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Found 29 results

  1. Im repurposing this thread to keep my builds in one place, leaving the posts about my TT02B Scorcher, linking to my Terra Scorcher thread for the pics and comments for when i put it together but i dont expect there to be much more happening in that thread. My Terra Scorcher build. Hey all! A couple of days back i started a Plasma Edge 2. This is the first ever kit im building and my first hobby grade RC car since a Marui Big Bear i had back in the nineties. (Had two or three toy grade cars since) A couple of years back i got back into RC with building/flying fpv drones and foamboard planes, was good fun but ive since fallen out of that, too much repairing compared to RCing, im hoping a car will be a bit less maintenance per battery pack In an earlier thread over in Other Makes i showed off the 3d print that got me back in RC this time, after getting that together i wanted to pick up a kit. I was looking between the Plasma Edge 2 and the Neo Fighter, both look real good but since id never had a 4wd i decided on the TT02B over the DT03, even tho it cost a bit more. Following the instructions to get it together was very straight forward after looking at a couple vids in preparation and building a 3d printed 1/10 rwd buggy a little earlier. As for pics of the build process ill go with "draw a circle, draw another circle, now draw the rest of the f###ing owl" rather than spamming lots of pics that most of everyone will have no interest in seeing. I followed along the instructions, only difference from box stock was adding in ball bearings. Since getting it to the above state ive had it out for a little test drive, so happy with how it moves, even if the ground was mostly frozen except for a little patch of gravel at work. Today i properly attached the antenna holder using the top hole on the inner servo mount, added some foam to the underside of the battery hold down to prevent rattling and added little shelf where a battery voltage alarm was attached as i dont know what, if any, lipo cut off the carson dragster 70A esc has (it was included in the kit rather than the tamiya esc i was expecting). I also designed and printed 10mm extensions for the shocks to hopefully give a bit more ground clearance. Sadly they turned out to be a bust as the arms will not go more than a mm or two lower. Was expecting them to be able to go down at least 10mm since they go up more than that but the cups for the drive axles hit the arms just slightly below horizontal. To get a bit more clearance ive put in an order for some 96mm tires on 12mm hex rims, its not a huge step up so hopefully ill be fine without changing the gearing, the rims should be large enough that they will fit over the axle carriers, offset wasnt specified but in case the included rims arent good ill just 3d print my own to fit. Until the new wheels (and some other random bits) arrive i figure im going to paint the body shell, from my tabletop mini hobby i have an assortment of acrylics and an airbrush, seeing that the proline body colors are water based i feel relatively sure they are also acrylics so i think ill be fine with what i already have. Im having a hard time deciding on how id want to paint it tho, the strongest thought i have is red because "Red Wunz Go Fasta", i think it would look nice with the visible black parts of the chassi, white shocks and black/white/blue/yellow of the decals. Will update upon more progress.
  2. Hi All, I was wondering if any one had any tips on this. I have seen a few other posts such as here. Nothing of a concrete solution. My kids have two tt02b's. On any kind of bump off road they seem to pop out a dogbone even if it is a very minor bump. Between the cars, I have from completely stock, to metal dog bones and a Tamiya turnbuckle kit. Both cars have issues. Is there any recommendation on a spacer to enable the dog bones to sit more comfortably? Thanks in advance Alun
  3. Started when tried to look for a Blitzer Beetle but due to the pandemic there was a shortage of kits available. Next I found a Sand Scorcher body and started to think 🤔. I pulled my Monster Beetle body off and placed it on my son’s TT-02B Plasma Edge II. Overall it appears to fit but is tight. Also knowing my son’s TT-02B a lot of upgrades are required and I have been slowly amassing upgrades / hopups. Next I discovered Tamiya Club and realized I am not the only person with the same idea 🤗. A lot of great projects by others and here is my interpretation. I took a day off work and here starts my 4WD Blitzer Beetle build. EDIT: now with 4 wheel steering EDIT again: Completed (Oct 18, 2022)
  4. Hi Guys I have a build that I completed with my son a few years back and you all were super helpful. Essentially it is a neo scorcher with monster wheels. I have upgraded the differentials with the DF02 metal gears and I have a tble02s esc with a Speed Passion V3.0 Competition BL 21.5T. I am looking to increase the speed now my son is very competent with it. So the questions are: If I move to a 17.5t or 13.t turn brushless motor, should I upgrade the ESC or just get a cooling fan on the current tble02s? Should I also upgrade the driveshaft to a metal one and metal spur gear? As a further question, I am looking for a next build for my daughter (5). I am thinking either another tt02b, or another build with a lot of cross over parts (DF02?) or just something else entirely, any recommendations? Thanks!
