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Found 22 results

  1. The body is a vintage NIB - ABC hobby 257mm wheelbase Lancia Stratos. Overall Its very good, best Stratos I’ve seen in this scale. The best there is I feel is the one from HPI for the M chassis. The chassis placeholder during building is a TRF419. For real world use it will likely be my TRF417X WRC build or perhaps a XV02 series chassis. TRF417X Build Thread I love the more popular Alitalia livery but I am going for the 1978 Pirelli livery which will be more unique in my opinion. As a bonus I feel this livery could hide some of the body height and inaccuracies. Generally I find darker & correct scale metallic Tamiya colours can help make rc cars look more realistic as Lexan is never 100% correct. Start date 2022/03 Tamiya TRF419 - 42285 Ambitions - Magnetic body mounts Functioning windscreen wiper Functioning aux / fog lights on separate channels ch3, ch4 DIY Flocked dash DIY Interior cage Openable clamshells? Prototype Correct offset wheels? Let the fun begin!
  2. Having been a long time fan of the xv-01 the xv-02 was always going to be a must have. It took some time to obtain all the “unnecessary” but obligatory options, but finally I think I’ve got it mostly together so we can get on with the build. I’ll be comparing notes with the xv01 and at the end will put both cars over my 4 corner scales to get some weight bias data and as well as measuring up if this is indeed a upgrade or just a alternate option. Let’s get on with it!
  3. It seems to be recommended whilst building the XV-01 to replace the NN4 part in step 2 with an alloy version (to protect the BG1 gear). Does anyone have a suggestion where I might buy an alloy replacement? I have seen the SSD00151 part suggested but cannot find it or an equivalent in the UK. Are the dimensions of the stock NN4 part: OD 7.2mm, ID 4mm, thickness 1.5mm? If I fail to find one, how might continuing to use the stock NN4 part but with added M4 alloy shims on either side fare?
  4. Hello everyone, this is my first post to this great forum. Vive Tamiya! I’m looking to build an XV-01 or XV-02 chassis. TBH, I don’t have a suitable off-road location close at hand to visit regularly enough. So it’s tarmac for me. Even though the XV-01 is reputed to edge out the XV-02 in tarmac handling excitement and really tempts me, it’s the growing plentifulness and better pricing of parts for the XV-02 that is hard to ignore. I see the new XV-02RS PRO variant is available. It’s priced lower than the original XV-02 and yet…it seems to be a step up with the inclusion of more upgraded parts??? Am I reading that right? Is it better equipped than the original?
  5. Just acquired an xv-01 chassis kit, i have bought all the recommended upgrades, and all the unnecessary ones, and all the totally frivolous ones. The question I’m asking is, the slipper clutch has a 77t spur gear and I’m wondering if anyone can recommend a pinion gear for general tarmac/grass and some loose gravel surfaces. motor and esc….. HOBBYWING COMBO XR10 JUSTOCK G3 ESC/JUSTOCK G2.1 17.5T
  6. Hi all! I am after a Civic type R R3 rally project. I am toying with the idea of using the civic shell on top of a FWD converted XV-01. The goal is to obtain a realistic FWD driving experience for off road. Do FF-03 shells typically fit on an XV-01? The 2 chassis look similar enough in terms of layout (front mounted engine etc) but when doing conversions and unusual mix and matches there's always a catch it seems! Thanks!
  7. I decided to convert my rally car to brushless (it is all your fault @wtcc5 ) and I found a brand new TBLM-02S at a fair price, in 17.5t. I was wondering what the general opinion was on whether going with a sensored or a sensorless ESC. My understanding is that the motor will be usable with both. Now, for rally driving will I hugely benefit from a sensored ESC or will it be barely noticeable? A quick search on regular RC forums returned a lot of "nah you don't need it" and "bro... you need it".
  8. Attention rally enthousiasts, I am searching for a servo for my TT-02 rally car to replace the Futaba 9551 that's in it. It's probably not the best choice and anyway it is needed in a different car. The car sees a lot of dust and small rocks but no moisture. I'm not racing (what a dream if we could race rally cars over here...) but I like to lap around my own home made off-road tracks. I prefer a low profile servo but a standard would also fit. In terms of performance I'm not so concerned with speed and torque but more with having very little backlash. Any hints anyone?
