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Found 5 results

  1. EDIT: I have had a change of heart and updated the project name. I'll think of something later. I want this project to be an escape, not a reminder. Well, anyway, here it is. This is the first of my isolation projects and possibly a long-enough one to keep me busy for the first few months (especially as I'm still working full time and still have to spend time with my family). I first bought this rig back in the mid-00s. I would have been a very expensive treat to myself back then, not just the huge kit but the 4 channel radio also, and I remember being a little disappointed in its general clumsiness once assembled. After some adjustments here and there I eventually converted it to Clod axles and ran a 14.4V setup using a HPI speedo and modified GT-550 motors. It got aftermarket shocks and extended bottom links, and, after forever breaking plastic rod-ends over the most insignificant bumps, got consigned to the loft to stagnate. At some point the Clod axles were scavenged for the Full Metal Jacket project and the rest was thrown in a plastic tub for storage and forgotten about. At the end of 2019 I felt my love of Monster Trucks returning, and 2020 began with me watching Triggerkings videos on Youtube. I knew I couldn't afford to build a full-spec race rig (and nobody races MTs here in the UK anyway), but I could at least do a good tribute. Plans were hatched. Actually, I bought myself an Axial SMT10 Raw Builder's Kit from the store front at Wheelspin Models on 13th March. I thought it would be a good project to throw together while the world was in the grip of the CORVID-19 slowdown. Back then (barely over a week ago) it really did feel like no more than a slowdown. How things change! Well, anyway, by the 16th things were looking different, and I went online to buy a body for my SMT10. That's when I noticed the stock SMT10 actually has a really long wheelbase. I usually make my own custom links to shorten a wheelbase, but I can't do that if I want to keep the shocks on the links, as standard, and as most of the racers use. I found a short wheelbase conversion kit online but it's in the US and not cheap. I decided it was just a bit out of my budget considering the slowdown in the economy and the uncertainty of the remainder of 2020, so the poor SMT10 was shelved. (OK, I could build it stock with my chosen body and shorten it later, but I won't know where to cut the body post holes until I've got the shorter links fitted.) So - little diversion aside - a 1993 JConcepts F250 Crew Cab body was ordered for the TXT-1. As the chassis replicates monster truck designs of the mid-90s era, I figured that was a good shout. (The SMT10, with its full cage, will get a mid-00s body). The F250 was partly chosen for its 12.5" wheelbase, partly for its vintage and partly because it was UK-stocked at the time - although I had to hunt around for one. Super-fast delivery - it was ordered on Monday and on my floor on Tuesday. With the body in hand, it was time to open up the box of bits and see what I needed to get it all back together again.
  2. So, whilst reading a thread on here about how kits are becoming scarce due to production being stopped due to coronavirus, I was looking at my sons Clod Buster and thinking, 'What a great opportunity for Tamiya for to update this old classic a bit. This is our beast: As you can see, it's got TXT-1 wheels on it. What's not also immediately obvious is that it also has TXT-1 stub axles and wheel adapters. These give the wheels a slightly larger track and make the truck more stable and also stop the wheels rubbing on the red axle guards. TXT wheel adapters and stub axles: This wouldn't really be a huge change to add to an updated model (Different axles and a sprue with 4 wheel adapters, plus different wheels), and would make the truck easier to drive and make the transmission a bit more robust. On my original clod buster I can remember breaking the drive lugs off original clod wheels. Tamiya must have noticed the same or they wouldn't have updated the wheel design for the TXT-1, so why not carry that improvement through into the Clod Buster ?? Whilst they're at it, why not revamp the radio tray. The models don't come with MSC's or battery boxes for the radio gear any more, so why not have a simply flat plate with some ribbing underneath for support ? It would make laying out the electronics a lot easier. I also added a mount for an aerial tube for a 2.4GHz radio system, this stubby aerial is short enough that it sticks up inside the cab and doesn't touch the bodywork. (Yes, I also machined a small slot in the radio tray so I could pass the servo and ESC wires neatly underneath the radio tray) This seems much better than having an aerial tube at the back that gets bent every time the truck rolls over (Because it doesn't have wide track axles from the TXT-1......). These aren't really big asks and would make subtle improvements to the design. Even if they wanted to keep the original design of Clod wheel, a new wheel design could be produced with the more robust drive lugs on the back. They can alter the design, because they added the chassis supports for the super clod. What I'm asking for now is a 'super duper' clod. Anyone else agree ?
  3. Hi Guys, The reason I'm writeing is to ask for some help contacting Tamiya head office. I wonder if anyone could help me because I just can't find a direct e-mail to them. I've been building and collecting Tamiya RC since ages and as I work as a graphic designer some weeks ago I came to the idea that it would be nice to draw some vintage style posters in my freetime. The first poster, with Vintage 4x4x4 monster theme is finished, you can check it in the attachment. These are not photo-manipulated posters, they are drawn from line-to-line with vectorised inking technic so there are more then 50 working hours in each one. I am planning to do some limited run prints and I want to ask for their permission as these posters would represent Tamiya models. Of course no Tamiya logo and it is stated that these are not official Tamiya licensed products just fan arts. My aim is to make a few hundred copies becouse thats the smallest amount that the printing house can handle in a nice A2 size matt finish. I do not want to get rich from these posters, I would be glad just to cover the printing costs from the copies. Some other themes that I'm planning to do are: 3 Speed cars, Wheelie Machines, Vintage SRB's and some others... I wrote some e-mail a week ago to Tamiya partners but no answer so far. If anybody could help me contact Tamiya I would be very thankful as I wont start printing anything without permission. Thank you for your time, Best regars, Daniel
  4. I would like one of the trucks in the description. Not after a shelf queen or anything like that. Would be a runner.
  5. Just found this video on YouTube with some great video coverage (at the Grand Prix of Long Beach) of the new TXT-2 Agrios. The truck is only in a display case but you get some nice insights into some of the finer details of the truck. You need to fast forward to 7:30 to get to the right bit... I've got mine pre-ordered with Fusion with an estimate dispatch date of May 10th...can't wait! Enjoy. Mike.
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