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Found 22 results

  1. Back in 2012, the world was a different place. For starters, I did not have a Tamiya Striker - until late in the year: Apparently, I had a hankering for something very different, and the Striker was unlike many things before or since. The "sharp wind-cheating Formula 1-style body" [- Tamiya promotional video] and the desire to "hit the trail and strike out the competition" [- also the Tamiya promotional video] led me to acquire one. It was put together during my time in post-secondary school, which meant minimal effort to get it going. The only chassis modification I made at the time was adding the Team CRP front chassis brace and bumper set for the Futaba FX-10. Stickers, different tires, and a painted helmet were all I needed to "enjoy" the Striker experience. I ran that car for two years, after which its run time became sporadic (I even half-heartedly listed it for sale in 2016), to be resurrected in 2021. For all that time, the car retained its controversial front swing-axle suspension. Accompanied by a heavily rear-biased weight distribution and pure friction dampers, the understeer was very tangible. Initially, I accepted it as part of driving a Tamiya Striker, but over time, the intrigue of a double-wishbone conversion at the front end lingered. The time finally arrived when I pushed the Striker a bit too hard and broke both front suspension arms: My wallet made the decision for me to finally abandon the stock front suspension setup: not only were front suspension arms scarce, but they were expensive! It was cheaper to attempt modifications than to shell out for NOS parts, and so the trials of customization and testing commenced. The first iteration used Grasshopper II parts: Citing similarities between the Striker and Grasshopper II, I came to learn that about the only front-end components those two models had in common were wheels and tires. I did manage to make it functional, if not entirely useful... And so begins the modification of a humble Tamiya Striker!
  2. Just thought I'd share how I've upgraded my TT02 after saying I want to keep it as close to stock as possible 😅 Ok, so in order, this is what ive put on it... 1. Bearings 2. Hobbypark Aluminum heatsink 3. YR Aluminum shocks - Awesome set of shocks, so many ways to customize how you want them to run - 4. Robinson racing 22t steel pinion gear 5. Tamiya high speed gear set 6. Kimbrough medium servo saver So in the end, did I spend more money than I had initially wanted? Yes. Was it fun putting all the new parts on and seeing how the car improved? Yes. Overall, was it worth buying upgrades? Yes. Does that mean I am not going to buy any more upgrades as long as nothing breaks? Well...maybe, maybe not. Is my wallet happy? No, but I am 😂 Im surprised how much all the upgrades Ive made improve every aspect of the car, the way it handles, steers, and frankly, the way it looks too. Ive spent a little over $300 (US) on this and I love the car. Sort of wanting to look into a steering bridge too lol What have you spent on your TT02? Are you happy with the upgrades? And what do you think are really great upgrades that probably arent necessary (maybe what you might consider a stage 2 car instead of a stage 1 TT02 with just bearings.) Note: I just ran this on some dusty street, so its not as clean as it was yesterday.
  3. Hello everyone! Had some questions...about the high speed gear set. First of all, just some info on me and my first TT02. Im not planning to do any sort of racing (but if I find one close to me, hey! Why not give it a shot for fun?) And im also trying to keep it as budget as possible. So far, everything is stock except for bearings. The stock TT02 is the fastest rc car Ive had (running on 2s). But I guess I feel like the motor just wants to give more speed. Now, to the questions about the high speed gear set. Is it worth buying a set? (I know its only like $10 (US) Do I need (ABSOLUTELY NEED) any other upgrades with a high speed gear set? Or can the stock TT02 handle the extra speed? And Im not doing any sort of speed runs, and I dont have any sort of speed gps, but is it visually and noticably faster than stock? If it gives maybe an extra 2-3mph then maybe I wont find it worth buying. But maybe 5 or more I might consider it 🤷🏻‍♂️ (again no way to measure the speed anyways) Last question, is there any other cheap upgrades/mods to just make it more fun to drive? Also! I heard you can trim the steering limiters and get some more steering angle? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi guys, I am building a Bigwig shelf queen, and would like to replace all yellow and blue parts with either carbon, alloy, or at least black plastic. That would be the cockpit cage, the damper towers, the uprights, and the exhausts. Does anyone have a tip where I could find such parts?
  5. I have a fully stock Tamiya Rising fighter and the shocks provide no small bump sensitivity or support on big impacts/compression. What should I look for to upgrade the shocks without emptying the wallet?
