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Found 4 results

  1. My version of the Comical Grasshopper or comical rough rider?
  2. The retro Comical Buggy series by Tamiya has been pretty divisive in the community with some people loving them or some people absolutely disgusted. After owning my Comical Hornet, I can say I fall into the camp of being a fan of the Comical Hornet and its sister cars. Just like the original Hornet was a great first RC kit for kids of the 80's and 90's, I think the Comical Hornet makes a great first car for a lot of kids (and kids at heart) of the late 90's and modern times! I love the original Hornet and this Comical version looks great (especially for a fan of 1/1 compact cars and RC cars like the Lunch Box) and the WR-02CB chassis really improves the suspension geometry over the original "hopper" chassis. Speaking of the WR-02CB, being what I call the "Tamiya corporate chassis", sharing parts with many modern Tamiya cars such as WT-01, GF-01, G6-01, MF01X, some M chassis cars, etc, parts are so easy to find and it's almost like playing with LEGOs. I had some parts laying around and I wanted make my Comical buggy look more like a.. well... buggy! It is still a work in progress but I think the most important part is done! Wider and lower, it handles so much better and I think it should have come like this out of the box! Below is a video from my YouTube channel detailing this initial step! I hope you enjoy and share your thoughts about this project and the Comical buggy series in general! [media]
  3. I am trying to get my WR-02CB to drive in a straight line. Well…as much as possible with this chassis. The trim/servo saver has been centered and both tie rods set to 35mm (slightly toe out) as per manual. In addition, for the front the following hop-ups have been installed: Tamiya 50473 - Hi-Torque Servo Saver Tamiya 54587 - Aluminum Servo Stay (WR-02,GF-01) Tamiya 54661 - Aluminum Hub Carrier (8 Degree) (GF-01, WR-02) I’m looking to adjust the tie rods so the front wheels either be straight or even slightly toe in. Been reading various threads on TamiyaClub and there was mention the following might help: Tamiya 54610 - OP.1610 Clamp Type Aluminum Wheel Hub Will this take the slight wobble out of the front wheels?
  4. Greetings, First post on Tamiya Club. I have problem with one of my cars and wondering if anyone has experienced this before. The car ‘Comical Grasshopper’ WR-02CB has been running fine for the last couple months. I decided to swap the stock 18T pinion out and install a 20T steel pinion. After I did the swap, the motor (Super Stock BZ) could not turn the gears. Doesn’t make sense I know :-(. I removed the motor, and confirmed the gears are rotating freely. I can also rotate the left gearbox joint and right gearbox joint independently clockwise (forwards) and anti-clockwise (backwards). And both together clockwise and anti-clockwise. It’s when I install the motor (mount in the 18T 20T holes) everything locks up if I try to rotate both left and right gearbox joint forwards or backwards. With motor mounted I can rotate each left/right independently. ie. If I rotate left gearbox joint clockwise, the right gearbox joint will rotate anti-clockwise and visa versa. I have un-assembled/re-assembled the gearbox numerous times to make sure it is indeed assembled correctly and I’m sure it definitely is. I have an old Wild Willy 2 WR-02 chassis and can rotate both the left and right back wheels forwards and backwards which will turn the motor. For this Comical Grasshopper WR-02CB, I can’t for some strange reason. I think I have run out of ideas. Thanks.
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