  5. EDIT: Cant upload to here for some reason, hosting the file on my drive: Drive folder for my TT02B files Ive seen a couple of topics on this forum (and others) asking how to increase the ride height/ground clearance of the TT02B and after picking one up i decided to have a go at my own solution, this is what i came up with: The top part is a rear lower arm that has extra space added for the wheel axle drive cup which allows the arm to go below the horizontal. The lower part replaces the include eyelets on the shocks and is an extra cm in length. This bit is a lower profile rear shock tower that can be used with the shorter shock eyelets that comes on the sprue. The four holes close together mount the rear wing in its original position, the others were added because im not yet sure how im mounting an alternate body on mine so i wanted options. Replacing the eyelet on the front increases the ride there, maxing when using the middle hole, the spacer on the shock rod can also be taken out as they will already bottom out a couple of mms before the chassi hits the ground: Replacing the lower arm and eyelets (or using the low profile shock tower and shorter eyelets that come on the sprue) on the rear maxes ride there, to fit this you need to switch the left and right uprights because this also decreases the wheelbase by about a cm: These simple addons give around a centimeter of extra ground clearance and since using further out holes does not give the suspension extra leverage to compress the shocks, giving better dampening. I think the rears would still benefit from a heavier oil but with just the stock this is way better than with the original parts. The attached zip contains the eyelet, shock tower and left rear arm, mirror in your slicer for a right. I printed these in PLA on my multiple years old diy I3 printer, they may be more durable in some other material but i dont have the option. You may need to the clean out the holes holding the arm to the chassi and upright to the arm, i used a round 3mm file in a hand drill. ADDITION: Since i already have this design thread started and the parts are going on the same car i figured id add these in here as well. Sand Scorcher body shell mounts. They are in their intended printing orientation, this so that layers will be going the full lenght of the parts for maximal strength at the cost of some support cleanup. The front one bolts to the stock front body post holes, the rear sleeves over the rear body post and bolts into my low rear shock tower.
  6. Hi all, I am very new to this Forum and this will be my very first post. I landed here discovering online by chance one of the most gorgeous Tamiya redesign ever, the Formula One Neo Scorcher by Alex Kyriak. I have been exchanging messages with Alex and I hope he won't mind that I praise his designs here. A little bit about myself. French, entrepreneur, 47, living in Lyon (France). Had a Grasshopper when I was 10. Stopped RC for 37 years and got a TT02B Plasma Edge II for my son when he got 10 and I got hooked by RC allover. Bought a Traxxas, bought a Team Corally Python 6S Monster (great car) and... sold them both because I just had so much more fun with my little Tamiya. Few months later and I already bought 3 TT02Bs, looking at going into a TT02 but right now, I am focused on building myself a KyriakMobile I want to thank Alex for allowing me to get my hands on his proprietary carbon schock mounts designs and for the inspiration (check our Alex's other designs, they are just gorgeous). So if anyone's interested, I will be posting my progress here, sharing my doubts and mistakes until I can share the complete car (if I ever stop enhancing it Here we go. First thing I wanted to do before each and every parts arrived was personalize the interior of the chassis. I had ideas from the get go to illuminate the interior of the body so one could see the "moving parts". This is what how far I've got up to today : I have painted the interior of the chassis in white PS-1 as a base and then applied 3 layers of TS-92 Metallic Orange. I then used the same technique on the receiver box masking a center line in PS-49 to mimic the anodized aluminium transmission and here is the result from up close. Paint job is not perfect. I'll get better with time Let me know what you think and all help is welcome.
