kit from Tower hobbies for $104 with free shipping. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXFVHK&P=SM After I bought the kit and started buying all the hop up parts I realized it would have been cheaper to buy this kit. http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXGCWD&P=SM This kit comes with a sport tuned motor, rubber shielded bearings, cva oil dampers, adjustable steering toe in, and beefier shock towers. Hopefully someone can learn from my mistake...lol. Here is the kit as it arrived the other day.
  3. Welcome AGAIN!! 😊👍👍 So about 4 years ago, I first had the hairbrained idea to build a Car, bit by bit!! SEEMED like a good idea at the time. In reality it DOES have one distinct advantage..... I was able to get cool Upgrades along the way, without a big waste of Kit parts, that weren't used!! 👍👍 Like #47339 Blue FRP Chassis Tub (which I'm glad I got, because it's now DISCONTINUED!) 😖 #54501 Blue Alumininium Propshaft and #54502 Blue Propshaft Ends #DSG0060PU Yeah Racing 60mm Aluminum Shocks, with SIX Spring Options! (I had replaced the YR O-Ring Seals with Team Associated X-Rings FOUR years ago... They were all FULL of Oil tonight! 😁👍👍 #TATT-047BU Blue Yeah Racing Aluminum CVDs (FAT, stock style) 15KG Metal Gear Servo, and of COURSE a full Fast Eddy Bearing Set!! 😉 And... A Kimborough Servo Saver - the ONLY thing I use when I DO actually use a Servo Saver!! 😜 Clearly, it NEEDS things.... Aluminum Steering for imperative starters. I'd LIKE Oil-Filled Diffs, but it's not an emergency. Aluminum C-Hubs, front and rear - but LEAVING the Plastic A-Arms, to have a cheap point of breakage! I DON'T HAVE A FRONT URETHANE BUMPER!!! 😖 IF anyone has a spare, I'd really appreciate one...
  4. I've kind of got to the point where I look around my basement and realize just how deep into this RC hobby I've gotten. I've been enamored with RC since I was about 15 and as I sail past my mid 40's every now and again I take a step back and look at the horde I've accumulated. Pretty much my entire basement is now a hobby shop, and stuff just keeps coming in. It occurred to me that if I got hit by a runaway chicken truck tomorrow, how on earth would my wife sort out this mess? To that end, I've put a hold on new purchases for now, and embarked on a project to sort, categorize, and assign approximate value to everything I own.... it's quite the project and something I wish I had been doing as I went! As I've been sorting though stuff, I've been finding all kinds of bits that are leftover from previous builds - partial kits that I've robbed, plundered, or parted out over the years. Not to mention quite a few restoration projects that I started and got distracted by some other shiny new object and just never finished. About 1/3 of my collection is projects that are "in progress.." So in-between sorting, I've been tinkering with some of the projects I've forgotten I had. Messing around with a Tamiya always brings a smile to my face, and reminds me of the simple fun I had when I first got into this hobby - something I'm sure many of you feel as well. So, to that end, I'd like to post up some of the Tamiya projects I come across. I used to buy and restore vintage Tamiya quite often - tearing down a car, cleaning it and rebuilding/modifying is one of my absolute favorite things to do in this hobby! However prices lately seem to have gone through the roof, and parts have been slowly drying up since the MAP price increase years ago - I guess there's no more profit in parting out anymore, so I've since stopped and stick to new kits. Thankfully, I've accumulated enough stuff to keep me busy for quite a while. So instead of posting several different threads, I thought I'd create just one and post up projects as I go. Updates will be somewhat sporadic as my main goal is my spreadsheet, but I DO want to finish these if nothing else as it makes them easier to classify. So far I've found a Bearhawk, Falcon, King Cab, most of a King Blackfoot, Thunder Dragon, Bruiser, and a dual motor M02. Not to mention about a dozen newer kits in bits I can piece together, and some that just need some paint - CC01, TA03, DF03RA, and more. About 20 in all that I hope to have finished by Spring. Drop in once in a while and see what's cooking! ------------------------ Alright, enough blather - let's see some pics! First thing that caught my eye was this poor Monster Beetle Trail. I stole the portals for my TL01 and the body and gearbox were built and sitting on the shelf. Sorting though my TL/MF/WT/GF parts box (since they all intermix) I found a simple TL01 suspension and grafted it on. (Note the unfinished WW2, Konghead, and TL. More fodder for later builds. :)) However, the wheel wells on this body don't line up at all. Not sure if this was a re-pop from something or a newly designed body, but it's not even close. Without the portals, the tires hit the body terribly. Normally I would shave the body to accommodate, but instead I messed around a bit and come up with...Tada! TL01B arms move the wheels out much further. With the short WB and wide stance it looked silly with the stock wheels so I slapped on some SC wheels with a bunch of positive offset to bring the width back in. I think the stance is spot on! I'm undecided on wheels and tires just yet, but going with SC wheels and tires gives me a lot of options. It's just mocked up for now, but I like it. Need to figure out some electronics, sort out some details and do some painting.
