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Found 7 results

  1. Has anyone got a UM59 drivers head / helmet set - new or used . Also know as SID-9 . Thanks
  2. I've picked up a banged up original Ultima with the intention of getting it back on the road but it is missing a few bits. Most seem to be available on the rere. Tyres, radio plate, roll cage are the main things but it is missing some gears and the shafts they sit on. Does anyone know if the gears off the re-release wil fit the old version? They look very different but if they fit the old mounting plate positions it might work? I'm planning on keeping the original diff if possible? Cheers
  3. Need to raise funds for other things (including renewing Tamiyaclub membership) so thinning out the collection a bit. Wanted to put them up for offer here before they go on ebay. As the title suggests, I have a vintage Koyosho Ultima and a Vintage Koyosho Outrage for sale. Both cars are pretty much original and complete as far as I can tell. I have never tried to run either car, they were only for display as part of my collection. I have only ever given them a bit of dust-down as they were on the ‘to-do’ list to become display/light runners. Both have the usual signs of age and use, peeling stickers etc, but I would say have been owned by ‘enthusiast’ rather than ‘kids playing with a toy until it breaks’. The Ultima front tyres sidewalls are cracked if you squeeze them, but I would reckon with a clean up and re-glueing they would be perfectly serviceable as a light runner. (I have stored both cars off the wheels to avoid the flat spots for the last 5 years or so.) Two of the spring collars on the Ultima are split, so the spring rate can’t be adjusted as-is and, being on the same side, it will lean to one side if on the wheels. Super easy fix but I have left them as original for now. Both come with the period electrics fitted as shown in the pics, but like so many ‘loft finds’ no transmitters. Bit of a rushed posting / pics I’m afraid, so PM me your email address for more pics / details – just ask. Previously traded with I_am_Scarecrow so I’m sure he’ll vouch for me. Will post at cost and VERY well packed. Based Nr Worthing, West Sussex so if your reasonably local we could arrange pickup or drop off for cost. If you are local enough and want to check them out, let me know. Let me know your offer on either or both. Thanks, Mick.
  4. Hey guys - I have a bunch of projects on the verge of completion and not enough spots on my shelfer / runner shelves to fit them so I've listed a bunch currently on the bay. The Varicom Panda is a fun runner but I have more runners than places for them. The re-re Hornet and Grasshopper are theoretically runners, but the GH has only been run a few times and the Hornet has never been run at all! The Traxxas Cat is the last of my early Traxxas buggies. I like them and have enjoyed owning the little pieces of history that they are, but have had to whittle down my fleet to just Tamiya, Kyosho and one RC10. I just don't have excess room and there are Tamiyas and Kyoshos that are must-haves for me still finding their way to my shelves. The Clod body actually came off of a Clod I got in a trade from TCer @markbt73 but I want it box art red and couldn't bring myself to ruin the nice vintage decals just to change the color. As for the Bandido and Pegasus stuff these are project cars I picked up for restorations that ended up being excess to my needs (new Bandido, Pegasus, etc showroom entries forthcoming sometime soon-ish). All the auctions are no reserve - if I wasn't the one selling them to make space, I'd be bidding on them for sure: http://www.ebay.com/sch/waynethebrain/m.html
  5. RNSpeed

    My Kyosho cars

    Hello, first of all since this will be my first post I'll like to start saying what a great forum this is. I started in RC back in the 80’s with a Kyosho Icarus which I had lots of fun running it. Here are my cars; My Ultimas The first one is complete factory spec. The other Ultima (Runner) which I had modified with; UM-27 Special Chassis UM-28 Rear Motor Guard W-5061 Universal Swing Shaft OT 76 Hard Final Pinion W-5032 Tires Gold Shocks A&L Ball Bearing Steering Kit upgrade Bearings Epic 1 Designs Chassis Armor (to protect it against scratches) Castle Creations Sidewinder 3, Airtronics RX-371 waterproof receiver, Kyosho G20 brushed motor, Onyx 7.2V 5000Mah NiMh y and a Hitec HS-5625MG and my shelf queen the Turbo Scorpion.
  6. RNSpeed

    Shock Collars

    Hello Again. As we all know there is a well known problem regarding the broken shock collars from the vintage Ultima,Optima and Scopion,etc red shocks. I was looking for alternatives without the need to change shocks and keep it as original as possible so I decided to test a cheap alternative. I found out that the Kyosho part #SC222-03 Shock Plastic Part set for the 2014 Scorpion and Tomahawk look like the vintage shock collar but have a thicker area where the screw holds. The collar is a little bit smaller but fits. The pictures talk by themselves. Here is the broken shock collar Broken collar next to replacement Top View Installed Part number
  7. Does anyone know why Kyosho couldn't think of any name other than "Ultima" for, like, 1/3rd of all their models?? Why am I getting THIS as a legitimate result when I'm looking for this?: Apparently, this doesn't even cover it:
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