  7. Since my ongoing project to copycat @ALEXKYRIAK famous Neo Scorcher Formula One design is still waiting for parts to arrive, I thought I would rebuild and redesign my existing and quite tired TT02B Plasma Edge II buggy. I also wanted to prove to myself that the Plasma Edge body could be beautiful if painted and designed appropriately because from searching online, I see a lot of gorgeous Neo Scorchers but rarely a pleasant Plasma Edge. So let me take you through the build of what I am calling the Tamiya TT02B ICE Buggy. I started from a very different buggy which had seen to much bashing and grass racing I cleaned everything up, disassembled the parts and started working on dressing up the new replacement chassis. First things first, protect those cavities near the direction in which stones get stuck, sometimes impacting driving. I used playing cards which I cut to dimension and glued before painting. Since I wanted to get to this ICE design, I used flat mat white on the chassis and body. I like the result. I also worked on the bottom of the chassis, painting it and protecting it with a carbon looking sticker. I then reattached all parts including carbon schock mounts, a brushless GoolRC motor and ESC and moved on to work on the body. I started by using mask tape and protective plastic sheels to paint three areas for three icey colors. I played around with only 3 colors : white mat, Tamiya Anodized blue and glossy black. I used the white and black as backgrounds to create different shades of the Tamiya blue. Here is the result before I started working on the spoiler. l think the ICE design was coming to life beautifully at this point Finally I started thinking of an original spoiler design and after long thoughts I figured... Why not take it upside down? And here it comes... Once it was in place and looking at all the leftover lexan, I had the idea of making it a double decker (so to speak). This turned out to be a good idea, it really looks different from anything I've seen. And finally, after long hours of building, masking and painting, here is my version of the TT02B Plasma Edge II. The Tamiya TT02B ICE Buggy ! Let me know what you think
  8. Good mornin' i am not new to RC but last time i build something was in 2007 or 2008. So here's my problem and i need your help: A few days ago my tamiya neo scorcher arrived and i reached step 32. Do you guys recommend soaking the tires in warm water and dish soap to make them soft and fit easier on the rims ? The way its shown in the manual i will never fit them, they are insanly strong and tight. greetings
  9. So, I build this with spares I had end then ordered the last couple of pieces to finish it. How did it turn out?
  10. Does anyone in the US have a spare #2595199? It's the U Shaft for the TT-02B and DT-03. I'm looking for 1 to finish a Plasma Edge 2, but would LOVE 2 so I can build another for a friend.
  11. I know this is probably a well-worn topic, but I couldn't find too much info on quick fixes for this sort of thing. The screws that hold the steering levers down on the chassis of the TT02/TT02B are a known weak spot, and probably due to putting brushless power through it, in combination with monster wheels, it seems that one of those screws has stripped and I am no longer able to tighten in without getting a good amount of wobble on that side. I've attached a pic of my steering setup; I already have an upgraded steering assembly from yeah racing that has flanges instead of the even crappier self-tapping step screw that comes stock. Any way I can get it to hold in there without working itself loose every 15 minutes or so? (Note: the plastic steering arms are on their way out, to be replaced by turnbuckles, but no use doing that until I fix this problem first)
  12. Hi all, have spent a lot of time reading here so though it was time to contribute! As a child I had an original grasshopper as my second RC car, can’t recall what the first one was! That’s long gone but I still have the M01 Mini I got as a birthday present. Also have an M02 chassis I plan to build up soon. Both will be on modern esc and radio gear, though I do still have the acoms set from the mini, just appears it no longer works. After building a Plasma Edge 2 for my girlfriend’s son I decided I needed a piece of the action again! So far it’s as follows: TT02B Dual Ridge in pearl white Futaba 3PV & R304SB Radio Futaba S3014 waterproof servo GPM Ballraced steering Full bearings Blue star dish wheels on the way Will add metal gears for the new motor Ive run it once and fancy more power. I plan on going for a hobbywing 3652 5400kv combo which I know/think is way over the top. My thinking here is as I’m still running NIMH I won’t be getting anything like full power from it, plus I can tone it down on the transmitter for normal running but have the option of it being silly fast if I want to get a lipo. As the motor combos are the same price on all power options am I heading in the right direction or am I missing something? edit: believe I am missing something on doing some further reading. Need to decide between 3300, 4000 or 5400kv.
