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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. Long time lurker first time poster. Always wanted to say that I scratch-build a lot, but do love building and modifying Tamiya kits. As the title suggests the current project is a WW2 -themed Wild Willy 2. This one will have some realism added to it, inasmuch as you cannot make the unrealistic dimensions of the body realistic. First mod are grab handles made of 3mm brass tube. Couldn't get the bend sharp enough to fit the corners like the 1:1 has, so just went with the two along each side. Spare tyre/wheel. A WW2 Willys wouldn't have a wheel cover over the spare, so mine will have a realistic tyre. Pitt Bull Temco with a plastic, narrowed by 5mm wheel from an MST kit. Paint will come later. More soon!
  2. Having recently converted a GF-01 chassis to accommodate the Wild Willy 2 body (here) there was a lasting impression. That to replicate the look and feel of the 1982 original SWB then some custom design work would be required, namely: - a modified chassis with a shorter wheelbase and the body lowered and correctly positioned over both axles, and - custom wheels with an offset to get the correct track front and rear. Initial focus is on the chassis and getting the wheelbase right - once successful then attention will shift to the wheels. My initial GF-01 conversation (here) had been done with the spirit of: - maximising the use of Tamiya parts, and - minimising the impact on the body. After countless hours on a computer with a friend, @Jamesssb, and multiple working prototypes a new chassis design started to emerge. This chassis, we’ve called it GF-01 SWB, has the following characteristics: - 165 mm wheelbase (as per the first 1982 SWB Wild Willy), - compatible with GF-01 four wheel drive gears, suspension parts and wheelie bar, - compatible with the Wild Willy 2 chassis rails and body posts albeit with the height reduced by two holes, - requires only the the L-shaped wall on the underside of the WW2 body to be removed, and - correct ride height when used in conjunction with original or reproduction tyres and Tamiya hop up dampers. The hump pack has been inverted to save space and allow the height of the body to be reduced. The front camber link has been relocated in an attempt to try and replicate the characteristics of camber of the original. The rear camber link has been repositioned to reduce the camber during normal use - in an attempt to reflect that the original had a live axle and zero camber. For fun the receiver on/ off switch is located in the original position next to the driver and can accommodate the traditional protective rubber cover. Will put up on Shapeways when complete but suspect it won’t be cheap - but happy to take advice on alternatives. However, this approach will allow me to bash about with a model where consumable/ spare parts are readily available (and many metal aftermarket items) combined with a currently produced (cheap) body that requires minimal cutting (just the L-shaped wall on the underside). I’m keen to hear suggestions that could be factored into the design; for example, maybe a LWB version with the rear axle pushed back by 10 mm. Will post more pictures as the project develops.
  3. Wheelies and fire go together in my mind. Is that wrong? I recently created a flame-pipe mod for my original Wild Willy GigaM38 build (here: http://www.tamiyaclub.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=77628&page=4) ... and I had a blast running it until I wiped out pretty hard and trashed some vintage parts. I first got the idea from my son's Razor scooter that has a brake with embedded flint made to throw sparks. Neat effect. So, I picked up some little flint tips like you'd use to light a propane torch. You can buy them in 5 packs and they have a threaded end. After my M38 wipe-out, I thought it might be more cost-effective to make a Flame Pipe mod for the newer WW2 chassis. This way I can run the spark-thrower harder on concrete without worry about crashing the vintage rig. I designed a new wheelie bar in FreeCAD to mount the tips and the prototype came in from Shapeways today. I have small tweak or two I'd like to make, but I'm pretty happy with the prototype: Next to the stock wheelie bar for comparison. The prototype is printed in "polished metallic plastic" and will get painted black. Screw mounts through the opposite side and catches the spark tips. Different angle... Back mounting-flange detail. I installed the tips with a small 2.5MM X 22 screw. The new wheelie bar mounted up to the back of the rig just right. Let's go make some sparks! Light show time! As always, my video work could use some help. I shot the maiden run with my iPhone in the dark. Please enjoy the pyrotechnics... Go Willy, Go!
  4. Tamiya sold, Wild Willy M83 model 1982 1/10 scale. It is in perfect condition. It comes from private collection. It comes with original box in perfect conditions and instructions. It includes mechanical drive. It has been used very rarely. Shipment is made within 24/48 hours of receiving payment and will always be sent by private enterprise, except for shipments to Europe will be by USPS. For other countries consultare shipping charges. By email you can ask me any question and I can move you even more photos. My email: simon.ibanez.hernandez@gmail.com the sale price is 400 euros + shipping. (the car is in Spain) payment by paypal Sorry but I use google translator
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