  5. I've been an rc guy on and off and after ALL those years, off-road kits only. I've never had the urge for a road kit but a guy I follow on Instagram kind of got me fired up on these TT-02 kits. My question. If I want a different look for my TT-02 is it as simple as buying a different body kit and wheels to switch things up?
  6. Hello everyone from Corsa Rc! We just opened up a few months ago. We are an indoor on road rc racetrack for 1/10 rc and smaller! We also have a hobby shop as well. We mainly race Tamiya and mainly carry Tamiya rc cars and parts! We are located in Vancouver, WA and hold races weekly! Check out our website www.corsarc.com or give us a call 360-977-9818!
  7. Mazda3 TT02 with red FRP chassis. Modded with Fast Eddy bearings, Yeah Racing dampers, drive cups, and CVDs. includes all unused parts including receiver box and spare fasteners. I lost one out drive cup, hence the aftermarket parts. All instruction sheets, plus complete, unused decal sheet. No TX, RX or servo. Comes with original ESC and silver can motor, plus spare Trackstar 21t 550 motor. Knockoff rally blocks are mounted and will include original road tires and wheels. The paint is rough. I’m not skilled at it. This is either a challenge for one skilled in restoring lexan shells, or a good basher shell. It’s all in the original box. Weight is 85 ounces, box dimensions are 6 x 10 x 20. Shipping will be separate from price. If you’re local, just come pick it up. I’m limited in my photo uploads, so message me if you want too see more. Thanks Edit: also gonna shill for an LC Racing EMB-1 I’m selling, $150 USD.
  8. Is there a 911 bodyshell that a) fits a TT02 shell wheelbase and b) is readily available as a body set.
  9. Hello, Anyone who has the Quadtrack manual, would you be willing to share an electronic version? It's baffling Tamiya in the last 12 months has slowed down launching manuals online, we used to get them a month or so before launch but it's been four months and I still can't find one.......just want to have a look before purchase
  10. Hello! After recently completing a CC01 Defender, I fancied something that would handle better on tarmac, as well as a bit of off-road. I also liked the idea of having a chassis that I could upgrade as I went along, and there looked to be loads of options for the TT02. I’m also a big fan of the Integrale! And so after a few days wait. As I’m sure there have been loads of TT02 builds, I’ll spare you the details! The only thing I couldn’t resist was to detail the brake discs, not that you can see them that well through the wheels. And so after roughly a day of building. After airbrushing my Defenders body, I thought I’d use the proper stuff and use Tamiya polycarbonate paint this time. Not sure how much easier it was though as it really gave off fumes, and seems to really attract dust between coats. When I’d applied 3 or 4 white coats, I applied a few layers of smoke for the windows. Id also read from this forum about using washing up liquid to apply the stickers, and a hairdryer to help mould the stickers and fix into position. This worked way better than just sticking them on as I had with the defender. But what a lot of stickers! I think it took half a day to get this far! Used some satin car paint on the grill after masking. And after a day of stickering! Really happy with how it turned out, although a few little mistakes with the stickers. Took her down the park for a test drive and handled well on Tarmac, but she seemed to really struggle on grass! But handled a lot better than the defender that wanted to topple over on every turn.
  11. I have two real nice all aluminum shocks that were on a ta02 I got and would like to get a full set/repair the one I have.they are 60 mm big bores with no marking or logos. they look like tt02 hop ups to me but i am not sure.
