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Found 126 results

  1. Vintage, near mint condition Tamiya QD cars; - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI WRC 46306 - Peugeot 206 WRC 46305 Was clearing out my attic and found these beauty's, originally bought them in 2000 on release for my then 2 year old son, opened once as i had to try these babys out and then put into storage, it is now 2019 as they were forgotten, life gets busy sometimes. £350 for both & offers
  2. Hi, I want to buy a new brushed motor for my modified Blitzer Stadium. I wonder how many turns is best for the Blitzer? Tamiya silver can motor is 27T. Do I need a 21T, 23T? Thank you for your advice! Glob356
  3. G'day peeps Need help with restoring my Falcon plastics Firstly I have a practice bumper (see pic) so I am willing to try different methods. I know I'm not going to get the deep scratches out and have so far sanded half the bumper with 400, 1200 and 2000 grit wet and dry. I am happy with the smoothness however as you can see in the pic it has a milky white appearance now. Have I done something wrong or is there a way of restoring the black finish? Will the same thing happen with the chassis and other harder plastic parts? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Chris
  4. Took my road winner for a spin in the sand 😀 https://youtu.be/HqEA_Tv48j4
  5. I've decided to part company with my 2 vintage King Tiger tanks, so here they are up for grabs. Both are 56004 kits. 3 Tone Tiger. Details on this tiger are: Had the lower hull replaced with one from a newer full option tiger, and also has the rear battery tray from the full option kit. It has the upper hull from a full option tiger, so has the turret support rollers on the top and underside of the hull, and the stand offs for fitting the full option tiger turret rotator. Has the original strobe flash unit installed and is fully operational. There is a servo installed to activate the mechanism. The gearbox has had the original clutch mechanism removed, and 2 540s installed, one to drive each track directly. I used TT-01 spur gears to carry out the modification so spares are readily available, and the support block I machined for it is never going to break. There are twin Mtronics ECO 27 speed controllers (Good for up to 9.6V) installed to control the motors, along with an aircraft V tail mixer circuit. This enables the tank to be driven as you would a buggy, as well as being able to carry out pivot turns. The turret rotator control has been replaced with a vintage 3 step speedo with the resistor removed. The turret rotation mechanism allows the turret to be rotated continuously in either direction through multiple turns as there are no wires going from the hull to the turret, unlike the full option models. This enables it to rotate in either direction at a single speed, but if the resistor was re-instated it would be possible to rotate the turret at 3 different speeds. (Or the MSC could be replaced with a rock crawler ESC to give full proportional control over the rotation speed) It has an improved track tensioner mechanism fitted. (I can probably find the original mechanism if required) I can demonstrate the tank working, but would be keeping the transmitter and receiver used for the demo. Looking for £250 or equivalent in trade. Good points. The twin 540 motors give 100% increase in available power over the standard model, and eliminate the problem of clutch slippage. They also give the potential to fit 80T crawler motors for more torque, or even 540 high turn brushless systems. bad points. At the moment the clutch in the turret slips when trying to rotate the turret. Take off the upper hull and it works fine. I'm going to try and investigate to see if I can figure out what the problem is. The rear mud flaps have been knocked off, but I have them in the box and they will be included. Pictures gearbox Upper hull and turret 2 Tone Tiger This tiger also has my own twin 540 motor gearbox conversion. The front torsion springs under the gearbox have been replaced with heavy duty items to cope with the extra weight. The tank is fitted with twin MTronics ECO27 ESCs, capable of running on voltages up to 9.6V (8 cells). Unfortunately testing it this weekend one of the ESCs is playing up, got to check if it just needs a retune or if it's toast. I might have another to replace it with if needed, or if someone is interested in this tank and the other one has not gone I can pull an ESC from that one. There is also a V tail mixer fitted between the ESCs so that the it drives like a buggy (1 stick for throttle, another for steering). It is also possible to do pivot turns with it. The tank has the original turret rotator fitted along with the servo controlled switch for rotating left and right. There is a servo controlled camera mount fitted in the commands cupola which is a direct fit for a GoPro camera case, which can be rotated left and right. (This means you can rotate the camera one way and the turret the other). The plastic gun barrel ahs been replaced with a full option aluminium item, and it also has an aluminium muzzle brake fitted. The rear mud flaps have been knocked off, but I have them in the box and they will be included. I have also made some additional metalwork to help with the layout of the internals to make it easy to operate the tank. This is a unique tank in that it has two 540 size motors powering it, one for each track with no clutches involved. PS The weathering is genuine Wiltshire mud, and will wash off with water if it is not to your taste. I have the machine for the turret and it will be included, even though it's not the photos (I'd removed it to all the GoPro to rotate in the commanders cupola) If you don't want the GoPro mount and the servo, I can remove them and knock £10 off. Looking for £230 or equivalent in trade. I can demonstrate the tank working, but would be keeping the transmitter and receiver used for the demo. As I've mentioned above, I would prefer cash for both tanks, but could be willing to trade for other R/C items. I'd prefer not to post these tanks if possible, due to the weight and fragility, and would be prepared to travel a reasonable distance to conduct a trade / sale. forgot to add that I've got a box for one of the tanks, and some of the left over clutch parts, also some Porsche turret hull covers.