  13. Hi all. Finally built the neo scorcher and son loves it. Had a couple of issues. 1. I have put monster wheels (12cm) on it as everywhere we run it needs more clearance. I understand this puts more strain on the motor. Would using 16t pinion be enough or would I need a new spur gear/pinion combo? 2. Also the base of the shock which holds the spring has broken already. Is this normal? Where is the best place to get replacement parts in uk? Thanks all
  14. In the market for a new 4WD buggy. Performance wise, which is the better chassis ? Which do you guys like better ? The Thunder Shot chassis is obviously a lot more valuable but I’m going to be running it so not too worried about that.
  15. This arrived to me from Hong Kong on 27/4/16 I bought it from Jazrider on eBay. Huge update and more pictures tomorrow.
  16. Has anyone used fastrax aluminium lower suspension arms and shock towers for the TT02B? And if so did you manage to install dampers with the screws and spacers provided because I cant
  17. After some help with paint codes.... does anyone know a paint code for the blue metallic neo scorcher. Realise it’s a special edition, but wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to buy the same, or a similar paint
  18. In our (son & I) fleet we have a Dual ridge buggy, it's been hopped up & still goes well considering it has spent as much time cartwheeling through the air as on it's wheels. My question relates to the damper stays. Now this thing has been crashed, a lot, so I understand the need for flex in the suspension components but the damper stays flex where the shocks mount. They flex massively, up & down, in & out and probably some other planes I don't understand! Can anyone advise on an upgrade? Alloy mounts don't seem the best idea (for us) & I've seen carbon mounts & FRP mounts, anyone got any experience?
  19. Brand new kit. The way things are going right now I don’t know if I will get to it anytime soon. Thought I would see if anyone is interested here. In addition to the kit I also have the aluminum motor mount, heat sink, and front and rear tires. *I thought I had pics here at work, but apparently not. I will post them when I get home tonight.* I am asking $200 shipped in the US. PayPal payment accepted.
  20. For sale unused shocks all but one are new Tamiya 19402709 / Tamiya 54567, 1 set of front and rear black oil cva shocks, suitable for dt-01, dt-02, dt-03, df-02, tt-02B, NIP (new in pack), sealed, fixed piston type £15 inc. UK shipping next up... 1x used but cleaned and un-assembled thundershot / fire dragon / terra scorcher set of front yellow cva oil shocks in great condition, £12 inc. UK shipping next up... Tamiya 84347 CW-01 short shock set ONLY parts for 2 CVA shocks! could also be used for rear of dt-01,dt-02,dt-03 etc comes with soft rear springs, normal pistons and attachment parts £14 inc. UK shipping next up... Tamiya 19402709 / Tamiya 54567, 1 set of rear ONLY white oil cva shocks, suitable for dt-01, dt-02, dt-03, df-02, tt-02B, NIP (new in pack), sealed, fixed piston type no screws, ball connectors inc. this time just shock parts and oil bottle comes with normal dt-02, dt-03 rear springs, ideal for WT-01 if you have alloy shock towers (might need stiff springs though) £12 inc. UK shipping each. 2 sets of these are available next up... Tamiya 84366 wr-02 cva mini shock set in yellow, 2 shocks only, no attachment parts and fixed pistons, no oil bottle can be used also for dt-01, g6-01, gf-01, dt-02, dt-03 etc but you would need longer springs £10 inc. UK shipping Paypal gift please Going on ebay Sunday if no one here wants them
  21. I'm after a replacement for my knackered Rising Storm body. Not fussy about paint colour (if already painted), or shell design (Dual Ridge, Neo Scorcher, Aero Avante - , Rising Storm or Gravel Hound) - any will fit. It's just for bashing, so cheap as chips please. Alternatively if anyone knows or sees one going cheap in the UK please let me know as I have a spare tin of Metallic Purple which has no home! Thanks!