  12. So, I have a TT02 Type S, halfway through the build process. She's a beauty so far, but I would like to throw in something faster than a Mabuchi 540SH, and hopefully it comes with an ESC that won't melt after its second run. My price range is something more expensive than a cheapo GoolRC (learned my lesson on that one ) but something cheaper than a Castle. It needs to be brushless, though I don't know if I should get a sensored or sensorless motor. Preferably something I can purchase here in the US without waiting three months. Any suggestions are appreciated! - Max
  13. So, here's the new project that's getting a body...........
  14. Hello guys Finally after I got my yeah racing steering upgrade for my tt02 , I bought a digital servo 25kg from Amazon and connected it with my tt02 , the problem I noticed is that the servo range is wider than the car steering limit , so when I try to steer right or left the car steering stop is reached but the servo is still not finished and have few more degrees to move right or left . Which will force the steering to move more than it limit and cause problems, My question is , is it possible to reduce the range of the servo? Or its better to try a new servo ? Thanks
  15. Hello guys its me again :p so i was suffering while building my tt02 , its finally done , but for some reason steering is not working properly, please check the 3 videos below. one video show that my servo is working correctly ( as far as I know ) second video show how my steering is jammed and slow when I move it with my hand last video show how it does not move when connected to my servo what have I done wrong ? thanks 20201025_000439_1_1.mp4 20201025_000601_1_1.mp4
  16. There are two recent variants of the TT-02 Type S worth considering for this; the standard kit (58600) which remains widely available and if you can still find one, the drift spec kit (47301). I purchased the TT-02D Type S because it was on offer at £99 (not to be confused with the standard non Type S TT-02 drift chassis 58584). I decided to build this rally car from the Type S chassis kit simply to see how good it would be and to answer many of the common questions which appear on here and in other forums on the suitability of the Type S for rally. I have owned a variety of the standard Tamiya rally cars over the years and although I haven't finished this yet, based on the rolling chassis and ground clearance it looks like it is going to be pretty decent for bashing. The standard TT-02 rally cars, which currently come in either the Lancia (58570) or Subaru (58631) variants, are ok but as per all regular TT-02 kits they lack any real adjustability. Notable exclusions from the standard kits which in my view should be essential for Rally are ball bearings and oil damped shocks. Common questions on setting up the TT-02 Type S as a Rally Car: 1) Why chose the Type S variant over the regular TT-02? The Type S is a much higher specification TT-02 and has a number of aftermarket parts including: [1] FRP suspension arms (51297), FRP axle uprights (51293 / 51352 ), [2] FRP suspension mounts (14305646 / 14305647), [3] metal 12mm hex wheel adapters (53056), [4] Super Mini CVA Shocks (50746), [5] full ball bearings, [6] adjustable threaded turnbuckles and steering arms, and [7] steel suspension mounts (54634). The TT-02D Type S variant (now discontinued) also includes the Tamiya aluminium propeller shaft (54501) and propeller joints (54502). The cost of buying all these separately as hop-ups including the spacers and screws and other extras not mentioned could easily be the cost of the kit again at ~£100. 2) I understand you can't increase ground clearance at the front with the FRP suspension arms? This is true in standard form because the upgraded FRP front arms are restricted where the axle upright meets the suspension arm cross bar. Removing a small amount of material from the suspension arm cross bar, increases the ground clearance significantly. The steps to do this are shown further below. 3) How much ground clearance can I get? With a small amount of material removed from the front suspension arm cross bar, using the standard CVA Super Mini Shocks with the short lower shock eyelet at the front and long eyelet at the back; the ground clearance is 1” / 25mm. You can increase this further both front and back but the maximum is approximately 35mm before the dogbone style driveshafts and turnbuckles are at a comfortable limit. 25mm is plenty for off road with this chassis and its off road capability is really limited more by wheel/tyre size beyond this. 4) Do I need to upgrade the Super Mini CVA Shocks which are included to Mini or Short CVA Shocks? No, they are perfectly fine as they come in the kit. The Super Mini CVA Shocks (50746) can be built to a standard length of 56mm using the short length lower eyelet and 62mm using the long length lower eyelet. Both of these eyelets are included on the parts tree and with the adjustability of the arms you can max out suspension travel and ground clearance with the Super Mini Shocks. The difference between the Super Mini CVA Shocks and regular Mini CVA Shocks is in the damper piston body. This is shorter on the Super Mini Shock but the piston rod is the same length allowing the same maximum stroke. When building The Type S chassis up in Rally Spec, there are a few considerations: 1) You will need a body. 2) You will need an ESC. 3) You will need Rally Block tyres. The standard rims are 1.9" (49mm) so Tamiya Rally Block tyres (50476) will fit. Modifications 1) The main modification needed on this chassis to increase the ground clearance is to the front suspension arms (51297). The rear suspension is free moving. a) The extract from the manual below shows where the binding occurs. You simply file the material away on the suspension arm cross bar (highlighted in green) to the new profile. I used a square needle file with blank edges so no material was removed from the side of the arms. I chose to remove material on the cross bar rather than the axle upright since the profile on the axle looks to be key to achieving integrity of the whole upright part. 2) The rear CVA Super Mini Shock unit needs to be built with the long eyelet (tree part 2) from the parts tree not the short eyelet (tree part 1). The front uses the short eyelet as per the standard instructions. 3) Instead of installing the suspension arms so the orientation is for the 2 mounting holes for the ball connectors that connect to the lower shock eyelets; the arms are reversed to orientate with the 3 mounting holes. These arms are fully reversible so this is fine. If the images don't show up for you below let me know and I will re host.
