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Found 4 results

  1. I hope I don't sound like a complete idiot for asking this (because I'm sure the Tamiya designers/engineers put these here for a purpose), but nonetheless would it be okay if I covered up all those holes scattered around the Lunch Box (and Pumpkin) chassis? In addition to the sizeable circular hole in the bottom-middle of the chassis (which is centered directly above the battery compartment) there are about a dozen other little holes that I can't find any use for. See my attached pic where I have circled these (I'm not including the suspension holes, the on/off switch space, the servo space, or the gap for the engine wires, and I understand that at least one of these are for the antenna). I'm asking because I want to waterproof and sand-proof the chassis as much as possible as I will primarily be driving my Lunchbox at the beach and in sand dunes. As for the actual covering up, I was thinking of using a hot glue gun and/or duct tape. Other suggestions appreciated!
  2. I have had this motor for a looooong time. I used to race in a super stock class back in early 2000 and this motor along with the type R where the spec motors. I have raced in this class around ten times. I took a break from the hobby and eventually replaced the power system in my car with a brushless system. I used this motor in my XV-01 pro but I feel it is too nice to have on an offroad car. The motor is in ok condition, it is still working and I have actually carried out a maintenance last year, where I thoroughly cleaned it, oil the comm bushings and polished the comm. I think it would benefit a lot from a new set of brushes, but those are very cheap. I feel too bad using this and since it also has some sentimental value, being the motor that gave me my first podium win, I have decided to sell it to anyone who is interested in having it in a shelf queen, maybe a TL-01, TA-03 or TA-04, TB-01, TB-Evo, FF02 or an F1 since it was recommended for those models. I also still have the original box and I will pack it with this one since I think the box art looks really cool and it can have some collectible value. I do not see these around that often so I am not sure if they are that collectible but I think 30€ plus shipping would be a reasonable price but, I am open to offers.
  3. Hello all, returning to the RC scene after a 20+ year break. I just recently started acquiring new/NOS parts to rebuild my original RC fleet (Blackfoot, Clod, and Grasshopper) for my 7 year-old daughter and I to have some fun with, but a change in my employment status means I'm likely to spend the rest of this year away from home. The Blackfoot is currently the closest to being rebuilt, and the easiest to reassemble, but I don't think it's the best choice for my wife & daughter to keep running for the better part of a year with little-to-no maintenance. I had intended to get her a truck of her own later this spring after doing a bunch of research on my own, but now that my timeline is potentially much shorter, I'm just gonna ask for advice. My requirements: Low maintenance - as low as possible (my wife will be the "mechanic", and she's not the mechanic type... even though she's married to one) Quick build and setup - I'm not sure yet how much longer I'll be home, but it's not likely to be more than a month Strong enough to stand up to a 7 year-old running it into things repeatedly, until she gets the hang of driving it Not afraid to get wet (snow, mud, puddles, garden hose for cleanup) Based on some Google-ing tonight, I'm currently thinking about a WT01, either the Amarok or the Bush Devil. I like the looks of the Amarok better, but I think the narrow track width might be detrimental to a new driver. Mods will be limited to bearings, oil shocks with the appropriate mounts, and whatever needs to be done to waterproof the gear. Radio will be a Flysky FS-GT2 (B or E), batteries will be NiMH. I'm looking at the Savox 0231 servo, but I'm not crazy about some of the comments I've seen regarding its durability and their customer service. My questions: Is the stock Tamiya ESC waterpoof? I've got a Quicrun on the way that was to be for my BF, if the Tamiya isn't waterproof... Is the stock motor too fast for a 7 year-old driver; i.e. should I be thinking about a higher-turn motor? Will the stock motor put up with water intrusion, either through driving or garden hose cleanups? Am I thinking too much about this??? I don't mind paying for quality and durability, but at the same time I don't have an unlimited budget. I just want my daughter to be able to bash this thing around and have fun with it, and my wife to be able to merely hose it off, charge the batteries, and put it away for the next time. Your thoughts, opinions, and recommendations are welcome!
  4. £35 plus postage Good used condition, camlocks wellnuts and switch cover included Two small stress marks near top receiver box screws 10mm diameter 'melt' in bottom near front wellnut but otherwise sound. Camlock lugs all present and un-cracked Rear wellnut hole intact although front wellnut is compressed so will need to be cut out or used as is (perfectly useable, just not removeable) Payment by paypal gift or charges covered please (international, gift only)
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