  22. We've been doing a lot of on road parking lot racing this past summer. A bit of a change from our normal trail runs and bash sessions. Forgot how much fun it was to go fast! Always wanted to do an on-road buggy - wider stance, bigger tires, they can handle a lot more power than a touring car in my humble opinion. I've got a 5700kv setup here that I tried to run in my XV01 and it was just too much for me. So I started looking for a cheapish buggy to do a conversion just so I could put this motor in it. After doing some digging, I picked up a TT02B MS. I know there are better buggies out there, but I have a TT02 touring car and it's nice being able to mix and match hop-ups between the two. The MS is well equipped right out of the box and frankly, I just like the TT chassis! It's set up with a 15t brushed for now just to sort out the suspension and trims. No hop ups installed yet, the MS is for sure the way to go as it comes pretty loaded right out of the box. Tires are from an older TL01B kit that I clipped off the spikes and sanded down into slicks. The rear has a custom shock tower that lowers the wing an inch and allows me to run Tamiya'a mini CVA's at 55mm all around. Front is lowered with the same 55mm shocks and threw some universals in there as well. (Ok, I guess I did add 1 hopup!) Ovrerall stance is about the same ride height as a touring car. With the wing lowered, it's pretty sleek looking. I didn't care for the body to be honest and was looking for another but once I got it all painted and set on the chassis, it grew on me. Defintely looks the part for a speed machine Fun little build, can't wait to get it and and stretch its legs...Since it is almost winter here, updates will be forthcoming as soon as the weather cooperates.
  23. Hi everyone! I built my Neo Scorcher and have been loving it! I've done a few upgrades so far: Bearings Alloy steering Full turnbuckles Steel gearbox joints and steel universal shafts Alloy center shaft and steel joints Sport Tuned Motor Alloy motor mount (not installed yet) Tamiya large dish wheels (2 sets) 1 with Pro line Dirt Hawgs, 1 with Tamiya Dual Block I may also upgrade shocks soon. My question is... I'd like to go brushless or at least try it out. I'm returning to the hobby after many years so I'm new to brushless motors. I'd like something that can run well with the TBLE-02s speed control included in the kit. I'm running nimh packs. 2000 mah and 3000 mah. Do I need a sensored motor or can I use either sensored or sensorless? I'd like a jump in speed but I don't want to loose too much torque. I mostly just bash but occasionally run on an old dirt track. Oh and I'd also like something moderately priced. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions! Thanks!
  24. I am putting together a Neo Scorcher TT-02B and I know there are several threads dedicated to the build so I hope its not bad form to create another. If this needs to be merged to another just let me know. It just seems like a lot of people are inquiring about buggys and the TT02B is always recommended. I am putting one together with as many Tamiya hop-ups as possible. There are a couple of non-Tamiya parts as the previous threads have pointed out some flaws in the usually remarkable Tamiya Parts. I opted for the Eagle Racing Universal shafts and a YR Motor mount that has not arrived yet. The Eagle uni's are known to stay together better when the buggy is overpowered and the YR Motor mount allows for some ridiculous gear combos, of course, coupled with the TT02 high speed spur gear bushing. It's looking like it going to be a fun build. I ordered a full set of DF-02 differential gears and housings so those were assembled first. Filing down the 2 bevel gears that go on the propeller shaft was a pain. I did not have access to a electric grinder so a flat hand file was used. The metal gears have a collar that is 1mm too thick. Every other gear was a drop in fit out of the package. The front was packed with 500,000 wt differential oil and the rear is going be ran dry with the exception of a light coat of the included Tamiya grease. The aluminum propeller shaft arrived today so the build has started. The plastic propeller is shown for comparison. A monster is being born!
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