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Found 24 results

  1. Tamiyaclub community, earlier this year I finally built my first Tamiya kit, a Fighter Buggy RX Memorial, having lusted after Tamiya cars in toy stores as a kit. After quite a lot of fun, the rear tyres are worn and some questions have arisen: a) what are your recommendations for replacement tyres? I use the car to run around my garden and the countryside, i.e. usually on grass, often on gravel, sometimes on dirt and rarely on asphalt. The default rear tyres appear to wear rather quickly. I even consider putting Mad Bull front axles, wheels and tyres on the car. b) after a while my left rear wheel started to work itself loose multiple times during one run. With softer rear springs the issue happens less frequently. However, both the left and the right (to a lesser degree) wobble when spinning freely (lifted from the ground). From a quick inspection, the drive shafts seem straight. Switching wheels from left to right slightly changes the intensity, but not the tendency of the left wheel to wobble more intensely than the right one. My car is running Carson bearings. I suspect the wheels are slightly out of balance, but perhaps those drive shafts are the real cause Are the improved, more durable drive shafts available for this chassis? Thank you very much! Best, "Rookie Rabbit"
  2. Hello , like in the title , im doying old nitrage 5.2 restoration and tyres are shot , original ones are wery expensiwe and probobly not in a good shape either , (brand new but probably will be perished from all the years sitting on the shelwe ?) looking for same looking tyres but from modern rc car that wouldnt rip a hole in my wallet 😜 what rc car use same tyres that would fit my nitrage ? also do you guys have a way to bring yelowed wheels back to white color ? thanks
  3. Looking for both front and rear tyres as seen on the Blitzer Beetle and Blitzer Stadium. Part Numbers 50449 and 50450. They don't need to be new or anything, but preferably no rips or tears. If anyone has any for sale, please do let me know!
  4. Tamiya Lancia Delta Body Set - 51401 *INCREDIBLE ULTIMATE SUPER BUNDLE*. Includes: Tamiya - 51401 Lancia Delta Body Parts Set 1/10 (Without Fitting Holes) Tamiya - 54491 Rally Car Cockpit Set Tamiya - 54139 Touring Car Body Accessories Parts Set Tamiya - 445250 Lancia Delta integrale Tyres x4 Tamiya - 53220 26mm Super Slick Tyres (car was destined to be a tarmac stage version). Tamiya - 53156 HARD Inner Sponge set for Tyres Tamiya - 58654 Lancia 037 Sticker set. For extra detail Lancia / Martini Stickers. THERES MORE! Knight Custom 3D parts (made by Shapeways) for Tamiya Lancia Delta Integrale: - Roll Cage - Turbo Vents for Front Wheels - Front Skidplate - Front & Read Red Mudguards - Front & Read lighting sets for LED Lights - Front Grill AND EVEN MORE! Also included: - 1/10 scale detailed windscreen Wipers - 1/12 scale Carbon Fibre Decal for Wing Mirrors & Front Turbo Vents -1/10 scale Tyre Decals LASTLY: - A unique set of solid plastic 1/10 Italian number plates, to complete the build!