  6. I new here! Dear god please don’t tar and feather me! I mostly race Losi’s t5’s so I’m a bit out of touch with electric rc’s but I saw the tamiya 58578 zakspeed capri wurth (tt-02) and thought ok I need to own this, I’ve already got all the upgraded bearings! Now if it’s ok to get some help from all of tamiya experts. I would like to upgrade as much as I can and make it as fast and as reliable It can be using lipos. 1, what lipos can I get to fit to get the best run time? 2, what would be the best brushless motor and esc to use? 3, Best gearbox and diff upgrades can be used? 4, Best drive shafts? 5,Better suspension upgrades? 6,Oils grease and anything else I have forgotten? Many thanks in advance! Kind regards, Ian.
  7. All BRAND NEW & UNOPENED. Why I’m selling: Returning to a 90 hour a week job has left me with no time, so I’m selling my TRF419XR as well an extensive and, in some cases, extremely rare, collection of upgrades that took months to source. What you see includes some almost unavailable and therefore very rare items that took hours of obsessive work to collect. Knowing how hard it was to gather this collection means it’s for someone who wants all options available for the amazing TRF419XR, so I’m sorry to say, I will not be willing to split it. I wish to return around 80% of what it all cost me, so any purchaser is not only benefiting a reduction in retail price, but also from the reduced purchase hose prices from buying abroad, which I had to do to finish this collection but from the hours and hours it took to gather everything. Moving on: The main upgrade included in the bundle is the TRF420 Suspension upgrade. To prove how extensive the bundle is, it also comes with the rear Toe Control Rear Suspension Set for the TRF420. Also included is the correct 3mm TRF drill bit to ream out the arms, and I even managed to find the unique carbon fibre alternative arm connectors that are only available with the actual TRF420 kit! That wasn’t easy. Before we get to the collection: I’m also selling a complete (and I mean complete) TRF Tool Set to go with it, as well as some top line professional equipment, please see my other listings for full details. However, to wet your appetite, here’s a few of them so you get the idea as to the level of what else is for sale: **THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE BUT AVAILABLE SEPARATELY. HOWEVER, THEY WERE BOUGHT TO GO WITH THIS KIT SO I WILL DISCOUNT ANYTHING BELOW BY 20% IF BOUGHT BY WHOEVER BUYS THIS BUNDLE** - A Complete Tamiya TRF tool set - - Futaba T7XC Transmitter - - Futaba HPS-CB700 Brushless Servo - - Team Orion Vortex R10.1Brushless ESC - - Team Orion Vortex DSB-R Program Box - - SkyRC T200 Duo AC/DC 12A Charger - - Intellect LiPo LiHV 2S 1000mAh 7.6v Batteries (2 available) - - TRF Trolly Bag - + more..... ** THE ABOVE ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE SEPARATELY. ** I WILL DISCOUNT ANYTHING ABOVE BY 20% IF BOUGHT BY WHOEVER BUYS THIS BUNDLE** (Please see my other listings for full details) AGAIN THESE ITEMS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE Finally, here’s the list of what’s included in this rather unique bundle: **TO BE CLEAR, THE FOLLOWING IS EXACTLY WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THIS BUNDLE: TAMIYA: - 42316 - TRF419XR Racing Chassis - 54886 - TRF420 Suspension Upgrade Set - 54887 - TRF420 Toe Control Rear Suspension Set - 1980322 - (unique) Carbon Fibre Arm Connectors - 42303 - TRF 3mm Straight Reamer - 54413 - Aluminium High-Efficiency Roll Damper - 42325 - Aluminium Gear Differential Case - 42310 - 37T Aluminium Differential Pulley - 42309 - 37T Aluminium One-Way Pulley - 3454938 - Drive Pulley Assy (Blue) - 3454936 - Main T-Pulley (Blue) - 53906 - 5x5mm Alumium Hex Head Ball Connectors X2 - 53907 - 5x8mm Aluminium Hex Head Ball Connectors X3 - 54648 - Flurine Coated Stabilizer Ball Connector Set - 42327 - 5x 3x6mm Hi-Grade Aluminium Hex Head Screws (Blue) X5 - NAR-306TB - 3x 3x6mm Hi-Grade Aluminium Hex Head Screws (blue) (by SQUARE) X3 - 42329 - 5x 2x8mm Hi-Grade Aluminium Hex Head Screws (Blue) X3 - 42330 - 5x 3x8mm Hi Grade Alu C/Sunk Hex Head Screws (Blue) X3 - 42328 - 5x 3x6mm Hi Grade Alu C/sunk Hex Head Screws (Blue) X3 - 53773 - 5x 3x10mm C/sunk Hex Head Screw (Blue) X1 Moody Fools: - 1509786741 - 6x 3x8mm C/sunk TITANIUM Hex Head Screws - 1509786741 - 38x 3x6mm C/sunk TITANIUM Hex Head screws Back to Tamiya: - 53646 - Wheel Spacer (Blue) X3 - 54863 - Aluminium Hi-Torque Servo Saver Cap (Blue) - 42248 - Aluminium Direct Servo Horn (Tamiya/Futaba) (Blue) - 54862 - 4x Aluminium Servo Screws (Blue) - 42224 - 04 Module Hard Coated Alu Pinion Gear (25T) - 42229 - 04 Module Hard Coated Alu Pinion Gear (30T) - 42269 - 04 Module Hard Coated Alu Pinion Gear (39T) - 42201 - Glass Tape (15mm x 50m) (Blue) 3RACING: - M04M-07/LB Aluminium Motor Heatsink With Cooling Fan (Blue) TOTAL COST TO ME £ 1,420.00 The following items are FREE: - 42250 - Maintenance Mat (1250x600mm) Black with TRF logo (opened to be used in my photos, but unused otherwise. - DTDR01001B - Hobbt Details Aluminum Magnetic Body Mount Set for 1/10 Drifting Cars Set A Type Black DTDR01001 Aluminium (Blue) - Aluminium Adjustable Magnetic head for Body Mount (Blue) - Velcro in Blue to match Tamiya Blue - Zip Ties in Blue to match Tamiya Blue - A4 Carbon Fibre Self Adhesive Sticker Sheet (it is in the image, but hidden under all the parts in the top right of the image) The FREE items cost me around £50 Dispatched with Hermes Tracked.
  8. Hi guys, I wonder if someone has already set anti-roll bars on Stadium Blitzer. I just bought a DT-03 stabilizer set (54561 / OP-1561). If anybody has information about that, it will appreciated. Thanks ! Take care. Glob356
  9. Looking to upgrade my 25+ year old stadium blitzer. It’s all stock at the moment. I do have foam filled street tires. Looking to upgrade to ESC and possibly faster motor without breaking the bank. Maybe suspension and steering as well as the oil filled shocks seem to be shot and the alignment is way off. Probably need some good ball bearings as well. And go!
  10. I’ve finally got my pumpkin running after 25 years or so. Fun as I remember. I did find, however, in getting it up to running condition, some of the current setup isn’t what is shown in the instruction manual. I did not assemble my pumpkin as I bought it used from another enthusiast. I was wondering if any of you have seen a setup such as this (suspension) and also if there are any recommendations on ways o improve the ride and speed. Everything (as far as I know) is stock. I do have one other issue. Even when adjusting my controller, the pumpkin still pulls one way or the other. In examining the steering, the servo appears to be at middle. The tie rods are of different length but again, there is pull to one side or the other. Suggestions here would be welcome as well.
  11. While I was searching for spare parts for my Midnight Pumpkin, I came across machined aluminum hubs for the rear tires. I was curious if anyone out there has used them and what their thoughts are on them. I was of the mindset that they will last longer than the plastic ones but also was thinking that friction can cause them to possibly heat up more and damage other non aluminum parts. Chime in with thoughts or experience. Here is the actual part if I wasn’t clear enough. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tamiya-Lunchbox-Midnight-Pumpkin-CNC-Machined-Alloy-Wheel-Hubs/264516859440?hash=item3d966ef630:g:CW4AAOSwwBRewnmd
  12. Hello everyone, I'm currently fixing up my midnight pumpkin. Could someone let me know where to get some tyres and oil filled shocks from also any extra parts I would need to attach them Many thanks wes
  13. Apparently these parts are "fragile." Urban legend or fact? I think this is one of those oft-repeated "facts" that has no basis in reality (at least not in reality that is confirmed by searching Google images). If anyone has any direct experience (photos preferred) that would be great. FWIW I'm looking at genuine Tamiya parts, not aftermarket.
  14. Hi all, New to builds, having had my Dad make me a Super Blackfoot as a kid. My cousin had a LB, and I always loved how mental it was to drive😂 My missus bought me one as a gift back in February and having put it all together, and immediately crashing it, I decided I wanted to look at making it fun but better to drive. To date I’ve installed a Tamiya Sports Tuned motor, metal bearings, and this evening I’ve installed oil filled shocks. Having just taken it out, it seems to sit better under load. I will say it pulls a touch to the left, and I’m almost certain that the wheels are spinning inside the tyres. So my questions are the following: How can I make the car better than stock beyond those adjustments? Should I have replaced the pinion with the motor upgrade? Foam in the tyres or not bother? What’s the best battery setup to choose? Where can I get a transmission strut brace in the UK, as I don’t want to do the 5th shock mod? Sanding down the damage on the body for re-spraying, what’s the best process? Sorry, lots of questions but I’m very new to this. Kind Regards, Carl
  15. I'd love a Tamiya vintage buggy but I'd like to make it durable and modern with high quality parts. I know M.I.P. make some diffs for the Bigwig and others, and I've always wanted a Bigwig, but there's not much point spending $150 dollars on the M.I.P. diffs if the rest of the car is cheap toy grade plastic. TT01 and other road cars have so many upgrades, but I hardly see any for the buggies. Cheers.