  6. Hi, I'm new at the club. I bought about two year ago a Blitzer Stadium (a release maybe). Since then I have modified many things on it. Looking on Internet to find new thing to do on the truck. My fun is to find what is cool on recent RC cars and try to reproduce on mine. I have already: installed front and rear carbon fiber shock tower with homemade aluminium parts upgraded the shocks (aluminium) upgraded suspension arm shafts (basic) removed some plastic of the chassis. Lower now replaced most of the screws ... I have modified many parts. So if you are interested to know the parts that I used to upgrade the blitzer, fell free to comment. Hope you will enjoy my first pictures. I will list soon all the modifications on the truck. Glob356
  7. Buggy has been sold
  8. Hi All, I have some tyres that I got as a job lot with my Thunder Dragon many many years ago. None of them are reallt suitable for my TD and rather than chucking them out, I am hoping they will be of use to you guys. All are used but good condition without splits. Make me an offer on any of them, so long as postage is covered to UK as a minimum and PayPal gift is sent I don't mind what they go for. Some I can see are Hot Laps and some others are Schumacher. Afraid I don't know what cars they are for. Please don't let them go to waste. I posted a thread last year about these tyres and there is some helpful info in there (among comments from me struggling to post images ) https://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/82276-vintage-tyres-quiz/&tab=comments#comment-663640
  9. Hi Folks Ayrshire Radio Controlled Car Club is based at mosshill industrial estate and is a place for novice and experienced racers to race we have 3 purpose built indoor tracks for onroad, offroad and drift both our onroad and offroad tracks are equipped with amb timing equipement we run all kinds of 1/10th electric from buggies, trucks, touring car, mini chassis, F1 and drift new this year is the tamiya holiday buggy class which is an affordable entry level for newcomers and also a fun class for the more experienced racers we currently run on a monday and friday night from 6.45pm till 9.45pm we are holding a open track day on the 10th of march would be great to see some new faces weather you have just popped down for a look or to run everyone is welcome please note if you are using lipo batteries these must be charged in a lipo bag cost is £10 to run all 3 tracks all day any other questions feel free to contact me or post on this page
  10. Hi All. Probably a long shot but I'm interested in getting this setup for my Thunder Dragon shelfer. Not sure how much they are worth and might be outside of what I'm comfortable spending but if you don't ask... Looking for a used set. Please let me know if you can help.