  5. Fastrax 2222 - black wing mirror set £6.50 2x 54809 - gf01 g601 gear set yellow £10@ 54808 - g6-01 idler gears £8 54991 cc-02 alloy dampers set £65 Including 54992 cc02 alloy damper spring set 2x Tamiya 51207 2wd off road front tyres 60/19 £10@ 53619 CVA oil shocks 4 no springs black £20 2x 53619 CVA black buggy front left over £12 (handy to add to g601 for 6 shocks) 54616 cc-01 plated A parts tree £20 54679 cc-01 plated C parts tree £20 G6-01 yellow d parts chassis from kit £20 54807 g6-01 d parts smoke clear chassis £20 53927 df03 spring set £15 49577 CVA mini shock set white £15@ 9400799 B parts bag £10 6x new gold df03 springs £6 Opened df03 spring set £6 New left over springs £5 Tamiya white CVA 2 white buggy shock set, Parts w,y,x and v £15 8 white cva 2 V parts , some parts missing £8 2 black CVA 2 V parts, some parts missing £2 53056 pin type hex alloy wheel adaptor £6 8x grey , 3x black X CVA 2 parts, some missing £8 6x black X CVA 2 parts, some missing £5 Tt-02? Centre prop shaft £1 4x black CVA 2 V parts, some missing £3 Cc01 CVA black shock set complete no oil, no screws, no connectors £10 Yellow f friction parts from dt02 super fighter G £5 Front arms and dyed gears from rising fighter kit £2 Spare cc-02 prop shaft parts £1 6x Black long CVA U type CVA shock cases only, assembled but not used £4 4 wheel steering parts bag from g6-01 £5 I'm willing to do deals on multiple purchases and listen to offers, prices should be cheaper than eBay at the time of posting. Paypal gift please Anything over £15 is free UK shipping
  6. Is there a Tamiya Tyre Size Dimensions List? Specially listing the model with, Inner diameter Overall width, height Thanks
  7. Hello everyone, I'm currently fixing up my midnight pumpkin. Could someone let me know where to get some tyres and oil filled shocks from also any extra parts I would need to attach them Many thanks wes
  8. OK so this question is actually in relation to my Kyosho Beetle but since it's about 2.2" buggy tyres I'm sure it's perfectly relevant to any buggy! I've just got hold of some 2.2" Turbo Scorpion wheels for my Beetle which I'm going to use for running thanks to the wider range of tyres available at a lower cost! This is where I struggle a little as there's no so much choice! What I'm after is something that is decent enough on broken asphalt and loose gravel (basically the lane behind my house). I'm no racer so I'm not after balls out performance just something durable and reasonably grippy. Apologies if this has been asked a million times before (what tyre threads on push bike forums are always cringe fests!) Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone, I'm currently in the process of stripping down my F103RS for a rebuild - it's a 1999 Ferrari F310B (58213) and has been sat in it's box for about 19 years! It's in pretty good nick with only some o rings having perished completely and the foam tires looking cracked and hard. Bodywork needs some TLC but it's probably salvageable for bashing. I want to go to rubber vs foam as it'll get run on tarmac/car park rather than any smooth or indoor surface ... but It seems that F103 wheels and rubber slicks are very hard to come by now; so I'm wondering if it is simple to use rims and tires designed for the F104? I've looked at the manual for a F104 and it appears the thrust bearing sequence is essentially the same but it sits directly on the diff joint with the wheel rather than being built inside the wheel. Is it as simple as that? Does anyone have experience of putting F104 wheels on an F103? Many thanks in advance, Mike
  10. Hello everyone, I'm currently fixing up my midnight pumpkin. Could someone let me know where to get some tyres and oil filled shocks from also any extra parts I would need to attach them Many thanks wes
  11. Hi guys I'm hoping that there's someone that can help me out. Basically, I've just purchased a 2013 Egress. Although I'll be doing some off-roading, I'll also be looking to run it on tarmac (street roads). Therefore, I'm looking to purchase an additional set of wheels/tyres. However, being new to the hobby, I'm having difficulty finding which wheel/tire combo will be compatible. Is there anyone that can suggest a decent wheel/tyre combo? I did come across these (https://www.modelsport.co.uk/absima-wheel-set-buggy-5-spoke-street-rear-white-1-10-2-pcs-/rc-car-products/373365) but I'm not sure if a) they are compatible and b) if they are any good. If there's anyone that can help out then that would be fully appreciated. Best regards Rod
  12. So I finally got round to installing the sports tuned motor in my lunchbox which works fine but now with the extra power I have has made the tyres start spinning, so should I glue them in place? If so any specific glue for this, how much to use etc. I’ve read that the small holes in the wheels are for putting the glue in, is this correct. Any help or tips appreciated on this, thanks.
  13. Hi all. I'm after a pair of new or hardly used front proline dirt hawg 2.2 tyres. Please let me know if you can help.