  9. Hi everyone, I got myself a Lancia Integrale XV-01 kit. Before building it, I wanted to know what are the recommended hop-ups and if there are any build tips: I wanted to get hex screws for this build, either the titanium Yeah Racing set or the high tensile steel set from rc-schrauben. I guess both are fine, my question is: since both are made of machine screws, should I also get a thread forming tap? Or just a bit of grease will suffice? For what I gather, the recommended hop-ups are the slipper clutch and the aluminium pulleys. The slipper clutch will be a pain, because it seems to be unavailable on most places online, I guess I'll have to wait for it. For the pulleys, Yeah racing also offers them. Is the quality comparable? Regarding build tips, I found that, according to a Youtube video (authoritative stuff I know), it's wise to shim the drive shaft between the pin and the NN4 spacer, to avoid ruining it. Anything more I should take care of. Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I was hoping to replace the standard rear knuckles on my XV-01, but am stumped! Any advice you can give would be much appreciated. The standard knuckles take two bearings and a plastic spacer, so the axle pokes out just enough for the pin that holds the wheel hub to be inserted into the hole. This is how it looks: http://www.tcphotos.net/image/Ru3Om The GPM XV022 knuckles that arrived in the post yesterday don't seem to work that way. If I try to use both bearings the axle won't go far enough through the knuckle, like this: http://www.tcphotos.net/image/RuBJO If I only use the outside bearing the axle goes too far, like this: http://www.tcphotos.net/image/RuFV3 The plastic spacer from the stock knuckles doesn't do anything in the new ones. Am I missing something really obvious? Cheers, Mark
  11. This is my short wheelbase XV-01 or what I call the XV-01S. This conversion shortens the standard 257mm wheelbase to 237mm wheelbase allowing you to use the original TA03fs bodies such as the Peugeot 206 and Corolla WRC, or any of the short TA03rs bodies as well. I always enjoyed playing with the TA03FS but as we know parts are not cheap and hard to come by, and are known to crack easily. I then bought the XV-01 Long Damper Spec and enjoyed the durability and performance compared to the TA-03fs. I wanted a strong platform in which I could use the old short bodies, so the XV-01 made the most sense as it is front engine 4wd. Thus the XV-01S was born. Parts List: Upgraded parts include: Ball diff for front and rear (TA06), metal 18t pulley front and rear. Running a tamiya 10.5t sensored motor with the TBLE-02s esc with the tamiya fan. Stock gearing on 2s. metal gear Spectrum servo with gyro. The pictures below show the XV01S next to the original TA03fs for comparison.
  12. Hey folks, been lurking here for a while, finally had an issue I need some help with. Picked up an XV-01 Long Damper Spec kit I found at my local hobby shop, was surprised to see it, thought it was discontinued, so I snapped it up. I grabbed some hop up parts to add to the build. The build went pretty smoothly, except for one thing- the outboard pins on the lower arms, both front and rear, don't have a grub screw on both sides to hold the pins in, only one side. Seems like it would be a defect, but on the website it looks like this is how the parts were designed. Anyone have any thoughts on how to handle this? I'm adding a few pics, hopefully they show what I'm talking about... Thanks in advance! Brian
  13. Hi, I’m looking for a Tamiya XV01 rally chassis. If anyone has one they no longer want, or know someone who wants rid of theirs, please let me know. Thanks, Ewan
  14. As several of you are aware, I'm in the process of building an XV01LDS. I've read online that the long damper spec doesn't actually increase ride height, nor does it increase suspension travel. Supposedly it only increases shock travel, which is fine I guess. Down to my question: At stock settings, the front suspension at full droop causes the steering turnbuckle ends to catch against the chassis when I'm at full lock either way. Is this normal? Won't it interfere with driving? I'm thinking of shaving the bottom of the rod ends slightly, or shaving down the chassis section that catches, but I'd rather have a more elegant solution if one exists.
  15. Hi everyone, This is my first post so please be gentle! I'm building the XV01 and I've bought an 8.5T Tamiya/LRP motor and LRP ESC. I'm a real newbie so I have no idea what I've got myself into as far as gearing, and a whole lot of hurt (according to the hobby guy who doesn't want to know me). Can anybody please help me with the number of pinion, spur, and any other advice you're prepared to give time sharing, when it comes to this set up. I have bought a front one way unit, and about to order the slipper clutch and a few other things that I don't really understand to be honest, but they appear to be upgrades! I also rapidly ordered some 70mm shocks, without being sure whether that will suit the model or not. So if you're not totally disgusted with my lack of knowledge while impulse buying on eBay, I'd appreciate any help turning it into a mean rally car that will make me and the mates laugh even if it is over powered. Thanks for reading :)
  16. Hi all. I've just built my xv01 and am very pleased with how it slides about, but a little underwhelmed with its performance on NiMH. I've bought a B6AC Lipo charger. The xv01 has a 1060WP ESC and stock motor. I also have a lunchbox with Tamiya ESC and a sport tuned in it. I know I would need a lipo alarm for that one or different ESC. I need advice regarding if a silvercan / sport tuned would last running 3s, and what battery pack would fit in the xv01. If it's a really bad idea, the same questions regarding 2s. Want to keep the cost down at the moment so steering clear of brushless! Plus, it's all very confusing at the moment. Thanks in advance. 👍
  17. So a little over a year ago I ordered an XV-01 long damper kit from Omni models. It was on backorder at the time, but I was willing to wait. Well one month turned into 3 and then I was finally told that Tamiya had discontinued the kit. All the while I was waiting on the kit from OM, I had been stockpiling hop-ups. The problem is, I was getting parts for the long damper kit. The ones that are actually in question are the carbon damper stays. Also, I believe I got the completely wrong dampers for this kit. I bought the TRF Special Damper set, which is apparently intended for touring cars. I was/am stuck. I have a whole bunch of parts that I may or may not be able to use, and I decided to buy the standard XV-01 kit to avoid a total loss. Plus this is the car I really wanted when I was building the DF-03RA but it hadn't been produced yet. I ended up selling the DF-03RA a while back and it was never used. Can anyone who has built either the long damper or standard kit advise me on what parts I have that are usable. If I use the carbon damper stays (54581, 54582), what dampers can I use? Any help would be much appreciated. When I start building, I will post a good and robust thread.
