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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, Last time I built an RC car was an original hotshot about 35 years ago. I have toyed with getting back into the hobby for years and have finally decided to take the plunge but things have moved on a lot so I would be grateful for any and all advice. The Wild Willy 2 has really caught my eye. So far the purchase list I have put together is as follows (List updated as people make suggestions) : Wild Willy 2 kit Tamiya CVA Super Mini Shock Unit Set (HC-50746) Savox SW0230MG Waterproof HV Digital Servo - 8kg / 0.13s Tamiya Hi-Torque Servo Saver (HC-51000) Bearings Female Tamiya to Male Deans Adaptor Cable for the battery [Additions] Hobbywing Quicrun 1060 Brushed SBEC 60A ESC Deans connector 18T Pinion - 48 D.P. Core RC Round Case 4000mAh 7.4V 30C LiPo - dimensions 23.3 x 46 x 133.7mm (maybe this will fit?) [Removals] Voltz 5000mAh Hard Case LiPo - 7.4V 2S 50C - Deans (I'll get a Deans to Tamiya adapter) - Too square to fit in battery recess Corally 50C Round Case LiPo Battery - 4500Mah - 7.4v - Deans - Too long to fit in the battery recess? Does this look like a sensible parts list? Could anyone suggest whether these particular parts will all work together? It looks like the Tamiya damper set is 2 dampers? So I would need to purchase 2 sets? One concern is the use of the LiPo battery. Will the stock motor and ESC be happy running with my specced battery or if I go LiPo would I have to replace the ESC or motor? Speaking of motors I remember when I put the hotshot together many years ago I put a little "balloon" around the motor to keep it water-proof, is this still a thing?
  2. Just finished my WW2. Quite pleased in how it came out. Sprayed the body with Tamiya XF paint (don't remember the code, it's olive drab) to get rid of the toyish (on a Willy..?!) plastic sheen. Then the roll cage looked plasticky/fake in comparison. Out came a car underbody rubberised rust protection rattle can. Results were great: good sticking, great texture, tough on the rolls. Just masked out the light buckets on the top to maintain their plastic gloss. Hope this trick may prove useful to the fellow Willy builders.
  3. Hi All. I am selling a new F Parts sprue for wild willy 2. There are 3 parts that are missing, F6, F7 and F8. All other parts are present. To clarify, the parts are new but the sprue is incomplete. £5 delivered within UK with PayPal gift please.
  4. My second son has a birthday coming up in July - he really does have a handle on driving my Tamiya cars around - with the EPA function in use of course (cut throttle by 50-60%) and I am fed up with the toy grade stuff that does not last or cannot be repaired due to lack of partds. I started looking at the Jimny MF-01x but I think the Wild Willy Driven WR-02 or GF-01 might be more fun for him, Other than the 4wd what are the benefits of each line. I have a hugely upgraded Wild Dagger so know that the gearbox in the WR-02 is good - and some parts will be shareable if required. But it seems to me the GF-01 is more robust solution.... do the Wild Willy Characters come as standard on both? thanks in advance G.
  5. With no drives left for them, my Willys are now eligible to transfer out to another car owner who can give them seat time. In other words, I have two Willy torso figures for sale. They are both painted and include a steering wheel each. The green-helmeted figure has the hole in his arm for a screw filled in, whereas the blue-helmeted one still has the hole in his arm. I am looking for $45 CAD (includes shipping) for the pair, or $25 CAD (includes shipping) individually. This figure is open to negotiation, especially where a separate shipping quote is requested - meaning I will listen to offers. Both figures are based in Canada. PayPal is on hand and preferred. Pictures are available for assessing condition - both were in lightly-used runner vehicles: As always, I am happy to answer any questions via PM. Thanks for reading! Edit: Note that I will be absent from May 11th - 28th, so communications will be sparse during that time, and shipments delayed until the 29th.
  6. Hi all Looking for some advice, looking to make my wild willy 2 have wide wheel base, now i have some paper that said use the Baja champ C parts which are no. 58221. Looking on ebay and found parts 0005688 Baja champs parts C. Would this fit wild willy 2? wildwillhappy
  7. I am already thinking about my next project and decided to go for a Wild Willy 2 for sheer fun meaning i will be definately driving it and probably also my son and daughter so i am not looking for a shelf queen but something to restore so i do not care about wear and tear as long as it is fixable. Doesn't need to be complete but the essentials need to be there. No electronics needed. I do not have alot to trade but i could throw in some parts, a Technigold in excellent shape maybe or some other Avante/Top Force related bits. If you have anything up for grabs, please PM.
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