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Found 6 results

  1. Start date 2023/10 Tamiya XV-02 Body - Team C Subaru Legacy RS Electrics - Tamiya Brushless system 12-21T Ambitions - Capable box stock chassis for rough conditions Recreate Colin Mcrae’s Subaru Legacy RS that was rolled in Finland’s 1,000 lakes rally / 1992 Sweden Rally. Try to realistically “weather” or damage rear half of the car, particularly the trunk that is swinging open and strapped down while still travelling 11/10ths. I aim to make both white and Rothmans/555 liveries along with other bodyset themes mentioned in the title. Notes Where in contrast my TRF based builds are tarmac, cobblestone, dusty, light gravel, hard packed snow and ice patches. I think I’ve now chosen to commit and have chassis rig to withstand harsher conditions in rally - gravel, mud, snow, harsh chipped ice. Colin McRae, who participated in the 1992 WRC Round 9 1000 Lakes Rally from the SUBARU World Rally Team, finished in 8th place despite three major falls during the race. Colin McRae supported the early days of SUBARU's rallying activities and is nicknamed (McCrash) for his aggressive drifting and the sheer number of crashes.
  2. The body is a vintage NIB - ABC hobby 257mm wheelbase Lancia Stratos. Overall Its very good, best Stratos I’ve seen in this scale. The best there is I feel is the one from HPI for the M chassis. The chassis placeholder during building is a TRF419. For real world use it will likely be my TRF417X WRC build or perhaps a XV02 series chassis. TRF417X Build Thread I love the more popular Alitalia livery but I am going for the 1978 Pirelli livery which will be more unique in my opinion. As a bonus I feel this livery could hide some of the body height and inaccuracies. Generally I find darker & correct scale metallic Tamiya colours can help make rc cars look more realistic as Lexan is never 100% correct. Start date 2022/03 Tamiya TRF419 - 42285 Ambitions - Magnetic body mounts Functioning windscreen wiper Functioning aux / fog lights on separate channels ch3, ch4 DIY Flocked dash DIY Interior cage Openable clamshells? Prototype Correct offset wheels? Let the fun begin!
  3. has any one tried the 39mm Drive Shafts (Tamiya part number #53505 or OP-505) instead of the 37mm that are originally supplied with the kit? (found this mod on a Japanize youtube chanel, from what I "can" understand these 2mm allows the shaft to remain in place even at full extension of the suspension)
  4. Having been a long time fan of the xv-01 the xv-02 was always going to be a must have. It took some time to obtain all the “unnecessary” but obligatory options, but finally I think I’ve got it mostly together so we can get on with the build. I’ll be comparing notes with the xv01 and at the end will put both cars over my 4 corner scales to get some weight bias data and as well as measuring up if this is indeed a upgrade or just a alternate option. Let’s get on with it!
  5. After the Drum brake for Tamiya semi, a few gens of upgrade of my disc brake designs(I will post them up in these days), and the latest version is done. Here's the finished pic: and the road test video(I'm new to this forum, not sure if I shared correctly) https://youtu.be/Us90L_eQiQg?si=UFM6fNTR_ckeXYAJ Some designing and building process pics: The front space is very limited to fit the caliper and the mountings. 2 servos mount on the rear, 1for front, 1 for the rear, and the rear braking servo can be controlled independently to act like the handbrake. And that's the reason I choose XV02 chassis, it can be upgraded the central-diff. The lever on the servo horn is to balance the pulling force between 2 wheels. the motor cover is for scure the "heat pipes" . Because the XV02 has the dust cover on the chassis may reduce the motor's cooling efficiency, so I designed the heat pipe colling system, and move the heat sink to the front. During in the test, the temp outside is 20℃, after 15 mins running, the sensor on the motor cover indacated the temperature is 37, and when the car stopped, the temperature went up to 39 in less then 1 min, because the stopped car can't let the air run thrugh the heat sink. And also means that this cooling system is very efficent. In fact there are also 2 cooling fans behind the heat sink , but the winter is comming, and I'm lazy, so I didn't connect it to the power supply. Finally try to add some details. (not very good at the paint job, try to do it better next time)
  6. Hello everyone, this is my first post to this great forum. Vive Tamiya! I’m looking to build an XV-01 or XV-02 chassis. TBH, I don’t have a suitable off-road location close at hand to visit regularly enough. So it’s tarmac for me. Even though the XV-01 is reputed to edge out the XV-02 in tarmac handling excitement and really tempts me, it’s the growing plentifulness and better pricing of parts for the XV-02 that is hard to ignore. I see the new XV-02RS PRO variant is available. It’s priced lower than the original XV-02 and yet…it seems to be a step up with the inclusion of more upgraded parts??? Am I reading that right? Is it better equipped than the original?
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