  11. Built but never ran (any slight scratches are from build), includes all original parts, original box (some tears but ok condition), Airtronics XL2P Controller (never used and in original box with servos already installed), and 1 extra body (unpainted) with decals. All items have been properly stored for over 30 years. Nerf bar and CRP battery tray can be removed and original antenna and battery tray installed. Extra body and decals are a new purchase and not vintage. If you have any concerns about the condition of the equipment this is a comment by Holmes Hobbies about the Trinity Monster Horsepower "1985 World Champions" motor that was purchased around the same time and initially supposed to go into the Supershot. This motor was recently sold. "We figured you might be interested in some of the stuff sent to us for repairs. This week's gem is a nearly mint vintage Trinity Monster Horsepower "1985 World Champions" motor. This thing has some crazy soft springs and the power leads are attached via ring terminals. After all these decades, it only needed a simple rebuild and now it is good as new!" Treat yourself to an extremely rare true shelf queen. $700
  12. Hey All! I am brand NEW the the club and to the hobby! I always wanted a hobby level RC car when I was growing up, but we never had the $$ to play. Now as an adult, the urge came back! So I began researching brands and styles, I feel in love with Tamiya and particularly the life like 4x4 Hiluxes... then I saw the price . So I decided to search locally on craigslist for a cheap car that I could completely disassemble and rebuild as a first project in the hobby. I found a great deal on an old beat up Blitzer Beetle, complete with remote, charger and two batteries; so here I am! I do not plan to shelf this once complete, rather run/race it! Thanks to everyone on this forum for the wealth of information already here! Here is a run down on the current condition and future plans for my NEW Blitzer! Condition I think this is an original, not the re release... any way I can find out? Does it matter? Broken nose piece, cracked body (nose piece mount/RF fender) NOISY gears Refuses to switch to reverse from forward sometimes when rolling (maybe this is normal?) Limp, sagging suspension, bottoms out in front Worn tires, overall well used (loved) bug Planned Upgrades Upgrade to GPM alloy DF-03 shock/spring dampers Upgrade turnbuckle suspension arm and tie rods all around with DT-02 kit Upgrade suspension arm shafts with TL-01 kit Upgrade to alloy front knuckle arms, flip to reduce bump-steer Stabilize f/r damper stays with steel rods Upgrade to ceramic bearings all around Replace all gears, add Cera-Grease Upgrade to DF-03 CVD drive shafts (Can I upgrade the rear knuckles to anything?) Upgrade to 2000-3000kv Brushless/ESC waterproof combo (any recommendations? cheap/quality/not overpowering) Replace tires with Pro-Line Dirt Hawgs Repair body Paint wheels/body (Pearl White/Flouro Yellow/Metalic Blue scheme) What am I missing? What have you all learned? I plan on updating this thread as I go, I'll post pictures and ask lots of questions... feel free to follow along! Thanks all!
  13. Since becoming serious (as much as a non-humorless person can be said to be) about collecting Tamiya, rediscovering it after the beginning of the re-release era, it turned out I wasted a lot of time, effort and resources on quite a few projects and purchases that I thought were vintage but weren't... or that were but I thought nothing of replacing parts with new re-issued parts thinking they were identical. Often the differences / tells were staring me right in the face but I didn't know what to look for. Even now, and even among experienced members and collectors I find there are pockets of knowledge many have on this subject with respect to a few models they've become sort of 'specialists' in, and simultaneously quite a bit of uncertainty or total unfamiliarity for others. Although there are some resources that do a great job of introducing and explaining the situation, such as this excellent post from the TCer @Hibernaculum on his own blog, there is no one place I could find that could be considered a good central reference for someone trying to find out how to tell if something is original / genuine / vintage or not. By no means do I know enough on my own to fill this need, so I invite you all who know anything from one little tip to an encyclopedic knowledge of every variant of a model Tamiya ever released. We may as well also include Kyosho, Associated, etc to the extent relevant. The format that I think would be easiest and most useful for expanding on the existing compiled notes on a given model is to keep each post related to one model per, then anyone who'd like to add details or make corrections just quote or copy/paste the full contents of the most recently updated information about that one model, add their piece or modify what was there if/as needed... and then do the same separately for any other model(s). I don't have time right this second to do a complete coverage of the Frog, which I'll start off with since it was a couple mislabeled-as-vintage Frog items that made me think we needed a place to store and reference information like this. I also think it's important that people know they can add just fragments of useful information and don't feel like they need to post perfectly-formed analyses covering everything about a model. It's fine to do that, but not necessary, and I think we'll amass more useful information by keeping the bar low. If you have $20 of info to contribute, great... but also great if you only have $0.20 to add right now. So, I will start us off with a few Frog things in the next post. ps - I want to point out that for the most part, parts or models that are described as vintage or original that aren't one or both usually aren't the result of intentional misinformation. It's probably just a lack of knowledge combined with an under-appreciation of the significance of the difference that results in the proliferation of these kinds of mistakes. But it certainly doesn't help people who do care but are still learning develop an accurate knowledge. Hopefully, this thread can help.