  18. I may have the £££ to buy a new kit in the near future. Having built various kits over the years I've decided on a DN-01 or XV-01 as possibilities. Having read a few build threads it seems they are more of a challenging kit to build and "nice" out of the box compared to my current TT-02B & DT-02. I know they are totally different formats but I'm wondering if anyone has both, or either and has any thoughts (good or bad) on them. When I do use my cars it's usually on rough dirt/gravel so I'm leaning towards the DN-01.
  19. I bought a used xv-01 and am in the process of upgrading it. I bought cvd's but after I installed the left one the axle ring touches the caster, and it does not spin smoothly. It is such a tight fit! Picture Maybe the caster is damaged? Does anyone have the same experience?
  20. Hi everyone. After years of rather enviously looking at the big Tamiya boxes in the hobby shop I've decided to take the plunge. What I'd like is a good basic 190mm rally setup to be able to traverse the woods and pathways around where I live. Just trying to figure out what's the best entry point from what I've learnt through reading this forum and others, which is: XV-01 is probably the best chassis/package. It can easily be upgraded with longer shocks for more travel/clearance BUT doing this then limits the choice of bodies to boxy things like the Impreza hatchback, Evo X and Integrale to fit the longer suspension inside. DF-03 is better than a converted touring car chassis like a TT for rallying but seems out of favour compared with XV-01. Not sure how it compares on ground clearance or what options there are to spring it best for where I want to take it M-06 just looks like fun, and the build of the Alpine A110 that I saw using CVA Mini shocks to increase clearance and travel, plus fitting rally block tyres, looks brilliant. Just not sure how deep in the forest she'll get! At the moment I've got three options that I've focused on and would like to see what you guys think. Option 1) Blow the cash and get an XV-01 with longer shocks plus an aftermarket body like a Skoda Fabia S2000. Even with the basic 'retailer's bundle' electronics that's close to £400, which is an interesting prospect... but if you're gonna be a bear, you'd better be a grizzly Option 2) Go for a DF-03 with a Lancer Evo V body, my all-time favourite rally car, and find out what the best options on shocks are Option 3) Build a little Alpine or Beetle with CVA Mini shocks and rally block tyres, accepting that it will probably get stuck more often but, awww, it looks cute Given all that, may I ask you experts whether you think I've understood things correctly and which of my three options you like? Also, given that I'm not competing or anything, can I get away with the sort of servos and electronics that are on offer from most retailers' set menus or is it toy-grade stuff? Many, many thanks in advance for your thoughts. I shall try to be a bit less of an irritating newbie ASAP!
  21. Hello! I've been looking at the Tamiya XV-01 pro rally chassis, and I think it might end up under the christmas tree for myself this year I've found that a Novak Edge 2s ESC would be nice, since it's about 35% smaller than many other ESC's, and I've read that this chassis has quite limited space for electronics. But I don't know what kind of motor would be ideal in this car. I found this article, but he modified both the gearing and the motor itself to make it fit. So my question is, what kind of motor is the "standard" one to put in this kind of car? Anyone with experience on the matter? Thanks in advance
  22. Gents- I am planning on getting the XV-01 Pro chassis, and wondered about the necessity of the slipper clutch upgrade...seems to me the belt drive would be more forgiving than a shaft in general, decreasing the need for a slipper outside of really extreme scenarios. I plan to run mine on a "mild" brushless setup (3300kv or so Trackstar or Tacon), mixed on-road and rally-type offroad use with minimal large jumps. I have the slipper in my similarly set-up/powered DF-03ra, and I think it may be more trouble than it's worth there for my standard uses. Thanks in advance for your input.
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