  17. Simple (multi-part) question really: Is THIS part absolutely necessary (on the rear) for a fully functional TT02? How about a TT02 Type-S? If yes, what alternate parts can I use that are less bulky? : I ask because it's one of the few parts remaining for me to have a complete TT02 just from unused bits.
  18. Hi Guys! Wondering if some of you might be able to help me out here as I am new to the exciting world of RC. A quick briefing: I am looking into getting a TT02 for a project and came across the Eagle Racing TT02 GRT AWD CS Drift Chassis, which I fell in love with as it comes fully carbon & blue bling goodness. Question is, can a CS Drift chassis be run as a Touring Spec Chassis? How will CS differential affect track handling? And would Swapping the CS from front to rear make handling better as power bias would be f75/r35 (roughly) through the drivetrain? Also, are drift chassis more fragile than their Touring brothers? Many Thanks!
  19. I built up a TT02 Type S Rally Car recently with the intention of getting a set of drift wheels and switching between the two. But, as I suspected, there is a lot more involved set-up wise in getting both the rally car and the drift car to perform well. So I decided I really needed two cars. I wanted to stick with Tamiya, and I also wanted them both to be 4wd. I have toyed with the idea of getting an XV-01 (which I still may do in the future), but there is just something about the shaft driven TT-02 I really like. I bought a lexan chassis cover for the Rally Car which took car of the off road duties, and picked up another Type S to build up as a drift car. Now, although I wanted to stick with Tamiya I did do some research into specific RWD drift cars just to be sure, and rule them out. The nearest club to me is an hour and a half drive. Had it have been half an hour I may have gone down the route of an MST RMX or Yokomo YD-2 etc. But, as I have a good amount of TT-02 spares, the 2 other people I know with drift cars have well set up TT-02's, and I have a nice large patio with a fresh covering of buttery smooth tarmac (which I intentionally specified to my Wife when we had it re-surfaced last year), I opted to stay with the TT-02. With the background of this build out of the way, let's move on to the pics. Simple start with a nice TT-02 Deck, and Tamiya's alloy propellor shaft and joints. Alloy locker for the rear diff. TT-01 one way diff for the front. This is a lovely piece to build. Super smooth action. And, both diffs installed. I installed this Surpass 13.5t that was for my DT-03, but it'll be removed when I can find where I've put the 10.5t motor I want to use in this. Shock towers added, and I also shimmed the arms to remove any play. More coming soon...
  20. After a year long hiatus, I’m back! The weather has turned, and with warm weather, the RC bug bites. I have been really enjoying my first rally car, a TT02 Datsun 240z. The build thread is on here somewhere. Some pics. http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// I am now going to try and build a Porsche 911 rally on a TT02 chassis. I love the versatility of the rally chassis, and my Datsun is a blast to drive. Can’t wait to get started.
  21. I've wanted a rally car for some time now. Having looked at various options I settled on the TT02. This will be a rally car, an on road car, and a drift car also. I spent some time reading up on the TT02 and it seemed to tick all the boxes. I opted for the Type S which has some tasty upgrades over the standard TT02. So here we go. I started with the wheels. I'm still waiting on the wheels to put the kit on road tires on to. I'm sure you've all seen the TT02 chassis a million times before, but I haven't, and i like it. This is my first 4wd car since my 1990 Pro-Cat! I knocked this little piece up. Any guess as to what it's for? A little guard to keep stones out of the steering. More coming soon, thanks for looking.