  14. A few bits and bobs for sale, TRF bundle, mostly TRF501 parts, chassis plate and damper mounts in excellent condition, lots of blue alloy parts too (rear uprights, steering bridge etc) and loads of white Tamiya tuning springs. Also a TRF 415 motor mount plate NIP and DB01 Rear uprights NIP. SOLD!!! Tamiya Reinforced Tires Type B2 24.6mm wide (medium narrow), come mounted to Team Losi white dish wheels and fitted with TA04 Pro Moulded Inserts. These are also neatly pre glued too. Used once, so like new. IIRC they cost £30 for the 4 tyres alone. Come in original boxes in great condition, box inserts and also wheel/tire labels. Bargain at £15 posted. Tamiya TL01 Stabilizer set. Brand new in packet (sun faded tag), bought for a project but decided I no longer need it. SOLD !!! And finally, a super rare Official Tamiya R/C Collection '99. Featuring 24 cars and hop up options plus the world cup race from 1998. £8 posted Any questions feel free to ask. Still have the wheels and tyres along with the R/C Collection Video CD for sale. James.
  15. Hi All, Was just wondering if anyone would know best tires setup for brushless WT01, as the original spike tires does not have any grip at all, the only best grip I can get out of this tires is on grass. Have anyone try the tires for HSP or redcat from ebay? are the any good? Thanks
  16. Hello! I am searching the right tyres for my Tamiya TA07 pro chassis. The recommendation in instructions is tamiya item 53434 or 53435 (24mm c compound). So what do you recommend, remember I want some quality rubber tyres with low wear for good price which include also foam inserts. The chassis will be used on tarmac surface. Thanks.
  17. Hi guys anybody know if grasshopper tyres will fit subaru brat wheels?
  18. Hi, I have 3 sets of Marui Big Bear wheels/tyres available, 1 set exc cond., 2 sets good cond.(perfect for running).
  19. hi im looking for 2 tyres for my lunchbox, please let me know if you have anything cheers
  20. Well I am getting sick of destroying my spiked tyres so after some rear wheels for my hornet with the hopper / scorcher paddle tyres fitted. Ideally looking for the set as I want to be able to swap and change. Anyone got any they fancy letting go for a few beer tokens?
  21. Hi all, several of my vintage cars have been in dry storage for the past 20 years cars such as Top Force With spire spike tyres, vintage Egress and DynaStorm cars have all suffered total tear of the tire from the side walls. I have taken on the task to get them a restored not only for the tyres but all other items that were not replaced from when I used to drive and race them. What's the best way to prevent the new sets from ending up the same in some years to come?
  22. Surplus to my needs, I have a set of Proline 2WD Front buggy tyres in 1.9" diameter (Madcap/Astute size). These are in their packaging (little tatty) and have been used once on my Madcap so have loads of life left in them. Not looking for much tbh as I would like to see someone get the use of them, so say £10 posted? I also have a few Madcap spares, brand new front shock tower, used but in great condition front support/body mount plate. Also have a used metal motor mount plate with a few marks on it but still 100% working and useable condition. And a Set of the 2 different sized Spur gears for the Madcap series cars. Make me an offer? as I have no idea what they are worth tbh. Again would like them to go to someone who is going to use them so not going to be asking alot. Pictures to come this evening. (I do apologise) Any questions then feel free to ask away. Thanks James
  23. Hi All I want to put some lights in my Taiya F350 but I can not afford the light\sound set for it so I am planning of getting my own LEDs from maplin or ordering some of fleabay. Does anyone know what LED size I need to get so they fit nicely into the existing light points? Also what wheel\trye upgrades can you recommend to make this truck look a bit more bad boy offroader
  24. Can anyone tell me more about the Super Gripper range? And specifically what the subject tyres were standard/options for? I have some new ones and the only thing resembling a part number I can find is 9.50-20 which is suspect is not a part number. Does anyone have any background or links on the different "Racing" types of the SG range?
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