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Found 7 results

  1. Bit of an intro: 13 years ago I begged my parents for an RC car for my birthday. My dream car was E-Maxx & E-Zilla after I spent countless hours on RC forums. There was just something about Tamiya though, and after stumbling on rcdaggerweb I decided on the Double Blaze (price was also 1/3 of the other 2 lol). I was happy for a while, then the body mounts, ball connectors broke and the 11 year old me had no idea how to repair/replace those. Ordering parts online was not possible at the time for me and so in the storage it went. At some point I managed to get some alloy arms, knuckles & c-hubs but the car continued collecting dust. Last month I was cleaning my house and was not sure what to do with the car, then I discovered tamiyaclub and long story short I went all out and splurged a bunch on the car with the target of making it run as well as an RTR Stampede. I will be posting lots of pics as I usually enjoy these type of threads the most. Will also note cost estimations for each (is this healthy?) Before the build: Cracked decals & poorly cut body Not sure if dust or insect eggs 2 Broken long ball connectors inside the knuckle, so I got 5 new ones from Tony (free shipping to SEA!!) Build Part 1: Replaced cheap no-name brushed ESC with Quicrun 860, FM radio with RC4GS, got a new NiMh 3000mah pack, CNC'ed shock towers (designed after GPM), ebay special 100mm shocks, shock oil as these did not come pre-filled, PowerHD 6001MG servo, 2 silver can 550's (unsure of specs), new wheels & 15mm hex extenders (not advised as seen later). Also fitted metal bearings throughout. Total cost so far about $215. All electronics, shocks & extended towers put together New wheels compared to stock Was too excited to see the car run so I quickly concocted something for body mounts using chopsticks, zip ties and earphones plugs (???) This part 1 was about 3 weeks ago and since then a few things have been added or were purchased for further mods. So far I wouldn't consider most of these to be actual upgrades - alloy parts are mostly for bling, wheels & hex extenders turned out to be disastrous for wheel axles, chopsticks are chopsticks, 550 motors are torquey but heavy & slow (also suspect they have advanced timing, front motor heats up less than rear one). ESC & shock towers are the only upgrades I think, and radio kind of goes without saying (ESC wouldn't auto-calibrate with old FM Futabas..) Thanks for reading! I have a few questions as well, but will post along with part 2 of the build (already completed) EDIT: Wow these pictures are huge! How does one resize them? I used imgur BBcode to link these
  2. Hi, I am currently looking for a custom alloy / carbon chassis for the WR01/WT01 Chassis. I have had one before which I regrettably SOLD with my Wild Dagger Project (I know silly thing to do) Does anyone have one for sale? Or know someone who makes them? Or possibly have a Template to build one myself they could share? (Picture of my old WR01 Project) Many Thanks S
  3. Lots of WT-01 parts for sale. Multiple parts of each except gearboxes (None!). Most of the offered WT-01 parts are from new unused XB-models. Accordingly, they have ben assembled once by Tamiya Philippine plant workers. The models have however never been run and the parts are as such unused. Send me a PM if interested. Need to get rid of surplus parts, so the prices for WT-01 parts are very reasonable! (PS: I know the 4WD versions aren't really officially named WT-01 by Tamiya, but as Tamiya just refer to them "Wild Dagger Chassis" and "Twin Detonator Chassis", I chose to refer to them all as WT-01)
  4. HI Guys, Firstly appologies this is going over a couple of posts but have a few piccies... (picks are small link will take you to larger images) I questioned you loads a couple of years ago when I started modding my Double Blaze/ Twin Detonator/ Wild Dagger that I purchased cheap second hand... https://www.dropbox.com/s/2zdqiv1sx0d5s26/DSCF0921.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2520bxva4audmp2/DSCF0924.JPG?dl=0 All I can say is thank you guys for all your advise and help. As you can see it wasnt in bad shape but i wanted to upgrade... so I started playing with the chassis first... https://www.dropbox.com/s/c46pnxb9hr2xv70/DSCF0940.JPG?dl=0 The above was an mdf mock up to check how the new chassis fit and see what alterations needed to be done, as you can see I increased the wheel base a little...