  22. Hi All, Having a clear out and have the random following parts for sale. They are all new and in sealed packs. Below prices include postage to UK and money sent via PayPal friends and family. Happy to post elsewhere for additional cost. Tamiya TA06 Cross Shaft 54331 - £7 Tamiya TB04 Aluminum Cup Joints 54543 - £11 Tamiya Touring Car Wing 54458 - £6.75 Tamiya TT-02 Type-S Aluminum Upper Arm Mount 54652 - £12 TB-03 Aluminum Suspension Mount (1D) 54072 - £8.50 4mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nuts 53024 - £10.50 Please let me know if interested. Mark
  23. Hi, I've got a TT02b and I'd like to convert it into a TT02- has any TT02b owner done this before? I'd like to know what parts you guys have purchased.
  24. Hi, I need hex screws for tt02 type s (no matter if steel, alluminuim, etc) The list is this (from titanium limited edition): 3×6mm Titanium Hex Screw (1 pc) 3×8mm Titanium Hex Screw (8 pcs) 3×10mm Titanium Hex Tapping Screw (9 pcs) 3×10mm Titanium Hex Screw (28 pcs) 3×12mm Titanium Hex Screw (4 pcs) 3×15mm Titanium Hex Screw (4 pcs)
  25. This kit hasn't been as straight forward as I expected, so I figured I should put it all together in a build thread. I bought a standard 58645 Subaru WRX STI NBR Challenge kit during 2017. As soon as Tamiya advertised this kit I knew I'd own one. I'm not particularly into Subarus but the detail on this kit is great. If only it came with light buckets. When the kit arrived I have to say that while I really like the body, I wasn't that keen on the TT02 chassis. At least in stock form. A local club races a TT02 class, which allow for some basic mods but is largely stock, so I sold the chassis for something else. At which point I bought another TT02. If that seems counter-intuitive, then you're probably right, but there was some reasoning behind it. I wanted another XV01 as an on-road chassis to go with my rally XV01, but the XV01 chassis body-mounts don't suit low bodies and it would cost a fair bit to get it how I wanted. I looked at the TB04, TA05, TA06, and TA07 but ultimately they're overkill or getting harder to find parts for. I decided on either a 47326 TT02R or a 58600 TT02 Type S. I honestly could have gone either way but the TT02R has the upgrades you really need right out of the box (like ball bearings, the aluminium driveshaft and joints, and motor mount). The TT02S has a lot of nice parts too and when one came up for sale near me I almost crumbled and bought it as well. Sanity prevailed, and I just have a TT02R... for now. The TT02R chassis is an easy build. In the above photo it was mostly finished except for shocks and electronics, plus the wheels and tyres are from the WRX kit. A few things to note: 1) The steering comes with the adjustable turnbuckles but is otherwise the same as a basic TT02. 2) The rear 3 degree uprights are nice, but you can't use them for the wide rear necessary on the Porsche 911 RSR. I wish I had known that beforehand, but it wouldn't cost much to pick up some standard TT02 parts to convert it. You can't do that on the TT02S without losing the better suspension arms. 3) You can still use the shorter body-shells, unlike the TT02S. 4) The TT02R is a "limited edition" kit, but I'm not sure this means anything. When building the kit I didn't pay enough attention and bungled one screw in the rear bumper. They should both be like the one on the left. I had to unscrew the bumper, take off the bumper then remove the screw on the right before reinstalling it correctly. I just wasn't paying attention, this kit is a breeze to put together. The WRX body on the other hand isn't as straight forward. Having a lot of detail is nice but it does mean it requires a bit of effort. The wheel arches have a small raised section in front of them. You need to trim around these and also mask them as they will be painted black. There's also the front splitter which will also be painted black and is going to take a beating being stuck right out front. The rear end is awkward. There's a lot of angles there and it is a little tricky to both trim and mask as well. You can see in the stock photo below that it's not a typical rear bumper. Here it is sitting on the TT02R chassis. I've test fitted the electronics and a stock 540 motor. I'm undecided on what I'll put in there permanently, but I might get a Sport-Tuned for this and the TT02 aluminium heatsink. I had a spare TBLE-02S ESC and the servo is just a Futaba S3003. I'll need to decide on a receiver too, but because of the design of the TT02 chassis I will have to mount it to the top of the servo. With the electronics so close together there's a bird's nest of wiring that will need tidying. Back to the body shell, I washed it and lightly scuffed it with a 3M scourer, avoiding the windows. It took a bit of effort to get the masking right. I used the 87178 3mm masking tape for curves along the edges of the roof to try and get a smooth edge. The roof needs to be painted separately from the PS16 Metallic Blue on the rest of the body. The instructions say to use PS48 Semi-Gloss Silver Anodized Aluminium. I'd probably recommend you just use PS41 Bright Silver. The Bright Silver is both cheaper and easier to use, and should still suit it. Front and back I also used the curved tape for the longer edges. I tried using it