  14. Hello, this is another rare oldie rc car from my collection, I think it has been driven once or twice.. look at the gears. Complete, manual, decal sheet and clear body. will be listed next week on Ebay. I have about 35 rc cars, mostly 1/12 scale and mostly from the 70' and 80' era. I must make space in my crowded hobby room...
  15. Hello vintage fans, I have a rare Daishin rc car for sale, complete with transmitter and charger in the original box, few times driven. If someone is interested? https://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/Daishin-rc-vintage-classic-car-Chevron-B-36-1-12-scale/273317630428?hash=item3fa30011dc:g:LiYAAOSwlmhbLt4F I have also other rare 1/12 scale rc cars that i will sell in the near future. Johan.
  16. Tamiya celica 58096 first ta01 chassis still new in box from the 90s. Box has wear but content untouched. Accepting paypal. SOLD FREE shipping if bought within two days from the date posted. Accepting paypal
  17. So, i am relisting my new in box vintage tamiya celica 58096 rc. its the first ta01 and its still new in the box after all these years. Everything is there and everything is untouched. Only downside is some wear on the box from the years and storage. Some tape will fix everything Attached are the photos. NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE PLEASE CLOSE THE POST. THANK YOU
  18. New in box, you will never find this in this near perfect condition. everything new and box in near perfect condition for its age. rare car SOLD
  19. Hi all, I recently acquired a Tamiya Sand Scorcher 2010 re release and have set it up with a 3350mah battery and torque tuned silver can (i thought any more powerful would be overkill with this chassis). Everything else is stock and I've just built up the chassis a week ago and have tried it out a few times on varied surfaces. (even in Britain's march snow). i find it great but i have found a few problems which as an inexperienced R/C driver/ builder I don't know how to solve. First off is the steering linkages, these seem to have an awful lot of play in them and i have bent them a few times. Next is the shocks which seem to leak like there's no tomorrow. I've also seen some lovely aluminium centreline wheels for the SRB online but haven't found any for sale. Lastly is the aluminium chassis worth it? I'm just asking as i have limited experience in this field so not sure if these are one off jobs or if they are available to buy anywhere. If anyone has any advice or pictures of their own work it would all be appreciated. Regards, Ned P.S. the blitzer beetle has a seemingly good stance and strikes me as something that would actually be pretty capable once Hopped up. Has anyone had any experience with upgraded blitzers and is it worth getting one or just investing in a modern buggy/truggy?
  20. Hi all. I'm after a vintage Thunder Shot motor mount. Needs to be a darker coloured one. Preferably new or minimal wear. Please let me know if you can help. Can swap for a new stainless one if that helps. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hello, I'm new here (I guess you knew that). Very quick intro... I used to use remote control cars approx. 30 years ago (just for fun, not competition), I started off with a Tamiya Sand Scorcher and later also bought a Tamiya Boomerang (1986 ish). My Mum has just moved house and both cars (and kits) have turned up again, much to the excitement of myself and even more so my 6 year old son. Well, all the Boomerang needed was a new battery and we were away but now we need/want a second car (as you all know) to more than double the fun ! For that reason (and to help fund the second car) I've decide that maybe the Sand Scorcher would be better off in the hands of somebody more clued-up and who could appreciate it more than me and my son will (he'll just smash it up I'm sure), So I'm looking to sell it but really not sure where to price it at and also I'm writing this during my (late) lunch break and just realised I don't have any pictures to upload to make this make more sense, sorry but I will post picture later this evening.
  22. Hi all. I'm after an exact replacement resistor or 2 for a Technigold motor. It came in a spares pack with terminals and part number for the pack is 9805317. If you have the pack I would be interested also. If you're able to help, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  23. I sell 1 pair of original Tamiya Tires -Item-No. 53048 (OP-48, OP48) 1 pair of Front Tiress for the Tamiya Madcap, Bear Hawk.... NIB, New and not used. Brand New. Please see at my trades
  24. for sale vintage stadium blitzer original upgraded lrp esc for lipos, upgraded motor, front alloy c-hubs comes with receiver and transmitter, just put a battery and run it SOLD
  25. New in box first ta01 58096 tamiya celica. Price 500 euro plus shipping worldwide. The item will be shipped from Cyprus (Europe), so no customs etc for buyers within EU.
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