  5. Hi All, I want to add a bit more speed to my Twin Detonator without breaking the bank. I'm currently using the 2 standard silver cans on a TEU-103BK which I think has a 27T limit - depends on what you read though, some sources say its 23T capable but I'm not interested in testing it to destruction! Because one of the motors has to run in reverse then timing becomes an issue I guess so what I need is a faster than stock 27T with 0 timing or a motor that can be timed in either direction if such a thing exists! Any advice gratefully received. Cheers, Simon
  6. help ive just purchased a tamiya twin detonor from fleabay and as I have previously always used the tamiya rs 540 sport tuned black can motors in single motor cars ive just puchased 2 x of this motor but while brousing around the web ive noticed a few people saying you cant use this motor in a twin motor car if one needs to wired reverse due to the gearbox layout as they are advanced in forward mode so one motor will run faster forward than the other in reverse mode so in theory the from wheels will spin slower than the back. is this correct ? your assistance in this matter with recommendations of motors that i could use will be grately appreciated. ill update my photos on the website as soon as it arrives and i start tinkering. thanks for info but im getting now even more confused, people are saying that the older sport tuned motors are 27 turn with advanced timing and the newer ones are 23 turn with zero timing any ideas other than spinning them up in one direction then the other and seeing if i can hear any difference in noise (rpm) ? ive just heard from the supplier of these motors and he says that all though the gearboxes are 180 degrees out they actual motors both run forward in forward mode from the speed controller !!! the plot thickens well an update , thanks for all the advice , ive managed to find time to strip both gearboxs down today to fit the sealed bearings to them , 24 bearing later i finally got chance to add the mentioned tamiya rs540 sport tuned motors with upgrade 20t pinions from the standard 18t ones. well everybody is correct as well as myself that the front motor runs backwards (no advance timing) as expected when the whole box is 180 degrees rotation but ive had a few test runs and all though the front wheels in theory turn slower that the rears it goes alot better that stock motors and pinions but time will tell as i presume the rear motor is under higher load pushing it forward than the fronts, im no racer just enjoy the usual bashing around with my 9 year old son and his slightly modified king blackfoot ,bless him he did his 1st battery changover all by himself last night without any prompting on the order you switch the rx and tx off and on so proud dad am I !!!! while stripping the box's id noticed the previous owner had a 18t pinion gear to front box mounted in the 20t mounting holes which surely isnt good but the primary gear following the pinion gear wasnt stripped so thats a bonus eh !!!! list of mods to my twin detonator will be when they all arrive are. twin tamiya rs540 sport tuned motors 24 x 1150 sealed metal ball bearings to gearbox and axles 2 x 20t pinion gears cva short shock kit to front and rear 2.4ghz spektrum tx and rx 8t esc wired for both motors turnigy tgy-1501 17kg/cm high torque metal geared steering servo running my usual 4500mah ni-mh batteries which last quite a while for 2 motors. paul
  7. So, my chosen winter project is the Twin detonator, thanks to some great advice and information from you guys on this forum. Again, thank you. So I decided to paint it a Tamiya racing green, sanded the chrome bits and painted them bronze, along with the wheels. I had some side view mirrors laying around and mounted them. I modified the roof light buckets to fit some white LED's and covered them up with some lenses from an Integy lighting kit. Rigged up 2 Venom 8.4 batteries to a Traxxas waterproof dual motor/battery esc, powering 2 Traxxas 550 12T motors, and steered by a Traxxas water proof high torque servo. And it's fully ball raced, including the gear boxes. All of the aluminum control arms and hubs are awaiting installation, just waiting on the shocks to come in. Tires and wheels are next, and would love to see some pics/ideas.. Also would love to find out who makes a dual battery chassis for it. Maybe someone here could help Anyway, enough chat..here's the pics..
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