around the grille but I actually found it easier to use basic masking tape and then trim it with a knife. You can see the small leading edge on the front wheel arches and how I masked them off in the photo below. Because it's such a small bit I initially masked over it then trimmed it with a knife. It's a little unusual that the lower front grille doesn't need painting in black but the areas beside it do. Again, just mask and then trim to fit. For the rest of it I masked a couple of layers upwards, and then I get some cling-film and tape that to the masking. It saves having to mask the whole body and works great if you make sure not to leave any gaps where paint can get under. Being summer, I wanted to get a bunch of painting done so I added another body. As you can see, this isn't another WRX. It's a 51376 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X. This was going to be a rally body for my XV01 but between ordering it and it arriving I had a change of mind. It was hugely different to the WRX when trimming and masking. It was really simple. The hardest part is the front grille as it is slightly indented and has a couple of sharp curves. I managed to do it with a single bit of the curved masking tape and then fill the rest. After adding the stock kit window and light masks (the lights are a touch fiddly) I also masked off the bonnet, roof, and boot. Same technique with the two types of tape. The bonnet ends in a tight curve towards the windscreen which meant the tape kept lifting, but everything was otherwise fine. I should also mention that I will typically get a cotton-bud, dip it in the Tamiya body cleaner, then wipe over the clear body before painting at each step. That way any stray finger prints when masking are removed. Being the darkest colour, the first step of painting the WRX is the PS5 Black. I usually paint one very light coat, then two thicker. I actually left a fair bit of time between masking and painting so the tape lifted a little at the edges in a couple of spots. I tidied it up with body cleaner but just behind the front arches there's a little in a hard 90 degree corner which I had to leave. I could've tried getting to it but I'd probably end up accidentally getting some body cleaner on the wrong spot. I expect the decals to cover it anyway. Next step was the PS16 Metallic Blue. Now it is starting to look like the WRX I want. The blue is quite transparent even after a few coats. I then backed it with PS41 Bright Silver. The instructions don't mention this, but it helps makes the blue opaque. Just two coats were needed for this. I am painting the Evo X at the same time and here it is with the PS45 Translucent Purple. I've never used a translucent paint before so it's a bit of a learning experience with this body. I did the one light then two thicker coats and got coverage is fairly good. It came out looking a touch thinner in some areas but you'd end up dumping the whole can in the body trying to even it up. I trusted I did a decent job and moved on. Back to the WRX. After the blue and silver had cured I peeled the roof masking off and, in the below photo, you can see the lines came out nice and smooth. I really recommend the masking tape for curves for this kind of stuff. I added the PS48 Aluminium to the roof. I've had mixed results with this paint so I'm not sure if this is going to work out how I want. I painted a bumper on my Bronco using this and it came out a little bit disappointing. It didn't really look too metallic. So this time I've gone for more coats. One light coat and then three thicker coats. In the photo below you can see how it paints quite clear so you're never really sure how it will come out. It looks dull and slightly opaque. Hopefully when I back it with black, which is necessary, it'll get that anodized metal look. One thing you can see, if you look at the roof towards the windscreen, is that the light scuff marks from the scourer didn't disappear when I painted the PS48. It normally disappears when painting every other colour, but I never thought beforehand that because PS48 is so reflective it could affect it. Fingers crossed it won't show up later on. Backing the purple on the Evo X was one of those moments you start thinking "I might need to clean out the whole body if this doesn't work" but it actually came out how I wanted. I backed the purple with PS23 Gunmetal so I'd get a metallic effect but a darker colour than a silver. I am looking forward to peeling off the plastic to see just how the final colour looks. Before that can happen I still have to paint the rest of the body. I'm going with black for the grille, the masked off bonnet, roof, boot and the lower rear bumper. Why so dark? Since the TT02 is quite versatile, this is going to be my drifter body. I've ordered a set of wheels and tyres which I hope will suit. The Evo X has been really nice to work with so far. It comes with light buckets and a rear spoiler, but I won't be fitting the spoiler. I'm not sure about going to the effort of putting in LEDs but I'll see how much I like drifting when it is up and running. All this painting has got me wondering if I could squeeze in one more body before autumn kicks in, and I have a very complicated idea for a Mazda Demio.
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