  16. Hello all, I am looking at getting a Super clodbuster from modelsport uk before Christmas. What upgrades do you reccomend? Thanks, Ashicar
  17. Hi all, I recently acquired a Tamiya Sand Scorcher 2010 re release and have set it up with a 3350mah battery and torque tuned silver can (i thought any more powerful would be overkill with this chassis). Everything else is stock and I've just built up the chassis a week ago and have tried it out a few times on varied surfaces. (even in Britain's march snow). i find it great but i have found a few problems which as an inexperienced R/C driver/ builder I don't know how to solve. First off is the steering linkages, these seem to have an awful lot of play in them and i have bent them a few times. Next is the shocks which seem to leak like there's no tomorrow. I've also seen some lovely aluminium centreline wheels for the SRB online but haven't found any for sale. Lastly is the aluminium chassis worth it? I'm just asking as i have limited experience in this field so not sure if these are one off jobs or if they are available to buy anywhere. If anyone has any advice or pictures of their own work it would all be appreciated. Regards, Ned P.S. the blitzer beetle has a seemingly good stance and strikes me as something that would actually be pretty capable once Hopped up. Has anyone had any experience with upgraded blitzers and is it worth getting one or just investing in a modern buggy/truggy?
  18. Hi All, As my Bio states I'm a 40 something Dad with 6 yr old son getting back into Tamiya RC Cars and I'm the proud owner of a new Super Clodbuster. Can someone point in the direction of a UK retailer where I can buy upgrades/tune ups that doesn't require buying from the US via eBay? I've searched and searched. Modelsport.co.uk seem ok but a bit limited in stock and very difficult to search. Appreciate the help.
  19. Hi all! When I was young and got my first RC car, I had to choose between the lunchbox and neo fighter.. i choose the lunchbox and had a blast untill the esc cought on fire and stopped working. After a couple of years I threw the car and controller after hearing it was not repairable. Needless to say I have regretted that for many years :(. But today I received BOTH kits (rereleases). I couldn't stand the emptyness any more. I also bought bearing kits for both cars. What else do I need? I am about to order some paint tonight or tomorrow so I thought I'd just ask if there are any other items I will most certainly need when building the kits. Grease? Glue? I also need to buy servos and batteries.. haven't decided if I should go brushed or brushless yet.. i don't need the cars to go faster is is there any other benefits or should I just stay brushed? Thanks for your time!
  20. Trying to do as many alloy upgrades to my lunchbox since my kid is pretty rough with it... Anybody know where I can find alloy front steering tie-rods for it? I'm finding it very confusing to find specific parts (nobody makes one?) or a generic part (nobody lists tie-rod lengths unfortunately.) Anybody have experience knowing a kit that'll work? Thanks!
  21. Interested in Tamiya hop ups 53383 and 53369 for the Juggernaut. Looking for 2 or 3 sets each NIB but will consider ones in like new condition. Please let me know what you have. Thanks, NJ
  22. Well my F350 Highlift will be here in about a week or so I figured I'd get an early start on a build thread.. This is my first 3 speed/highlift so hopefully it arrives ok and the build goes smooth.. I started this now to give ample time to discuss upgrades and well anything that should be checked and or take certain precautions before beginning the build Upgrades planned: (updated 12/2/12) crawler motor of some kind Rubber sealed bearings Venom 7.2v NiMH 4,600mAh 6 cell Traxxas 2.5 waterproof ESC Traxxas Emaxx waterproof receiver box TopCad 8 hole alloy 1.9 wheels Integy BFG Mud Terrain tires Integy oil shocks for CR-01 with 10wt rear/ 20wt front oil TopCad bull bar w/ TopCad scale working winch Clod roll bar with working lights aluminum shift servo mounts (going to mount steering to it also so figured better make it strong) got this for the shift servo http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649 got this for the steering servo http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649 This radio set up http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1497.l2649 let me know what you think or if you have any advice for a first time 3 speed builder?
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